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  1. That was not meant as a negative. What I think is wonderful is that it is just like it used to be before the fire. A real (wonderful, authentic, and perfect) dive.
  2. The Quarry House in Silver Spring is now open again. Looks just like it did before the fire. Great beer list, and even better whisky list, but really a dive.
  3. I would have to say that it was a 1927 Domaine Bory Grenache Rivesaltes, which, if I remember correctly, Pool Boy shared with me with the rest of the DC Cru at Proof back in 2012. As to my cellar, currently the oldest wine I have is a 1985 Graham Port.
  4. Haven't eaten there since Tom Hudson owned it. I will have to make sure to stop in when I get the opportunity.
  5. I took my office to lunch at 701 to celebrate a tough year. All I can say is that it was excellent. They permitted me to bring three bottles of wine from my cellar (the normal limit is two per table) because there were eight of us. The table was waiting for us with sufficient stemware and decanters at the side (very good Riedels). I brought three Pinot Noirs, a 2015 Peay Savoy Vineyard, a 2012 Loring Russell Family Vineyard, and a 2009 Patricia Green Marine Sedimentary Ribbon Ridge (opened in reverse order of listing) Appetizers included Spanish Octopus with fresh anise, citrus, cape
  6. My wife and I went to Black's to celebrate our anniversary. I took a 2014 Kosta Browne Kanzler Vineyard PN with me. It turns out that they have the Sonoma Coast in a half bottle, but had no issue with me opening the Kanzler. They provided a decanter and excellent glasses to go with it. We go to Black's a couple of times a year and have always been pleased. We started with the Gala Apple and Brie Salad for my wife (Belgian Endive, Frisée, Radicchio, Apple Butter, Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Ginger Snap Croutons). She loved it but said that she could have used it as her main, it was quite
  7. We went to Ricciuti's for dinner last night after not having been in quite a while. My wife was very pleased that there is now a gluten free pizza available as an option. She ordered it and said that it was very enjoyable. Makes it more likely that we will be back soon as we have been away because she has to try to avoid gluten as much as possible.
  8. I agree. As Pool Boy can tell you, I have availed myself of corkage in DC, MD, and VA, hundreds of times. I was only commenting on the fact that in DC and MD, corkage is only permitted in establishments with a liquor license. Yes. Corkage does save money, but that is not the reason I normally do it. I have a lot of wine in my cellar, most of it very small production stuff that I like to drink with a good meal. If I can bring a bottle of Kosta Browne, Karl Lawrence, Radio Coteau, Loring, etc, with me, and enjoy it with a great meal, so much the better. However, at least half the time I pu
  9. Actually in DC or MD, unlike places like PA and NJ, if the establishment does not have a liquor license, they cannot offer corkage. The law requires that there be a licensed alcohol manager on site.
  10. I can't believe I never commented on Al Carbon (or that nobody else has since 2008). Yes, it is a hole in the wall with a cement floor. Yes, when you go it is usually 4 or 5 Latino guys listening to a soccer game and me and my son. Yes, the menu is not huge. But . . . Yes, the food is very good. Yes, it is inexpensive, Yes, the portions are large and the sides huge. No, there is no deep fried food or long smoked food. This is a wood fired grill place and the food reflects it. Fantastic Carne Azada, Carne o Pollo, and grilled fish. Very good burritos and quesadillas and even a pr
  11. A few of us wine geeks had a dinner at Requin last month. Had a tasting menu and instead of having to pick one from each course, they brought out enough of everything that we all got a tasting of everything. We opened 9 bottles of wine to go with the meal (8 people) and we could not have been treated better. Everything was fantastic,but I especially enjoyed the French Onion soup, Ratatouille, quail drumettes (we ordered another round of them because they were so good), and the bouillabaisse.
  12. So we went to Il Pizzico after a long absence (prompted mainly by the disappointing treatment noted above) and this time I called ahead first to confirm that corkage was permitted. After confirmation, I brought a 2003 Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona Brunello di Montalcino Vigna di Pianrosso (drinking beautifully btw) to go with our meal. Appetizers included an excellent grilled octopus, Crespelle, and a tuna tartare. Second courses include half orders of Bucatini con Pancetta e Pomodoro, Insalata di rughetta e parmigiano, and Casarecce alla Krizia. Secondis were an excellent pork chop (I didn'
  13. Here is a link to the official list of restaurants in Montgomery County with corkage permits. http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/DLCLRE/Resources/Files/ApprovedWineCorkage.pdf BTW, Maryland passed a law that requires counties to allow corkage a couple of years ago. The permit is free as part of the ABC license, but just like in DC, the restaurant must have a license for alcohol in order to permit it.
  14. Dawson's Market in Rockville has a pretty decent selection.
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