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  1. My thoughts exactly. Really hope they have good fish and chips...not easy to find around here.
  2. Getting one in Dupont Circle as well, in the old Capriotti's space.
  3. From Eater: “It’s a very good possibility we would probably be opening another Acadiana somewhere in this general area. They are actively looking,” says Flores, in a phone call Thursday.
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/food/wp/2018/11/12/after-37-years-beloved-lunch-counter-c-f-folks-closes-in-landlord-dispute/?utm_term=.517258138aa4 Closing...may open in new location. Best lunch spot in the city...hope it manages to re-open again soon.
  5. The Lobster Ravioli is also a $20 up-charge now on the Fiola prix fixe menus. Is this a bad year for lobster?
  6. And Del Mar is #1. Obviously more of a "places I'm really liking right now" as opposed to a real ten best list. And I've been to a grand total of zero of the ten. Impressive.
  7. They are a bit pricey, but I'm a pretty big eater, and I find that the half sandwiches (which tend to be around $10) are more than enough for lunch.
  8. Reading about the closing of Taylor Gourmet reminded me that I hadn't been there for some time because Bub and Pop's was close, and so much better. Which, in turn, reminded me that I hadn't been to Bub and Pop's in some some time either. I remedied that today, and it's still fantastic, at least based on the Italian Hoagie. I wish they used plain lettuce instead of arugula, but other than that it's pretty much a perfect sandwich. Keep in mind that I never do take out there, as all their sandwiches tend to be pretty messy, and turn into a soggy, but delicious, mess during the five minutes it takes to get back to my office. A few obvious tourists, gaping at at the Guy Fieri pictures, is about the only change from the last time I was there. Lucky to have this place.
  9. Well, I did wait in line for hummus, and it gets a solid "meh" from me. I went with the #5...chicken shawarma, pickled onions, herb tahini and za'tar. The chicken was terrible...nothing shawarma-ish about it, just chunks of low quality, barely seasoned chicken. As for the hummus itself...it was fine. Nothing in any way exceptional about it. I'd put the pita a little above average, but again, nothing to write home about. I imagine this place caters more to vegetarian tastes, so maybe that's the way to go here.
  10. Had a surprisingly good Restaurant Week lunch there as well a few weeks back. Started with the hush puppies, which were as good as I've eaten, had the pulled pork, which could have had a nicer bark, but was nicely smokey and juicy, and a solid piece of chocolate cake for dessert. I'd go back for a real meal.
  11. But if it's delicious, why is it distressing that they use asian crabs? Glancing at their website, I don't see Faidley's claiming to use Maryland crab either, fwiw.
  12. mtureck

    The Michelin Guide

    I think The Inn getting three stars is surprising. Don't get me wrong, I love the place, but for three stars I expect to get blown away by every course, and that's never happened to me there. But who knows...I've never been to a three star. Maybe none of them are really THAT transcendent.
  13. Being a journalist has nothing to do with training, but it certainly does have something to do with fact-checking. In the interests of journalism, why not call the owner/manager and ask where the crab came from?