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  1. Yes, it looked to me the same way. The ball finally "bounced our way," as the saying goes!
  2. Lafayette and Vermilion parishes also dodged but it's bad in Iberia and St. Mary parishes. Mercifully this thing moved inland faster than expected, but it's really Mississippi taking a beating from Hattiesburg to Meridian.
  3. So far from what I have seen on TV the coverage is focusing on the area east of my family but still west of NOLA. St. Mary Parish, Morgan City, Terrebonne Parish, Grand Isle, Lafourche Parish, Thibodeaux, Houma. Heading toward inundating Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish. You might hear about St. James, St. John the Baptist, St. Charles, and Iberville parishes coming up. Even if the Mississippi isn't overtopped there are many other rivers susceptible to flooding. It's a wet state; what can I say?
  4. If in the next few days you hear the names of some of these towns, that's where I am from originally and still have relatives: Lafayette, Abbeville, Kaplan. If you hear about Vermilion Bay, that's a body of water ~20 miles due south of my home town.
  5. I thought this might be a place for friends of Louisiana to share information about this dangerous storm. I am fearful of this one. Would this go better under History, Current Events?
  6. Mordecai Jones in The Flim Flam Man!
  7. I just watched Season 2, Episode 15, on FETV on my cable plan in Montgomery Co., A Long Piece of Mischief featuring Albert Salmi as a rodeo clown, Audrey Trotter as the aging stunt rider who lost her husband and is inconsolable in the bottle (he loves her, naturally, but she can't see past her grief!), Ben Johnson and Slim Pickens as sadistic rodeo riders who try to humiliate Salmi for no discernible reason. You don't see Milner much but Maharis has an unusual role in the story. Wikipedia mentions that this series is loosely based on Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I know the beat icon book came out just a few years before the series (1960-64), but was the book really that well known that tv audiences would take to it? Kerouac threatened to sue! I am just catching up to Dave O's comments upthread that put Kerouac in context here. Rocks really made me want to see more of these episodes, especially the one with Ethel Waters. It seems to me like the good tv actors of the day must have wanted to be on the show because of the quality writing. It must have been too adult for me when first broadcast (5-9 years old), and I am surprised it was on CBS but maybe I shouldn't be. Route 66 By the way, I love Albert Salmi! As Rocks pointed out he was the original Bruce Pearson in the tv performance of Bang the Drum Slowly, the one with Paul Newman playing Henry "Author" Wiggen in an amazing performance. In this episode of Rt. 66 Salmi plays a slow witted but goodhearted rodeo clown, and I've been seeing him a lot lately on cable as Deputy Meshaw in The Flim Flam Man movie with George C. Scott, Michael Sarrazin, Sue Lyon, and Harry Morgan as the sheriff yelling "Meshaw" throughout. I swear that BEFORE The Blues Brothers movie came out and its car chase through a mall The Flim Flam Man must have had the funniest, most car demolishing chase in movie history!
  8. If you go down soon I recommend the Ogden Museum of Southern Art near Lee Circle. Wow! Vernacular art by African American painters (as if I know anything about that!). We saw this 3-D interactive projection that your shadow became part of the art. Can't explain. Something I did not know til now. The Enterprise car rental place on Baronne where we dropped off our rental is like a 5-10 minute walk to Lee Circle and the WWII museum and the trolley! Have fun! We stayed at Hampton Inn on St Charles and relaxed with trolley rides mostly.
  9. Hope so, Sam!! What a wonderful restaurant!
  10. Nice white pizza at Sofia's in the Warehouse/Arts district (Julia street) High Hat Cafe, Freret street. The table liked fried chicken, fried catfish, cubano sandwich. Shrimp and okra gumbo (recommended by trusted neighbors from my hometown, Abbeville) Martin's Wine Store and Cafe, cubano sandwich (wish we could get one as good as that over here!). Baronne Street in Garden District Herbsaint, fried oysters, spaghetti with guanciale and deep fried poached egg. Ooohs and ahhhss at the table. Upperline, duck breast with foi gras (single best dish of the week was the tenderest fois gras!) , sweet potato pudding, turtle soup (dark and complex, not like the one at Commander's Palace), lamb shank osso buco style (wife's best dish) Bayona, best dessert (coffee panna cotta with candied pistachios and strawberry sorbet), veal sweetbreads I will write about what we had in Lafayette and environs in the SW Louisiana thread.
  11. John Havlicek (my all time favorite basketball player)
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