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  1. Tonight's dinner was an evolution. I saw this Korean rice cakes recipe and it looked good, but my husband is not a huge fan of gochujang and we had sliced mushrooms and a steak in the fridge. I did the water with dashi powder and got the rice cakes boiling. Sliced the steak up into thin slices and cooked them with the mushrooms slightly. Made a sauce from chili garlic paste, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, sake, and sesame oil. I added that to the broth that was starting to reduce and after a couple of minutes added the mushrooms and steak, and cooked for about another 4 min. Still closer to
  2. Went to the farmers market yesterday and they had a lot more good looking produce than I was expecting. I got some fennel, leeks, selection of peppers, honeynut squash and more. After getting home, I realized that I was going to need fridge space for my grocery order today. So, I made a gratin using 2 potatoes, the leeks and fennel. It called for fontina, but I had smoked gouda, so used that instead, and mostly halved the recipe. It turned out well, but more watery than expected. I cooked it for a bit longer, but may have to look into that if I repeat the recipe. We had a package of 2 s
  3. My husband has had great success with this gougeres recipe over the years. The only change he makes is that he uses 8oz habanero cheddar instead of listed cheese. Fun story: We took them to a family Thanksgiving dinner many years ago and his aunt loved them. At the time, she threw an annual Christmas Eve dessert buffet. She made all the treats, you were not allowed to make a thing, and there were no savories to be seen anywhere. So, we got our invitation and she asked him to make and bring a batch of the gougeres. We thought this was a bit odd, but loved being invited, so made a bat
  4. Today's lunch was peanut sauced noodles. I ended up using a box of regular angel hair noodles, swapped in 3 cut-up roma tomatoes for the cherry tomatoes and and tossed in a bell pepper. I also had some pork chops that needed to be cooked, so I tossed the cooked veggies and noodles into a bowl, then cut them into thin strips and cooked them in the same skillet before tossing it all with the sauce. Very good meal and looking forward to it as leftovers.
  5. Dinner tonight was sous vide pork with curried spaghetti squash. I wish it didn't end up using 4 dishes to make but the pork came out perfectly cooked and the squash mixture is very good. I was out of carrots so I swapped in a bell pepper instead.
  6. Yesterday's lunch was 2 cans of TJ's beef and bean chili. Very tasty and filling on a wet day.
  7. Last night was shrimp and pork lo mein. I followed a recipe I'd used before, but we both thought the sauce was a bit lacking. I went back and mixed together some chili garlic paste, fish sauce and sesame oil, then added to the remaining dish and that seemed to be more what we were looking for.
  8. It's fall, so last night was a mix of apple cider with Q ginger beer to cut the sweetness a little. Very tasty. The other night, we went out with friends for dinner in the Merrifield area and discovered the Black Dog Beer Shop. Turns out they have an assortment of ciders as well and the employees are very friendly and helpful in showing them and offering recommendations. We picked up a few different varieties to try. One that was unexpectedly tasty was Buskey's Watermelon Rosemary. It's past summer now, but really good flavor combination.
  9. I got very excited when I saw that Wegmans carried rice cakes so I planned on this for dinner last night. Unfortunately, the shopper couldn't find them. Womp, womp... So, we made it and served it over rice and it was still delicious. I had some green onions and noodlized carrot in the fridge, so I tossed them in as well.
  10. Last night, we did a noodle curry. The last time I went to the Asian market, I I just got a whole stack of all the different pastes and slowly giving a try to the ones that aren't green or red. I took a can of Kaeng Par curry paste and mixed it with coconut milk, tossed in diced chicken, with chopped bok choy and daikon radish. Once the chicken was cooked, tossed in some fresh udon noodles. It was tasty, but definitely cleared the sinuses right up.
  11. It' not the same, but this one is also really good and uses rice cakes: https://www.tablefortwoblog.com/korean-rice-cakes-with-spicy-turkey-ragu-and-bok-choy/ Now I'm reminded that I haven't had this in far too long.
  12. I didn't have Capsaicin powder, so I skipped that, but did add some cayenne pepper instead. It probably was not as spicy as it could have been, but we both enjoyed it.
  13. We made tahini noodles for lunch. I prepped them in advance so we could have them cold for a picnic lunch. I think I sliced the sweet potatoes thinner than called for as they were very crisp and on the edge of being burnt. Also not overly sweet, which I was quite happy with. However, the sauce was a bit saltier than I expected, so it may have been a better balance if they had been sweeter. I did like the contrast of textures and the kale went well with the noodles.
  14. We made Cheese Buldak the other night. I've got a lot of gochujang and my husband is not a huge fan of it, but likes this dish. We added in some leftover rice and had it with roasted diced potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash for a delicious and very comforting meal.
  15. After doing a good job of cleaning out most of the fridge last weekend, I did have a fennel bulb hiding in the drawer and a few small potatoes. My husband cubed the potatoes, sliced the fennel and a red onion and tossed them all with olive oil, salt and pepper before roasting for 40 min. I came home and microwaved some of the remaining smoked pork and it made a fantastic dinner.
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