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  1. Here's another one, from the age of rotary phones. If you quickly "clicked" the hang-up thing, it would count as having dialed a number. For example: If you wanted to make a call to 622-3122 (the phone number of White Oak Junior High School back in the 1960s), you could: 1. Quickly tap the hang-up thing 6 times, then wait a few seconds ... 2. Quickly tap the hang-up thing 2 times, then wait a few seconds ... etc. My 8th-grade science teacher told us that you could *avoid long-distance charges* by doing this for long-distance calls! Unfortunately, my dad (who was also my Junior High School principal) caught me, and I had to fess up where I got the information from. I'm sorry, Mr. Tarner - to this day I feel guilty about your having gotten slapped on the wrist.
  2. People yearning for great barbecue may want to head over to Palisades, and order the grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops ($28.95 at dinner) at Bistro Aracosia. These are so good that they could be in "last meal before the electric chair" territory. (I'm well aware of the difference between barbecue and grilling; I don't know of any barbecue I've ever enjoyed more than these.)
  3. No, I didn't even know it was there. https://www.bluegrasshall.org/
  4. DIShGo asked me to post that she'll be there. Make sure to remember that this is Lady Goodknife, and bring your knives to drop off and be sharpened. (I have an entire set of W├╝sthof-Trident that need sharpening and honing - 20-years old, and never been touched - nothing great, but may as well do it.) Weezy, my credit is good, I hope? I'll have DIShGo bring a blank check, and you can fill in the amount (she's going to bring some of her knives also (CutCo)), so you'll have some work to do at your leisure - thanks for hosting this. Happy to support dr artisans!
  5. When I read this column, I immediately thought of Doug Williams, and reminisced about his great second quarter in Super Bowl XXII - here are two amazing facts I didn't know about that 35-point 2nd quarter: * The Broncos had the ball to begin the quarter. * The Redskins had the ball to end the quarter, and didn't score. When you think about 35 points in a single quarter, the above two factoids make it even more amazing. "Skin Deep - The Doug Williams Story" on nfl.com Michael Wilbon's quote in the video, about "Hail to the Redskins," is both enlightening and full of pathos - I had no idea. PS - Jeff Bostic went to Clemson.
  6. I might be wrong with both of these statements, but I know I'm not wrong with the third: * This may be one of the biggest recent restaurant closing announcements in the DMV. * This is my favorite pizza in the entire DMV right now. * This makes me incredibly sad. Pizza CS is currently ranked as the #1 restaurant in South Rockville in the Maryland Dining Guide.
  7. When I was born, in 1961, the Berlin Wall did not exist; the evening I was born, construction began on it. When I was born, in 1961, Babe Ruth was the reigning single-season home-run king with 60. When I was born, in 1961, the reigning AL and NL MVPs were Roger Maris and Pittsburgh Shortstop Dick Groat, who had won the batting title in 1960. When I was born, in 1961, Brooks Robinson was the reigning Gold Glove winner - his first, in 1960; he wouldn't lose it again until I was in high school. He finished 3rd in the MVP race to Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle in 1960, and says the Orioles were neck-and-neck with the Yankees all-season long. --- After I was born, the first players to receive the AL and NL MVPs, in the 1961 season (the season of the famed M&M Boys), were Roger Maris (the new home-run king with 61, and his 2nd-consecutive award) and Frank Robinson for the Reds. What a beautiful time to be alive, and not even have a clue what was going on around me.
  8. When I was born, in 1961, the Berlin Wall did not exist; that night, construction began on it. When I was born, in 1961, the single-season home-run king was Babe Ruth, with 60. When I was born, in 1961, the reigning AL and NL MVPs were Roger Maris and Pittsburgh Shortstop Dick Groat, who had won the batting title in 1960. The 1960 MVP results: 1) Maris (61 HRs) 2) Mantle (54 HRs) 3) Brooks Robinson in the AL - Brooks insists they were pretty-much neck-and-neck with the Yankees right up to the end of the season, and Groat in the NL. The first players to receive AL and NL MVPs after I was born, in the 1961 season, were Roger Maris (his 2nd in a row) and Frank Robinson for the Reds.
  9. (Personal communication devices that are controlled via satellite, I would think - being able to communicate from Antarctica, etc.)
