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  1. I really liked Kingfish on Chartres in the Quarter. If you're lucky bartending legend Chris McMillian will be there mixing the cocktails he helped to curate for the menu. Even if you don't like mint juleps, the history of the drink he tells as he mixes is not to be missed.
  2. The Barolo Chinato is the key ingredient in the Darkside, and one I've not seen behind the bar lately. Adam Bernbach originated this cocktail, and he can most often be found at Two Birds One Stone. I'd try there first.
  3. I have to add Cane and Table to this list of suggestions. The food is excellent, and the beverage program is wonderful as well. I was in the city for a week and went here twice on the same day. It was just that good.
  4. Cochon Butcher is always a favorite, and easier to get into now that they've expanded. I would not miss a chance at Peche. It is phenomenal, and open for lunch.
  5. Warm shredded lamb salad with pomegranate and mint cumin roasted cauliflower with yogurt, pomegranate and mint cardamom scented couscous with toasts pine nuts, almonds and pistachios
  6. Went with a girlfriend last night. We started with cocktails, the Hello Gorgeous for me and the Mazel Tov for her. I liked the sherry and orange combination in mine and would definitely get again. She wasn't as keen on hers, but I didn't taste it, so can't comment. We split the pastrami sandwich, Brussels Sprouts and potato latkes... Or should I say INHALED. I really liked the grapes that were roasted in with the sprouts. The pastrami was thick, tender and delicious with just the right amount of mustard and the rye bread was a flavorful counterpoint. I also noticed onion in the latkes, but since this is perfectly in tune with my taste, thought it wonderful. Service was friendly and attentive. We had a lot to catch up on and didn't feel rushed at all even though the restaurant was filling up around us. I'll be back for sure!
  7. Tonight, Marcella Hazan's Tomato and Anchovy sauce over spaghetti. Rich, velvety, delicious.
  8. Using the leftovers theme, sliced some kielbasa and sauteed with two bags of cole slaw mix, season with cider vinegar, a splash of rice wine vinegar, teaspoon of sugar and a sprinkling of caraway seeds.
  9. Lentil and sausage soup simmering on the stove. Perfect to eat by the fire on this chilly night.
  10. I agree that your drink was better! You was robbed!
  11. Last night: Bulleit bourbon glazed center-cut pork chops Fresh corn and smoked paprika fritters Homemade buttermilk scallion dressing drizzled over baby lettuces
  12. Gang, I've had a conflict arise and won't be able to drop in. Sorry to miss you all.
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