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  1. Lunch this week included Beef Rice Crepes and Mayo Shrimp. The Rice Crepe was scored, but not cut through, and hearty with a spiced ground beef patty inside. The Mayo Shrimp had a frilly and crisp outer shell. Inside, it was densely packed with large pieces of shrimp and barely a hint of mayo. It reminded me of entree #78 on their full menu so much that I want to bring chopped walnuts next time to add to the dipping dish of additional mayo (first saw Shrimp Walnut Mayo at Good Fortune in Gaithersburg). I also had a black sesame ball with a rich, inky-black, sweet, and creamy filling (but it isn't photogenic). I picked up a copy of their quad folded full menu, scanned it, and posted it below the photo. I've always enjoyed seeing menus posted here and on Chowhound. VinhKeeFullMenu_MAR2019.pdf
  2. Here's a scan of their Dim Sum picture menu. Their website seems to be still under construction with its Dim Sum section not yet started. Vinh Kee was larger inside than I'd imagined. There are several 4-tops, but remarkably 12 lazy-Susan equipped tables split between 8-tops and 12-tops. My late lunch today was relaxing with plates of BBQ Pork Buns and Snowpea/Shrimp dumplings. VinhKee_DimSumMAR2019.pdf
  3. Yesterday, Pizza CS hosted their first pizza and wine tasting featuring Davide Megna from Impero wine distributors. About 25 diners went through a slice and taste of five pizzas and Italian wine pairing. It was a good group, recruited via FB, and we tasted a variety of pizzas from their menu while Mr. Megna provided tasting notes on the wines. As I left, I thanked Ankur and mentioned this felt like a fun DR group Dim Sum meal. Pizzas we ate (wine paring): Poppi (Grigio Trebbiano, Impero) - Parmesan Cream, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Spinach, Artichoke, Roasted Peppers Encore (Gragnano, Tenuda Matilde Zasso) - Tomato, Smoked mozzarella, Sausage, Red Onion, Oregano Margherita (Sangiovese, Impero) - Tomato, Buffalo mozzarella, Basil Capri (Nero D’Avola, Montani) - Tomato, Ham, Mushroom, Olive, Artichoke, Basil Quattro (Roma Rosso, San Marco) - Mozzarella, Smoked Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Garlic, Oregano The wines were well paired with the Pinot Grigio/Trebbiano blend being the biggest surprise. After having avoided Pinot Grigio for years, this blend had enough body to support the light, white Poppi pizza. To me, Gragnano is usually just fizzy and plain. My table commented that this one was a winner and several thought they’d purchase a bottle later. Nero D’Avola sometimes resembles a peppery Zin, but this one was smoother and more like a Rhone wine. Mr. Megna helpfully mentioned the newly opened Rockville Pike Craft Beer store just south of CS carried his wines. It would be great if we could muster a DR group and replicate this.
  4. SD's bison huevos rancheros are tasty. The second time I had them, I wanted to sub warmed tortillas for the fried tortilla triangles. I was told the chips came to their location ALREADY fried and could not accommodate my request. Since then (last year), it's been hard to return because this was so contrary to SD's fresh, local, and healthy marketing image. In 2012, SD posted a youtube video of this dish being prepared by Chef Ype.
  5. Although this isn't exactly food related - it might affect your food carrying plans. Most of us were braced for the Nationals to follow the football and soccer stadiums' example and ban all bags except transparent, plastic ones. This season may be the half-step in that direction with backpacks being banned (exceptions with permission: diaper bags & ADA/medical equipment). Announcement here / Detailed policy here
  6. From WaPo's Fritz Hahn's recent article, it's about two blocks away. This is how he describes the food:
  7. Tim Carman's article yesterday described Gen Lee's reaction to their signature eggplant dish appearing on the menu of Andrew Zimmern's new Minnesota restaurant. The article notes Mr. Zimmern did not ask permission to add it. Zimmern got a demo in July 2013 when he visited Chang's Richmond location (the first page of this thread includes a link to Zimmern’s Vine of the visit, but it highlights a fish dish). I wonder: did Zimmern disclose to Chef Chang he envisioned opening a chain of restaurants? At the time, Chef Chang could have seen this kitchen visit as an informal nod to a journalist/T.V. personality, not sharing a recipe for future commercial use. Sure, it was 5 years ago, but ouch. Who knows, their expansion plans might geographically overlap. Chang's restaurants' quality have varied depending on who was in the kitchen and some here have had disappointing meals. What if Chef Chang was even farther removed from the plate? When I first read yesterday's article I thought of Tom Power's "Chocolate Hazelnut Bars" heartfelt homage to Michel Richard and their time working together. Mr. Zimmern's offering was not this.
