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  1. My office faces that space, and while there's been some buildout activity over the last several weeks, it's not at all clear what it's going to be or when we're going to see it populated.
  2. I spent 15 minutes thinking about how to make the topic creatively/amusingly alliterative and then gave up. "Andrew Zimmern's Hommage to Chef Peter Chang Is Not Winning Over Diners - or Chang's Business Partner" by Tim Carman on washingtonpost.com
  3. Any recent thoughts, especially in light of the Xi'an opening? We haven't been in quite a while and were wondering about overall quality, anything specifically better/not quite as good, etc.
  4. Not sure if this is the right/best thread, so please feel free to move my post. I was prepared to be irritated by this story (which popped up on my msn.com start page 😲) but I actually enjoyed it and respected the author by the end. https://www.thrillist.com/eat/portland/stanichs-closed-will-it-reopen-burger-quest/food-and-drink
  5. I'm sad about the closure, because while they were inconsistent, I enjoyed having them as an option because when they were good, they were good. On the national news front, though, this feels like they're hopping on a BS clickbait train. I've been consistently disappointed in Fortune's articles for a while now, along with most of the Big Media. Yesterday, I saw the word "We" in a NY Times headline, as in "We Unearthed the Trail" or something like that. There are generations of NYT publishers and journalists flinging themselves in their graves. (And my position has nothing to do with who's POTUS.) Maybe I should move this to another forum and continue my cane-waving, rocking-chair rant there...
  6. captcourt

    Discount Coupons

    Note the Groupon references in here: "Three Theories on Why MoviePass Failed" by Megan McArdle on washingtonpost.com
  7. We snagged a 7 PM reservation this Friday. Looking forward to one more meal in this lovely spot and then see what's behind the next door!
  8. My wife and I have enjoyed Proof every time we've gone, and I'm not so clued in to industry news, so could you elaborate a bit on your (or others') thoughts/expectations? Just trying to figure out whether it's a good thing or a "let's wait and see" thing...
  9. Minor edit: Flynn was the national security advisor, not the attorney general.
  10. Al's apparently reopened at the end of July. We saw the lights on a couple of weeks ago, and then decided to stop in over this past weekend. Bright, clean, freshly painted, and the cheesesteaks are the cheesesteaks. Two huge Romans, filled with steak and lots of stuff, jar of cherry peppers, tasty fries (though they're best when hot), pleasant people who repeat your order at least once to make sure they got it right. Result = food coma. ETA: this is my 99th post, and I am now a Bottle of Beer on the Wall. I may never post again.
  11. Ate here last night and got stuff from our usual picks: fried bean curd, laab gai, crispy duck with basil and chili peppers, and pad kee mao with chicken. All of it was spot on - in particular, the laab gai had good, flavorful heat and the pad kee mao had a deep wok/pan flavor. Good end to an eventful day, and before they go on break.
  12. I think the $32 cauliflower steak is a result of the restaurant' location. Both scream that they're focusing their efforts on the expense-account types, some of whom might not eat meat, and area residents who don't look at prices on a menu.
  13. So, with the Harris-Teeter buy-one get-one-free sale (= 2 for $5.79), I bought four: salted caramel peanut, vanilla blueberry crumble (?), southern butter pecan, and black raspberry chocolate. The last one has always been the show-stopper for me, because I adore good raspberry anything. Thus far, the salted caramel peanut is okay - not great, but certainly decent - and the black raspberry chocolate is only slightly sweeter than it used to be - i.e., still good, any definitely better than the rest of the few raspberry items out there. I'll stick with the NYT recipe and my Cuisinart ice cream maker for salted caramel ice cream (if you haven't tried that, DO IT NOW). Will report back on the other two flavors.