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  1. Today's lunch was fancified ramen. I boiled up 2 packets of spicy ramen noodles, and added a cut up leftover chicken breast that had been cooked in red Thai paste. I sliced up 3 mushrooms and tossed them in the pot as well. While that was finishing, I cut 1 ear of corn into my bowl, and then put 1 cut up green onion and bean sprouts into both of our bowls before adding the hot soup. I was very happy with this lunch.
  2. I was in the mood for fish, so we bought a big salmon filet and roasted it. Had that over rice and it was delicious and have tons of leftovers to have over salad greens.
  3. This week was BLTs for dinner. The first night we followed a recipe that called for subbing in fried halloumi for the bacon and serving on sourdough bread. Tasty, but we have bacon in the fridge. So, the next night we had it with bacon. My husband got the last of the sourdough and I had mine on an everything bagel. Last night was the last of the bacon, and we had used up the large tomatoes but had some cherry tomatoes that had been lingering. We cut those in half and had the sandwiches on seeded bread. The cherry tomatoes were tasty, but didn't stay in between the slices very well.
  4. The Curry Place (Germantown) - We went here last night after a long bike ride and got carry-out. Hubby likes the chicken ghost curry and I like the lamb saag. We also got the appetizer sampler, as well as an assortment of breads. The sesame paratha tasted a bit dry to me, but the chicken & cheese naan was good as was everything else and very well packaged. Sushi Bae (Lake Ridge) - We've been trying to figure out when they were open since the pandemic began. First they were closed for renovations, that extended, and now they are closed on Sunday and Monday, but you only know this i
  5. Ooh, that does sound good. I don't generally have brine around much, and this has been my go-to recipe for years: https://honest-food.net/how-to-make-mustard-2/
  6. I've been working some crazy hours at work and hubby knew I'd be getting home late on Friday. I came home to portabella mushrooms and goat cheese mashed potatoes and was so happy. Nice mix of textures and flavors and I didn't have to think or wait to eat.
  7. I didn't feel like cooking last night, so got some frozen chicken breasts out of the freezer, put them in the Instant Pot along with some BBQ sauce, apple cider vinegar and Worcestershire sauce for 25 min. Hubby made mashed potatoes and dinner was served.
  8. I saw this recipe for steaks in cherry sauce and it looked really good. However, I had no steaks on hand, but I did have 4 boneless pork chops. I thought the substitution turned out very well and while I was not patient enough to let the sauce reduce as much as it should have, I'd definitely make this again.
  9. We've been doing the jalapeno cheddar bagels for a while now, but decided to change it up last week and made asiago bagels instead. The texture was a bit different, not sure if I like it quite as much, but they were good and went well with cream cheese for breakfast. Continuing on the all-purpose flour kick, my husband tried another yeast pizza dough recipe and I liked how this one tasted better than the previous recipe. We halved the recipe and added some Penzey's pizza sprinkles into the dough.
  10. We really liked the super creamy chickpea stew that we got as a side with our takeout kabobs recently. I found a recipe that seemed to appeal to both of us. However, we had it last night over rice and it didn't thrill either of us. Despite soaking all day, the beans still were a bit too crunchy after I unsealed the Instant Pot. I gave it another 10 min and the chickpeas were soft enough then, but nowhere near creamy. And my husband felt that everything else in the stew (carrots, potatoes, onions) had lost it's texture in the process. I've got 2 other recipes to try, but pretty bummed w
  11. Dinner last night was Szechuan pork with soba noodles. My tenderloin was 2 lbs and I didn't have any better plans for the other lb, so I doubled the recipe. It was easier than I expected, I'm not sure I'd have called it Szechuan, but we both enjoyed it and will have plenty of leftovers for lunches.
  12. Last night was a sort of fruit spritzer. I split a can of Q ginger beer between 2 glasses, followed by an 8 oz bottle of tart cherry juice. I added about 2-3 oz. of grapefruit juice, some ice cubes and finished it off with a splash of Elderflower liqueur. Quite tasty and very enjoyable.
  13. Last night was garlic butter roasted butternut squash with a side of chopped bacon sauteed with sliced mushrooms. Tonight was naan pizza on the grill. I opened the bacon package last night, so fried up some more as a pizza topping. I'm one of those terrible people, so I put the bacon on the pizza w/ pineapple chunks, topped with mozzarella and then popped on the grill for about 14 min.
  14. We've been doing carryout about once a week, for the past 3 months. No delivery and 99% is in the Woodbridge area. We want to support the local restaurants, but we also like variety, so we don't have a favorite restaurant that we hit constantly. Having said that, these have been our experiences so far: The Shakin' Crab (Manassas) Yum, easy online ordering and safe easy pick-up. They had a plexi shield and sliding tray below it that they put your bag into and, sort of like some banks have. We did the Special #1 and cajun fries. Astoria Pizza Restaurant (Woodbridge) We’d s
  15. Wow, been a while. This was renamed to Campbell's Custard, but the custard has remained consistently delicious. The new URL is: http://campbellscustard.com/ In addition, we've been a few times this summer and I've felt very comfortable with the employees' masking and how they are handling payment and food handling.
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