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  1. Thankfully we have Tracy O'Grady's magic at Green Pig Bistro. That being said...we live walking distance from the old Willow location, whereas GPB is in the heart of Parking Hell.
  2. We live a 10-15 minute drive from HKP (in the Ballston vicinity). We almost always carry out, and order meat fried dumplings, spicy wontons, the bacon homestyle and chicken with stuffed peppers (both specials from the wall, in pre-pandemic days when they had dishes posted in Chinese on the wall, with so much ❤️ for the DR community for alerting us to those) and then something else, depending on our mood. All of this generally travels well. Yes, it's only two of us, but it's a good variety and we have easy meal choices for days. We also like the szechuan green beans, and we ordered them, bu
  3. We also got carryout from them recently (last week, I think? Time has no meaning anymore.) and thoroughly enjoyed it. What did we get? Damned if I can remember everything right now, but we were happily overstuffed, with leftovers to spare. Padaek and Hong Kong Palace constitute my personal favorite Restaurant Row right now.
  4. I'm going to revive this thread by putting in a plug for Toby's Black Raspberry Chip ice cream. Huge winner. Hmmm, maybe I'll go scoop myself a bowl for lunch...
  5. As big fans of Tracy O'Grady, we've ordered carryout from here twice during this pandemic (like other restaurants in VA, they're now open for table seating outside and, to some extent, inside) and the food was terrific both times. Tonight, we got: The Perfectly Porked Panini (it comes with a basil mayo. I am a mayo h8er, asked to hold the basil mayo and, btw, could I get a small container of the chimichurri that goes with the hanger steak? Why yes, and it actually went really well with the sandwich.) I got the side salad with it - lovely baby lettuces, with carrot and fennel, and a ba
  6. Agree on the difficult comparison. Little Serow, Baan Siam and, for example, Thai Square have completely different takes but I would happily eat at any of them.
  7. Thanks to eatruneat's post, we ordered carryout last night and I'm going to enthusiastically second the thumbs up. We live in the Ballston environs, but drove downtown to pick up the lotus root and shrimp salad and chicken tapioca dumplings (both magnificent, and while I was initially a bit skeptical of the texture of the dumplings, after my first bite I didn't care WHAT the texture was, they were so good - and totally +1 on them putting the lotus root in a separate container). We also got the stir-fried rice with crispy pork bits and garlic shrimp, and the Thai vermicelli in chili peanut sa
  8. AND a surefire way to keep vampires (and spouses?) away!!! (Fortunately, my spouse also loves it, so we're in sync.) We get the cucumber salad Every. Single. Time. So, so good.
  9. Coronavirus issues aside, the idea of the Birchmere being discussed in a food forum still cracks me up.
  10. First time at Mangialardo's for lunch today. Picked up a G-Man for my +1, and a G-Man double meat/cheese, heavy on the sweets/hots, for me. Exactly what our souls, though perhaps not our arteries/blood pressure, needed. They seemed very pleased to see me, as there were only two other customers in there at 1:30. I tipped heavily, and fervently hope they can keep going.
  11. I've always been a hard roll kind of girl; the soft is definitely too soft. At some point, the hard rolls became more crumbly than chewy. What's your go-to sub these days? (I realize that will now be OT in the Italian Store thread...)
  12. I love (and almost always get) the Roma, extra sweet and hot peppers, at the Italian Store. I once tried the muffaletta, and while I ate it, I kept wishing it was the Roma (I too am spoiled by Central Grocery on the muffaletta).
  13. Grilled ribeye, adjusted wedge salad (used up the last, starting-to-wilt romaine heart in the fridge) with bacon/blue cheese dressing/extra blue cheese/little tomatoes), salty baked potato. Beverage of gin, elderflower liqueur, and (I think) seltzer. Too exhausted yesterday to really focus.
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