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  1. The article tracks with my recent experience.
  2. I got a Margherita pizza, which I believe was $15, then added onion ($2) and sausage ($3). Other pizza's can be had for under $20. 11-12" sounds right
  3. It has its own entrance, wait staff, bar, menu, etc., which is why I started a new thread (perhaps incorrectly). However, it is an off-shoot of Assaggi Osteria and is connected to that restaurant by a door across from the bar.
  4. While enjoying our dinner at Cafe Tatti, we noticed this new pizzeria across from us, and decided to check it out. I’ll start with the service, which was terrible: We had interminable waits for everything: food delivery, wine refills, water refills We had multiple service errors: wrong pizza, wrong wine We had multiple check errors: wrong charge for the pizza, wrong charge for the wine We had indifferent reactions from the waiter: he offered no apologies, tried to make up for one mistake with another mistake We had indifferent reactions from the manager: he came by twice to confirm the order error yet did nothing about it We were subject to downright devious behavior: the waiter claimed the add on we were charged for was cheaper than the one we ordered, which it wasn’t. The waiter said the wine we ordered ran out and so he claimed to give us a more expensive wine to make up for service deficiencies, but this wasn’t true either. We felt taken advantage of when the meal was over, and at around $20 per pizza (for what we ordered), we’ll never go back. Which is too bad because I thought the food was pretty good. Indeed the Crispy Brussel Sprouts might have been the best I’ve ever had. The dish is served more like brussel chips, where each leaf is individually fried and served. The Pizzas had a salty and tasty crust, with good bits of char. The only miss was the White Bean Brushetta, which just needed salt (none on the tables).
  5. Cafe Tatti is a charming and quaint French Bistro located in a shopping center near Balducci's in McLean. I called around 2:30pm for a 6:30pm reservation on Monday night, and had no problem securing a table (not that I thought I would). When we arrived, we were seated at a two-top by the front window, a prime location, and the manager explained to me that they have a regular named Phillip, this is his table, and they weren't sure if the table was for him or not so they reserved it, and are glad to see it taken by another Phil. It was a nice, funny story (for which I'm not doing any justice) and a good introduction to the restaurant. Again, the restaurant is charming and quaint, with tiled archways, ceramics on the walls, other various artwork including many versions of a rooster which is the restaurants icon (of sorts), tablecloths and candles on the tables, formally attired wait staff. It describes itself as a French Bistro, but it has quite a few "Mediterranean" components to it as well. The staff, from top to bottom, provided excellent service throughout the meal (e.g. thoughtful suggestions, multiple unsolicited water refills, bread refills, checks on quality and taste, etc.). Prior to receiving our check, the manager came over with two (unasked for) shots of Amaretto (iirc), noting that on such a dreary day/evening (it had been raining all day and all night), a small digestif is the only response. It was very nice. Service started off with a small baguette, served warm, and was quite good. We ordered two glasses of the house Bordeaux, and were rewarded with hefty pours. For an appetizer, we had the Mussels Provencale, which was listed as a special that evening. We expected a pot of mussels that we'd have to work through, but instead were given a plate of mussels served open-faced (if you will) with the Provencale sauce added on top. I rather liked this presentation (much less fuss!), and the tomato sauce (tomatoes, chopped onion, garlic, among other ingredients) was very tasty. It wasn't ideal for bread-dipping, but we found a way. It was an ample portion split among two people. Entrees come with a Caesar salad (here, and example of the Mediterranean influence), amply and tastily dressed, topped by fresh ground pepper (if desired). For mains, we both got the Filet Au Poivre, which came with a side of roasted carrots and potatoes (these aren't mixed together). The steak was a large portion (the online menu says 7oz, which is probably accurate), and the gravy was delicious (with plenty for bread-dipping!). I didn't leave a bite. We got a slice of coconut cake and a slice of chocolate cake to go, and they were the only misses. I don't think these were made in-house, which is probably why. The cost was very reasonable, even considering we ordered wines by the glass (cheaper by the half liter or bottle), and both got the most expensive menu item. We look forward to retuning.
