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  1. Don's right about DaveO in the sports threads! He was one of the best contributors. Saddened by this!
  2. Thanks, I did this today. One thing that confused me. You could ask for a ballot for the presidential primary AND the presidential general election. I was about to ask for both then reconsidered and asked for only the primary ballot. What do they do? Put you on a mailing list for the general election in November? The site didn't make that clear so I asked for just the primary ballot.
  3. Celery, parsley, chives, and thyme made it through winter and bounced back. Starting lettuces next week.
  4. Carry out was busy last night! As we were waiting in our car there were other people driving up and picking up their orders. Grilled eggplant bundles filled with mozzarella and ricotta tomato sauce Homemade wide shape pasta served with veal meat sauce (substitute fettucine) risotto with mushroon and prosciutto canoli Pietra Salento Prmitivo
  5. We had reservations last Saturday! Our first time there. No chicken on the menu this time but we did enjoy pastas!
  6. I hope it's good! I've only been to the Hartford location. Kinda bland. I noticed that at every table people were pouring on the oregano, parmesan, and pepper flakes.
  7. Don't shy away from going soon! It's closing next year but not right away, said the guy taking orders who always remembers we take gorgonzola on our pizzas.
  8. This was on TCM today and I saw all but the first half hour. Amazing tension! OMG, there's a scene where the U-Boat captain, his lieutenant, and chief have made it through an amazing escape against all odds and come on board a cushy ship where nobody understands the impossible orders of the high command, or has any real idea of the hardship they put the men through! I thought of how nobody in the Memphis airport in Cast Away knew what they were saying to Tom Hanks when they said they were bringing him back to life ("I've BEEN through life, thank you!), or the craziness and uncaring of the number of missions assigned to Yossarian and the men in Catch-22. Sinking the destroyer and turning away from dying men jumping off the ship. (Didn't they come get these men after we damaged their ship? They had HOURS!). Glad I caught this one today, and I remembered this thread on Das Boot.
  9. Did you go to the Blue Grass Music Hall of Fame? It's on my list.
  10. When Rendon hit his HR and made it 2-1 last night I was all Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own: "We're gonna win. We're gonna WIN!!"
  11. Yes, it looked to me the same way. The ball finally "bounced our way," as the saying goes!
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