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  1. I ate in the new Dupont location last week. Had the fish and chips...really good fish, nice batter, very tasty. I'd go back for it. The chips, on the other hand, were unremarkable and over-seasoned. Can't say anything else on the menu really called to me, and as it's been pointed out, Surfside makes some really good tacos right around the corner.
  2. Great...so we can look forward to the tasting menus doubling in price, and the reasonable four or five course prix fixe going away?
  3. Fair enough...the dining room is certainly a bit kitschy for my taste...but I was referring more to the overall experience. Driving out to the country, wandering around the town, walking through the gardens looking at the produce, dessert outside when the weather allows, etc. As for why it's so beloved, I think it has nice all around balance. Fancy, but not stuffy. Interesting food, without it being over the top. Balances the traditional luxury ingredients... lobster, foie gras, truffles...with seasonal/local ingredients. And it used to be a reasonable price. As I've said here before, I liked it better when they had a prix fixe menu, with more choices per course than it has now. But I've also had some fantastic food there. I can remember an amazing truffled mac and cheese, a cold peach soup that actually stunned me, a beef short rib that was one of the most intensely flavored things I've ever had, and many other dishes. I think the prices are simply reaching a point where expectations are getting too high.
  4. Depends...do you mind paying a LOT more money for food of the same quality, but with fewer choices than you had last time? I think the Inn's food is excellent, but not transcendent. Slam dunk yes at the $160 or so I spent last time. At $238, I'm not so sure. I do love the ambiance there though, and if you can convince yourself that you're really paying for the whole experience,then go for it.
  5. I'm not sure if this is being discussed elsewhere, but it seems that our friend Andy Hayler has been eating his way around DC. https://www.andyhayler.com/blog/post/washington Some very interesting reviews! Just to expand a bit in case you don't have the time to do all that reading: The good: Pineapples and Pearls, minibar, Bombay Club, Rasika. Disappointing: Kinship, 2 Amys Very good, but not three stars good: Inn at Little Washington
  6. Last time I was there we were told to pick 5 or 6, if I remember correctly. Either way, I just find something distasteful about a $18 upcharge during a $238 meal. I understand a big tasting menu upcharge for a super special ingredient...a perfect white truffle, real Kobe beef, etc., but adding a small (relatively speaking) upcharge for something that has always been included just strikes me the wrong way. Maybe Cameron just wanted a big raise.
  7. And now choosing the cheese course instead of dessert is an $18 up-charge. I'm really glad I had the chance to go here a few times before the prices got crazy...can't see myself going back.
  8. In Tom Sietsema's chat this morning, he said that Frank Ruta just signed on with Ashok Bajaj to work at one of his restaurants. Haven't decided which yet.
  9. Kinda, yeah, although I'm not sure of what. I've only been to one, Pisco y Nazca, which I really liked, but there are a bunch there that I'd really like to try. And yeah, some of the picks are strange, especially Urbano 116, which Tom didn't seem to like at all.
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