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  1. Tempted to try it tomorrow for lunch, but it is Valentine's Day and I would not want to jeopardize a HOT Chicken sandwich lunch that may affect my dinner and basketball practice. I am sure I will have to check out in the near future.
  2. Yes, same business park, across parking lot from Dunkin' Donuts. Aslin Beer Co is opposite side of parking area, but all the way at the end of the row.
  3. Maryland out of NFL stadium talks for now By Michael Neibauer, WBJ Unless Virginia jumps into the mix — say, the team’s home of Loudoun County — that leaves Snyder with one option: D.C. and the current site of RFK Stadium. Mayor Muriel Bowser has expressed interest in seeing the team return to the District, and D.C. is where Snyder reportedly wants to be. But that path is just as fraught with challenges, as the federal government still controls the 190-acre RFK campus, several D.C. Council members have already voiced opposition, and there’s strong public resistance as well.
  4. FWIW - the Weiner's Circle was a few blocks away from this location on the other side of Herndon Parkway. There used to be a small restaurant at this location. Glad to hear it was excellent, I will have to check it out.
  5. So owed someone an lobster roll and went here today. Called in the order, was ready in 10 minutes. They said business has been good which is nice for a small business. Only got the Classic Lobster rolls - but they were tucked full of fresh meat and the toasted bun was perfect on a cooler Sunday. It was excellent. CLASSIC ROLL Served chilled with mayo and lemon butter
  6. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    True Food Kitchen Plans to Fill Former M & S Grill Spot in RTC by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Restaurant chain True Food Kitchen plans to open its Reston location at M & S Grill’s former spot in Reston Town Center. The restaurant will fill the vacant spot at 11901 Democracy Drive, which has been empty since M & S Grill closed last year on New Year’s Day. When True Food Kitchen will open, though, remains unclear. NOTE: Article references "Spring 2020"
  7. Doner Kabob as good as ever today for lunch. Place was 85% full at 1 PM and service was spot-on. Flanked by hummus, house salad and orange baklava made for an excellent meal, albeit no room for dinner tonight. Their 38th year in same location, in an area with few non-chain restaurants.
  8. GREENE TURTLE IN LEESBURG HAS CLOSED by Chris Wadsworth, TheBurn In the least surprising news of the week, The Burn has learned that The Greene Turtle location in Leesburg has shut its doors permanently. We’re told it closed yesterday.
  9. I have been here several times, only for lunch, but it is a treat. It is small and packed, but the food is excellent. If you can, sit at the bar as they typically have chefs preparing the fish for dinner and it is fun to watch. Their lunch menu is good and they have "boxes" of good value including salad and soup. Fish is really fresh and they tend to be creative with their presentations.
  10. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    RTC Apple Store Eyes Neighboring Space Vacated by Pottery Barn by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Apple Inc. filed a building permit for the spot recently vacated by Pottery Barn,which is next door to the Apple Store at 11949 Market St. The permit description says that it is for a new tenant layout. It remains unclear at this time whether Apple is considering expanding or moving into the new space.
  11. Ventured here again for lunch yesterday, had not been in some time. They now have the Express Lunch menu, pick 3 for $22 or pick 4 for $28. A great value and the Caesar Salad was one of the best I have had in a long time. The Addie's Mussel's were packing just enough heat (chili pepper) for a nice twist. Walked in at 1 PM and was seated no problem (2), but the place was not busy. Perhaps the odd Tuesday lunch but typically the place was always pretty consistent. The key lime pie for dessert was a great touch and even though the portion small, it was rich and flavorful. Probably one of the better meals I have enjoyed in some time, and very reasonable for the investment.
  12. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    This was previously announced, however there is a little more pertinent info here - timing is much closer ("about a month) to opening. Peet’s Coffee Set to Bring Brews, Tea Blends to RTC This Winter by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Calling all coffee lovers who looking for new brews. Peet’s Coffee plans to open in about a month at Reston Town Center.
  13. Ferris Bueller

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Boston Properties Taps New Leasing Agent as Stores Shutter by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow “This year will hold exciting changes for Reston Town Center,” Katie Yanushonis, the vice president of leasing at Boston Properties, said in the press release. “Our investment in the branding and placemaking of Reston Town Center will help maintain its place as the leading mixed-use development in the United States.”
  14. Newk's Eatery is apparently opening their 1st location in Virginia (Sterling). FIRST NEWK’S EATERY IN VIRGINIA COMING TO STERLING by Chris Wadsworth, Theburn