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  1. Still have a lot of jun kombucha in the fridge and my husband isn't a fan so I've not made any more batches since I've been teleworking. But he asked last night how it would taste in a mixed drink so I gave it a try. Salted passionfruit w/ honey jun kombucha, cherry juice, Kraken rum and seltzer water. He said it tasted better that way, so I think I've found a way to whittle down the kombucha stash.
  2. Last night was grapefruit juice w/ orange liqueur. My husband added mango habanero moonshine to his, but that is spicier than the ginger-infused ghost pepper vodka we have, so I went with the vodka. Both were topped with seltzer water.
  3. My brother, an Army vet, said to have a burger on him yesterday, so that's what we did. I was feeling lazy, so just did pre-packaged burgers on buns, but we did slice up potatoes for oven fries to go w/ the burgers. My husband had a frozen coconut fruit bar for dessert and I had chocolate chip mochi ice cream.
  4. We hit up a local Peruvian restaurant for lunch yesterday and had the leftovers today. I had Cau Cau and the last of the salad while my husband enjoyed the chicken and rice.
  5. Tonight was grilled steaks. I pulled them out of the freezer a couple days ago and after they came up to room temperature this evening, I seasoned with some Worcestershire sauce and Penzeys Northwoods Fire seasoning. We had a couple of parsnips in the fridge, so I made oven roasted parsnips. Those got olive oil with turmeric, cumin, paprika, cayenne and black pepper before going in the oven. Those roasted while the steaks cooked. Once those were done, it was a delicious meal.
  6. Tonight was more of a wild fruit punch. I had some plum wine in the fridge, along with some cherry juice and OJ. I had an 11 oz. can of lychee that I put in the blender along with the juices and wine. We also added some Grog from Old House Vineyards for some more citrus flavor. Added a couple of ice cubes just to chill it and blended it all up. Poured it into our glasses and topped it off with some seltzer as it was a little sweet. Once I did that, it was perfect.
  7. Tonight, I made the salmon recipe I didn't make last night. We had some extra bok choy in the fridge and this was a good way to use it up. The glaze was a little saltier than I'd like but the meal was very good.
  8. Unlike last week's attempt, this week's bread was a success. So, this morning I made toad in a hole with spiced oil in the skillet. I used a bit too much cayenne for my taste, but my husband liked the spice level. We both felt the bread ended up too crunchy, so I'll need to revisit this recipe.
  9. I've been defrosting some salmon fillets but after a long work day, I didn't feel like making the planned recipe for dinner. We're out of bread flour currently, so I found a couple of bread machine recipes that use all purpose flour and made an herbed French bread yesterday that turned out really well. My husband made some tuna fish salad and we had delicious sandwiches for dinner.
  10. We've got quite a bit of moonshine that we've picked up in previous years visits to the Gatlinburg area. As of tonight, we had 2 jars of sipping cream, so I decided to work on one of them. I made a myself a mocha and added the butter pecan cream shine to it. Bit warm for tonight but very tasty.
  11. Last night was a massive salad. We had a bunch of veggies in the drawer including some celery and 2 romaine hearts that needed using up, so all went into a bowl along w/ the last of the salt & pepper chicken. It was delicious and exactly what I wanted last night.
  12. Last night was salt & pepper chicken over rice. We had some basil paste, but no fresh basil leaves. So we put some of the paste in the batter and sprinkled nori over afterwards. I loved how easy it was to make as the marinade was incorporated into the batter and then no deep frying required. I'll definitely put basil in the batter again as I really liked how it added to the flavor. We made Palomas to go w/ the meal and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
  13. Yesterday was tofu salad on baguette with quick pickled carrots.
  14. Last night was a cheese tray. Manchego and Rosemary Asiago cheese w/ Spanish chorizo. I'd smoked some tofu last weekend, but didn't like how it turned out, so it's been sitting in the fridge. But we made tofu salad with it and the smoky flavor came through and it was fantastic that way. The final element was woven wheat crackers to go w/ everything.
  15. Today was the last of the zucchini fritter batter. It was my first time using this recipe and it'll be the last. I thought I drained the zucchini enough, but it was incredibly wet and did not fry well at all. But it's gone now.
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