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  1. Katya4me

    Lunch - The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog

    We did these lentil shawarma pita wraps and the depth of flavor in the lentils was fantastic: https://www.connoisseurusveg.com/lentil-shwarama-pitas/
  2. Katya4me


    I was curious about jackfruit myself so I made this the other week and it came out pretty good: Jan 20, 2014 - "Pulled Jackfruit Chili" on keepinitkind.com I've not had jackfruit in a restaurant yet so can't really compare.
  3. Myself and a group of about 7 friends went in February and we all enjoyed our meals. The broccoli soup was a great starter and I enjoyed my squid ink pasta.
  4. I made the easiest ribs ever and they were tasty too, using this recipe: https://thesaltymarshmallow.com/instant-pot-country-style-ribs/
  5. We had this for dinner last night: https://sweetandsavorymeals.com/instant-pot-zuppa-toscana/ Super easy and tasty, definitely a keeper.
  6. Fortunately for all of us, this is not the pressure cooker. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/voraciously/wp/2018/02/23/everyone-take-a-deep-breath-your-instant-pot-pressure-cooker-has-not-been-recalled/?utm_term=.0d843394441c
  7. I made this earlier this week and very happy with how it turned out: https://myheartbeets.com/instant-pot-shrimp-biryani/ Tons of other Instant Pot recipes here as well, these are others that I've enjoyed from this blog: https://myheartbeets.com/instant-pot-creamy-ham-wild-rice-soup-gluten-free-dairy-free/ http://myheartbeets.com/ham-lentil-soup/ http://myheartbeets.com/white-chicken-chili/ http://myheartbeets.com/instant-pot-indian-black-eyed-pea-curry/ Other recipes that I've made and liked: http://www.biteofhealthnutrition.com/instant-pot-creamy-broccoli-cauliflower-soup/ http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/lentil-chicken-tagine-287439 http://www.runwiki.org/2016/12/22/the-very-best-pressure-cooker-bbq-baked-beans/ http://www.activehipmomma.com/wisconsin-venison-roast-in-2-hours-instant-pot/ http://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/creamy-chicken-wild-rice-soup/ https://gastography.com/2015/01/17/instant-pot-green-curry-chicken/ http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/how_to_make_fast_no_soak_beans_in_the_pressure_cooker/ I have made the lemon pepper variant of this: https://www.hippressurecooking.com/pressure-cooker-risotto-in-7-minutes/ https://www.budgetbytes.com/2017/04/pressure-cooker-red-beans/
  8. Katya4me

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I had some lentils and sweet potatoes that were lingering, so I made a delicious curry: http://inpursuitofmore.com/2015/08/31/lentil-vegetable-curry-with-tomato-coconut-milk/ I served it with basmati rice and the leftovers were even better.
  9. Katya4me

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Made beef banana curry with rice for dinner after rejecting my husband's suggestion of banana chicken casserole. I can't remember the last time I made beef curry on the stove top prior to this, but it turned out delicious and I'll definitely make it again.
  10. Katya4me

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night was jerk salmon grilled with this recipe cut in half: https://www.washingtonpost.com/recipes/grilled-rum-jerk-salmon-with-agave-kissed-pineapples/12862/?utm_term=.2544915b9692 I charred some corn on the grill, cut the kernels off, then made zoodles with an avocado pesto sauce to go with it.
  11. Katya4me

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I picked up 2 massive carrots and 1 zucchini to go with some chicken breasts that I defrosted. Cubed up the chicken, spiralized the veggies, and found 2 bell peppers to add as well. Stir fried it all up and tossed a quick sauce together of sweet rice wine, fish sauce, ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Tasted great and had enough leftovers for lunch and dinner today.
  12. Katya4me

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    This one: https://www.amazon.com/Spiralizer-Vegetable-Strongest-Heaviest-Gluten-Free/dp/B00GRIR87M based on this review: http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-spiralizer/
  13. Katya4me

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Picked up a spiralizer on Prime Day and put it to use the other night making this: http://meljoulwan.com/2011/07/16/cold-sesame-cucumber-noodles/ I used almond butter instead of sunbutter and soy sauce instead of coconut aminos and added some poached shredded chicken for some protein. Tasted great and really pleased with the performance of the spiralizer and the ease of clean-up afterwards.
  14. Katya4me

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Digging in the freezer, found a venison roast a neighbor had given to us and it had gotten forgotten. Decided to give this recipe a try: http://www.activehipmomma.com/wisconsin-venison-roast-in-2-hours-instant-pot/. I didn't have a trivet, so I added more beef broth to submerge the roast a bit more and cook more evenly, and added a chopped onion to my chopped potatoes and carrots. Turned out really well.