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  1. Currently on a bit of a whirlwind going away tour as next week will be my last in Miami. Kyu - I haven't eaten everywhere in Wynwood, but of the places I have, this is the best. If you order the tasting menu you will NOT leave hungry. And I'm a big guy... but very high quality stuff. The smoked hamachi sushi and truffle gyoza were highlights. As honestly was the king crab fried rice. And the crafted cocktails. Beat Culture - one of the newer brewery/restaurants, on the SW side of the airport. Met the brewer/owner a couple times and just seems like a good guy. And the
  2. Maybe lower them one more step and then be somewhat surprised if they get beat. Granted its been 10-11 years now, but I wasn't wowed by Venice at all. Probably stuck too close to tourist areas. Follow Joe's advice all the way from the first post and stay away from the tourist areas for food and you'll probably do better than we did.
  3. 1838 nights since I started tracking my travel in Jan 2009... I started travelling Jan 2001 so have another 8 years before that, I just didn't bother tracking it. Really, I didn't start tracking until I showed up at the wrong hotel a couple times I don't really -need- to track anymore with the advent of services like TripIt, but I like it for analytics purposes and to make sure stays show up on my account (I usually have 1-2 a year that don't show up). I wouldn't mind trying out some other chains, but my work has rates setup with the big business chains, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, a
  4. I was in the Ambassador program a couple years at Starwood before the merger. Based on talking with others it seemed pretty hit-and-miss about whether it was useful or not. I never really got any use from my Ambassador that I saw. I'm way too particular about my hotels to have someone else book for me though. My biggest year was probably back in 2010 when I traveled 240 nights. Not all of that was Marriott, but it was also to an expensive location (London), so it was probably a pretty hefty tab. I'm still lifetime titanium. 21 years at Platinum (out of 19... a couple years I was top statu
  5. I wonder how far down the totem pole 3% gets to. I'm lifetime titanium, not that that really means anything for a specific year, but I've also qualified for titanium separately from lifetime status last year and on target to do so this year (as well as Globalist at Hyatt). Not sure if I'd be in the top 3% or not as I don't end up being part of the Ambassador program as I don't quite stay enough for that I believe. I'd say that yes, I've seen the same. It doesn't particularly affect me all that much as I'm almost always checking out by 9am anyway and the handful of times a year I travel
  6. Couple updates from me as well. I continue to go down to Miami weekly, but don't always go somewhere new as a lot of the time I like to swing by my favorites in Wynwood. Restaurants Taco Stand (Wynwood) - This is probably going to replace Coyo Taco for me as my taco option in Wynwood. The tacos are just as good, if not better, slightly cheaper I believe, and there aren't as many people. Its maybe a block to a block and a half away from Coyo Taco. The paletas also looked really good but I haven't indulged (yet). Station 28 (Brickell) - This probably isn't a place I'd suggest some
  7. Cocktails These are going to almost all be in Miami Beach based on one ridiculous evening of drinking that got a bit out of hand. Keep in mind that cocktails in Miami beach will be $15+ so can get expensive quickly. On the other hand, there's some truly good cocktail places out there. Miami Beach Repour - Probably the cheapest drinks (don't lower your expectations too far, its still Miami Beach) and probably my favorite of the evening. Very laid back vibe next to the lobby of the Albion Hotel. Regent Cocktail Club - The smallest cocktail list of the places we visited (though still with
  8. Similar as above, these are roughly in order of my preference within their group. I've starred those that I'd seek out. Restaurants Wynwood * Kush - Great burgers, great beer list. If you're out drinking in Wynwood, this is a great place to end (or start) the evening. * Coyo Taco - Great taco place right near J Wakefield. Everything I've had here has been great. Has Nopales (grilled cactus) and Hongos (with huitlacoche as well) tacos, which I haven't seen a ton of places. They also have a ton of other options like Al Pastor, Carne Asada, Cochinita Pibil, etc. Beaker & Gray - Shared
  9. I've been travelling to Miami for the last couple months, so figured I'd at least stop by and give some recommendations. All are listed in general order of 'goodness' within their group. Breweries Wynwood J Wakefield - The grand daddy of breweries in the area. The owner is renowed for being a bit of an ass, but I don't think I've ever seen him there and the bartenders are generally very nice. Pretty easily the best brewery in Miami proper. They'll have flights of most of their beers (they'll usually have a stout or two that are 10oz pours only, no flights). The inside is Star Wars themed
  10. Notwithstanding some of the brilliant alcohol laws around the country (in Texas, until 2012, anything over 4% had to be called an ale or a malt liquor. Regardless of whether or not it was actually a lager), a lager is a beer made utilizing the lagering process. The lagering process is where the beer is reduced to cold temperatures, typically around 36-42F, and left to condition for a period of time, typically a couple weeks to a couple months. This is while still in contact with the yeast and is after primary fermentation. This allows the yeast to basically go dormant, floculate out, and resul
  11. There are two breweries in North Carolina that spring to mind. Green Man has been brewing English styles in Asheville for 21 years. They've played around with other styles (they actually had some really quality sours before their sour brewer left to start his own brewery in Weaverville, Zebulon), they focus primarily on English styles. Their porter is an English porter, most of their IPAs are English IPAs, and the ESB is... well, its English as well. Green Man built a new location (next to their original location) a couple years ago. Olde Mecklenburg in Charlotte brews German beer, and on
  12. Agreed about Juniper and Ivy. Great food. My only concern was the pacing. Took us about 2.5 hours for a two-top, which is much longer than I was expecting. The Tuna Wellington was truly interesting, though I'm not sure spinach makes an adequate replacement for duxelles. Maybe it does for Tuna though as opposed to beef.
  13. Was in Chicago recently for the evening. A new standout for mew was Cruz Blanca, a newish Rick Bayless place with great tacos (shocker), and I really enjoyed the tlayudas, basically a large taco pizza(?). They also have a brewery in-house that put out some really good beer; I had the Freetown and Barleybomba, a Double IPA and a Barleywine.
  14. No idea if this will help you at this point or not... but airlines (who I assume you called rather than the airport) typically have a 'flat-tire rule' that isn't published that as long as you show up within 4 hours they'll get you on a flight at no charge, if there's a seat. Hell, I showed up 11 hours late (for a 5:15am flight that I booked instead of the 5:15pm flight, odd that they had flights with the same minute/hour but with different am/pm) and managed to get on the flight (though I likely fly more than you do so they were trying to make me happy).
  15. I hope they make it out the other side in one piece (or a close facsimile thereof). While they didn't have the best beer in the world the couple times I've been, it's been solid beer, brewed well to style, and with good food to boot. And every time I've been there its been busy (at different times of day, days of week, and times of year...)
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