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  1. I'm sorry, I completely missed this post until today. I had regular cream cheese in the fridge, so I used that. I'm planning on making another batch this weekend as I really enjoyed how it tasted.
  2. Breakfast this morning. There is no fish in this picture. https://olivesfordinner.com/2015/03/carrot-lox.html
  3. Dinner tonight with modifications: https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/zucchini-ricotta-lasagna/ Cottage cheese instead of ricotta, didn't have provolone and had some frozen ground chicken that had freezer burn. Also, just sprinkled on unfried bread crumbs during the last few minutes in the oven. Pretty darn tasty if you ask me.
  4. Had this last night over mashed potatoes: https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/vegan-garlic-seared-scallops/ Definitely needed salt while searing or maybe a short brining session. Super easy to do though and I'll give it another try.
  5. Tonight was a tall glass of seltzer with a shot of espresso whiskey and splash of citrus bitters, with plenty of ice.
  6. We have a friend over, so I made Spanish ribs in the Instant Pot. It's chilly today, so I chopped up the 2 butternut squash that have been sitting on the counter and roasted them with a spice mix that I got from Colonial Williamsburg far too long ago. The ribs were great, no sauce needed and the squash was the right side for the meal. Our friend doesn't like leftovers, but I do and there's just enough ribs and squash leftover for 1 more serving.
  7. Tonight's drink is a Floradora. Took the last of the frozen triple berry blend for the syrup, and blended once it was done simmering. Added a splash of seltzer and it's delicious.
  8. Tonight was tofu casserole over basmati rice, a combination I'd never considered before but was remarkably tasty. We didn't have the parsley, but did have basil so I swapped that and we used panko bread crumbs.
  9. Last night was too nice to not grill. I didn't have any particular plan but I did have chicken breasts and shishito peppers. Peppers got tossed in olive oil and then sprinkled with salt. I sliced 2 small breasts in half so they'd cook faster, and seasoned them with a lemon-pepper mixture. Put those on one side of the grill and peppers on the other. Once the peppers were done, I left the chicken for a bit longer while I got out the salad ingredients. While the chicken rested, I built the salads. We had some leftover bean sprouts and shredded carrots so those went in, along with cucumber, celery, radishes and romaine lettuce. Chopped up the chicken, added it to the salad and made myself stop nibbling on the peppers until my husband came back from his walk. The peppers were great, and the salad was delicious.
  10. Somewhat, yes. We've got some apple butter that we used in this swirl bread but the dough isn't sweet so I bet it could work with other fillings.
  11. If you like making bread, I bet both of those would taste good in a swirl bread.
  12. Last night was pizza. Earlier in the day, we made BBQ pulled mushrooms using oyster mushrooms from our Misfits box. We had small amounts of shredded gouda, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, so I used all 3 on the pizza. We didn't have any open jars of tomato sauce but we did have the BBQ sauce, so I drizzled that on the dough, then topped with the mushrooms and cheese. My husband would have preferred a bit more sauce but I thought it turned out very well.
  13. We have some coarse cornmeal that needs to be used up. I made this for breakfast and can definitely recommend it now: https://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/cornmeal-waffles-with-blackberry-compote/. I have a bag of frozen mixed berries, so I used that for the compote. It ended up making 8 waffles so I've got leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.
  14. Last night was chillier than I hope so my plans for grilled salmon became broiled salmon. We had that over leftover cheesy grits and it was delicious. I broiled 4 fillets so tonight was dinner salads topped with the remaining 2 salmon fillets. And cheesecake bars for dessert.
  15. Dinner last night and quite delicious: http://www.notquitenigella.com/2020/08/10/sushi-bake-recipe/. Makes a huge amount of food, we'll get at least 5 meals out of this pan. We also made this for dessert: https://aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com/cupids-cloud-a-valentines-day-dessert/ and had these cheesecake bars today. My husband isn't a fan of food coloring so he blitzed some frozen berries and added them to the cheesecake mixture for the swirl and I quite approved of this change.
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