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  1. Gotta say, as a longtime non-baker, that the bagel recipe from Serious Eats (https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/01/homemade-bagels-recipe.html) has worked out really well. Highly recommended. I wasn't trying to hop on the quarantine baking bandwagon; bagels just sounded really good to me, we had enough flour to spare if I totally f'ed it up (as in, we wouldn't have used the last of our precious flour and yeast that apparently could have funded our retirement if we had sold them), and we have sesame seeds as well as Everything seasoning. The recipe held up even on the batch where I tinkered with the size of the bagels. Did I get lucky? Probably. YMMV.
  2. My +1 and I live within Thai Square's limited delivery range in Arlington, so we ordered in from them for the second time during this pandemic. We totally overordered, and gave a heavy tip, in hopes of keeping them around (though I think future development of that shopping area may be a bigger threat). Dinner was: sun-dried beef, fried tofu squares, laab gai, crispy duck, pad kee mao with chicken, and sticky rice with mango. If my wife and I were both pregnant - not a possibility for multiple reasons - and starving, we still would not have finished it. All the food was totally on point, great heat, and especially great wok flavor on the pad kee mao. I really enjoy making pad kee mao myself, and I often avoid ordering things that I can make at home. Not in this case. --- Salads (steveeat12)
  3. I picked up from Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church last night - they were closed for two weeks while they figured out how to operate. The order: spicy wontons, meat panfried dumplings, Chendgdu spicy cold noodles, the chicken with stuffed peppers "special," and the homestyle bacon "special." (Our usual order is all of that minus one of the dumpling/noodle dishes, so yes, we perpetually overorder because we love them so much.) It was a joy to walk in there, a joy to be greeted warmly, and a joy to sear my taste buds, which I will do again shortly with the leftovers.
  4. FYI, all, I was just able to reply in the Hong Kong Palace thread.
  5. Back up and running! I went last night and got a big grin when I walked in the door to pick up my order ("I knew it was you!' - I am one of the non-chinese who orders specials off the chinese wall menu, thanks to the DR crowd, and gets mostly spicy food).
  6. Not actually dinner, but today I made bagels (sesame and Everything) using a recipe from Serious Eats, after having obtained a can of barley malt syrup in Seven Corners. My technique needs some work, but the crumb, the flavor, and the SMELL throughout the house were all excellent. Highly recommended if you've got some time on your hands and want to put it to good use. I'm a very reluctant baker, and I found this to be fun. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/01/homemade-bagels-recipe.html
  7. About a week and a half ago I got a hankering for Chinese so I went to the Hong Kong Palace website and it looked like they were closed. Fearing the worst, I freaked out for a few minutes, and then ordered from Peter Chang, promising that I would follow up. (Peter Chang was fine, but there were about two dozen Doordash-types hanging out with me outside waiting for their food. Everyone was surprisingly polite and space-respectful while the PC staff were overwhelemed trying to keep up.) Today, we were near Seven Corners and stopped by to check on HKP's status. The door was open, and they now appear to be on Doordash and other delivery services. Since I live no more than 10 mins away, I will be picking up rather than supporting a delivery service for their food, but am SO SO SO SO SO glad that HKP isn't Closed with a capital C. That was my biggest fear, because I don't know what my life would be without the Chicken With Stuffed Peppers wall "special." Seriously. Padaek appeared to be closed (small c). While we loved ordering takeout from Little Serow (spectacular), Komi (very good) and Rose's Luxury (excellent), on those occasions where we order in - we've also been doing a ton of cooking and I'm gonna try to make bagels tomorrow with barley-malt syrup we got from a hole-in-the-wall next to the Sears 1960s architectural monstrosity - I think I'm going to be voting more often for the less-fancy places, to do my part to keep them going and maybe be able to distribute my food $ to more places. Opposing viewpoints welcome, of course. --- DC Brau (Pat)
  8. Since this thread is open (for the time being) - where has everyone been ordering food [ OR FINE ART, just to stay on-topic ] from? Obviously, all the places need help, but anything in particular you'd like to report?
  9. https://www.arlnow.com/2020/04/21/food-trucks-branch-out-into-arlington-neighborhoods/
  10. I am sleuthy. 😜 Also, was taking a break from WFH, saw Don's April 1 post, saw that pretty much all of the forums are read-only, and then saw that the Fine Arts thread was still open. Perhaps I have missed my true calling in life, although I'm not sure that I really want to be a private detective of any sort.
  11. No, not Woodward Table Food...WTF? I'm off the site for a couple of weeks, and, to quote The Good Place....What The Fork? Say it ain't so. Say it's an April Fool's Joke. Or tell me that the only thing we can talk about here is Fine Arts...
  12. Having been underwhelmed by both Sushi-Zen and Endo Sushi, and having perused the boards but not finding any moderately priced, non-fancy sushi, but nonetheless wanting takeout sushi tonight, I figured I'd post and give it a shot. Any suggestions? Takeshi seems to be stronger on the ramen front than the sushi front.
  13. Just stopping by to chime in that Reren is often the dinner stop when my wife and I are going to an event at Sixth & I. We've enjoyed some things more than others, but I don't recall ever being dissatisfied with something.
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