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  1. thistle

    Home-Brewing Jun Kombucha

    True, I was experimenting with different teas & blends-white, green, black tea, even some lapsang souchong mixed in. I used a blend of hibiscus & black successfully once, but with the rooibos, it went funky.
  2. thistle

    Home-Brewing Jun Kombucha

    I’ve made jun, the only batch of kombucha I made that went bad was made w/rooibos tea.
  3. thistle

    Home-Brewing Jun Kombucha

    My darling daughter, who moved out about 3 weeks ago, just texted me that there is a garden snake in her apartment, & no one that they have contacted is replying-oh well, I’m sure they’ll be fine 😀
  4. thistle

    Home-Brewing Jun Kombucha

    I have tried to share w/ friends & family, but they are strangely reluctant. I like to mix my kombucha w/ seltzer water..
  5. thistle

    Home-Brewing Jun Kombucha

    I’m so grumpy, started brewing kombucha a few years ago, had like 6 batches going at once, & no one in my family would drink it. I backed off, & now my daughter has moved out & is buying commercial kombucha 🙄
  6. I still love looking at the Shopsin’s menu, blisters on your sister anyone?
  7. Rainy day lunch w/ the kids at Taco Bamba Springfield today & it was SO good-first time in a while that I ordered all new stuff & it was worth it. I got a sope w/ tinga, tostada Tong Po Pork-chorizo, mint, basil, larb sauce, onion, cilantro, charred serrano salsa, chicharron, & street corn (I shared ). Tom got 3 tacos-al pastor, Ricky Bobby, & high on the hog, E got 2- taco bamba & arabe. I am SO happy when I get good food, despite the rain, I almost floated home. I’ve only eaten at Springfield & Vienna locations (& none of us have tried DC), but the kids think that Springfield has the edge. It was packed today & no complaints, aside from how messy I got, hands & face, eating all the delicious food. Next time, I’m going to have another Foo Fighters taco-I think the small one I got the first time was an aberration, & it tasted delicious.
  8. It is outside, eastern exposure. I got it as a seedling from the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, NC years ago. I think it has flowered, but never fruited, & has a wayward akebia vine growing through it.
  9. Kids & I visited the Vienna location on Sunday, at the same time as a large family Easter gathering (just a bit strange, loads of small children), had the Arabe & SanDiego tacos. I thought the tacos at Springfield were a bit better (the chicken on my Arabe was kind of cold) & I’m giving up on fish tacos, you don’t get enough fish to even taste it (Foo Fighter at Springfield, while even smaller, was tastier). I love the salsas & will continue to try other menu options.
  10. An unfortunate title: "The Forgotten Fruit that Looks like an Anus" by Anne Ewbank on atlasobscura.com
  11. Medlars are supposed to be best when they are almost rotten; I have a loquat tree, but it has never fruited.
  12. I agree with you, mostly because I don’t understand the appeal of Italian food. Maybe i’ve just never had really good Italian food, it’s all been sort of “meh” (now, I’m not talking about raw ingredients, I’ve had great prosciutto, olives, bread, but most pasta dishes leave me cold).
  13. thistle

    German Restaurants

    Most German beer is amazing (on par w/ Belgian beer) & German food is pretty good, too. It's just a hard sell compared to more predictably spiced & tasty food (some of the best meals I had in Germany & Austria were versions of Asian food). I have a copy of "The Biergarten Cookbook-Traditional Bavarian Recipes" which has some good recipes, including my favorite-flammekuchen.
  14. https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/03/mike-isabella-top-chef-sexual-harassment/555977/ The 'tournant' episode referenced in this article was one of my favorites of that season of TC, it took place on an Air Force base, and Jen supervised the cooks like a boss.
  15. Speaking as a guest (although it is more work for the hostess) I appreciate having options. Just make sure you fix stuff that you like to eat, in case there are leftovers. & enjoy your lunch & your guests, felicitations to the bride & groom!