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  1. Yes - you can likely do this, easier if it an end unit. Best place to start, check with the original builder (depends on how old the place is)? They should be able to explain how they ran the duct out (under) the island and out the rear or side exterior of home. New codes in place will potentially affect other requirements like make-up air needed depending on displacement of fan with new hood.
  2. Alex Trebek - hosted a great game show with class and humility before and after he was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Remember him for his kindness and spirit.
  3. Excellent lunch today, the Brasserie was booked for over three (3) weeks so we ate at the patio off the main dining room. Large tented area, many VERY socially-spaced tables. Servers masked, gloved, attentive, not overbearing, careful and welcoming. The indoor tables also nicely spaced, and although I would prefer not to eat indoors, they have it set up really well. Meal was excellent from house-smoked Norwegian Salmon 3-ways to Caesar salad with Papas bouillabaisse and souffle - everything was excellent, just what I needed on a nice Fall day in NoVa. Place was busy, definitely staff
  4. Second for BlackSalt, they are as close to NoVa without being NoVa you can be. If you want NoVa, try Ford's Fish Shack as well - they have fresh oysters as well, under the "Maine Seafood Basket" section.
  5. Bad timing, but at start of pandemic and subsequent closures in March, they opened a 4th location in Great Falls Village. Pretty much right behind the Bank of America.
  6. Pupatella Pizzeria Aims for Fall Opening in Reston by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow Although the COVID-19 pandemic stalled plans to open but early 2020 at 1821 Wiehle Avenue, founding partner Michael Berger told Reston Now the restaurant is planning for a fall opening.
  7. I believe it at multiple locations, but this was at Reston. They are offering USDA Prime burger today, curbside pick up with a bottle of Pebble Lane, for $19.99. Specials change and are not every day.
  8. Banana Nutella Bread, stupid good. Lasted 48 hours in our house.
  9. Mortons delivered to our doorstep, USDA Prime burgers for $11. They also had Filet Sandwiches for $1/each....could not beat that, kids devoured them (so did I).
  10. Because around here (DC/MD/VA) they are going to cut you off anyway, whether you let them in or not, so why should they wave "thank you" - they own the road πŸ˜‰ I, too let people in all the time, and maybe 15% of the time get a "thank you" wave. I rarely use my horn unless someone clearly doesn't see me - since that is a 100% guaranteed πŸ–• - If I ever get honked at, I always respond with the "thank you" wave.
  11. MAKERS UNION PUB COMING TO RESTON TOWN CENTER by Chris Wadsworth, TheBurn We’re a diverse team of makers β€” baristas, bartenders, chefs, mixologists, roasters, distillers and brewers β€” who came together to create a neighborhood place we all need.
  12. No specific recommendations - Boston is a great city - the Northend is littered with Italian stuff, stores and restaurants. Depending on the nights there, you may need reservations, but literally take your pick, of what looks cool - you will likely have a great meal.
  13. Sakura does take reservations, but will not seat you unless your entire party is present. Place is big, and they get you seated, cook and out of there pretty quickly. Double your mileage limit (19) but an easy drive on the Toll Road is Nagoya. They take reservations, are in Ashburn, and have been there almost 20 years. We have probably been there 30 times. Kids love it, tables seat 10 and it is more calm and less rushed than Sakura. I think Sakura has ~20 locations, Nagoya 1.
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