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  1. Been here a couple of times here on weekdays for lunch. The wings WERE good! I had a shrimp poboy first time and lox and bagel the second. Really enjoyed the lox! Big menu! Want the try their oysters. There's a fish market next door. Small, like District Fishwife in Union Market. If you are heading south on Okie the left side is free parking. Meter parking on the right.
  2. Looking forward to comparing it with Pluma, a couple of doors down. I like Pluma's crust! Right now they're my favorite, even over Pizzeria Inferno in Darnestown/ Quince Orchard. I don't usually like leftover pizza but this was good the next day at room temperature, better than another time I reheated it.
  3. Whoa, what a walk off knock for T Turner Sunday! Bullpen can't handle inning 8 yet! Gonna be a tense year, I believe!
  4. I take back everything I said about tuning out. The Elite 8 games have been great! Virginia - Purdue was a classic, and I could have been happy for either team winning!
  5. I think Turner works out better in the OF than Difo, in a pinch. I never see his name come up anymore. I understand he's our regular SS but he's already proven to be better in the OF than Difo. Hope Kendrick can return soon!
  6. I'm done with it by the time they get to 16 teams unless there were upsets or I have a team involved. They drag this out unnecessarily from here to the final game. My attention will be on MLB.
  7. Sun Ra quote on Philadelphia (ha!) "To save the planet, I had to go to the worst spot on Earth, and that was Philadelphia, which is death's headquarters."
  8. I will miss Harper too! IF Trout signs with Philadelphia that'll be a potent lineup! I still wish he had signed out of division, or even out of league, but better Philadelphia than Atlanta or NY! YMMV!
  9. Harper has already boosted ticket sales in Philadelphia. I wonder what will happen here? He was a draw, that's for sure. I prefer us to have a team mentality, as in St. Louis, if I can get across my point. Mentality is not quite the word. Ethos? It would be fitting since we are a city known to be made of people passing through as well as a lot more natives than the rest of the country realizes! The passing through aspect sort of captures what I mean about the kind of team I hope we will be moving forward post-Harper. Our stability could come from overlooked names, not the brightest stars. The Houston Astros of the 80s were such a team. The country probably couldn't name the players other than stars like Nolan Ryan but the team was very solid! The Cardinals have had stars for sure but you always were seeing new players. The team and the city meant more than the celebrities. (I mean post Gibson and Brock, Cepeda, and the lot). The players were interchangeable parts, in a way. With a star like Harper gone maybe the Nationals will be more like St. Louis. I am sure that around the country if you brought up the subject of DC baseball it's Harper who would come to mind, more than the team itself. If we can succeed with THIS group of players sans Harper the city might fall in love! It was something like that in 2012.
  10. Our laws show a poor or at least incomplete understanding of what spurs innovation and creativity. In the field of music this is especially glaring. Is there anybody other than lawmakers and judges who really thinks what made Louis Armstrong creative, for example, was the prospect of his family holding monopoly on his works for 70 years after his death?
  11. Just wonderful, and we DID have Colin as our server! In addition to chicken I had the snapper bisque. Oh my! A nice bottle of Pinot Noir to accompany my chicken and my wife's tuna entree.
  12. MY paperback copy of A Clockwork Orange had a GLOSSARY of droon speak in the back. I read the whole f'ing thing without knowing that, trying to figure out the lingo! HA! I made out well but still! This changed my very reading habits. Today I never miss checking out the back of the book before starting! Sometimes with non-fiction works I've read the footnotes and index before the Dedication.
  13. A Clockwork Orange is great but I can only see it once, I'm afraid. I read the book first in a Lit class in college. The movie is a chilling adaptation! For Kubrick I prefer Dr Strangelove, Spartacus, Paths of Glory, Barry Lyndon. You wouldn't believe it but I have never seen Full Metal Jacket or 2001: A Space Odyssey! I don't know HOW but I haven't! I am sure I will, and it won't be on a cell phone!
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