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  1. I hear you on that --- unfortunately, those two spots you mention are probably the two worst outposts in all of R. House. It's worth a return visit to check out BRD, BeBim, Ground & Griddled, and Stall 11. I don't eat at the Mediterranean place because I can do that just fine at home, and I have zero interest in poke. The pizza place is reasonable too.
  2. Sure. But what about BeBim in R. House, among other spots?
  3. Hey, look! Hampden is getting another unnecessary restaurant, this time a sushi place where you get to sip on awesome "Asian cocktails", eat awesome "upscale" sushi, and slurp on awesome Korean ramen (BUT NO PORK BROTH, SO DON'T ASK)! There's already a decent, Americanized sushi place nearby at Yama Sushi, and 18-8 Sushi also just opened up in the Rotunda if you need to satisfy your craving for over-the-top rolls. But this? What's the point when Hampden (and Baltimore generally) lacks high-quality Indian, Southeast Asian, or East Asian food at large. Sigh...
  4. Bahahaha, is this Chicago Manual of Style or MLA Style? Also, the same mentality that brought us Mr. Yogato and about 8,000 other silly frogurt shops.
  5. Sigh. Just came across this on the Eaters - Ready for Dress Code-Required Ramen? D.C. nightclub vets are assembling the fashionable noodle shop of their dreams I don't know why this is getting me so amped up, but it's probably the idea of taking ramen, a generally humble, salaryman's meal, and trying to shoehorn it into a club environment. Also, the last thing I want to do in my nice clothes is eat ramen, because there's bound to be some splashing, etc. Don - feel free to edit the thread title, but my point stands.
  6. Why don't you head to R. House for their Brunch House? It's also super kid-friendly in there; I see kids running around at all times.
  7. Latest news is that Papi's will be opening a second location in Hampden soon, taking over the old Dimitri's space (thank god; that place was sketch). Papi's is reliable, but given the proximity of Clavel, I'm not certain this move makes a ton of sense. I think it makes sense only for Hampdenites who literally want to go no further than two blocks away.
  8. Qualia's future in Petworth put into question with 2019 lease expiration. All options appear to be on the table, but Qualia may or may not stay in its current location past 2019.
  9. This should not come as a surprise. There were constant rumors of staff dissent and turnover, and frequent unexplained closures during the week. Current word on the street (from my neighbor, who I would not say is the most credible source...) is that the head chef on the Charcuterie side will be taking over the establishment and rebooting. We'll hear more soon, I'm sure.
  10. 10 years later, and this assessment of the lengua still stands. I got carryout this past Friday of the lengua, al pastor, pollo, and barbacoa. The latter 3 tacos were tasty, but ultimately didn't stand out. The lengua, however, was a knockout. These tacos are pretty much carried on the strength of the tortillas, especially where the fillings don't shine. I realize that my assessment should come with the heavy caveat that tacos don't always travel well and they are best eaten in-house, but I think the lengua should stand tall as an exception to this rule. I'm really looking forward to taking a seat at the shop and eating, so I can provide a full assessment. Nevertheless, this place should be a candidate for italizication. I'm still thinking about those tortillas today...
  11. Just realized that there was no thread for Ekiben, which was an oversight on my part. Though I haven't actually visited their brick and mortar, I have partaken of their bao sandwiches at the Charm City Cross cyclocross race (excellent post-race refuel), Hampdenfest, and at the 83 farmers market. The baos are reliably tasty, though frequently overstuffed and unwieldy; I wouldn't be mad if they split one bao into two smaller bites and sold them as a pair. In some ways, Ekiben reminds me of my beloved late Shophouse---similar spice level, flavor, and relative level of accessibility. I do need to stop into the brick and mortar location at some point soon to scratch the itch, but I'm glad that the 83 market has reopened for the season so I can visit them there if I don't make it all the way to Fells!
  12. Hoo boy, Maura Judkis and Tim Carman with the deep dive: Mike Isabella’s restaurants used nondisclosure agreements to silence sexual harassment accounts, new lawsuit alleges
  13. Haha, why is anyone surprised? Has no one been to Woodberry Kitchen or Artifact Coffee, where you are destined to eat nothing but root vegetables during the entirety of winter.
  14. Forgive me if this has been addressed in another thread, but when I read this, I was wondering if there was a connection between Jen Carroll's sudden departure and the allegations of a hostile work environment detailed in Ms. Caras' complaint.
  15. A Farms store south of Columbia??? Since when?! RoFo chicken is pretty tasty, but if we're talking fast food fried chicken, I'm still going to Popeye's. Either way, having Western fries available pretty much 24/7 across the street from me (RoFo corp. headquarters!) is dangerous. I'm fortunate not to have succumbed to such temptation, but it is nice to have a spot for that stuff plus easy access to Berger cookies.