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  1. Same - the closest I came was the 1982 and 1983 shows - 1982 had the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway in to a Watcher of the Skies finish - it was fantastic - and full length Supper's Ready (they had rehearsed it a lot because of the one off concert to help Gabrial out of the WOMAD debt, so why not?). Incredible. And 1983 was no slouch when they dusted off the extended medley they did there - finishing later with a full bore Los Endos. 2007 had some nice bits and the music was solid, but Collins's voice had faded a lot. The closest I get these days is The Musical Box - great cover band putting on replica concerts - really good. I saw them in 2007 or 2008 and at the time they had incredible musicians filling the Phil Collins and Tony Banks roles. Ufortunately, they were really good and moved on soon after. The overall group doing it still is quite good. Those guys and then the legi Steve Hackett - he not only plays great pieces frm his solo catalog, but he's done large swaths of the Genesis catalog from 1971-1977 period he was in the band - he's got a lot of good folks i his band too.
  2. Pool Boy


    I will have to check it out. thanks
  3. We had always talked about ordering their Meat Mountain - We did it a couple of weekends ago, finally, as takeout. It was good. I wonder if this is closing for good or just temporarily shuttering it while they focus on outdoor dining at the other place (and likely cutting costs and staff in the process).
  4. I love the term Katzenbarf. I supposed the act of this would then be Katzenbarfen
  5. It's becoming clear to me that I'll need to go further afield to find what I want. I suspect that Total Wine in MD may have different selections than in VA or elsewhere since MD still has pretty draconian distribution rules.
  6. I will have to check it out Mark. My mother-in-law now lives near Annapolis so a good excuse to veer off course slightly.
  7. Sure thing - it is excellent and easily adaptable.
  8. So my wife and I did a staycation, did a few day trip things locally, away from people. It's our birthdays week, so we indulged in some good take out - Kaz was her choice and Annabelle was mine. We avoided most things we knew would not travel well (fried stuff, frozen stuff) and then plated everything at home and had a delicious meal. Heirloom Tomatoes - Reggiano Cheese Bavaroise, San Giacomo Balsamico, Ciabatta Tuille --The tuille suffered from the drive home, but the flavor was amazing. The totatoes each had different flavor profiles and were the ultimate in fresh. So good - like summer on a dish. Summer Corn Vichyssoise - Smoked Chanterelle and cinnabar mushrooms, yellow squash, crispt leeks, nasturtium --Very refreshing and delicious. Really good flavor and I loved how the mushroom held up up so well. Terrine of Organic Guinea Hen, Pistachio and Olive, en Croute - Fennel Remoulade, Pickled Daikin, Sweet and Sour Green Tomato --Anytime you see anything that says 'house made', 'house smoked', 'Annabelle's own' - order it - you will never be disappointed. This is such a Frank dish. Exceptional terrine (toothsome but not chunky and no whipped - nice dose of black pepper) augmented by ALL of the accoutrements - ultra fresh greens for crunch and flavor; the pickled daikon and green tomatoes for counterpoint to the richness of the terrine and the fennel remoulade because is brings it all together. This is an exceptional dish not because each of the elements is exceptional, but more so because of the combination of flavors when you bring it all in together in a bite. Just incredible. Crispy Massachusetts Rock Fish and Spanish Octopus Duo - with grilled summer corn salad. --This dish suffered the most from the drive back home unfortunately - nothing cispy about the dish (we avoided ordering the Fish Sticks & Onion Rings as well as the Stuffed squash blossoms on the menu for that reason). That said, the flavors were still very solid. The octopus held together better than the rockfish and the accompanying corn salad had some magic thick crema in it to connect it together. The crema in the foreground is an avocado sort with a bit of chili oil - great for dipping the rockfish in to. Better yet, get a bit of everything on your fork for a nice bite and you'll love it. I would love to try this again immediately after it was plated. Summer Corn Ravioli, Annabelle Cured and Smoked Pork Belly Ravioli, Summer Truffles --This is what I look forward to every summer with Frank's food. The truffles bring depth and earthiness to this sweet corn (and nutmeg?) ravioli. The greens lighten it and the sauce (the SAUCE) connects it all together. This would have been much better had we dined in, but the flavors were just great. Kurobuta Pork Chop Katsu - Miso condiment, wilted cabbage with sesame --Unbelievably excellent pork. And a nice Japanese inspired dish - breading held up well in the drive home, the miso was nice to augment things and the sesame-cabbage had sliverd of sweet peppers in it. Bonus was the one side of it had the bone in it for more flavor. Really, really great dish. Pennsylvania Raised Lamb - Grilled loin and Confit Shoulder, summer eggplant relish, cucumber yogurt sauce, roasted zucchini --Frank's lamb is always great and this dish is no exception. While the loin was great, the shoulder was the better of the two. It was slightly 'corned' and had a nice pepperiness that went well with the relish (or cooled off by the cucumber sauce). Underpinning it al was the fantastic, rich and unctious sauce. So good. A triumph. Oven Roasted Organic Half Chicken - Salad of Summer Beans and Indigo Radicchio, Tarragon Jus --I'm a sucker for Frank's chicken no matter thr form. Clearly I liked this version because I'd already ripped off some of it before I took the picture. Perfectly roasted - juicy, succulent and flavorful (nice thing with the juniper in that) and crispy skin. Exceptional. The salad brought summer to the dish and was quite delicious on its own and with some of the chicken. Chocolate Hazelnut Cake - Passion fruit creme, chocolate mousse, crispy meringue, exotic caramel --This suffered a bit from the drive home. Good overall flavors and if you love chocolate, you'll enjoy the dish. For me though, the dessert here fell a little bit flat. Other things to finish the meal that were on the menu involved frozen things that would never have made it home which is why we tried this.
