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  1. We went to the CAPS practice today, and it was pretty busy. The DSP jerseys were on sale again, which was interesting to see. Hopefully they can get back in the groove at home and end this in 6 games. They were working Holtby really hard. Nic Dowd kindly stayed after practice and signed every, single person's stuff, and posed for numerous pictures; VERY cool of him as he was there for probably 30 minutes after practice ended.
  2. Just adding to the post above for more info - Pupatella Pizzeria is Coming to Reston Next Year by Fatimah Wassem, RestonNow Taking over the current location of Pizza Hut at the corner of Wiehle Avenue and the W&OD - directly across from the fire station and adjacent to the McDonalds and TacoBell. This will be an interesting location for outdoor seating.
  3. Very tough loss, I was hoping the CAPS would take one on the road as a good confidence builder coming back to CapOne Center for game 5. Oshie being cross-checked and potentially hurt can do a number on the team. He is a leader and really does a lot to help bridge the gap on this team. I really hope he is OK. Update: Capitals T.J. Oshie 'won't be playing any time soon' after being hurt in Game 4 loss by Mark Brehm USA Today
  4. Footnote - many of the places now take credit cards, but most of the breakfast places do not so cash is king.
  5. For him, heck for anyone at 43, to be competing at that level with players much younger with the latest high-tech clubs, golf-focused training regimens etc, and after major back surgery(s), it is impressive. Obviously everyone benefits from the latest-and-greatest, however the technology assistance in a game like golf with better balls, irons, drivers added to the strength training all of these pros embrace, has changed the game dynamic. I play golf, love the sport, but doing what he just did is spectacular.
  6. Ok, here goes....after going here every Summer for the past 20 years....feedback welcomed, I will try to save you some heartache, and $. Parking in Stone Harbor is metered, but Avalon has free parking. Take a few rolls of quarters with you so you do not get a ticket. 25 MPH speed limit is strictly enforced in both towns. Stone Harbor Yvettes Cafe - the original owner passed several years ago, however the guys who purchased it improved service and kept the eclectic menu intact. Lunch is busy, place is small, but always clean and very good. Get your subs here. $$ Fred's Tavern - atmosphere is bar all the way. Decent kids menu and food is fresh, reasonably priced for what you get. Service is beach typical. Since this is adjacent to their liquor store and they sell both wine and liquor, remember this is a seasonal area and their wines do not always age well in the off-season. Stock up and home and bring your own beverages, save yourselves the disappointment. $ Watering Hull - opened last Summer and is upstairs in the promenade of downtown. Seems to be a new local's hangout, but food and drinks are good - service is fine. $$ Stone Harbor Pizza - beers on tap and nice pies. Expect a long wait time for food once ordered, as their kitchen is small. $ Spiaggetta - the best Italian food at the shore. Atmosphere is ok, dress can be casual, they are maybe the only place with parking out back, which is really nice. Service always on, and specials great. Owner is there every night and treats you like an old friend. $$ Donna's Place - off the beaten path outside of town, but their wraps, bagels, donuts and sandwiches are very good. They are reasonably priced and being one who hates to wait in line for 20 minutes for bfast, you don't have to here. Everything is made to order. Fresh seafood store next door if you want to cook at home. The place has been there since 1979 and the owner is sincere and appreciative of the business. $ Reed's at Shelter Haven - new within the past few years, they did it right. Nice hotel, and excellent restaurant(s), from breakfast/brunch/lunch and dinner. Place is dressier than I care to be at the beach - if I cannot wear nice flip-flops (yea, I know a contradiction, but when I am at the beach, I dress like I am at the beach), I tend to go someplace else. If you eat outside, the seagulls will get you - they are very smart. $$$$ Avalon The Diving Horse - new place, high-end but comfortable. Specials were fine, a little pricey. Since it is new, many people flock here nightly. $$$$ Kudos - new name for an old restaurant (and new owners) several years ago - location is downtown Avalon, but often missed for breakfast which is good, reasonable and service always fine. Open for lunch and dinner as well. Have specials, decent salads, burgers etc. $$ Tortilla Flats - if you are looking for Mexican food at the beach, choices are limited. This place is ok. $
  7. This is relevant, although the preemptive move by BPX hastened the exodus at RTC. Allow me to segue for informational purposes. Offering shoppers new experiences isn’t helping as malls see tsunami of store closures, falling traffic by Lauren Thomas, CNBC U.S. retailers so far have announced they will shut 5,994 stores, while opening 2,641 in 2019, according to real estate tracking done by Coresight Research. A separate report by data analytics firm Thasos found foot traffic dropping off at malls across the country in recent months. Thasos also found that malls with so-called experiential tenants that aren’t just focused on selling products, like Apple, Italian food hall Eataly and Tesla, haven’t been drawing in extra traffic.
  8. Had another excellent dinner here this evening. Started with the Saganaki which is flaming cheese for lack of a better description. They had a special tonight with a stuffed pepper and tomato with lemon roasted potatoes. I had the Moussaka - which was excellent - light and very flavorful. All paired with a nice bottle of wine, and great service. Place was busy for a Thursday.
  9. Me thinks the Sterling location is now open....their website has not been updated to reflect same.
  10. Windy City Red Hots is closing both locations (Leesburg & Frederick) this month - posted on their website - and reported locally. If you crave a true Chicago Dawg before they close, move quickly.
  11. Yea it was cool - he is a relatively easy person to talk to. One thing that makes him unique is he was actually recruited to play collegiate football (Quarterback) at UNH and was also allowed to play NCAA hockey too. He ended up getting to the NHL, even though he was an exceptional football player (and baseball too). The guy is pretty humble considering his resume. I always remember him as one of the holdouts who was grandfathered when NHL went to mandatory helmets. The old guard was not required to wear them and he didn't.
  12. DC Row to Fill Appalachian Spring’s Former Reston Town Center Spot by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow A building permit indicates that the rowing-focused fitness studio recently started interior alterations at 11877 Market Street. A spokeswoman for Boston Properties confirmed that DC Row will occupy the former spot of Appalachian Spring, which closed last January.
  13. The CAPS played a decent game last night against a desperate Montreal team, trying to stay alive and get a playoff spot. They played a tribute to Ovechkin's 50-goal seasons which was a compilation of clips from every 50th goal. For the die-hard CAPS fans, Rod Langway "Secretary of Defense" walked in right in front of me and greeted people as everyone he walked by said hello.
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