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  1. We’re continuing our hunt for Chinese take-out, and we may have a contender here. Still, not everything was good: the Spring Roll was mushy, the Fried Dumplings could have been fried longer, and the Jumbo Shrimp Imperial was a bit bland (although it contained quite a good number of shrimp!). On the other hand, the Crab Rangoon had a great taste to them, as did the Hot and Sour Soup. The General Tsos Chicken were nice chucks of meat in a tasty sauce and not overly breaded with unidentifiable crunchy pieces. Might be the best version I’ve had in the area! Lastly, we had them add Chicken to their Broccoli with Garlic Sauce, and it was a very tasty brown sauce with a bit of a kick. So, mostly hits, some misses, but showing enough promise that I’d like to go back and try additional menu items. Also, a very friendly family running the joint, as I had a nice, brief conversation when picking up my food.
  2. It’s been a few years since our last visit, and this place hasn’t changed a bit, which is good! We had the curry mussels, which were delicious, and ripe for dipping with the good crusty bread. Also started with a frisbee salad with ample bits of real thick bacon, a poached egg and other fine accoutrements. I had the rabbit stew, which at times in the past they’ve been a bit heavy handed with the mustard, but on this occasion it was done with the perfect balance. The wife and child both got the filet, and both were over cooked, which was unfortunate, but we’re still tasty, and the fries were excellent.
  3. It seems that they’ve turned it around as we had a very good meal and great service the other night! We asked for our pizzas well done, and when the server looked questioningly, we explained our issues with our last visit. He said it wasn’t the first time he was hearing that the pies could be cooked longer. Anyway, we really enjoyed everything, and we’re quite relieved!
  4. Our last few meals have been disappointing, both in quality/taste of food and service. Regarding the food, we've just felt that the flavors have been off, and that the food has been bland overall (with a couple exceptions). Regarding service, they've been consistently and significantly late in terms of when they've said the food would be ready, and they keep forgetting items we've ordered. Last night, they forgot to give us rice! We've also not received full entrees, pancakes for the duck, and other miscellaneous items. I can't prove this has all coincided with their glowing article in the Post, which appears to have greatly increased their popularity and business, but it sure seems that way. We simply can't trust this place any more, and so we don't plan to return. What a shame!
  5. We had a disappointing meal here the other night: all 3 pizzas we ordered were undercooked, where the cheese remains clumpy and hard (despite the surrounding crust having good char). Similarly, the Brussels Chips had no crisp to them. Hopefully they'll turn it around because we've always loved this place!
  6. I'm a fan of the McLean location, which, pre-Covid, churned out solid Tex-Mex food in a family-friendly dining room with a neighborhood vibe. Now, during Covid (and perhaps before), they've put real thought into their take-out service, carefully packaging meals and accoutrements for dining at home (including free sides of chips and salsa that you would normally get when dining in). This place checks a lot of boxes: taste, cost, quality, quantity, and convenience.
  7. There may be a difference in using the 16 inch that Rovers has and the 12 inch that I had. The problems I had could have been due to how compact the cooking area was. Having more space between the food and oven ceiling/walls would probably have helped the burning and flare-up issues, not sure about the uneven cooking and need for frequent rotation.
  8. I returned the oven and all accessories. We gave it the best effort possible: bought and used all suggested ingredients, used their dough recipe, bought and used the rotating peel and thermometer, followed all instructions to the letter. Basically did everything that was suggested to make this oven work. Still came out with burnt pies, an oven that wouldn’t stop catching on fire, and absurd amounts of stress all for a damn pizza oven.
  9. Had 2 bad follow up attempts: I tried to use the oven to cook streaks, followed directions to the letter (including using an Ooni cast iron pan), only for the oven to immediately flame up and catch everything on fire, rendering the oven useless. The following night i tried to cook another pizza, again had the oven begin to burn the pizza due to catching on fire, tried to rotate the pizza only for it to stick to the stone, and despite my heroic efforts, could not salvage the pie. I'll give it one more effort, and if it still gives me trouble, i'm returning the oven.