  6. Went back again the other night, and had another excellent meal. We ordered the same things as above, with a few additions: Crispy Calamari: this was an afterthought when we were ordering, thinking we ought to get something we were sure our son would eat, yet it ended up being one of the best things we had. Large pieces of fried calamari, sitting on top of a bed of cooked vegetables (mainly onions, peppers, and some greens) with a side of lemon pepper sauce that was so tasty and worked so well with the fish. As absurd as it sounds, it would be totally reasonable to come here for the calamari. Caramel Pork: I ordered this by accident, forgetting that it was the pork & egg dish that we previously had. (Of course, this never would have happened had the website not been down all weekend, which left me unable to check my earlier review before heading out. Thanks, Rocks! :P) Anyway, it was very tasty and spicier than the description would have you believe (IMHO). Saigon Crispy Noodles: I really liked the meat and sauce included in this dish. This was a brown sauce, which was a nice change from the heavier sauces from the caramelized dishes. The noodles were prepared in a bird-nest style, which I wasn't expecting and didn't care for. The menu description states "Crispy pan fried egg noodle sauteed with shrimp...". However, these noodles weren't sauteed with anything, rather they were prepared on their own, having been simply deep fried into a bowl shape. So, that was a bit disappointing. For our next visit, I'd want to find another dish that has the same brown sauce, but different noodle preparation. Also, as an aside, Rice Paper was packed, with people waiting outside for tables to open up, while this place was at least half empty. What a shame.
  7. I'm intrigued by the map with the neighborhood names. East End? Near Northeast? Are those things now? How long have I been living in the suburbs? --- Red Ginger (Pat)
  8. I was in France (Paris, Rouen, Amboise) back in April, and so it's all basically a blur at this point. So, here are some quick hits: Our concierge scored us a lunch seating at Septime, and it was a really remarkable meal. As we were seated they were doing some last minute prep, and i was watching how carefully everything was done, as we were seated right in front of the kitchen. In particular, there was one guy looking through and shelling something (beans, or bean-like). I was thinking this guy must be low on the totem pole to have this shitty task. Of course, when service starts, he's standing at the pass finalizing and checking everything, which i guess makes him head chef (not Grebaut). Shows you how stupid diners (in this case, me!) can be. Anyway, that's a well-oiled machine putting out incredible food. The wine pairings were thoughtful, as you'd expect, and I had some dishes served with an orange wine, which I'd never heard of. It worked, of course! The night of our Septime lunch we had dinner at Tomy & Co, and it was also great, but as we were sitting there, we remarked to ourselves that not many people in this restaurant that are no doubt loving their meal can say it was only the second best meal of their day. We spoiled ourselves for sure. The concierge recommended AG Les Halles, and it was a sleek, modern interior right by Pirouette. We had the tasting menu, which was fantastic, huge portions, i couldn't even finish the meal. Unfortunately we were one of 2 tables seated out of the entire restaurant, which was a shame given the tasting menu price and quality of food coming out of the kitchen. The chef came out to greet everyone and chat, which was nice. Pirouette was as delicious as ever. I ate sea urchin. it was creamy and delicious. Relais de Entrecote, as I noted in my previous post, serves amazing all you can eat steak and fries in this delicious sauce. Cafe Des Abattoirs was great. open on Sunday! Perhaps most importantly, we discovered Sancerre wines! And there's so much more!
  9. Was at Requin a few weeks ago, and first let me say that the entire wharf area is beautiful, really impressive, and remarkably well done. I owned a house nearby in SW about 7 years ago, and if I only had the money to have kept it as a rental property! Anyway, DC really got it right this time. The food was good to great: asparagus salad, tuna tartare, gnocchi, and the fries that came with the steak were all things I'd order again (if I ever went back, which I wont). The steak itself was just fine. We got some other things but i don't remember what they were. The prices were outrageous. I believe the steak was $75, which is absurd. It's a small plate restaurant, but the prices don't seem to have taken these smaller portions into account, with many at $20-$25. Also, when we placed our original order, our server suggested we order one more item, which at small-plate-places is usually welcome advice given they know portion sizes, etc. However, after completing the meal, we had originally order plenty of food, so his rec seemed disingenuous in hindsight. Oh well.
