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  1. Anyone interested in a 2021 post-pandemic picnic-maybe Sept/Oct?
  2. Thanks, I am not giving up on meringues just yet. Tonight, I’m baking a blackberry almond cake (mandelkaka med bjornbar) from, “Fika- The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break” because week 11’s theme on 52 weeks of cooking is “Hard to Pronounce”. https://imgur.com/gallery/UO75wKL
  3. I made 2 batches of the meringues, neither was entirely successful. This is the recipe I used-https://food52.com/recipes/11268-coffee-meringues I just couldn’t get the whites to form stiff peaks, I tried it again (in case my eggs were old), but just about the same result. They tasted ok, but now I want to try again, w/ a different recipe (the meringue will not defeat me!)
  4. Thanks, I am ashamed to say that I have a Sodastream, but haven’t put it into action yet. I think I’m going to make coffee meringues. I think I read somewhere that you should use room temp egg whites, does this sound right?
  5. I hope a lot of these restaurants are still open in the spring, when some of us will venture out to restaurants again 🤞
  6. Just got a new cookbook, & going through it, there’s almost nothing I don’t want to cook-Matty Matheson’s, ‘Home Style Cookery’. I’m starting year 4! Week 10 of Reddit’s 52 Weeks of Cooking, theme is foam, & I am clueless, don’t want to drop out now-any ideas?
  7. If you haven’t read, “The Cooking Gene”, you should, it’s awesome-
  8. As a proud alumna, I’m glad they’re not pulling any punches-it’s not like we couldn’t see this coming-
  9. I got 2 14 lb turkeys, I’ll freeze one for later, the other is already spatchcocked & dry-brining in garage frig. I’ll smoke that one & a pork butt either Tuesday or Wed (depending on forecast for rain). Also doing a small ham, rolls, roast green beans, Brussels sprouts w/ bacon & grapes, slaw & potato rolls to go w/ pulled pork (NC style sauce),sautéed mushrooms, potatoes roasted in duck fat, cranberry sauce, & a couple of desserts to be determined. I’m not a gravy or dressing person, so if the kids want it, they will cook it. I hope everyone has a peaceful Thanksgiving.
  10. What, no one has posted a T’giving preview-plans & fears? I will be working that day, but plan to smoke a turkey (& maybe a pork butt) the night before, & have my kids & some friends join me that evening (they will all be at my house, working on stuff, before I get home). Any T’giving ideas/outlines?
  11. I am late to this topic, but it sounds super-I am working tomorrow, but I hope you guys will post after action reports & pictures. Saltenas & arepas would be a great topic to experiment with, & I’d love to hear what everyone wants to try-
  12. Ugh! Didn’t want to hear this, had planned on meeting my daughter for a bday lunch on Friday. Surely there’s some things that are good-what would you try next time?
  13. On the positive side, the kids & I had lunch at 9 Padthai recently, & it was very good. Our order was not optimal (3 of them (not me) got Pad see ew w/ beef), but the food was good. I have good memories of Bangkok Noodle & I’m happy 9 Padthai is there.
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