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  1. Ferris Bueller

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    On my commute to work today, I was almost hit by a guy running a red light. I was entering the intersection on a green that had been green for some time and I observed a car coming at a decent speed to my left - as he cluelessly went through right in front of me, he was clearly pre-occupied texting. As I made my turn and followed him for about 3 blocks, I was able to pull up next to him, honk and get him to look over - I told him he had just run a red light and almost hit me. He shrugged his shoulders and said "sorry." He turned right on red at the next intersection, slowing down, and continued to text as he left. Best part of this is he did not hit me, however he was driving a car that had "Roadside Assistance" on both doors and the rear trunk lid on it. You cannot make this stuff up.
  2. Ferris Bueller

    Kitchen Countertops

    Depending on where you live, NEKA, located off 606 behind Dulles airport is excellent. Their have a beautiful showroom, are very knowledgeable and helpful, and know everything about granite and quartz tops. They are not the cheapest but their quality and attention to detail is paramount.
  3. Originally Chef Basir started the Chef on Wheels food truck in 2012 - last year he opened (brick and mortar) Tacos & More in an obscure location off Michael Faraday Drive in Reston. Blink and you will miss it, but if you stop in, I am confident you will leave pleased. In the last few weeks, we have indulged in (Tacos) steak, chicken, spicy spare rib, shrimp, fish, bbq brisket and their homemade salsa. Check out the menu. Everything is prepared to order, but they are relatively quick. The place may seat 15-20 at small tables, but it is clean and bright. If you try their hot sauce, it is on the hotter side of spicy.
  4. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Italian Restaurant to Open in Reston Town Center Next Year by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow
  5. Ferris Bueller

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    Are rich people more likely to lie, cheat, steal? Science explains the world of Manafort and Gates. by WIlliam Wan, WaPo In one experiment, the researchers stationed themselves at a busy intersection with four-way stop signs and tracked the model of every car whose driver cut off others instead of waiting their turn. People driving expensive cars — like a brand-new Mercedes — were four times more likely to ignore right-of-way laws than those in cheap cars like an old beat-up Honda. “It told us that there’s something about wealth and privilege that makes you feel like you’re above the law, that allows you to treat others like they don’t exist,” Keltner said.
  6. Since we have restaurant week upon us, you can dine there for little $$, and experience the Corporate twist. Decor has changed and the music is terrible. Long gone is the Sinatra-era ambience. Now it is thumping and the constant beat that is just consistent enough to be really annoying - I feel like I am in South Beach at a club. Huge Ray's fan as well, but we live just far enough away to make it a chore to get there. I agree Ray's has all the quality and is more reasonable.
  7. The acquisition by Landry's, while maybe good for Landry's, did not help the Morton's brand. You can see the changes in simple things like their bread & butter to start. We had many good memories and some great times there pre-Landry's ownership - the atmosphere has truly changed, as has much of the staff at many of their locations. Menu has expanded quite a bit, but I do not know if that a good thing.
  8. It appears the Georgetown Location has closed. Bizarre times for these higher end steakhouses.
  9. &pizza® Opens in Reston Town Center by Mercia Hobson, Reston Connection Place was dead tonight at 8:30 PM, when we walked by - interesting decor with black & white the focal colors. Lots of glass, drawing from the Apple concept.
  10. Ferris Bueller

    Kalypso's Sports Tavern on Lake Anne

    Additionally, the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings is very good. It gets packed so you may have to walk a little distance to get there but the scene is that of small town America and for a few hours on Saturdays.
  11. Honestly, I am amazed how few people stop at stop signs. On a daily basis, I pass many intersections where stop signs, or stop lights are regularly ignored and in several cases have caused accidents. I know the California-stop or coasting through a stop sign has become commonplace, but why?
  12. I am actually really glad people have recently weighed in on this....we have eaten at the one in DC (the original location here?) twice - it was good, but not awesome by any standard; cocktails were great, and perhaps made the average meal better 😄. The Tyson's location, I waited until they worked out the new location kinks and went for lunch. Place was packed, food was barely ok, undercooked, service was average at best. Went back once more and confirmed it was nothing to write home about. Reston location has been open for a few months. Many friends have been and swear it is great. I have not been and it will take a fair amount of prodding for me to cave. Concept is great, but food is overpriced and under-whelming. Location sux, and I really do not want to eat overlooking the Metro tracks and Toll Rd.
  13. The outdoor patio is expansive, and the water view probably the best on this side of the Lake Anne (Plaza). The family-owned restaurant has been here for many years, and in the business (not here, but in the NoVa area) for many more. There are large umbrellas to help ward off the sun, but the setting is 1970's concrete and brick with a running fountain at one end. The food is decent, some of their specials better choices than regular items. We have never had a bad meal here, and the service has improved significantly, now they have modernized the ordering process. There is a sports bar with 30 TVs so if you want a local place to hang and watch games with friends, it is easy to do that here. It is not a large space, so it can fill up quickly. We were told they recently got a new pizza oven from Italy, but were still getting the hang of it (cooking temps). I am sure it is up and fully functional now, since that was several weeks ago.
  14. So the area in and around the Lake Anne Plaza still aesthetically remains much like it was when Reston initially designed. Concrete structures, on the water, and hidden since it is off the beaten path (it is not RTC nor Northpoint Shopping Center). This relatively new venture by a local family is a great place to grab coffee (they source from Cafe Amouri in Vienna, Virginia), breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is small, but the outdoor seating pared with the nights they feature live music is relaxing and simple. Right now on Sunday evenings they feature Patio party with Paella ($18) but that is all they have on Sunday evenings. If you want more variety, check out the regular menu and decent wine list. They have a nice white Sangria as well. You will often find several of the family members who own/run the establishment there working and more than friendly.