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  1. MY paperback copy of A Clockwork Orange had a GLOSSARY of droon speak in the back. I read the whole f'ing thing without knowing that, trying to figure out the lingo! HA! I made out well but still! This changed my very reading habits. Today I never miss checking out the back of the book before starting! Sometimes with non-fiction works I've read the footnotes and index before the Dedication.
  2. A Clockwork Orange is great but I can only see it once, I'm afraid. I read the book first in a Lit class in college. The movie is a chilling adaptation! For Kubrick I prefer Dr Strangelove, Spartacus, Paths of Glory, Barry Lyndon. You wouldn't believe it but I have never seen Full Metal Jacket or 2001: A Space Odyssey! I don't know HOW but I haven't! I am sure I will, and it won't be on a cell phone!
  3. Yes, the Griddle Cooked Fish and egg drop soup were good today! Like most dishes you can get this with chicken or shrimp or pork or lamb or some other meat. Lots of vegetables (onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, celery, garlic, leek). The fish is fried in a batter. Be sure to mix everything well with the hot chili oil at the bottom of the pan it's served in. The 2 chicken dishes I mentioned in my previous posts were from SC-07 Dry Braised Series and SC-08 Stir Fried Spicy Series (on the print menu). One of them has crushed peanuts in it.
  4. No drop off 4 weeks ago for the things I order (Griddle Cooked Fish. The online menu is different than print. I get a chicken and rice dish from the print menu. Two of them look the same except one has peanuts in it. Dry cooked, I believe? You would have to ask when you see the menu. Need to return!) I'd be sad if there were a drop off for even common things like their comfort food egg drop soup!
  5. I saw this topic on another board I visit. Drew some funny responses, thoughtful. Thought it might work with our friends here. I nominate retiring "Adult in the room." You know how it is used. Supposed to mean some kind of restraint on someone. I don't see it happening. Besides, adults CAN and sometimes DO condone and enable behaviors. Faulty assessment of what being an adult means. "Adult in the room!" COULD mean a person with poor judgment above the age of 18. "Heavens to Betsy!" Have you EVER known anyone who fit that description?
  6. I don't think she had a long Hollywood career. BUT she was very charitable to Vietnamese refugees right after the war. She pretty much started the Asian nail salon industry in California which has caught on all over the country! That's using your noodle!
  7. Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground Willie's more natural voice Hard to believe it's the same singer
  8. Praise God I'm Satisfied! More of the chest vocal like When the War Was On
  9. There's also Arenado getting the Gold Glove for third base over Rendon. Was the voting even close?
  10. Since you brought up Blind Willie Johnson, here's a World War I song he did, When the War Was On. I rather like the lyrics! About half his songs are done in a natural sounding voice and the other half in this "false" bass voice. I've heard it called chest singing but I don't know. Measure your barley, measure your wheat Half a pound of sugar for a person a week Folks didn't like it, they blamed Uncle Sam "I got to save the sugar for the boys in France!"
  11. MC Horoscope

    The Blues Brothers

    Would it make any difference if we told you we're on a mission from God?
  12. MC Horoscope


    I am no expert but I have enjoyed it at Pesce. Probably not always on the menu, though.
  13. Congratulations, but file under phrases that need to be retired: "A lovable rag tag team of blue collar working class underdogs" to describe a sports dynasty that has won 4 World Championships in the last 14 years. Ha!
  14. MC Horoscope

    In Honor of Herschel Browne

    Yes, it can get remote pretty quickly. I believe it goes like this: 1st cousins share same grandparent 2nd cousins share same great grandparent 3rd cousins share same great great grandparent 4th, 5th, and so on ... Most of my cousins my age are 1st cousins once removed. (They''re the children of my first cousins, most of whom are 20 years older than me and were having their first kids at the time my parents were having their last one!) ____ On another note, Robert Ryan is a favorite of mine. Although he often played mean or rough or at least crusty characters, sometimes even racist, as in Bad Day at Black Rock, The Racket, The Professionals, The Wild Bunch, Dirty Dozen, you wouldn't know it but he was committed to liberal causes. When Woody Guthrie died Ryan did narration at the Carnegie Hall celebration of Guthrie's music in 1967, reading quite movingly from Guthrie's book Bound for Glory. After the show the cast of musicians packed up and crowded Ryan's Upper West Side apartment for socializing and sing alongs. Turns out that very apartment/suite later came into the hands of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in, that's right, The Dakota, along Central Park.
  15. MC Horoscope

    In Honor of Herschel Browne

    What about this question number 6? 6. The Roosevelts: What were the names of the 2 branches, and can you elaborate? I guessed Hyde Park and Oyster Bay, where the FDR and TR branches spent a lot of time.