  8. Wow, just wow. The in depth article was tough to read. With Valerie Camillo heading to Philadelphia, I hope the Nationals organization understands the level of commitment necessary to keep the Park "experience" of value and staffs accordingly. Having someone else represent in her stead at Winterfest was an inkling change was afoot. Valerie is trading her old job as the Nationals' Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer to become Comcast Spectacor's new President of Business Operations and will oversee the Flyers and Wells Fargo Center.
  9. I looked at the menu from this link and realized there are two burgers: N4 (Rouga Mo) and N5 (Cumin Beef). When a table of Chowhounds dented the menu a few months ago, the burgers we got were the only disappointment. Steve's report is on Chowhound. I'll specifically order the Rouga Mo next time. I've been back a few times for a weekday lunch plate. Instead of the standard suburban afterthought meal, the quality of this kitchen elevates the roll, soup, entree above other Rockville eats.
  10. Having La Casita helps fight the concession-envy I feel from the Jose Andres curated Audi Field offerings. The unexpected cold weather snap on Saturday sent me looking for chicken soup, but I didn’t make it past SEC 139/140. Knowing La Casita is a successful MoCo mini-chain (Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, & Germantown) gave me confidence it would be good. Fresh off the griddle puposas were warm and filling. Two other updates: The larger format beer cans are still available in the concourse, but in-stand vendors don’t carry them anymore. They now carry small cans of sparkling wine and Atlas 1500. At Grace’s Kitchen, the fried shrimp po’boy was replaced by a cold shrimp salad roll - best started with a fork and then picked-up to finish the last third of cool shrimp with the buttery, crisped, top-sliced roll. The meatball sub was slightly downsized to a manageable four-ball ciabatta sandwich (bringing fresh picked basil from home is a good finishing touch). Other than the debut of Childish Bambino and All Star Game festivities, this was a dull thud of a season.
  11. Menu is on Grubhub. Definitely looking forward to seeing pics. https://www.grubhub.com/restaurant/xian-gourmet-316-n-washington-st-rockville/907076
  12. Article in Bethesda Magazine announces Shake Shake (& liquor license?) coming to the Cabin John shopping center along with other improvements: "Shake Shack to Open September in Potomac" by Glynis Kazanjian on bethesdamagazine.com
  13. /bump/ I'm looking for a few lunch options near the Convention Center in July. Tom Power's places aren't open for lunch. My list already has Smoked & Stacked, but always looking for more choices. Extra points for tabs less than $35, please. Any suggestions?
  14. I got to Rasa for the first time yesterday on my way to an afternoon game in Nats Park. I ordered the Open Sesame and was rewarded with a large, nicely packed bowl with fresh lamb meatballs and a riot of flavors and textures (will make sure to have the eggplant again). It traveled well to the Park and the (nice, but kicking) spice level benefited from being accompanied by a cold District Draft. Next time, I'll try one of the other set bowls on the menu. Upon arrival, I was told it was their 6-month anniversary. Definitely wish them well.
  15. Documentarians Christoph Green and Brendan Canty's film "The Liberation" will be shown at AFI's Silver Docs on 15 June. Unfortunately the evening screening in Silver Spring is sold out, but their are still tickets available for the afternoon screening at Landmark E-Street. WaPO Express article by Kristen Page-Kirby HERE. It's been a while since we had a DR volunteer night at DCCK, but remember them fondly.
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