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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8755789/amp/Trump-casts-doubt-Ruth-Bader-Ginsburgs-dying-wish-saying-Dems-wrote-it.html
  2. After being largely imprisoned for 6+ months, I just took a 5-night vacation: Virginia Beach, Chincoteaque, and Philadelphia (after a brief visit to Ocean City, MD - I can't believe Sportland and Playland are still open!) - I just got back yesterday, and will let you know if I come down with an ailment. With the exception of the oceanfront Virginia Beach hotel (which was fine, but it was still a well-worn beach hotel, not quite as meticulously deep-cleaned as the other places), I felt quite safe. The number of people dining out in Philadelphia this past weekend was remarkable, but just about e
  3. Having driven from Heidelberg to Munich, I suspect I drove through it once.
  4. Just for added perspective: "This is my favorite restaurant in the world." -- Andy Hayler
  5. Invision has a new feature that automatically archives topics without any posts in the past five years (5 is the maximum setting). I can manually unarchive them, so if you want to post in something that was last updated in 2007 (it happens more than you might think), just send me a PM, and I'll manually unarchive it for you. They (Invision) also told me that a lot of website owners have written them about this, and they may reverse this in the future (I suspect they will, but it may be a few months). I don't want any thread here to be archived since this is an evergreen website.
  6. May 15, 2020 - "Tortacos Germantown Reopens, Gaithersburg Location Closes Permanently" on mocoshow.com
  7. Huh. I guess I'd never even thought about it before - I'm pretty sure this is the first I've heard of this, although it makes perfect sense (China is a massive country, and in the Southeast, it dips into the Tropics, bordering Vietnam, Laos, Burma, etc.)
  8. "USC Professor under Fire after Using Chinese Expression Students Allege Sounds like Racial Slur" by Jessie Yeung on edition.cnn.com
  9. Q: Who was the first Black-American President of a Country? A: Joseph Jenkins Roberts.
  10. Flying to Boston and renting a car is (normally) a great way to get to Maine and beyond into the Canadian Maritime Provinces.
  11. smokey, if you do this, you should write gnatharobed (whose family owns A&J) and let her know - I'm certain they (the family) would be beaming over this. We miss you!
  12. No pushback against this statement? I was hoping to get some, cuz I really don't want to go to Virginia Beach.
  13. I was considering Hilton Head (too far) and Martha's Vineyard (too far north), and realized there is almost nothing in between them, so .... About 25-30 years ago, I had been to nearly all of the restaurants in the country that had simultaneous Mobil 5-Star and AAA 5-Diamond ratings (this is all there was back then!) Anyway, one of them was in Bar Harbor, and I'm struggling to remember the name, but it was on this occasion when I realized that "rating systems" were full of BS. This restaurant was "okay," but certainly not worthy of anyone's highest accolades, much less the only two r
  14. Look at these prices! Who is paying this much?! The Inn at Perry Cabin is nice, but not *this* nice - the prices include a (one-time per visit (not per night)) $200-300 credit to their restaurant (now called "Stars"), which used to be okay, but not the least bit memorable; maybe they upped their game or something, but I've stayed here twice over the years, and this seems like insanity to me. Getting a regular old room, with a single dinner for two at their restaurant, the first Fri-Sat in October will cost you about $2500 all-in. The same thing - two nights and one meal -
  15. Was Hyatt House somewhere you'd consider decent? And (since there's a strip of hotels), can you think of anyplace else that might be a comparable, or even a step up? (Did you enjoy Virginia Beach? I know shockingly little about it - last time I was there, my dad had to come out into the ocean and save me from an undertow (while incurring a nasty cut on his leg which required a hospital visit and stitches - he was a hero to me for having done that ... I was on my way out to sea if he hadn't come and fetched me.)
  16. Eric, I've dithered about where to go to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE for a few days - I think I've leaned away from Ocean City and the Outer Banks, and have settled on Virginia Beach, where I haven't been in nearly 50 years! Does anyone have any input about places to stay (paramount importance) or restaurants?
  17. Since when is this place $1000+ a night ?!?!?!?
  18. I saw the replay ten times - it's nothing that couldn't have happened to any competitive tennis player; the odds of this happening were microscopic. Djokovic has already issued a statement here (he must have a PR team working on things such as this - I don't see how he could have mustered the acuity to have written this the very same day it happened). For those following the Grand Slam Titles race, the implications here are enormous, although I suspect that mid-decade, Djokovic will have nevertheless pulled ahead of both Nadal and Federer - this will be eating at him until he does, as it
  19. Wasn't Bernie Kosovar the QB for the Cleveland Browns?
  20. Bank machines (at Bank of America, anyway) give you the option to get $10 bills now at their ATMs. *Especiallly* if you tell them it's so you can tip housekeeping - every single time, they seem happy that someone goes to the trouble. Reminder: A tip to the hotel receptionist will often come back as a free drink, or even an upgrade - not always, but maybe 25% of the time. Checking in is a *perfect* time to change the $20, take $15, and say "I appreciate your help" with the other $5. I *never* expect anything in return for this, but history has proven to me that in the long run, it
  21. It's got to be the texture - that little bit of squeaky firmness, and then ... squish. Have you tried making a puree and deceiving them? Or if that won't work, making an 80-20 mashed potato - zucchini puree, slowly upping the percentage of zucchini, and telling them it's calabacín if they ask why the potatoes are green?
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