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  1. I've said it on other posts regarding Philadelphia Hoagies, but my go to, twice a month is Primo Hoagies Leesburg . They're a franchise, but they are a Philadelphia franchise. In Philadelphia they often rank high for Best Hoagies in the area...odd from a City that pride itself on every local corner hoagie shop being "the best". I often get the "Primo" which is just Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, roasted red peppers. I add onions, oil, vinegar and balsamic vinegar. All served on a seeded roll. After a bite, you can practically here the neighbors talking about what a great year the Iggles are goi
  2. I've only been to Black Hog once, on a business dinner while traveling solo through Frederick. I got the ribs and could choose between dry rub or sauce or half & half. I went half & half and for the life of me I couldn't tell you which I'd choose in the future. Both types of ribs were super meaty and beautifully cooked. I thought their ribs were truly out of this world. But the real reason I'm raising this thread from the dead is because theburn.com website out of Loudoun County announced that Black Hog has signed a lease and will be opening in early 2020 in Ashburn VA at the Riv
  3. Last time I visited Wooboi, about 2 months ago the sandwich was good. I went yesterday at 3pm and it was otherworldly. I've never had a chicken breast as crispy & spicy on the outside and moist on the inside (sorry for those of you who hate the word "moist"). The pickles were sweet, the slaw acidic, the sauce creamy. The fried okra was amazing, as was the portion...seemed more like Five Guys Fries, overflowing onto the aluminum tray. On social media they were teasing a 2nd location, but haven't heard anything else about that. Anyone?
  4. I'm told this is located where The Weiner's Circle used to be in Herndon. Heard about this "Hot Chicken" place through friends. Stopped by before work and got 3 Hot Chicken Sandwiches for my coworkers and myself. We all agreed it was the best chicken sandwich we had ever had. The chicken is at 5 levels. If you order it at a 4 or 5 you have to sign a release. Don't know if that's real or theatre, but I can tell you that a level 2 heat was pretty damn hot. One of my coworkers was sweating. The sandwiches are chicken breast, toasted buns, vinegar based slaw and unbelievably tasty
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again; the closest you are going to get to a real Philadelphia Hoagie in the Washington DC area is Primo Hoagies in Leesburg, VA. Just down the road from Melt Burgers, Primos is a Philadelphia chain, but a completely legitimate chain. They have several types of Italian Hoagies and the ones with the sharp provolone are amazing. The bread isn't Amorosos (but then, neither was Taylor Gourmet's after a while) but its very good. Considering Sarcones Deli in Philadelphia has closed, Primo's is my go to spot. PrimoHoagies Leesburg, VA 70
  6. I got a note from my friend Ron in Centreville, who's originally from Philadelphia. I'm originally from Northern Virginia but lived in Philadelphia for 9 years and I've told Ron that the DC/Northern Virginia area doesn't have any solid Italian restaurants that I've been a fan of. He's recommended Filomena's in Georgetown and Zefferellis in Herndon. I haven't made it to either establishment yet. The note he sent me through Facebook said "Hey, have you checked out Ciao Osteria in Centreville? It was named one of the 100 Best restaurants in the US by OpenTable.com". I don't know what that means.
  7. I have elderly parents in Annandale that my kids and I visit every other Sunday to help out with chores, shopping, going to Mass etc. A part of our "ritual" has been to stop at Dulces and pick up Empanadas for everyone. Amazing how much my kids love them. Sadly, went yesterday 12/14 and there's a FOR LEASE sign and a note from the landlord that the renters had evacuated the premises. Anyone know anything else? buzzy
  8. In this post, I spoke about what Primo Hoagies would do to the expansion plans of Taylor Gourmet. I feel that now more than ever. Now, time to sit back and let the best sandwich win buzzy
  9. Call me crazy, but if you're NOW OPEN and you have a website, don't you usually throw the menu up there first? just a thought... buzzy
  10. Edan So help me God, if you steal my pizza frites idea!!! gehr
  11. I've got two words that will scare the owners of Taylor Gourmet; Primo Hoagies. They opened in downtown Philadelphia, not very far from Sarcones and all the local places that make Phillie hoagies what they are. And they did gangbuster business from the start. Why? They are authentic and good and reasonable. Nothing "Gourmet" about them. Real blue collar food and good prices. Recently visited Ocean City MD in June and ate their twice. If they opened in the DC or the suburbs, Taylor Gourmet would close up shop soon after. There's just no way they could compete. http://primohoagies.com/main/?
  12. A couple quick notes about Centreville; 1) Anybody know why Fratelli's Italian Restaurant closed? Really, really solid red sauce Italian. Chicken lasagne to die for. Nicest group of people running it. But it was always empty...hey, wait a minute...that might be my answer, right there. Seriously, anyone with any inside scoop know what's up? I see there's already a Thai restaurant that has moved in. 2) After years of always going to Charlie Chiang's we heard about Sino's and got take out. Entire restaurant was packed tonight. Overall pretty happy with what we got. The Peking Duck was to die f
  13. You know, I live less then a mile from that location in Centreville and its been taking so long to build, I figured it was a new firehouse or something. At the very least, I've been looking for a sign that says "Future home of ____" If they're taking all this time to build a Mexican restaurant, I pray that its good Mexican. I haven't found a really good Mexican restaurant in this area. buzzy
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