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  1. Filet of beef tenderloin. Cook & slice at home then assemble at the party onto french bread croutons with horseradish cream. Even though you don't want to prep stuff at the party, it should be pretty fast to pull them together.
  2. The winners list from the RAMW.org website: The Washingtonian's article, while light on the list of winners, includes photos. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!! -Camille & Beau
  3. Do you seriously believe they were that malicious and sadistic? Perhaps it was the walk down the hallway, past the wine cellar and kitchen toward both dining rooms that made the walk within the bistro room itself seem longer. While the bistro is the larger of the two rooms, both the bistro and tasting room are on the intimate side in terms of size. -Camille
  4. College town = (obviously) mostly college-type restaurants. That being said, some decent options include Zola's (mentioned above), Herwig's Austrian Bistro (lots of brown food) and, of course, The Diner for grilled stickies. For ice cream, I highly recommend Meyer Dairy. Despite the name, I always liked Hi-Way Pizza, but I don't know if they're still around.-Camille
  5. FRESHFARM Markets invites you to tour, taste & savor our local flavors at the United States Botanical Garden Exhibit: One Planet – Ours! Sustainability for the 22nd Century* on Thursday, July 10, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Our market garden, designed by FRESHFARM Market farmers, is part of this wonderful exhibit, and we want to celebrate with seasonal cocktails & seasonal bites created from food from our local farmers & three sensational local chefs: Cathal Armstrong, Restaurant Eve | Chris Smith, The Caucus Room | Peter Smith, PS7’s cocktails by popular guest DC mixologists: Derek Brown, Komi | Gina Chersevani, EatBar & Tallula Tickets: $75 Buy tickets HERE special thanks to Steve Dunn & Well Dunn Catering for their coordination and event services for the evening ~~~ *The One Planet – Ours! Sustainability for the 22ndCentury exhibit will run May 24-October 13, 2008*
  6. Glad to see it was tacked on to the chat after it ended the first time Thanks Todd. I think they deserve the mention-Camille (aka Patricia)
  7. Glad to see that Ann Limpert tracked the winners of the James Beard awards in the Best Bites blog but I was surprised there wasn't a mention by Todd in today's chat about the local winners. Interesting considering that his chat used to contain this heading: -Camille
  8. Richard is the most creative, but because of that he does take more risk and some of his dishes miss for various reasons, typically during the quickfire challenges. I think if Stephanie doesn't have a meltdown like Casey did last year, she'll win. Either one of them would be a good choice since they're both talented.
  9. Actually it does work. It wasn't live though. They have a video that they put up around 9m last night that shows interviews with some of the 'celebrity chefs' as they arrived at the awards and some interviews after the event ended. You can view it now. Interviewer's a bit goofy
  10. With you on that -- two we like who didn't win were Jason Wilson (Northwest) and Doug Keane (Pacific)
  11. From the JB website: For those of you interested in more on the awards, here's the LINK to their live blogs
  12. Local winners (so far): Eric Ziebold - Best Chef Mid-Atlantic Terry Theise - Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional Kaysen did win for Rising-Star chef. Categories that include Andres and Richard have not yet been awarded Congratulations Eric and Terry!
  13. Didya know that Warren has a book out? Titled "How to bake cakes from scratch" (my apologies if already mentioned elsewhere.) Am roaming through Politics & Prose and they have several copies out because, you guessed it, he'll be speaking here today at 5pm. A woman walked by the books & said very sarcastically to her friend "gee, you mean you can actually bake cakes from scratch? really??" Hurry to get a good seat!
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