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  1. I've ordered the Peking Duck dinner for two for Christmas Eve dinner. Has anyone tried their quacker?
  2. Calvert Woodley has Italian whites on sale. I bought a few to try. Glad to read they will reopen but it will be difficult for them to enforce distancing I think.
  3. Now $315pp but includes service charge. Wine pairings extra and you can pay in advance so pretty much $1000 per couple with wine I assume. This all according to TS in his last chat.
  4. Our reliable Indian - Red Chillies - formerly Tiffin - is on DD and UE. Food continues to be excellent. We tried Masala Story last week-one and done. The entrees were sweet not savory. The garlic naan resembled a green tortilla. Portions were slightly cheaper than RC but much smaller in size. We did like the veggie Pakora --- RedRocks Pizzeria (alexandria1)
  5. If you get there around before 5, most nights you can get bar seating. It's quite an experience with delicious food. Rose is generally there speaking with guests-such a charmer.
  6. The end of an era. Thank you past and present staffers for your wonderful hospitality. Thank you again Dean and Kay. Good luck to all!
  7. A nice meal at the table in the rear of the bar last night. Nolan and Will took good care of us as we grazed on deviled eggs and two caprese salads followed by two Dino classic pastas, wild boar and duck lasagna. Kay stopped by briefly. Not sure if I will be able to get back again before close. We all wondered where our next clubhouse will be?
  8. Not sure if it will be our last visit but we certainly worked our way through a good part of the menu. Old favorites, deviled eggs, a terrific charcuterie platter for only $10 as it was HH, wild boar pasta, duck lasagna, crab pasta, various veggies and more with plenty of corkage free wine. We will miss our clubhouse!
  9. I got an email from Cleveland Park Wines that said Mark Slater is now with them. Good luck to Mark!
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