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  1. I went to a Bosnian restaurant in late 2005 when I was visiting this area. Now that I'm here permanently, I'm trying to figure out exactly where it was and what it was called. I'm really wondering if this is the same place discussed here because it doesn't sound exactly the same. The place I ate in was easily accessible by taking the metro and getting off at the last stop on either the Orange or Yellow line. I cannot remember. It didn't seem to be shady on the inside at all. There were probably 15 tables, give or take a few, and a fairly respectable bar. I'd love to go back again. The food was really good. Also, does anyone know a a Balkans food market? It would be nice to find real Kajmak. Best regards Andy
  2. Does anyone know where someone could purchase seafood to make their own sushi at home. I have everything a person would need to make their own sushi aside from some fresh sushi-grade seafood. I looked at the local grocery stores and even whole foods and I was partially scared to even eat some of their seafood after I cook it let alone rolled up in the raw. Making sushi at home seems like it would be exciting and much less expensive than in a restaurant. I'm tired of imitation crab california rolls.
  3. Great feedback! I especially like the list of restaurants that was posted to me by dgreen. Thanks again!
  4. Hi everyone. I just moved to Annandale, VA from Texas over this past weekend. I have no idea what is going on around me and I feel like an ant in this booming place. I'm looking for those restaurants that are a secret to the masses. Also, anything nearby as well. I understand that that there are about ten thousand cities within a mile of my condo. --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Honey Pig Izakaya (Kibbee Nayee) Annangol (cheezepowder) Pho Cong Ly (thistle) Gangnam Sushi House (cheezepowder)]
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