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  1. Live Hockey is one of the best sports to attend. We have been going to 10+ games/season the last 7 years and are never disappointed. We were there Wednesday and had tickets for last night but could not attend. The upgraded scoreboard, better seats, added TVs and lighting is really great. The sound system and graphics are second to none. Parking = Easy Surrounding food choices = excellent Metro access - simple This is the difference when an owner wants to deliver an exceptional experience and realizes happy fans come back and tell friends.
  2. Panera Bread in Reston Town Center to Close in December by Fatimah Waseem, RestNow Tavern 64 inside the Hyatt at Reston There is now brown paper on the windows and is clearly closed or maybe being renovated. Very bizarre nothing was ever posted about this anywhere, unless I just missed it.
  3. Herndon Fried Chicken Sandwich Named Best In DC Area: Report by Dan Latham, Reston Patch Originally from Washingtonian.
  4. New Burger Spot Coming to Reston Town Center by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow Things happening as businesses move back in to RTC. Paddywax Candle Bar to Open in Reston Town Center Next Month by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow
  5. ....and the Pennsylvania Avenue location - after being purchased by Landry's Inc. This steak chain is closing two D.C.-area restaurants By Rebecca Cooper – Digital Editor, Washington Business Journal
  6. Great Falls Creamery has been around for some time and according to their website: Our ice cream starts with all-natural ingredients, and cream from the Maryland Milk Cooperative. It’s made with cane sugar and no artificial flavors or stabilizers. They also reference they serve ~100 restaurants in the DC/NoVa/MD area. --- Toby's Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee (DonRocks)
  7. Not sure if anyone saw this - interesting after close to 10 years at the Redskins. Washington Redskins SVP Tony Wyllie Named Regional President And Managing Director of Special Olympics North America
  8. Sadly the 'Skins have put the "dys" in function, like the "F" in weigh. Snyder is not a publically popular guy, but from a financial perspective the Team has increased in value exponentially (~$3,400,000,000 - 2019) since he has owned it; the $$ he reaps every, single year are just silly. Once granted/approved, NFL ownership, as a whole, is a money grab. Tough to be a 'Skins fan, and thinking they will miraculously turnaround in another mediocre season is poppycock. The blame always rests with the Head Coach, who will not be back next year - the major problem is...what other Coach would ever want to come here if not simply for a big payday? Running out of former coaches, College coaches and secondary or tertiary coaches to coax here.
  9. There are not many that can stand the test of time. Morton's has been sold off and too streamlined, not to mention crazy expanded menu. Capital Grille is hit-or-miss for me. Bring your wallets - no particular order: DC Prime (NoVa) Ashburn off Route 7 GARs recent addition (NoVA) Tyson's area - Randy's Prime The Palm - (NoVa and DC) always sort of corny but good service, steaks and drinks.
  10. Report: Uncle Julio’s and Boston Properties Settle Reston Town Center Parking Lawsuit by Fatimah Waseem - Restonnow (from WBJ) One of the issues Uncle Julio’s had raised in its complaint was that its closest parking garage in the development had become less accessible as a result of another parking-related lawsuit at the property. According to the Uncle Julio’s complaint, after Jackson’s restaurant sued over paid parking, a judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing Reston Town Center from enforcing the pay-to-park system on Jackson’s customers in the Orange garage. Subsequently, according to Uncle Julio’s, the pay-to-park system was disabled at the Orange garage. “As a consequence, patrons throughout the Reston Town Center now attempt to park at the Orange Garage in order to avoid the imposition of parking charges,” stated the complaint, which was amended in March.
  11. It all depends on the level of service you want/expect. Tip the valet $10 or $20 on the way in, your car will be in the front, or close by, when you come out. This avoids any valet from driving your car more than a few feet and also almost eliminates issues for any damage. Trust me, you do not want a valet driving your car around the block - remember the valet in Ferris' Bueller's Day off? It happens. Always tip on the way in. Tip the bellman, front desk and concierge and everyone will greet you by name, help you with whatever you need and you/your family will enjoy your time away more. It may cost you $30-$50, which is nothing if staying at a nice resort or higher-end hotel. If you do this, you will likely get warm cookies @ turndown, late checkout accommodation, or some sort of amenity - people deal with jackholes daily and any extra observation or appreciation of even decent service goes a long way.
  12. I do not believe SOB sells ammo - only been through there once and did not stop. Playing to lottery in Connecticut, Ohio and Florida? There could have been three more mass shootings if these men weren't stopped, authorities say By Dakin Andone, Harmeet Kaur and Madeline Holcombe, CNN
  13. I agree - we are also Bonvoy members but not Platinum level - requesting the late checkout at check-in certainly appears to help.
  14. Possibly, however with a few CC benefits you can circumvent some of the new standard hassles. Having just come off a few weeks of travels both US and BC - using your Amex card for hotel booking at participating resorts (Hotel Collection & FH&R) or properties, gets you early check-in (12 PM), room upgrade, late checkout (4 PM) and often times resort credit (towards spa or something) and bfast for 2. We lucked out and got $100 spa credit and $200 resort credit which we used towards a fantastic steakhouse restaurant on property. Obviously a lot depends on where you stay, but it was nice not having to race out the door by 11 AM if we were sightseeing or whatever on our checkout day. There are other credit cards with benefits, but Amex as pretty easy and true to what was advertised. Top it off with Lounge access at numerous airports and you can have a decent airport experience as well and not be rushed to your flight or sitting at the gate for an hour+ once you have cleared TSA. Amex & Citi pay for your Global Entry or TSA Pre every 5 years too.
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