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  1. I also recently had an excellent outdoor dinner there. The only real misstep was a strange choice for an amuse bouche...a hot, thick pea soup on a 90 degree day. If you sign up for their newsletter, they'll send you a coupon for a free soufflé...I like the Grand Marnier the best, but you can't go wrong with any of the flavors.
  2. I haven't had anything at Q worth top dollar in a while, but I suppose that's a matter for another thread.
  3. Ever since Grapeseed closed, I've been hoping for a new restaurant in the Bethesda/Potomac area that I can heartily recommend to people, and I can finally do that with Sisters Thai in Potomac, at the Cabin John Mall. There's nothing here that will really surprise you, but every dish I've had is an excellent version of dishes you've probably had before. We haven't gone through that much of the menu yet, but the curries are tasty, with accurate spice levels to your specification, their grilled chicken and beef from the "street food" section of the menu are now family favorites, and their green papaya salad, one of my favorite Thai dishes, is among the best I've had. Haven't done much with the "Chef Recommendation" section of the menu...lots of fried/crispy dishes that I don't trust to travel well, but I hope to try some in-house dining soon. Looking forward to eating through more of the menu...sadly, they have a small delivery radius, and don't seem to be on any of the apps yet.
  4. Finally got around to trying this place. Not that it’s too high a bar, but this is clearly the best NY-style pizza I’ve had in the area. Really good hush puppies too, which isn’t something I expected to find at a pizza place. My only issue, is that as a big Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young fan, I can’t look at the name of the restaurant without wondering why they opened a pizza place. The mind works in mysterious, and annoying ways.
  5. I haven't had a "normal" meal at Chef Tony's in a while, but I've really enjoyed two of their new/special items. They have fantastic pupusas which they sell only on Saturday afternoons...the bean and cheese are my favorite. And they're now selling Detroit-style pizza...don't know if this is a permanent fixture, or something short term, but it's really good. Bethesda is inundated with Neapolitan style pizzas, so it's nice to have a little variety.
  6. Looks like the new in thing...Chef Tony’s just starting serving Detroit style pizza as well. Really tasty. Reminded me of Pizza Hut from 30 years ago, back when it was served in cast iron pans and was really good.
  7. I had very good RW take-out lunches at Rasika West End, and ChiKo. Both had easy online ordering, curbside pick-up, and were packaged well. Rasika is up-charging for the Palak Chaat, but I prefer their Sev Puri anyway. The Lamb Do Pyaza was delicious, and the only weak part was the dessert, an overly sweet Jaggery Rice Kheer. At ChiKo, they offer a snack/appetizer/entrée format, so I got some cold, chopped Sichuan veggies, their wonderful pork/kimchee pot stickers, and the spicy bulgogi stir fry, which I really enjoyed. There were these strange, pale, glutinous cylindrical thingies in the stir fry....don't know what they were exactly, but they were pretty tasty. Edit: Heard back from the restaurant...they're "korean rice cakes called “dduk.”
  8. I don't eat Americanized Chinese as much as I used too...I usually go to A&J when I have a hankering for Chinese...but I got Foong Lin delivery for the first time in a while this past weekend, and was really pleased with it. Not going to list dishes...it's all pretty standard fare...but the proteins are high quality, the sauces tend to be light and flavorful, and the variety is good. Their delivery website is an ugly mess, but it's certainly better then paying the massive fees of the apps.
  9. Looked at Chowbus...odd app. They’re offering me a 7:30-9:30 delivery window as the only option. Looks like I’m doing take out instead. Just glad you’re open!
  10. The pretentiousness (or creativity, depending on where you stand) of the menu has been vastly toned down since the preview menu I saw before it opened. Compare the original (attached) with today. https://annabelledc.com/dinner Dinner-Menu-12.27.19.docx
  11. This place has quickly become our favorite KBBQ/Hot Pot place in the area. I love that you get individual hot pots, so I can get the excellent Szechuan broth, and the spice-adverse folks at the table can get whatever they want. Really nice variety of meats, veggie and appetizer dishes. For the grill, we really enjoyed both the regular and spicy bulgogi the best. For the hot pot, I threw everything in...dumplings, clams, thin sliced beef, veggies and was happy with pretty much everything.
  12. I had (and loved) them at both Vidalia and Honeysuckle...sigh.
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