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  1. Somewhat, yes. We've got some apple butter that we used in this swirl bread but the dough isn't sweet so I bet it could work with other fillings.
  2. If you like making bread, I bet both of those would taste good in a swirl bread.
  3. Last night was pizza. Earlier in the day, we made BBQ pulled mushrooms using oyster mushrooms from our Misfits box. We had small amounts of shredded gouda, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, so I used all 3 on the pizza. We didn't have any open jars of tomato sauce but we did have the BBQ sauce, so I drizzled that on the dough, then topped with the mushrooms and cheese. My husband would have preferred a bit more sauce but I thought it turned out very well.
  4. We have some coarse cornmeal that needs to be used up. I made this for breakfast and can definitely recommend it now: https://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/cornmeal-waffles-with-blackberry-compote/. I have a bag of frozen mixed berries, so I used that for the compote. It ended up making 8 waffles so I've got leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.
  5. Last night was chillier than I hope so my plans for grilled salmon became broiled salmon. We had that over leftover cheesy grits and it was delicious. I broiled 4 fillets so tonight was dinner salads topped with the remaining 2 salmon fillets. And cheesecake bars for dessert.
  6. Dinner last night and quite delicious: http://www.notquitenigella.com/2020/08/10/sushi-bake-recipe/. Makes a huge amount of food, we'll get at least 5 meals out of this pan. We also made this for dessert: https://aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com/cupids-cloud-a-valentines-day-dessert/ and had these cheesecake bars today. My husband isn't a fan of food coloring so he blitzed some frozen berries and added them to the cheesecake mixture for the swirl and I quite approved of this change.
  7. Last night the plan was to do mushroom tacos. Due to a grocery ordering mishap, I ended up with 4 oz. of mushrooms, instead of 14. Also, Vidalia onions instead of yellow onions and all of my avocados were firmer than I wanted. But continuing right along, I cut the recipe in half and we each ended up with 1 tasty taco. I made the salsa first (halved this as well) and while it's like no other salsa I've had before, it's absolutely delicious and we ate quite a bit of it just with tortilla chips. I had a small amount leftover that went in the fridge and unlike other sauces that linger in the
  8. Tonight was bits of things. I heated up some Quorn nuggets to have with BBQ sauce. Along with these, I had Korean cheese corn with pita chips. I had a bit of BBQ chicken left from pizza earlier this week, so I tossed it in with the corn.
  9. Last night was spaghetti with sausage marinara sauce. My husband wanted to try a variant garlic bread so he made garlic butter pull-apart bread. Pretty tasty and if you aren't going for the toasty crunch, it's really good. Today was an old favorite version of shepherd pie. Hubby made it, so it's a little spicier this time but still tasty. We had some instant potato mix in the pantry from a camping trip, so used that quite successfully.
  10. Another thought I just had was wondering if you could slide some sliced beet and turnip into a Spanish omelette. With as deliciously unhealthy as those are, it may go unnoticed.
  11. Have you tried making okonomiyaki or will they eat coleslaw? My husband isn't a fan of beets or cabbage either, which partially contributed to us moving away from CSAs and toward Misfits Market. We have tossed diced turnips, radishes and beets onto sheet pans with potatoes, squash, etc and roasted them. Little salt and pepper, not too complicated, but a tasty side for almost anything. If you mix them with potatoes, could you do mashed turnips? I'm a fan of pickles, so I make up quick pickles and then slowly eat them on sandwiches. I've made this recipe with daikons, carrots and cucumber
  12. For week 2 we decided to try Baan Siam's menu. From an ordering perspective, they get high kudos. Easy to order, got a text when the food was ready and was able to do curbside pick-up. For our meal, we got the Pineapple Chicken Bites and Chicken Tapioca Dumplings as starters, Papaya curry with chicken and Shrimp stir-fried with spicy shrimp paste as our mains, Kanom Krok for dessert and the Frozen Lychee and White Lotus Slushy as our drinks. The only disappointment was the chicken was overcooked, which was surprising as the shrimp was perfectly cooked. The other elements in the papaya curr
  13. Bread pudding, both savory and sweet, is delicious. We decided to try something a little different. https://www.pizza-porta.com/blog/2019/5/2/cubano-pizza-and-banana-pudding-pizza We did the Cubano last night and the banana pudding one tonight. My husband was kind of in sugar shock after 2 slices. I had 1 slice of the banana tonight and had a leftover slice of the Cubano pizza from last night.
  14. I know it's a bit late but I wanted to mention that the winter edition of DC's Restaurant Week is occurring now. It was postponed by a week, and this year, many participating restaurants are offering To-Go options, which I really appreciate it. Since I'm driving in to work these days and not taking long lunches with co-workers, my husband and I decided to try Supra's dinner menu last night. It was $60 for 2, and you shared each of the dishes. Neither of us had had Georgian food previously and we both enjoyed all of the dishes. In particular, the walnut cake was delicious. The meal was p
  15. Last night was Back Bay's Farmhouse Brewing Co's Bevvie Time Cider. After I managed to shake it somehow and have about a 3rd of the can shower into the sink, I enjoyed drinking the rest of it.
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