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  1. I remember Jasper's. I grew up not far from there and waited tables there one summer during college.
  2. Haandi is in our semi-regular carryout rotation. We find it consistent and satisfying. I don't know much about competitors in the area that you might compare it to but it works for us.
  3. That's a good point. We have seen an increase in the channels available for donating to charities, like "text XYZ to this number to donate $10", which I suspect are charities' attempts to capitalize on the desire of people these days to be able to instantly express their feelings/views/stance on a topic. Texting a donation to a cause or saying yes to the clerk at Safeway is a way of instantly gratifying that desire to like/dislike in real-time. I bet it has worked out well for the charities that use these channels. It's a shame that it's not a benefit to those donating as well. I will keep your advice in mind and make donations to the charities themselves. -Sean
  4. I live near Asian Kitchen and noted as I ran by it last week that it seems to have defied gravity for longer than I would have guessed. The turnover in that space through the years has been notable. I wouldn't have guessed that this place would have made it so long.
  5. Agreed there. I think Oshie is a great example of someone being made better by those around him. He sees chances he wouldn't get otherwise because he's on the ice with Ovi. Also doesn't hurt having Backstrom feed it to him. Not to downplay his talent because I think he truly is a special player but his talent is magnified by who he plays with.
  6. I keep telling my kids as we watch the Caps that they need to appreciate what they are seeing when year after year they see Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Holtby play. Seeing Ovi put up a bunch of goals or Backstrom making everyone around him better and Holtby making sick saves look routine is a rare treat. I grew up around here when the Caps just didn't have players operating at this level year in, year out. This is a special time that won't last forever so we need to appreciate it. Now, just need them to perform in the playoffs.... Also, back on the topic of Ovi doing more than cherry pick goals, I think he leads the Caps in hits this year. Pretty impressive for a guy his age that provides his offensive production. Hopefully the extra wear and tear doesn't take a toll in the playoffs.
  7. My wife and I dined at Rose's last night to celebrate her birthday. We had a fantastic meal. Some highlights below: The Kung Pao tofu was by far the best thing we ate. I will order this every time I go if it's on the menu. Spicy, salty, a bit sweet and great texture The pastrami spiced carrots were a close second. A meatless dish that somehow tastes meaty. Really good The barrel aged Bijou cocktail was fantastic. Smooth around the edges, great way to start the meal Overall, a wonderful meal and a great first experience for us at this restaurant.
  8. Blue & Gold is what that place was called. They used to sell 32 oz beers and an especially potent brew called Old Crankcase that tasted about as good as it sounds. Good times.
  9. Depressing. Not sure what it is that makes it so hard to succeed in Arlington - maybe the sky high rents or the onerous regulation - but it sure seems like a hard place to succeed. I wonder what the Don Tito guys will put in this location in their ongoing quest to ruin Clarendon.
  10. My wife and I will be having dinner at the Goodstone Inn tomorrow (Friday) evening. Can anyone advise on the dress code? I planned on wearing a sport coat but not a tie. Will that suffice or should I plan to wear a tie? Thanks.
  11. I wonder if this guy was channeling his inner 007 in his manner of ordering because in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig orders a Vesper, named after his female companion, and specifies the ingredients and preparation: vodka, Gordon's gin, Kina Lillet, shaken until very cold.
  12. I would say that the curry was at least medium, maybe medium+. The flavor is fantastic though. I am not a heat-junkie but I do like spicy food that is flavorful, not heat just for the sake of heat, and this hit the mark.
  13. I dined at the bar on Friday evening with my wife and had a fantastic meal. My cocktail, Theodore's Elixir, featured rye, Benedictine, Capaletti, and Fernet Branca in a perfectly bitter yet herbaceous combination. The beet salad was solid if unremarkable. The star of the evening was the pumpkin curry, which was simply fantastic. The heat and flavor of the curry blew me away. I would recommend visiting W&W just for this dish. I should add that my wife ordered cioppino with ramen and was equally pleased.
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