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  1. The new(ish) team in the kitchen seems to be really maintaining the standard set by the predecessors. I've really enjoyed my last few meals there. And I agree with the brunch comments from food.fiend. They won me over with a plate of french toast and bacon ($7) — together, not ordered separate. That's my brunch go-to and to see them paired that way made me smile.
  2. (Self promo ahead...) I joined some friends last week for a primary watching party at the JW Marriott and they've decided to keep it going: read the details here. The Cuban pork sliders were really good.
  3. Ask, and ye shall receive.
  4. Anyone catch Fabio on Martha Stewart this morning? Very charming. (edited to add: I meant Fabio was charming, not Martha.)
  5. I second the bar at 701. For $15, you get a choice of entrees and a glass of wine. When I served nearly two weeks and couldn't bear Au Bon Pain every day, I went to 701, Rasika, Teaism and Andale (now Oyamel). It's easy to get in and out in an hour, especially if you sit at the bar.
  6. Be sure to pick up the November issue of Food&Wine!
  7. Since this thread got bumped, I should update my last comment (from 2 years ago!) about service ... I've been staying for dinner with greater regularity and not only does the service seem much better, the place also seems as crowded as ever. It's one of regular go-tos. I tried the Saraceno pizza for the first time recently (I have a hard time straying from the soppressata) and it was terrific - lamb sausage with spicy harissa and smoked mozzarella.
  8. I adored the guava flan when I had it recently. It's not a traditional flan - it's more cakey, less custardy. Delicious.
  9. Wonder if/when an official apology/announcement will be made to clarify the situation?
  10. I agree with Ed. It definitely doesn't fall into the category of places that open claiming to be restaurants but end up primarily bars. And the mushrooms really are great (the truffle oil doesn't hurt). I'm also a fan of the "pork and beans" -- a big ol' pork shank with several different kinds of beans.
  11. They posted the criteria for each category on the RAMW web site. For Informal it says: "Informal Dining Restaurant of the Year The nominee is a restaurant that demonstrates a high standard of dining excellence. The nominee must have been in business a minimum of two years by December 1, 2006. The average per person check is $49 or under for an appetizer, entrée and dessert."
  12. I think that if you've won in the last five years, you can't be nominated. Both Maestro and Citronelle fall into that category.
  13. I ate at Meta's once, which I think I remember liking. (It was a while ago.) Cafeteria style Southern food. Very popular with the post-church crown on weekends. Meta's 102 West Third Street 336.750.0811
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