  9. I'll check out Weygandt's then - thanks for the tip on it and how to order/pick-up/call ahead.
  10. We recently got Kaz Sushi Bistro - Excellent and everything traveled well, washed it down with an excellent Billecart Salmon brut reserve. Taqueria Los Primos (North Laurel, MD) - very good tacos and guacamole and chips Annabelle (for celebrating our two birthdays) - excellent Oh and Pasta Plus has been open for carry out for maybe 4-5 weeks now and we've been getting stuff there again as well. Amber Spice (South Laurel, MD) - excellent Indian food. Tried the biryani recently and my wife opted to try the lorma with lamb instead of chicken and I may have taken her over to the dark side. Gha-Rahm (Beltsville, MD) - Got this as delivery and it was solid and good. We hadn't tried there in quite some time, but we enjoyed it - will get more from here again soon.
  11. I'll second the suggestion of Taqueuria Los Primos in North Laurel (apparently they have several locations, kind of a micro-chain). Their al pastor, barbacoa and chorizo tacos are great. The asada we ordered with guacamole that it kind of overwhelmed the taco - better to order some guacamore on the side and add a bit at a time so you can control the amount better. The lengua was very good, but I have had better. Overall - it was take-out and online ordering was easy - it was a good experience and I'll be back [We had a craving after watching the Taco Chronicles on Netflix - recommended.] One thing that is important to note - these are not the sparsely populated tacos I normally expect where the ration of filling to tortilla is in my mind more in balance - these are tacos with a lot of filling, so 3 of them is easily enough to fill you up a good bit.
  12. We ordered stuff from Gah Rham (Korean place in Beltsville). It's been too long since we had their food. It was probably 2 good entrees (two different bibimbaps), a decent dumpling starter (mandu) and then something from their Japanese/Chinese etc part of the menu that was a hot mess (boneless chicken in a spicy sweet sauce (way, way way overcooked chicken swimming in way, way too sweet (to the point of the sugar still being in crystalline form) - which we basically just tossed). We'll order again and stick to what they are good at, but worth a look if you are in the area.
  13. I have been kind of dismayed at the results from the change in ownership of a place I used to frequent. I liked supporting a local small business, too. Ah well. I have another local shop I still go to occasionally, but their selection is hit or miss and some of the regular offerings have disappeared. But at least I know I can go there and get a couple of things I find difficult to find elsewhere. So that leaves a Total Wine to now do most of my shopping in. I suppose I need to invest time and effort getting them to bring in some of the things I can no longer get within a reasonable drive from my house (say 15-20 minutes one way drive, I live in South Laurel, MD). I could do that with a local shop, too, I think, but the ownership changes of these stores is too frequent and then I have to start all over again. Hence me thinking about Total Wine. Can anyone make any recommendations for a DC-based shop that has a good selection of everyday wines (call it $25 and under per bottle) from Spain, Italy, Austria and France? I'm totally willing to drive the 30-45 minutes as needed to get to the right shop (see below). I'm loving Vermentino from Italy (Costalomino and Aragosta are personal favorites). Same for a lot of grenache-based wines from Spain and France. I also like Juan Gil Monastrell but am having difficulty consistently finding it. Gigondas and other southern rhones are also my happy place these days. I love northern rhones, but I am intimidated by the prices, so those tend to be when I want one for a special occasion. I have a lot of enjoyment from Grüner Veltliners from different parts of Austria - really versatile. For Italian wines, I spend most of my time in the Veneto region for Valpollicella, Amarone, Soave and other local wines, though I enjoy a lot from the Tuscan reagion, generally shying away from the nebbiolo based wines mostly because the ones I really enjoy from that region are expensive (worth the splurge for an occasion, but again, looking for everyday wines at the moment).
  14. That is true. I am generally pretty particular about the places I am supporting during this mess. I feel awful for not dining in at restaurants because I crave the experience, but also because I know I am not spending as much. I order from the places still doing carryout-take-away and ordering too much and tipping well. But to get the places I really want to survive as much as possible, I have to drive to DC and shuttle it home. I do this, but not enough. Anyway, I would encourage folks to support as much as possible the places you want to survive more than supporting a wide variety of places (your food cravings notwithstanding, of course).
  15. I find that ice creams that are the simplest are the best and hardest to screw up. I am the kind of person that generally does not like stuff in my ice cream - chunks of this and that dough, whatever - it does not belong in ice cream I eat. There are some rare exceptions involving properly very small chocolate bits and even more rare things when I make ice cream at home. Anyway, that is just another reason not to order complicated flavors of ice cream when out. But that's just me.
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