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Yanzi Noodle- inside NY Mart Grocery

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Inside of the NY Mart in Rockville is a small Asian food court.  Been some turnover- the main steamtable place has changed.  Still have dumpling place/sushi place/bakery.

Yanzi Noodle just opened.  www.yanzinoodle.com  

I got a small Rice noodle soup with roast pork and mushrooms- as the add ons.  I wanted #4 but they were out of fried pork, so they made it with roast pork.  The inside page of attached menu image describes the base for all soups- spicy 'snail' broth, pickled veggies, etc.

The soup was fantastic- spicy, with some numbing...no "snail-fish" flavor, a little bit sour- but amazing.  Full of silky rice noodles-slightly smaller than Udon, fried tofu, roast pork, mushrooms, pickled veggies and peanuts.  Peanuts really were great on the soup.  Crunchy and salty.  The only downside were the cheap plastic spoons/forks.



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Driving home from a Doctor's appointment in Fairfax VA, I passed the old Thai By Thai location which now had a sign up that said Yanzi Noodles. I jotted the name down and Googled it when I got home. Saw that Tim Carman had raved about their location in Maryland. When I went to the website, it stated the following; 

"Important Notice 
After close to three years with our friends in Rockville and living with and continuing to battle this awful pandemic. We regret to announce that our lease in Rockville NY Mart has ended and we will be closing September 28. But all is not lost, we are excited to announce that very soon we will be opening a brand new location more spacious and better able to serve our customers. Please stay tuned for more updates. The new location is: 10955 Fairfax Blvd,Suite 108 Fairfax VA 22030" 


No idea if its actually open yet or when that will be. 

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In today's Washington Post, Tim Carman listed his 10 Favorite Casual Restaurants of 2021. He said his list could have easily consisted of 20 places. 

Number 10 on the list? Yanzi Noodle. 

He also broke the news that the new Fairfax, VA location will open on January 8th. 




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