  10. DonRocks

    Baseball Trivia

    Who is the first player ever to win the MVP in the LCS (League Championship Series)? --- Here's a hint (mouse over): He is a figure in Nats' history. Here's a bigger hint (mouse over): He's (arguably) the first-ever person to give a "high five." (click) The answer can easily be found here - I would have *never* gotten this, but it's interesting because it's 1) true trivia and also 2) relatively important.
  11. Don't get me wrong - I'm certain that mutton BBQ can be profound; it's just that these two local-legend places weren't. I don't know if you've been to places like Mount Vernon Inn in Mount Vernon, VA; Old South Mountain Inn in Boonsboro, MD etc., but that's kind of what it was like. You can sort-of tell from the picture, right? I also had burgoo there, and it was nothing I would go out of my way to order (again, I'm sure it can be wonderful, but it was originally just road-kill stew). [I should move these to an Owensboro, KY thread in Intrepid Traveler.]
  12. I'm still waiting for my first good ... *anything* at Texas Jack's. Not saying unicorns don't exist; only that I've never seen one. On a marginally related topic, I went to Owensboro, KY two-years ago (famed for barbecue mutton, believe it or not) - two of the most esteemed institutions there (Moonlite and Old Hickory) were places I'd hardly drive down the street for, at least not once the novelty is over. --- Federalist Pig (FranklinDubya)
  13. I'm looking forward to reading that article. I was also hoping to stimulate discussion, as I put literally less than one-minute of thought into my list. I just thought of "cell phones," and looking at the list, I think they might need to replace "television," which has really gone archaic in only seventy years. An interesting way to approach this is to think, "Would I trade X for Y?" I'd rather have cell phones than television. Certainly, you could also say "computers," but I'm curious what others think (this is obviously a non-binding list). Anyone who wouldn't include anesthetics has never had surgery before. This is an incredible tale. Maybe something to do with breathing, drinking (affordable water purification and distribution would certainly be a candidate, assuming it even exists), eating, and shelter? I'm pretty sure this list would look very different fifty years from now.
  14. I know the automobile was technically "invented" pre-1900, but my votes are (in no particular order): * Automobile * Television * Internet My 4th and 5th choices might be: * Airplane * Anesthetics but I'm not sure, and I did these off the top of my head. What I'm curious about is this question: How much technology carried over between "television" and "internet?" The computer scientist in me says, "not much," but is that true?
  15. I'm not sure "how much less" than 1% the figure is, but I'd be surprised if the amount was 1%, given just how many scallops are sold and consumed in the US.
  16. In conjunction with Egg Slut, I find it very funny that Hangover Heaven has "Group Discounts." (*) Booking must be made 24 hours in advance. Must be paid in full at the time of booking. Group pricing is for a single appointment and cannot be split over multiple rooms or multiple days. All members of group must be in same hotel room/suite within 15 minutes of appointment time Group appointments are non-refundable for unused treatments. Parties of 11+, please call for special pricing.
  17. Too easy? Okay, what two films did I see this weekend? PS - I'd never been to either of these restaurants before - neither the fast-casual Indian, nor the fast-casual pizzeria.
  18. This is interesting - I was right there last Tuesday afternoon, and it looked very crowded. Congratulations to Sophia, with our continued thanks for being a member here. Continued gratitude to the great cheezepowder for all the work they've done here. To our readers: Don't forget how good cheesesteaks can be when wrapped in tandoor-fresh naan.
  19. Hint: If you recognize the restaurant, and you know my taste in film, this isn't that difficult.
  20. How about your most hilarious Google searches?
  21. If anyone wants needs my help, you know where to find me. See that "[sic]" in the article? That's one, gigantic middle finger.
  22. I had both a Classic and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich today, and I can once again say that I don't "get" Popeye's. The Spicy was the better of the two, only because it had some degree of flavor; but only because of the mild heat. Both sandwiches came with (ugh) mayonnaise, the quality of the chicken was atrocious, and the batter (especially on the spicy) was "batter for batter's sake." I can see having a craving for this in the same way that I might crave a McDonald's cheeseburger once every ten years, but no more than that - these were disgusting. I ate half of each sandwich, and threw the rest in the trash - never again. And the lines at 4:15 PM, both in the drive-thru, and the walk-in, were ridiculous. People have absolutely no taste.
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