  10. Maiden voyage was a success, tho we do have some issues to work through. The good: comes ready to use right out the box, with minor prep; easy to use controls; simple gas tank hook up. The bad: uneven cooking, so our pizzas burned on one side, meaning you got to regularly rotate the pizza; no way to gauge temp, so you got to purchase thermal gun. I think with some experience, we can manage these issues. I believe we’re going to give it ago on some steaks and vegetables this evening.
  11. I have the regular, 12" version coming tomorrow, with a maiden voyage expected the day after. We've been making homemade pizza for years now on the grill, and while i feel this is a solution for a problem we don't have (as our grill churns out excellent pies), I am intrigued by the top-down cooking approach and the char I expect we'll get. Our grill is hardwired to a gas line, so now i gotta get a propane tank, and a table to put the oven on, and a new pizza peel, and it's kinda turned into a whole thing, but happy wife happy life and what are you gonna do?
  12. I got takeout from their new McLean location, and my family had mixed reactions. I liked the half-sized meat lovers pizza, which came with the char pepperoni, chunks of meatball, and sausage. It has a thibk crust with a heft and stability that's different from the typical NY slice. The signature wings were excellent, and what I assume are legit examples of wings you'd get in Buffalo, NY, which is what I was hoping for. The wings had a crispyness that held up, and a good sauce, though the medium was not as spicy as I would have liked, and i'm not a big spicy foods guy. The other pizza (whole pie, pepperoni and onion) was fine and suffered, i think, because it was not cooked nearly as much as the half pie (the half was well done while the whole was rare). My wife and son did not like the pizza at all, so there's that. If I want pizza, I'll probably go somewhere else (Santini's Carnivoro is my go to), but I do think the wings are good enough that they're worth getting on their own.
  13. We've been getting fairly regular takeout over the last month, and it has become our go-to place for Chinese food. The spring rolls, rangoon, and dumplings are all solid. For mains, we're enjoying the Combination Lo-Mein, which get's better every day it sits in the fridge (up to a point, of course), and the Crispy Hot Beef, which is very much americanized chinese candy-style food, so ymmv. What keeps bringing us back, however, are the Walnut Shrimp, which are jumbo sized shrimp, walnuts, and broccoli served in a delicate (to me) cream sauce that i delicious and worth going out of your way for, and the Peking Duck, which comes with an ample amount of sliced scallion, sauce, and pancakes, and is packaged with thoughtful care with meat separated from crunchy skin via foil, which i appreciate. They also give you the duck carcass, which is ... interesting. Family operated, and I've had several informal chats with the proprietors, who are very nice. They have a good on-line ordering system, as well.
  14. We were excited for our first visit, but I have to admit that we did not enjoy our meal very much. We began with the Fried Tofu, which came out as light cubes, in a puff-pastry style, but they were completely tasteless, and I didn't care for the consistency. The sauce that came with it was tasty, but it wasn't enough to save the dish. The highlight of the meal was the Grilled Pork Sausage, which had an intense and complex taste, with ginger sticks serving as a nice accompaniment. The Grilled Pork came as strips, and also had a really interesting combination of flavors, but they were buried under so much salt as to render the dish almost inedible. Finally, the Fried Fish was filleted, cubed, then fried (with skin on, which was surprising). While there was a little bit of sauce collecting on the bottom of the plate (so that you had to tilt the plate to get at it), it wasn't enough, and that hurt the dish. It was also $45 (listed as market price on the menu), more than double anything else on the menu, which gave us a bit of sticker shock (I recognize we share [own?] the blame here). Service was attentive, but it took quite a long time for them to bring out our food (both apps and mains), and a couple tables that arrived after us were served well before us (the delay of our mains I recognize is likely a product of us ordering the fish and that requiring more time). Anyway, we appear to be in the minority here, but I don't think we'll be back.
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