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  1. Not sure if it will be our last visit but we certainly worked our way through a good part of the menu. Old favorites, deviled eggs, a terrific charcuterie platter for only $10 as it was HH, wild boar pasta, duck lasagna, crab pasta, various veggies and more with plenty of corkage free wine. We will miss our clubhouse!
  2. I got an email from Cleveland Park Wines that said Mark Slater is now with them. Good luck to Mark!
  3. Always pleasant to sit at the bar with Andrew. Food was a bit mixed with an overly oily eggplant parmigiana and an overcooked pork dish. I went with pastas-lobster and the duck lasagna both just fine but more lobster in the pasta would have been nice. Andrew adjusted the bill after our comments on the pork. A fun evening as usual.
  4. I don't eat raw oysters in New Orleans. Why take the chance when you can go to Drago's and get their famous charbroiled oysters.
  5. We had dinner at Sergios recently. Solid as always and Sergio is quite present. Except for the busboy, the staff remains the same as it has for years. Nice that corkage is now permitted.
  6. Masala Art has been consistently good pre Arena Stage for us and they will get you in and out so at your show on time. They also have half price wine deals if you get the pre fix.
  7. I wasn't too impressed with Cured though it has been a couple of years. Hot Joy is fun. I've had good meals at Bigga on the Banks, can be pricey. Touristy but fun El Marcado in the Market Square has decent tex mex though Los Barrios remains a favorite-also try Rosarios on South Alamo. Have a drink at Esquire Taven.
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