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  1. We went there this pst weekend. Service and good were first rate. Apps were the gnocchi and the shrimp cocktail. Gnocchi was not over powered by the blue cheese, which can be challenging with a cheese like this. Only knock on the shrimp is that I would have preferred a riff on cocktail sauce rather than a a riff on an Asian sweet sauce. Brioche bread in the bread basket was light, airy and scrumptious. Entrees were the filet and the roasted chicken. Missus had the filet and said it was perfect. I don’t know what I liked better - the chicken, potatoes or greens. Chicken definitely lived up to the Ruta name. Desserts were the goat cheesecake and the roasted pineapple pavlova. Will definitely be back.
  2. According to http://robertdyer.blogspot.com/2019/11/the-riggsby-to-take-over-kapnos-kouzina.html, the Riggsby will be moving into Isabela’s Kapnos space in Bethesda. Was hoping that the Pagonis brothers would find a financial backer to reopen but it looks like that won’t happen. Riggsby is a great backup choice, particularly for Bethesda.
  3. From today’s Washington Post article: “Two restaurants, Kapnos Kouzina in Bethesda, Md., and Requin at the Wharf in the District, were not part of either bankruptcy filing, and it is unclear how they will be affected.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/food/wp/2018/12/13/mike-isabellas-company-is-going-out-of-business-seven-months-after-sexual-harassment-lawsuit/
  4. Website is active and menu posted here. I think they open this week. I have a reservation for next weekend that was booked through open table.
  5. I went to the Tyson's Corner location for the first and likely last time. Agree the decor is a notch above a typical chain. I had somewhat high expectations thinking this could be as good as the Yardhouse, which is a similar brew pub chain. Big mistake. I had what should be pretty simple and safe food for a restaurant - grilled chicken sandwich and fries. Chicken sandwich was not a grilled breast but slices of cold cooked chicken with pre grilled marks - the kind you get out of a Tyson's package at the grocery store. Wedge fries were wedge alright but also cold. I picked at a couple of fries and some of the chicken before I called it a night. Not worth the waste in calories. I also had a sampler of the ales and a porter. They were all very weak with not much body at all. If I was blindfolded I might have thought they were all the same and that they were pilsners. Kids had burgers that they only ate half of (they said they were not good) and shoe string fries, which were also cold. My wife had a salad with chicken, which looked to be from the same source as my chicken. She ate about a quarter of hers. The kids each had the mini Pizza/cookies, which were on the house after I complained about my food (I didn't send my food back out of fear that this is kind of restaurant that you don't send food back to if you have seen those hidden camera news shows). They said they were good so the highlight of a brew house concept is the desserts. That's a first for me, but maybe they see success following the path of Cheesecake Factory. Btw: the place was a quarter full on a Sunday night. Buyer beware.
  6. Rumor has it also coming to Potomac Village in the Chicken Out space (Chicken Out seems to have shut down abruptly at this location the past week).
  7. Not affiliated. Just happen to eat there a few times a week (it is convenient, I'm a sucker for good margaritas and I'll take this over Cal Tor any day of the week (if my kids had their way we would be eating there and California Pizza Kitchen on alternating nights 7 days a week; I don't really care for either except for the pea soup at the latter but that is for a different conversation)). I guess with the frequency and luck I happened to figure out who Eddie was when his demeanor compelled me to do some Google sleuthing. Keep on going back because while I witnessed it I never really suffered it myself. Plus remember - Margaritas. I think with going so much it must have not taken that long to be a regular. Would have had no idea who Harr was but for the fact that he came up to us (it was near closing time and we snuck a quick bite in there in between a back to school night and home). Also have to say have never see Harr again so it may be chef in name only, which doesn't bother me all that much given that this is really a QSR. As for the food, my views are still the same, although I personally like the fish tacos at Wild Tomato a whole lot better. Have I had better? Yes. Anyone who has been to "Nashvegas" and been to Local Taco knows that answer. But Fish Taco is at the top of my list if I don't want to drive more than 5 minutes and want good, reliable food, which is more often the case than not. And don't forget - that Margarita. As an aside I see that the transformed Bezu has reopened as Mix, which really just looks like a glorified bar you might find in many hotels. Menu also looks very uninspiring. I will try it but if I had to bet, this is not a concept that will be long lasting. Too bad. Also as for My Sushi. It still perplexes me how it stays open. Walter White? Car Wash? Just saying.
  8. No surprise. On the few times I was there when Eddie was there he was blowing up at the servers and other kitchen staff. When diners sent back a dish he would thrown a tantrum, including at customers.
  9. Went there for dinner again tonight. Chicken tacos again. Still did not disappoint. Michael Harr was there as all and confirmed himself as the head chef and co-owner. Said that they had been tinkering with the menu based on input from customers and will have their final menu out and ready to rock next week.
  10. I have been here two times (one dine in and one carry out). Both times I would give the food high marks. Dine in shrimp tacos (flour tortilla), rice and black beans, chips and guac and most importantly a strong frozen lime margarita (they also have beer on tap). Carryout was chicken tacos (corn tortilla) rice and black beans, chips and salsa. Food was very good. My only complaint was that I wish had three tacos rather than two. Prices did not seem outrageous to me for a neighborhood restaurant in this area. I don't think they reflect the rent as much as they reflect the supply/demand characteristics of the area. Sure you maybe can get cheaper with a bit of a drive but I am more than willing to pay the premium for something close by and from the looks of it others seem to agree. Same reason why Wild Tomato is always packed. On another topic, still can't figure out how the always empty and bad sushi restaurant in the same strip stays open.
  11. Agree completely. I have found that the trick for Jimmy Johns is to pop the sandwich in the microwave for 20 seconds.
  12. Mark Went to the Cabin John location at around 7:00 on August 1 and had my first bad meal there. Service was super slow - took about 15 minutes to get our meal. They forgot the milkshake and i only got it after i reminded the cashier after 10 minutes. Dirty trays on tables outside. One cook, one prep person and a cashier. Not enough given the volume of patrons. When food arrived burgers were lukewarm. After they placed them from the grill onto the serving plate they then decided to cook the fries. I had the veggie burger which was burnt on the outside and fell apart as soon as I but into it. Corn was tasteless. If this was my first time, I would not go back. howver, having been there many times before, I hope it was an aberration.
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