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  1. Washington DC Restaurants and Dining

    The premier source for news, information, reviews, and general discussions about restaurants and dining in the Washington, DC area. Members must sign in to access this forum.

    Don Rockwell's DC Dining Guide is the largest single-city restaurant guide in the world.
    Michelin Paris covers 600+ restaurants; we cover 700+ just in DC.

    If you add MD and VA, you can easily double that number. If you add restaurants that have closed (which we keep track of), you can triple it. Our Dining Guide covers thousands of restaurants.

  2. Philadelphia Restaurants and Dining

    The Philadelphia area has perhaps surpassed DC as the most interesting and important culinary ground in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our forum is designed for Philly residents who truly care about great food, but also for tourists coming to experience all that the City of Brotherly Love has to offer, and - most importantly - wishing to rely on native expertise instead of a guidebook. Philadelphia is over 300 years old, yet is blossoming from a nascent period in the culinary arts - visitors will be looking towards it as a travel destination as it continues to grow and blossom. Your posts here will be permanently and lovingly curated, and this forum will be looked back upon as an important, historical document.

  3. New York City Restaurants and Dining

    The Big Apple is the single most important dining town in America, with a cultural stew unlike any other, and this forum is designed for its residents; not its visitors (although there's no denying the importance of visiting New York City). We are here to serve you, and will always treat your efforts here like our own - your posts will be curated for posterity, as the important slice of cultural history that they are - we hope that one day, donrockwell.com will be part of your cultural heritage, and we'll be here to give you our best efforts, long beyond the time when all of us are gone - your descendants will be the ones ultimately reading your posts.

  4. Los Angeles Restaurants and Dining

    The City of Angels is perhaps our nation's most fertile, with the wonders of Mexican cuisine, supplied by the magnificent California bounty, and seasoned with our brothers and sisters who immigrated from Asia. It is unlike any other city in our country, and we wish to primarily honor its residents, with visitors and guests being an important - but secondary - audience for this important forum. Your posts will be curated with great care, and considered to be permanent fixtures on the internet, to be passed down to your great-grandchildren as important, family heirlooms.

  5. San Francisco Restaurants and Dining

    San Francisco is, without question, a Top 3 dining destination in the United States, and many would put it at or near the top of that range. With a friendly, loving, vibrant character unlike any other city in the country, San Francisco is without peer, both as a restaurant town, and as a tourist destination. Its many wonderful attractions are only surpassed by its wonderful citizens, which exude a "live and let live" attitude more than anywhere else. Perhaps more than any other city in America, we need San Francisco as the representative of love for our fellow man, and the wonderful, diverse culture which it displays as an example for us all.

  6. Houston Restaurants and Dining

    Dining in Houston - what used to be a paradox is now required reading. This forum is dedicated to Houston residents, with tourists looking to locals for guidance and expertise. The Space City has become one of the great restaurant towns in the United States, and its restaurants, chefs, sous chefs, line cooks, dishwashers, bartenders, managers, and owners will be celebrated, as well as chronicled for posterity. Please get on the feeder and help others learn about your wonderful city, with all the restaurants, neighborhoods, hotels, and attractions that it has to offer.

  7. Baltimore and Annapolis Restaurants and Dining

    Baltimore is a restaurant town of extraordinary character, and we were the first website not to lump it in as some "suburb of Washington, DC." This forum has Baltimore residents as its target audience, and gives Charm City the respect it richly deserves. Annapolis is one of our nation's most beautiful state capitals, founded in 1649, and is home to our great United States Naval Academy.

    This forum is dedicated to the great Brooks Robinson.

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