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  1. If you're interested, or know of someone who's interested, you can contact Mariam Raz Razavi on Facebook, or I can connect you if you prefer that route. Feel free to DM me; I don't know any details about the positions, but Raz is a longtime friend and good egg.
  2. Just to add to the "what do you buy at Costco" part of this thread...there are two of us + one pup, and we have a good amount of storage space: - nuts (as mentioned above, great deals, have to freeze or refrigerate most of the bag, we got a full-size standup freezer years ago for free through Freecycle and that's been one of our best finds, ever; - packages of feta; - coffee for during the week when we just want caffeine (they have big bags of Peet's on sale regularly, and bags of Mayorga and not-completely-overroasted Starbucks); - household goods when on sale, like big boxes of tissues; also, Kirkland TP and paper towels; - dental chews for the pupper, which are basically candy and I should probably search for something else; - ground beef, prime-cut meat; - frozen shrimp, though who knows where they come from; - prescriptions for the pupper. Well-priced and if you're just picking up the prescription(s), you only need to stop there, you don't need to go through the war zone of the registers. Given that Pentagon City is my closest store, that's a huge bonus.
  3. This feels a little ghoulish, but just about everything from Kapnos Taverna in Arlington is being auctioned off here at Rasmus Auctions. So if you need a giant pizza oven, or several sconces, they're here! On another note, seeing all of the equipment and organizational items, as a restaurant consumer, not someone in the business, makes me realize to a small extent just how much goes into opening and running a restaurant.
  4. Lots of the new condo/rental developments in the corridor have yet to fully stock up with residents, so I'm guessing that the Ballston Quarter establishments are hinging their fortunes on the not-quite-finished buildings. Though that potentially may not help with the lunch crowd. Also, the failure of the Rixby building next to the new Marymount buildings may be a harbinger of things to come (or of poor building management, or...who knows?). OK, enough rambling.
  5. 5 years later: we drove down this way to test drive a car (it was way out of our way, but a nice day for a little road trip). Afterwards, we stopped in here, and the food is still delicious. They had shrimp on the ceviche tostada, which was the highlight along with the bean & cheese pupusa, with some crispy bits of cheese. The tacos were also flavorful and filling - I got a carnitas, an al pastor, and a carne asada (which was somewhat tough, but these tacos are $2-3 each, so I'm not complaining). We got two orders of posole intending to provide one to the gentleman hanging out in the parking lot with no particular place to go, but he disappeared by the time we were leaving, so we have two orders to try out for lunch tomorrow. The road into this strip mall is horrific, as is the parking situation. Brace yourselves.
  6. Excellent dinner here last night. We had an early reservation (5:15) before the show, and made remarkable time getting there from DC, so we walked in the door at 5, they seated us shortly after that in the beautiful bar with a fire going in the fireplace. We had views of the Sagamore distillery on one side, and the harbor on another. Our server was an old-school sort of guy, started out a little formal and gruff, and by midway he was smiling at us and our enjoyment of the food. Cocktails were a Penicillin for me (Sagamore Spirit Rye, ginger, lemon, honey, jasmine, McCarthy’s Single Malt, and a garnish of candied ginger, yum) and a Winter Crush for Yoyogrrrl (Sagamore Spirit Rye, passion fruit, orange, lemon, club soda), which she liked but switched to get the Penicillin for a second drink). Starters were the wood-grilled choptank oysters (the topping was a bit granita-like and the Hatch chilies were not discernible in taste), with a small squeeze of lime over them, and tuna poke with macadamia nuts and nori, which doesn't seem to be on their online menu. We loved both of these, and the portions were just enough to make us want more of each. The poke benefited from the nori, surprisingly, as nori usually seems like just a textural add in non-sushi dishes. The fried chicken and rockfish have already been written up, so I'll keep it short. The crust was pretty thick for our chicken, too (maybe for people who like to eat some skin, but not all of it?) but my goodness, that chicken was well-cooked. Super moist inside. The rockfish was also beautiful. The grits were creamy, the smoked cherry (?) tomatoes had a satisfying pop, and I ate nearly all of it, figuring we could - and did - take the chicken with us. We didn't have time for dessert before the show, so no report on that. It took forever to get out of the garage attached to the Hippodrome so we called it a night after the show, rather than returning for dessert. I'll post our Woodberry brunch writeup in that thread, and we do still give WK the edge, but I don't think anyone could go wildly wrong with either restaurant right now.
  7. Yoyogrrrl and I are going here for dinner tonight before the Jonathan Van Ness show at the Hippodrome. Really looking forward to the fried chicken! And we'll probably hit Woodberry Kitchen for brunch tomorrow.
  8. Met up with a friend last night and went here - it's still in a holding pattern (so I think it's time to remove the italics in the dining guide). I got the sampler special, so I got to try the ropa vieja, a pork dish (it was shredded pork), and a shredded chicken dish, along with yellow rice and black beans. Solid, but not excellent. Very kind service. I live in Arlington (my friend lives much closer to Rockville) so I generally won't be making that drive just for CC. I'd go back, and maybe get the Cubano or just the pork, which was my favorite. Sorry I'm missing some details, but we were immersed in conversation...
  9. Miriam, who is a joy, has been our normal server since TP was only in Del Ray. We were so excited to see her at the then-"new" location on Harrison St., since we live about a 6-minute drive away.
  10. Yes, there were 4. Like others, CD and QB were the ones we liked most and went to, with Cafe Dalat being our favorite - we loved chatting with the family. CF was the first interloper, so I completely, and irrationally, blame them. Smart move for the Nam Viet folks to buy their property. Glad they're still sticking it out.
  11. I went to USC for grad school in the early 90s, when Cheesecake Factory was still starting out, with a location in Marina Del Rey and, I think, somewhere else. It was quite good and was considered a nice night out, though not for the Wolfgang Puck Spago crowd (one that I could neither afford to keep up with, nor dress appropriately for). Now, there are too many restaurant choices around here for me to eat there, and I'm still bitter about how it precipitated/portended the fall of Clarendon's Little Saigon (ah, for the days of Cafe Dalat - does anyone know where that family ended up? They were terrific - and Queen Bee). But I can completely relate to DaveO and B.A.R.'s views above. Sometimes, you just want a reasonable amount of totally edible food, which it is.
  12. Years ago, Old Overholt was a standby of the Corduroy bar - that's where I first tried it, and then promptly picked up a bottle for home use (i.e., when not at Corduroy) from the then-barred-window liquor store on the next block. It blends nicely with mixers and is still a great price, if not exactly "a bargain" anymore.
  13. My office faces that space, and while there's been some buildout activity over the last several weeks, it's not at all clear what it's going to be or when we're going to see it populated.
  14. I spent 15 minutes thinking about how to make the topic creatively/amusingly alliterative and then gave up. "Andrew Zimmern's Hommage to Chef Peter Chang Is Not Winning Over Diners - or Chang's Business Partner" by Tim Carman on washingtonpost.com
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