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  1. I just spoke with him and he said his fiancee's been in recent contact with Ristorante Piccolo as well. But I see they just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so... 😬 I suggested an off-the-wall idea in booking a riverboat if they really wanted a view with their reception. I'd also found CUT Above at the Rosewood Hotel, but that's an outdoor bar and there's no guarantee it still won't be horrendously frigid come the end of March. I just told him about Chez Billy Sud.
  2. First, I'm not asking for myself, but rather a good friend of mine. He's looking for: " restaurants in Georgetown that might be good for a 20-22 person wedding party, either semi- or full-private room. We've been looking at all the places on Opentable, but haven't found anything really suited - a view would be preferable. Bunch of restraunts have gotten back to us, but nothing really hitting the right notes yet. What venue springs to mind with Georgetown, decent view, and semi-private room? " When he was asked which of those three criteria - private/semi-private room, view, and Geor
  3. Neisha and Rango's will likely take more of a hit than BJ's, simply because BJ's has plentiful covered parking and direct access *from* said parking, which is a rarity for a restaurant in Tyson's Corner that isn't inside a mall. I keep meaning to try both of them, especially Rango's seeing as Tequila Grande is on borrowed time in Vienna, and I never get around to it. It's funny, though - whenever I mention *any* GAR restaurant to someone in this area I get either a passively complimentary ambivalence or a straight out "it's a GAR chain restaurant, **** that place." Almost never any in-b
  4. They've also opened a third location in Leesburg/Landsdowne. Like the South Riding location, it's larger and takes reservations/call-aheads. The address for the third location is: 19308 Promenade Drive Leesburg, VA 20176
  5. I'm hoping to get a chance to check out Howlin' Rays next week in LA. Evidently so long as you're on line by 7pm, you still get served.
  6. The only time I was ever enthusiastic to visit a fast food restaurant in Europe was when my family lived in Sicily from August of '91 to September of '93 and as a kid it was my only chance to sate my craving for a Big Mac since the closest one to eastern Sicily at the time was in *Naples*.
  7. This place - good though it may be - is kind of a NOVA Xerox'ed version of Howlin' Rays in LA: http://www.howlinrays.com/menu/
  8. Had some business in the Reston/Herndon area and decided to set aside some time to try this place. Wooboi, did they underestimate demand. Even at ~11:15am, fifteen minutes after they opened, the line was already quite long (but not out the door). The good news is, despite having just one register, the line moves pretty quickly. The *bad* news is, seating inside the place is quite limited, and invariably with lunch crowds, you're going to get large(r) parties corralling tables together and making the problem worse. If you feel like chancing it, the to-go boxes are nice enough that eati
  9. So it seems I've been ~shanghaied~ into writing a new thread (for the first time in a while ), I decided to give this place a try tonight with a friend. The space itself is nice - very resplendent of Bonchon's decor - right down to the same slippery floor tiles. Their HVAC system certainly works well, as it was almost chilly in the restaurant. Notable annoyances of the space were: NASCAR on TV (it was NBCSN, but still) and Korean pop/rap playing at a volume that noticeably impeded conversation. I don't mind music I can't understand (I've lived abroad), but when it's at a volume that ma
  10. Yeah, I tried "Oh George!" on the underside and wasn't impressed for the money paid. The service was good and the space itself was nice, though.
  11. Looking at their menu, it seems this place is more "fast froo froo casual" than a formal restaurant like Ford's.
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