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  1. The Capital Burger to Open in Reston Town Center Next Week by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow Roll up your sleeves Reston, and prepare for greatness on a brioche bun. The Capital Burger, with its luxe burgers, hand-cut fries, boozy shakes and an exceptional wine list, is a welcome addition to Reston Town Center’s fine dining scene
  2. Finally made it by to check out the location/wine/food options. Kitchen & bar are still in the same locations as they were before. Kitchen is opened up now with the renovation and they raised the ceilings and really opened the play up a lot. Clean, crisp lines, bare wood and simple painted wood. Service was ok, food was very good from appetizers <calamari, white truffle garlic bread, grilled cauliflower> Entrees followed and included pizza, squid ink pasta with calamari & white shrimp, chicken parm, bolognese all with fresh pasta. The Super Tuscan wine we enjoyed was reasonably priced and everyone enjoyed it. Overall - worth a try, place was decently busy and bill wasn't bad either.
  3. Had dinner here (Penn Quarter location) twice this past week. Originally enticed by Restaurant week offerings, and lured back because the dinner was good enough to simplify and try their burgers. Ricotta gnocchi truffle cream, was some of the best I have had. Literally cut the gnocchi into halves to make it last longer in order to mop up the truffle cream. Chicken pot pie braised chicken, baby portobello mushrooms, pearl onion, cheddar biscuit top - the cheddar biscuit top was more of a flakier, dumpling consistency than a more traditional pie--type of crust. The braised chicken and broth all finished well; not a piece left at our table of 4. Caramel banana bread pudding brown butter ice cream, banana rum caramel - cannot describe it any better than that - enough said. Atmosphere was lively, bar was hoping before the dinner crowd picked up both nights. The circa 1950s black/white themed dining area was comfortable and sounds reasonable. You could talk at a normal tone without shouting as is often the case in open-air type restaurants. Service never missed a beat, and from water service to clearing our tables efficiently everything flowed seamlessly. Overall dining time ~1 hour 15 minutes with 2 rounds of cocktails from the bar. Bar drinks were quick and pretty consistent. Nightly specials are static and looked good; hence why we came back for the Burger Royale Thursday night. Burgers were very good, and the fries made all of us clean our plates.
  4. Local Food Truck-Turned-Restaurant Expands to Ashburn by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow Business must be pretty good for a second location. Have recently redone the original location to get more seats/table/barstools - glad to see life is good for them, very nice people and great food.
  5. Great game last night vs the NJ Devils, whom the CAPS lost to by 5 recently. A 5-2 WIN with Ovechkin contributing his 25th career hat trick was excellent. The actual hats on the ice kept coming for probably 5 minutes and the turnout pretty decent for a Thursday night. Dinner at The Smith prior to puck drop was actually very good as well. Samsonov played pretty well - the CAPS giving up a goal on their own power play advantage but the kid is quick and seems to have the speed needed for a decent future in the NHL.
  6. They had mandatory practice Sunday which seemed to unleash the Fury in the 1st period of last nights game. Ovechkin had two (2) quick goals and then in the 2nd period they were pretty flat - hung on to 2-0 lead for the Win. Be interesting to see how they play Thursday against the Devils after losing 5-1 last week. Crowd was decent for a Monday nite in January - but a fair number of empty seats. The CAPS have been using Samsonov a decent amount lately and the kid is doing VERY well in goal (1st shutout last night). It will be interesting to see if Holtby here next season since his contract is coming up and the rookie is making $1.4M vs Holtby's $5M+ this season.
  7. The donuts, don't forget the donuts at BFC. If you can stay at Carneros Inn, their individual cabins with outdoor showers, heated floors and awesome views are spectacular.
  8. Went to the Ottawa game Tuesday - after the Caps got down a goal in the 1st period they went out and killed it scoring 6 unanswered goals in periods 2 & 3. I thought Oshie or Ovechkin was going to get a hattrick, both finishing with 2 goals each. We have a great Goalie in Holtby, but rookie Samsonov is fun to watch and looks great. CapOne Center was packed despite the poor weather and typical gridlock with an inch of snow on the the ground.
  9. IronGate has always been a delight for me. Service, food, atmosphere and drinks are great. I would hit the Tabard Inn for a drink before dinner (HH is from 4-6 PM) and they have live Jazz Sunday-Tuesdays. Their bar area is like a Living Room with comfortable couches and fireplace. Their breakfast menu looks great, however I have not been able to partake.
  10. They have another location in Sterling which has probably been there for 8+ months. It is in the space formerly occupied by Applebees. Now Open: Mission BBQ at Village Center at Dulles by Fatimah Waseem RestonNow Have only been to the Sterling location for a lunch about 6 weeks ago. Was disappointed in what $10 got me from their "Specials" menu - it was maybe 3 very thin slices of smoked meatloaf. That was it - no sides, no drink. Seemed odd, and the meatloaf was nothing spectacular. Comparing to other local BBQ places, usually a ~$10 lunch gets me sandwich or meatloaf with 2 sides, and I leave stuffed. I left Mission on a mission to find something else to eat.
  11. This place opened a 3rd location recently at North Point Shopping Plaza in Reston. It is busy, fairly small location for a strip mall nestled near Giant Food and GameStop - no joke. They just announced they are opening their 4th location in Great Falls, just off Walker Road behind the Wells Fargo bank. Pretty ambitious, which is fine, there are a few Thai places in the general Reston-Herndon-Great Falls geographic area.
  12. Signage for The Capital Burger just went up. The location is high-vis and perhaps once the new Leidos building is complete and occupied their lunch and Happy-Hour business may do well.
  13. That did not take too long - apparently the same parent company, different concept... New ‘Modern Gastropub’ to Replace American Tap Room in Reston Town Center by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow The Capital Burger to Open in Reston Town Center in January by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow An extension of the restaurant The Capital Grille, the Reston location will offer steaks, wines, shakes, craft cocktails, local beers and “elevated burgers, according to the company. This is the second location to opening the DC region, following the opening of a location in Mount Vernon Square in March last year.
  14. American Tap Room in Reston Town Center May Close Later This Month by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow American Tap Room in Reston is set to close on Dec. 22, according to a tipster and an employee at the restaurant, though the company has yet to confirm the closure.
  15. Live Hockey is one of the best sports to attend. We have been going to 10+ games/season the last 7 years and are never disappointed. We were there Wednesday and had tickets for last night but could not attend. The upgraded scoreboard, better seats, added TVs and lighting is really great. The sound system and graphics are second to none. Parking = Easy Surrounding food choices = excellent Metro access - simple This is the difference when an owner wants to deliver an exceptional experience and realizes happy fans come back and tell friends.
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