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  1. I wanted to bump this thread in case anyone has a loved one who is seriously ill.
  2. This response is a bit late, but here is the answer that you seek: Aug 2, 2018 - "Then and Now: What's Replaced Six Classic DC Haunts" by Alex Daniels on washingtonian.com Bonus: Sep 25, 1995 - "The Woes of Kilimanjaro" by Ken Ringle on washingtonpost.com
  3. "Why Did the Washington Post Get this Woman Fired?" by Josh Barro and Olivia Nuzzi on nymag.com
  4. [Please keep posting - I'm dying to get out of here, and haven't dined in a restaurant in four months.] PS - Corduroy is open Wed-Sat (not tonight), and needs your business. It has been dead there.
  5. "Naomi Osaka Becomes Highest-Paid Female Athlete in History after Earning $37 Million Last Year" by Ben Church on edition.cnn.com
  6. "Union Square Shopping, Dining & Travel" on unionsquareshop.com
  7. [This is shaping up to be a "My Favorite Restaurant" list instead of a safety list, so the thread is pretty much worthless as it stands.]
  8. I ask because on May 13, I ordered (among other things) two Little Pearl Cheeseburgers ($16 each). I had one that night, and the second one the next day, and on both occasions I swore - and I mean I was absolutely certain - that these were the greatest cheeseburgers I'd ever eaten. But instead of raving about them here, I waited until May 19, just to be sure, and ordered four more. Everything was wonderful, except (alas) the meat itself, which was ferociously oversalted, and cooked to a full medium-well instead of medium-rare. As usual, I had been jumping-up-and-down raving about them, and then someone else was there to try them, and they were ... disappointing (it's not possible for a cheeseburger to be "great" or even "really good" if the meat is oversalted and overcooked). I've been waiting to give them another chance, but haven't seen them. I'm telling you though: I've had an unspeakable number of cheeseburgers in my life, and the best I've ever had (before the May 13th cheeseburgers) were the Chef's Choice, lovingly assembled by Peter Smith at PS7, about ten years before, and Little Pearl's were peers - these things were un-real (NB: They had a "Big Mac" flavor profile, i.e., no ketchup or mustard, and that is, of course, personal preference).
  9. Have you ever tried their cheeseburgers? If so, what did you think? (They haven't had them on the menu for a few weeks now.)
  10. DonRocks

    Ceiling Fans

    And? And?? "Ceiling Fans 101" and "Fan FAQS" on fanmanlighting.com PS - Would you dislike me if I told you that Hunter owned Casablanca?
  11. Is this the lighthouse they moved about thirty years ago? I remember visiting a light house in the Outer Banks (not for the first time), and it seemed oddly unfamiliar - and then I found out there was some incredibly elaborate displacement that occurred in the previous decade (all dates written here are via faulty memory). Does anyone remember this great bakery somewhere around Avon, or Frisco, or in one of those towns, with these really good donuts, and in the evenings they served really good pizza? I was much younger then, and my palate hadn't developed, but I remember being in heaven whenever I went here - it was on the east side of the highway. Might it have been called The Gingerbread House? That name just popped into my head as I was writing this.
  12. To me, the Funky Cuban - which uses roasted pork - is "better" than any Italian sub in the area that uses pre-packaged, nitrated coldcuts.
  13. "Phoenix Has No Coat: Historicity, Eschatology, and Sins of Omission in Eudora Welty's 'A Worn Path'" by Dean Bethea on journals.lib.unb.ca
  14. Mar 9, 2016 - "The Extraordinary Measures of Giannis Antetokounmpo" by Kevin Arnovitz on espn.com
  15. "The Birchmere in Alexandria To Reopen" by Abigail Constantino on wtop.com
  16. I heard this on WTOP news today: "Clyde's of Columbia, The Soundry Closing for Good in July amid Coronavirus Pandemic" by Jacob Calvin Meyer on baltimoresun.com
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