  10. I've been to the new location twice for take out, and both times got a really good sandwich, Middletown Mike's, which is pastrami, slaw, Russian dressing and cheese on pumpernickel. It is a really excellent flavor combination. The boy got a really good looking grilled cheese sandwich and hot dog. I can see this place being a good casual spot to take him out to eat. Their fries are terrible, alas (they've been changed from the old location, which had shoestring fries, if memory serves correctly). The new space is nice and bright, with many tables and counter service. Parking might be a problem; both times i got the very last space, which is located next to the dumpster. It's hard to determine where their parking ends and the car dealership's parking begins.
  11. The entire family hit up Cafe Berlin the other day, and we all really enjoyed our meal there. We started by sharing the Pretzel appetizer, which was 2 medium sized pretzels with an assortment of 3 mustards (a spicy dijon, a horseradish based one, and another), sliced onion and a scoop of spreadable cheese (bier cheese, per the menu), all served on a wooden cutting board. It was a tasty spread with a nice presentation, if a bit overpriced at $15. Three of us got a Schnitzel sandwich for our main dishes. Each sandwich on the menu comes with potato salad or greens salad, and a cup of soup. For $12, this was quite a lot of food. The soup of the day was Split Pea, and was really good, and just the right amount of texture, that is, not runny. The potato salad was vinegar-based and served cold. It was good, but would have been great if they just cut back slightly on the vinegar. The sandwich itself was a large piece of flattened and fried pork, served on a sturdy ciabatta bun, and topped with grilled onions, lettuce, and a spicy mayo. We all enjoyed it very much. The other sandwich someone got was a Turkey Reuben, which got high marks as well. Also, great service, and very accommodating to the culinary tastes, or lack thereof, of our 6 year old, when they made a plain cold turkey cheese sandwich on white bread. We would go back.
  12. I hadn't been in awhile, and was please to see that the Falls Church location had expanded its menu to now include, among other things, Chicken Flautas. The serving included 3 tightly rolled, fried chicken tacos, smothered in lettuce, cheese and tomato. This was a meal unto itself, for the modest price of $6.50, but since I'm a pig, I also was able to cram a Black Pearl and El Gringo in my pie hole, both of which were as tasty as ever. Pro tip: If you get the El Gringo, make sure to grab plenty of napkins. Needless to say, I wanted to die when it was all said and done, but I would have gone with a smile on my face.
  13. We've gotten their combo platters several times since my original post back in January, and continue to love the food. The kabobs and rice are still great, and their tzaziki, which i originally didn't care for, has grown on me. Also, underappreciated by me, until now, are their side dishes, particularly the tabouli, chick pea, and potato dishes they serve. They're really tasty, and not just after-thoughts. The best part of this place, however, are the people and the service they provide. So kind, so accommodating. Always willing to give extra sauces free of charge, even when offering to pay for them. Oh, and last time, we miscommunicated on my order, and so they gave me a free kabob, and even though i said over and over again that i would pay for it because i'd happily eat it for lunch the next day, they wouldn't let me (I tried to make up for it by tipping appropriately). Anyway, you'd be hard pressed to find a place with a better combination of great food and great service.
  14. We had a delicious meal last night. For apps we got 2 rolls, Spring Rolls (#1) and Garden Rolls (#2), both of which were tasty versions. Two things of note about the Garden Rolls that I really appreciated, one is that they included both shrimp and pork, which my memory only recalls all shrimp versions, and two were the mint they added to the rolls, and the enhanced flavor it provided. For mains, we got Grilled Pork and Spring Roll Rice Vermicelli (#69), which was a skewer of pork with some good char on it, and ample noodles etc. It also came with 2 full spring rolls. So, that's 6 rolls if you're counting at home. We also got Caramel [sic] Fish (#78), which was sweet and spicy, ample portion of chunky and flaky white fish. This dish was incredible. I'd fight you for it. Lastly, we got Caramel [sic] Pork & Egg (#84), which was 4 large pieces of pork belly and two hardboiled eggs served in a tasty brown sauce (alas, I wasn't being thoughtful in the moment, and so can't describe why it was tasty. You'll just have to take my word for it.). The egg, particularly the yolk, and pork belly worked really well together, which I suppose shouldn't be a surprise. The dish ran the spectrum of good to amazing, depending on the bite you are able to amass on your fork, and the resulting proportions of egg white, yolk, belly fat, belly meat, sauce, rice. I was there last night and I already want to go back.
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