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  1. As Landry's "improves" The Palm, you will likely see slow but obvious changes. Quality of product, portion sizes and even interior changes creep in. Noticed this at Morton's (not comparing the two) but once Landry's purchased them everything changed and not for the better.
  2. Just opened their 3rd location in Leesburg - nice to see a local business doing well especially during the troubling times for businesses in general.
  3. Colada Shop in Sterling closed some time ago - too bad, always had patrons, but perhaps the Covid curse took a toll on another small business. This strip-type of center is loaded with eateries, so there is lots of restaurant competition.
  4. They have a great thing going here...went by this evening about an hour ago, and the stream of people going in/out was pretty steady. They are only accepting in-person ordering but the wait after ordering was less than 20 minutes. - Arancini with Sausage - excellent, and not greasy at all - peas were a cool touch. - Meatball Pizza - crust is excellent, slightly sweetened, perfect char and travelled well. - Meatballs in Marinara - decent sized meatballs, marinara was mild and their bread which accompanies the order was very good. - Bimbi Pizza - basically straight cheese pizza - it was fine, enough said. - Pepperoni Pizza - good sauce, and meat combo - nothing crazy but nicely seasoned and everyone loved it. If you go, there is outdoor seating enclosed by a new wood 4' high fence. There are a few gas fireplaces and you can grab a beer while you wait. If you want to wait in your car they hand you a laminated # and bring the food to you. For being a new location, they have it down. Easy ordering, hardly a wait time, and food was fresh and hot.
  5. Soft opening Wednesday at 4 PM, full menu. Had driven by the other day and it appeared almost ready....place looks very open and bright.
  6. The Tyson's location is closed for good. Brown paper on windows and all the outdoor furniture is long gone. Just noticed when driving by, had not been there in a long time.
  7. Ordered 2 pies online today - they were pretty busy and much more so than I think they expected. Mall was packed for a Sunday, but it is 5 days before Christmas. They were very accommodating and working to keep up with demand. I like their crust and toppings were fresh and well portioned. You can mix and match slices to create a pie, which is pretty cool.
  8. Perhaps try BOWA as well. They do a lot of work similar to what you have noted. Labor, material$ and scheduling are tight right now due to increa$e$ in renovation$/improvement$. May be stating the obvious but it will impact budget$
  9. Yes - you can likely do this, easier if it an end unit. Best place to start, check with the original builder (depends on how old the place is)? They should be able to explain how they ran the duct out (under) the island and out the rear or side exterior of home. New codes in place will potentially affect other requirements like make-up air needed depending on displacement of fan with new hood.
  10. Alex Trebek - hosted a great game show with class and humility before and after he was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Remember him for his kindness and spirit.
  11. Excellent lunch today, the Brasserie was booked for over three (3) weeks so we ate at the patio off the main dining room. Large tented area, many VERY socially-spaced tables. Servers masked, gloved, attentive, not overbearing, careful and welcoming. The indoor tables also nicely spaced, and although I would prefer not to eat indoors, they have it set up really well. Meal was excellent from house-smoked Norwegian Salmon 3-ways to Caesar salad with Papas bouillabaisse and souffle - everything was excellent, just what I needed on a nice Fall day in NoVa. Place was busy, definitely staffed to accommodate the clientele but felt as it does, quiet, subdued and enjoyable.
  12. Second for BlackSalt, they are as close to NoVa without being NoVa you can be. If you want NoVa, try Ford's Fish Shack as well - they have fresh oysters as well, under the "Maine Seafood Basket" section.
  13. Bad timing, but at start of pandemic and subsequent closures in March, they opened a 4th location in Great Falls Village. Pretty much right behind the Bank of America.
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