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  1. Hearing that McCloud left before the Holidays, so new Chef hunting is in the works. Aaron produced some very good food in his time there. Best of luck to Cedar mgmt in finding a quality replacement.
  2. Had yet another nice meal tonight with my dinner group. And here I spy Mark Medley (of the missed Mark & Orlando in Dupont) slinging drinks and handling our table with ease. Chatting him up after the event. He's been working with Regina / Pesce for some time. Bartending Tues and Fridays (occasional Sundays). also think he helped out with Chef Wright leaving as well. DR NEWS TIP - Mark is getting back into the Restaurant ownership biz! New partner, 8th & H St NE (Atlas), think he signed papers and had been searching for some time. To paraphrase Mark, envisioning a jazzed-up Mark and
  3. Saw him once and I believe I saw someone else another time (think afternoon timeframes). But based on volume business I'd have to agree with you.
  4. I see no issues with more businesses opening up capital needs to the small investor (or fans of their local establishment if that's existing). The public gets a chance to decide whether to do or not. I'd rather have the independent vs a corporation-backed endeavors.
  5. Thanks, I just recall being in HellBurger in Year 1 and watching the meat being transported and ground there (that was awesome to see). I'm usually going crazy with the toppings too (The Dogcatcher is awesome isn't it?) but have not gotten in some time. Just an excuse for me to do a build your own, more basic version sometime soon. When I visit Rays to the Third I'm usually getting the Steak N Cheesy Nice N Greasy haha.
  6. Question, has the lofty high burger (talking about the meat pirmarily) quality been maintained since opening in your opinions? I discussed with someone recently that felt it fell off a bit (not the same remnants from steaks as it was in the beginning), their opinion..
  7. Sad indeed. I liked them being close to Chinatown area.
  8. My dinner group had a great large (24) party dinner at 8407 last Friday. Many folks were 1st timers to the restaurant. Food on the whole was getting nice complements. Highlights were especially the Crispy Confit Pork Belly (starter -- loved the light vinegar to contrast the richness), Duck Duo and the desserts (special comments on the Ginger Cheesecake). There was some notable comments on the pastas though. The Squid Ink Taglietelle w/ Sauteed Carolina Shrimp & Saffron Crème was thought to be quite understated in flavor overall. I had this dish and thought that, along with another diner a
  9. That should be nice for the workers in the area and customers not looking for a more-expensive sitdown lunch (which is a lot of the Friendship Heights options)
  10. Love Lagunitas as well. If you ever make the trip to SF add to your agenda a short trip to the brewery.
  11. I didn't see the Channel Grease listed as available on the menu about 2 weeks ago. Asked the staff in the bar area, they told me they don't do that anymore. A little bummed, any chance that info may have been inaccurate?
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