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  1. Oh no! This is a favorite that I haven't tried in a long time! Roast pork & Noodle in Soup is essential! I hope they don't close!
  2. Rt 50 close to Union Market has well known speed traps. Glad you got them to reduce your fine. And belated Happy Birthday, DR!
  3. Nice dinner! I'd love some Oysters Rockefeller right about now! Sounds like a good 4th! Blue Angels or some sort of jets flew in formation over our house in Colesville and we heard they were flying over Suburban Hospital and NIH in tribute to our medical people! I hope so!
  4. Had crab bombs from Pescadeli for 4th of July! Oh my! 7 oz. They said bake 'em at 350 for 15 minutes, but I did that and they weren't done, so I raised the heat to 375 and did another 10-15 minutes to get brown. Order online ahead for curbside pickup for now across the street at sister store Butcher's Alley, but there's walk in too. Also had nice red snapper there recently. Fresh! Is anybody getting their lunch paellas to go? I want to try that!
  5. We've done online ordering and carryout a couple of times in the last few weeks. There's a walk up line too. It was out the door one of the times, pretty light the next. Still the same guy fixing the shawarma and falafel. As good as ever!
  6. Kill Devil Grill and Blue Point in Duck were great last October! Blue Moon in Nags Head has a nice grilled octopus appetizer. (Might have been a special). The way things look right now we might be going in October if we can eat in, not pick up. We stay at the Best Western in KDH, and not much to do around there. One year our week was rainy every day so we saw a Tarzan marathon on TCM! Camera with zoom in Pea Island if you don't have binoculars. Great for birds!!
  7. Fresh Baguette, Bethesda! Ordered for pick up (you schedule your time, so that might be why I had a parking spot in 1 of their 3 spots. But there was also on street metered parking). You can walk in and I was surprised to see people walking in and ordering. Everyone was masked and standing apart. Traditional baguette Rustic loaf Cheese Gougere Brownie Banana Pear Elegance Dark Chocolate So good to be able to walk in and smell what was baking! Parking spaces taken up at Pescadeli & Butcher's Alley farther down Bethesda Ave., which I wanted to try as well but couldn't.
  8. Pizza CS closed indefinitely per recorded phone message. Hope they reopen before closing. Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville closed til late April. Give them a holler. --- Pizza CS (DanielK) Pizza CSNY (zgast) Cuba de Ayer (MC Horoscope)
  9. If you are anywhere near Rockville Pike and Gude Drive in Rockville near Montgomery College then Il Pizzico is a good choice! They've been good to us the 3 times we've ordered since March. Delivery too in their area. We are on the other side of the county. Offering specials and 35% off bottles of wine. Our last one was Pio Cesare Barbera. You pull up at their door and a man comes out and delivers to your car. You pay by card when you order. Tip of course! Recent stand outs? Risotto with mushrooms. Tagliatelle with shrimp and scallops. Mousse. Appetizer with eggplant.
  10. Don's right about DaveO in the sports threads! He was one of the best contributors. Saddened by this!
  11. Thanks, I did this today. One thing that confused me. You could ask for a ballot for the presidential primary AND the presidential general election. I was about to ask for both then reconsidered and asked for only the primary ballot. What do they do? Put you on a mailing list for the general election in November? The site didn't make that clear so I asked for just the primary ballot.
  12. Celery, parsley, chives, and thyme made it through winter and bounced back. Starting lettuces next week.
  13. Carry out was busy last night! As we were waiting in our car there were other people driving up and picking up their orders. Grilled eggplant bundles filled with mozzarella and ricotta tomato sauce Homemade wide shape pasta served with veal meat sauce (substitute fettucine) risotto with mushroon and prosciutto canoli Pietra Salento Prmitivo
  14. We had reservations last Saturday! Our first time there. No chicken on the menu this time but we did enjoy pastas!
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