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  1. Oh, I don't think there's any doubt that Google is something of a monopoly, but for *that* guy to be calling the kettle black after his little fiefdom got handed back to him? You never heard him bitching when Yelp was the only (national) game in town, and they were consistently showing #1 on all Google searches.
  2. Yes, when did that become a "thing?" I've noticed it also, but only fairly recently.
  3. And you know what? None of these Old Town closures are being rented to other restaurants, including Restaurant Eve. Restaurant openings and closings are a leading economic indicator. I see the bad moon rising.
  4. What does this mean, the only NOVA location? You know what sucks? Every 10 years, you have to get a new license - the first 10 years, you can renew it online, but after 20 years, you must go in. Mine expires in a few weeks, and it has been 20 years.
  5. There are probably 50-100 restaurants missing from the Dining Guide(s) - it takes me 5-10 minutes per entry to add a restaurant - the good news is I have tabs on them all, I think. (Some of these are in the Multiple Locations Guide, and I haven't gotten around to distributing them). I'd say Springfield is probably the single biggest culprit (after Baltimore), mainly because Kibbee has started so many threads on places that I just can't get to. (You are aware that the Dining Guides *only* contain entries for which we have threads?) Thanks, Kibbee!
  6. Great article about Sonny Liston: "Sonny Liston: The Mysterious Death that Haunts Boxing" on bbc.com
  7. If you have fifteen minutes to waste spare, this is a *great* video about human speed cubers.
  8. This is incredible - watch the video in the article. Mar 8, 2018 - "Rubik's Robot Solves Puzzle in 0.38 Seconds" on bbc.com Here's the video without the article, but the article is worth reading, and can be read in two minutes.
  9. I'm not sure what to title this thread; I am sure it doesn't belong in the Gom Ba Woo thread. Yesterday was "Double Carryout Day" in DR Land, and I went 0-2 in order errors due to language barriers - both were drawn-out phone calls, with my having taken extreme caution to repeat the order several times, and speak slowly and clearly, to no avail. District Dumplings, South Arlington I ordered 16 Pork and Celery Dumplings, 8 steamed, and 8 fried. I got 15 dumplings - 8 Pork and Celery steamed, and 7 Pork and Shrimp, fried. Wiseguy Pizza, Rosslyn I ordered a Large Pizza with Extra Cheese and Sausage. I got a large pizza with extra cheese and extra sauce. I'm not sure I've ever had two phone orders in a single day, at two different restaurants, with both orders wrong. Oh, well!
  10. Has anyone tried the one at Big Buns lately? I had it many years ago, and it was the best I'd yet found. Josh liked the version at Cuban Corner; Daniel likes the version at Mi Cuba. I haven't had either of these.
  11. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that the grandmother issues will seem brand new to you - I watched it again last week, and the things I remembered from five-years ago were the Big Things; there are some pretty disturbing scenes going on even before Joe Buck reaches New York City.
  12. I agree, but I'm in a very, very small minority of people who doesn't care about celebrity (either being one, or fawning over them), and I won't call someone a chef who isn't directly running a kitchen - I don't buy this "Executive Chef" BS, never have, never will. Still, I begrudge nobody their trip down Stardom Lane, if that's what they wish for - as a restaurant writer, it won't influence me one way or the other.
  13. I cannot find anything about Le Restaurant at 2521 Ennalls Ave - does anyone know either what happened to it, or what the exact address is/was? There is a place called "Latino Restaurant" at 2521 Ennalls Ave - maybe this is it? There is evidence of a Le Restaurant at 2533 Ennalls Ave (which is now El Pollo Kiki Riki). (In the meantime, I've changed the title - here and in the Dining Guide - to "Latino Restaurant.")
  14. Here's the version I had at Del Mar. Last night, I had a very interesting, loosely based (one might say "inspired-by") version at The Dabney: Tomato Tartine ($16)
  15. I remember the first time I flew to Europe - there was a squalling infant right behind me, and it was interminable. As inconvenient as you may find them, earplugs (and blindfolds) really do work, and they might be the most practical solution to this.
  16. Here's a thought I've never heard of anyone proposing before: When all is said and done, if I was forced to bet at gunpoint, I would put my money on Djokovic to come out on top in terms of "Number of Grand Slam Singles Championships Won." Nevertheless, it's highly unlikely - but not impossible - that all 3 of the Big 3 could retire with the exact same number, perhaps 20 or 21. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head! I had an ever-so-slight preference for Djokovic in yesterday's Wimbledon final; I'm going to be pulling hard for Federer in the U.S. Open.
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  18. In a 4-hour, 55-minute thriller of a match in yesterday's Wimbledon Gentleman's Finals, Novak Djokovic barely defeated Roger Federer, the final score being 7-6(5), 1-6, 7-6(4), 4-6, 13-12(3). The match was so close that, at one point, Federer was serving with two match points on his racket, with the score in the fifth set 8-7, 40-15; yet, Djokovic somehow managed to draw even at deuce, and go on to break Federer's serve. The match was so close that Federer actually won more games (36-32) and more points (218-204). Today, Monday, a growing coalition is forming, contending that Federer actually won the match, and that he is the rightful Wimbledon champion. Reginald Halliday, one of the leaders of the movement, says, "Federer won more games, and most importantly, more points. How could Djokovic possibly be considered the champion, when he didn't even win a majority of these? The rules of tennis are archaic and unethical, and Federer will always be the 2019 champion to anyone of sound judgment." A representative for the Wimbledon tournament has not yet responded.
  19. Welcome, rms. Did you know that this restaurant is owned and run by the uncle of Pete Sampras? Sam Sampras, Pete's father, was one of the three original founders!
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