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  1. This might be an older photo. The psychic has moved next door so the new asian fusion place is occupying the space shown in your photo as the psychic space.
  2. It looks like another new spot is in the works on Columbia Pike - Mongol Nomads Asian Fusion. It's located in between the psychic and City Kabob Curry House. I couldn't find anything online about them yet.
  3. I'm guessing this will occupy the space where Great American buffet is (was?). "Restaurant Lease Brings Crossroads Place in Falls Church to Full Occupancy" by De Castillo on patch.com
  4. "New Beer Garden Coming to Old Building on Columbia Pike" by ARLnow.com on wtop.com Located on the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed, a new beer garden is in the works.
  5. It's actually located closer to the intersection with Walter Reed. It will be located right next to the Cinema/Drafthouse. I haven't patronized any restaurants there, but i understand there is a parking lot in the back (at least, that's where Bangkok 54 patrons park). I haven't been to a ramen restaurant yet, but am definitely wanting to try one.
  6. Just drove by the Columbia Pike location on my way home Friday evening and they're still going strong. I've only been once, about a year ago, so I'm sorry i don't remember the meat options. Just looked back at my review from a year ago - I had chicken and my husband had pork.
  7. I understand the Bailey's Crossroads location will be in an office building on Rt. 7 between Target and Skyline Towers apartments. There's currently a Buffalo Wild Wings and a Panera (Express?) and District Taco will join them.
  8. I'm a fan of the cupcakes at Best Buns in Shirlington. Some years ago, Groupon had a special for CakeLove so I bought the max, which I think was 5 coupons. I was so disappointed and couldn't understand how this place was so popular and steady opening new locations. I will say that I ordered an actual cake from them once and the cake was good. But those cupcakes were a disaster.
  9. Someone mentioned pork tamales? I feel like I rarely see pork as an option when I find a place that makes tamales. After all the other posts about this palce, I can't wait to try it out. Sadly(?), I never did get to try out Arthur Treacher's.
  10. Ah, Pupatella... I've been once and enjoyed it. Tried to go this past weekend but apparently Wilson was closed for a bike race or something. A friend has been wanting to check it out. Another time.
  11. Oh, thanks! I'm always nervous because of aggressive tow trucks. But you're right - it's never too bad parking in that shopping center.
  12. They just opened a location at the corner of Columbia Pike and Glebe Rd in Arlington, but I don't know how much foot traffic that area gets. It will be interesting to see - then again folks love their Chipotle. Another location is opening in the Giant shopping center on S. Jefferson St. and Rt. 7. The already busy parking lot will be crazy, I'm sure.
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