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  1. All I know is that the ramen I had in Hawaii ruined me for the ramen you can get around here.
  2. I was in Philly a few months ago, and made my first visit here, having heard that they provide a finely chopped steak in their cheesesteaks, which i prefer. Actually, I was heading towards Jims (which also finely chops their steak), but when i saw the line, I double backed to this place (I went to Jim's the next day 😀). Anyway, it was a great cheesesteak! I also washed it down with a Gremlin, their signature drink that is half lemonade and half grape juice, and really hits the spot. I'll also note that i didn't think the Jim's cheesesteak was any better/worse than what i got here (both were delicious), so I'd suggest future visitors skip the line/wait at Jim's, and mosey a couple blocks over to this place, where i walked right up to the counter to order.
  3. We've gotten take out from here a few times in the last month, and the reviews are mixed. The apps have all been fantastic: Crab Rangoon that are light and fresh; large, thick egg rolls; hot and sour soup; pork dumplings. Given the way it tastes, everything seems to be made freshly every day, or thereabouts. Similarly the Shrimp Imperial has a fair number of jumbo shrimp, and quite a bit of broccoli, which aren't steamed to death or drowned in sauce. In fact, I'd argue that the "light garlic sauce" (which, when getting takeout, comes in a container on the side) is worth going out of one's way for. The sauce is delicious and has wide applications. Unfortunately, we haven't be able to find another main dish that we like! We've tried a couple noodle dishes, chicken dishes, and beef...all for naught. ETA: We've found the main dishes to be bland. Anyway, we'll keep trying. Also, I appreciate the dedicated service window for take out orders, given how busy and crowded the restaurant can get. It makes these kinds of transactions so much easier.
  4. The results are in, and it was a solid first attempt. Perhaps a tad on the dry side, but tasty overall. I served it with a kugel and coleslaw. Again, I am grateful for all the help!
  5. Headed to the islands of Maui (staying in Lahina) and Oahu (staying in Halekoa). I know nothing about these places. All recs (food, sights, whatever) welcome!
  6. Quick question for @agm, or others, regarding how to cook: when slow cooking in an oven using a roasting pan, should I use a rack in the roasting pan or just lay it flat on the bottom of the pan itself? I'm using the rub agm suggested above (also added 1 tbsp each of onion and garlic powder).
  7. I recognize I am (unintentionally) damning it with faint praise, but it is what it is. My go to in McLean has recently been Santinis, but I don’t claim that to be all that good. We get Ledo in Falls Church more than anything, really. it was my first Pulcinella pie, and probably my new go to.
  8. I thought I read somewhere that the menu is supposed to consist of GARG greatest hits, so yes, the menu will look very familiar.
  9. 7pm, on a rainy Sunday night, in sleepy McLean, and this place was at full capacity with several families also waiting to be seated. For takeout, I ordered the Alla Salsiccia, a pizza with mozzarella, sausage, and pepperoni. It might be the best pizza in McLean. Or maybe it's just recency bias. In any case it was a very good pie, with some good char, a salty crust, good sauce, and quality toppings. Here's a pic (which i didn't think of taking until I was already 2 slices in):
  10. Paty's American looks and feels familiar, which is no surprise given it's a new restaurant in the GAR group. To be clear, I've always liked these restaurants, believing they offer a good meal (and most often I think it's better than good), that's reasonably priced, and comes with excellent service. To be sure, thats my take on most "upscale chains" (e.g. Cheesecake Factory), and I'm not a tough critic in general, so you might need a grain of salt with this review. Still, one among an army of hostesses led us to a comfortable booth in a neo-industrial space (with one wall having a gigantic, and bizarre mural consisting of an eclectic collection of famous people), drink orders were taken promptly, and our server even asked our preference for bread in the soon-to-arrive bread basket (we wanted those donut hole-like rolls, natch). I had the Tex-Mex Eggrolls and the Louisiana Pasta and both held up their end of the bargain. We were handled by multiple servers and bus-persons, and everyone was eager to help. The boy got the Calamari, and the lobster ginger sauce that came with it was very tasty. The wife got the Charleston Salad, which looked fresh and comes with quite a bit of fried chicken. This restaurant holds the line with the others.
  11. [I sent agm a personal message of thanks, but it bears repeating that people on this board are amazing!]
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