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  1. Wow - end of an era. "Back in the day" - Chadwick's was the place to go if your media sales people weren't answering their pagers.
  2. The Perfect Pita at 2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW is a great inexpensive, relatively healthy, takeout lunch option in the middle of many pricier options in the Foggy Bottom, GSA/State/GW etc area.
  3. Nice to see this news. Staff was always lovely and food was solid, too. Parking, always a pain.
  4. I stopped in last weekend - pho broth is still excellent and the small is large. The place seems to always be busy, despite a perpetual construction zone around the restaurant. There's no sign at the moment, so if you don't know what you're looking for, you'll miss it. My only complaint is a slippery floor if there's the slightest bit of wet on your shoes. They finally dragged out a well used warning sign after we saw a couple of people slide a bit last Sunday.
  5. I will keep my eyes peeled as I inch my way up the Pike on my next pizza run. Not only are their pies great, everyone in the shop is so nice -- whether they're patiently taking a long phone order, when you come in for pick up or when you're eating in. Fond of Frankly, too -- it's not the same, but we're lucky to have better pizza around these days.
  6. Thanks -- I've driven by (also on my way to the "solid waste transfer station" on 355 -- will stop in the next time (Off topic- if you're not signed up for the infrequent newsletter sent out by the MoCo Solid Waste Services office, get on their list. Each edition ends with a poem, usually tied in to the news or a calendar event. Kind of charming. ).
  7. I was driving by a week or so ago, and ended up stopped on the Pike in front of ex-Ba Le. The signs said they were remodeling and reopening in July. Or maybe it was August.
  8. You may well be right ---but i keep thinking I ate there before I could read a menu well...which would make it around 1965-6.
  9. I don't see Pines of Rome in Bethesda on the list. My parents moved here in 1963, and began eating there soon after. I'm sure it was open before then...but haven't been able to come up the date. (of course, I haven't been in in a few years, perhaps this is an excuse to do so...)
  10. I've been there for lunch twice so far---both on a Saturday. The first time, we enjoyed burgers, a club sandwich and the chocolate martini whatever dessert. Burgers were excellent as were fries. I didn't try the others, but plates were cleared. Service was pretty good--we were ignored for long stretches, left with empty water glasses and coffee cups. The second time, service had picked up a lot. The place was full at one point, but was mostly operating with 3/4 tables full. The house soup was a very good white bean/kale and the cups/bowls were both large servings. Had a veggie pizza with the
  11. When the "new" birchmere opened, we were happy with the food. Much better than the old one up Mt Vernon AND the previous Birchmere. ( newcomers, you might not realize this is the 3rd incarnation of the club.) That said, it's slipped in the ensuing years---and the recent change to get rid of the pitchers of water is a move in the wrong direction. And if I'm not mistaken, they're no longer brewing beer in the brewery, either. I used to visit 3 or 4 times a month, but that's dropped off in the last year or two. I was last there a few weeks ago, and saw a few more menu changes, none terribly pos
  12. I am still loving Sichuan Pavilion, however I haven't been able to get this dish since last summer. I'll call in an order and everything is a go, but when I arrive to pick up I'm told they don't serve it any longer. Anyone else running into this? At first I though it might be a weekend only thing, but I'm striking out on those days, too.
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