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  1. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    JBG Smith's RTC West promises new additions for an old Reston office park By Michael Neibauer
  2. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    New Restaurant Opening At RTC West by Dan Taylor, Reston Patch BGR: The Burger Joint plans to open a restaurant there in the fall. This is in the same vicinity as the new Starbucks, Honeygrow, Cooper's Hawk and Nando's.
  3. It is unfortunate 1L has become a restaurant haven. Initially it was supposed to be more mixed use with a mid/high end grocery store as an anchor. I believe, Uncle Julio's continues to do well, as there are few "Mexican" restaurants in the area, conveniently located with good food (I did not say great). Julio's fills that gap albeit marginally, hence they are printing pesos. The place is consistently busy at RTC, with apparent waits if the people congregating outside are any indicator.
  4. That is correct, he was affiliated with Thai Tada as well as Thai Luang. He is the gentlemen in the photo on the website. While not the "owner" of either of those establishments, he is the owner of Nunu's. A gracious individual who welcomes you like family.
  5. Yea, I am sure - the tough Winter(s) and Summer heat can be rough on those Billboards. 😎
  6. Nunu's Thai dishes located in Herndon (formerly the KMart Shopping Plaza), is new, but owner has been involved in area Thai places for many years. He will welcome you when you visit and wish you back upon departure. The food flavorful, and servers accommodate requests easily. The place is relatively small, but is usually pretty busy. They offer daily specials (lunch includes soup and a main course), for less than $15. Have been here several times and it is consistently good. When in the area and craving authentic Thai food - worth a strong consideration.
  7. Ferris Bueller

    Balducci's, Several Area Locations

    So I just went by and 1st impression was this is a small store. There were about 10 cars in the reserved parking area which is free to Balducci's customers (head's up they are located on the 2nd floor) which requires elevator access to the store at ground level. I did not see anywhere close to 400 parking spaces for customers, and if there were 400 people in there, you would be packed in like gourmet sardines. There were certainly more employees than customers at 5:15 PM on a Thursday. Having frequented the McLean store and prior Reston location, perhaps my expectations skewed. They are catering to the pedestrian crowd from the vertical buildings @ RTC, which makes immediate sense, but may be a too targeted a market, hence the direct mail I have been getting hammered with the past 3 weeks. Plenty of prepared foods, however the fresh seafood and meat selections have been minimized. Sushi chef was making rolls and case was well-stocked. The wine selection area was underwhelming. From my perspective, WF takes this category for boutique shopping experiences in the area. More direct entry/exit at Plaza America and if you need wine, you can hit the new Total without moving your car.
  8. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    But wait there''s more...Massive 22-Acre Development In Reston Moves Forward: Report The Fairfax County Planning Commission reportedly has approved a proposal for a data center project at Sunrise Technology Park. 1,000,000 sq' of data center.
  9. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Major Reston Density Talks Happening In Coming Weeks (Watch Live) Fairfax County representatives will be meeting with local activists for "small workgroup sessions," which will be streamed live.
  10. The tracks are still very prominent and at various times pretty noisy depending on the type of train (Amtrak or freight)
  11. That is the one - more info here. If there was any type of concession, it failed - unless you have a periscope.
  12. Has the Parkland momentum slowed...not really hearing anything about the movement which was well-publicized for months.
  13. Coffee service in the AM was "free" in the hallway leading to Muze, perhaps they had complaints and offered a concession. BTW - there is a large residential structure going up on the "city" view side of the hotel that eliminates any view of the city and fireworks from that side of the building, looking towards the Washington Monument/Mall area.
  14. Since there was no thread for this restaurant on its own - there is now. Apparently the 2nd venture for the Lahlou Restaurant Group, their 1st being Lupo Verde Cucina & Bar. Stopped in late afternoon looking for some decent Italian food - the group of people (management) graciously greeted us and welcomed us to their establishment. We had viewed the menu posted outside and wanted to see if they could accommodate Ghocchi for our kids who wanted tomato-based sauce instead of (GNOCCHI 22,ASPARAGUS, WILD MUSHROOMS, FONDUTA, SPRING PEAS, GELATO AL PARMIGIANO), which in unison, they replied "absolutely, we can make anything the way you want it." It did not disappoint and the Gnocchi was outstanding. We also had a PACCHERI 28 BLUE CRAB, SHRIMP, SQUID, GARLIC, SAFFRON BRODETTO which was excellent and flavorful. The fresh-baked bread that accompanied our meal helped me make sure my plate was clean enough to place back on the shelf without washing 😁. We also ordered the tomato and fresh mozzarella pizza to round out the meal. Staff was accommodating and sincerely friendly. This place is tucked away off the main part of the Wharf on a secondary street but easy to find. The food came out promptly and we felt like they appreciated our visit. If in the area and interested in a moderately-priced, fresh Italian meal, give it a shot.