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  1. DIShGo is probably the only living person who has experienced three such important things in person: * Aug 9, 1974: She was at the White House when Nixon's helicopter flew away for his final departure as U.S. President. * Jul 5, 1980: She was at the Wimbledon Final between Borg and McEnroe - the one with THE tiebreaker. * Aug, 12, 1982: She went out with DonRocks for his 21st birthday.
  2. "Portrait of Antonio Navagero" (1565) by Giovanni Battista Moroni
  3. Timing has meant a lot also - Federer came first, then Nadal stymied Federer. Both men are now worn down - Federer mostly by age, and Nadal by his extreme style of playing. Djokovic is not only a bit younger, but also seems built for longevity with both his rivals now at the end of their careers. Why *not* Djokovic? I love all three of these guys, and am content for history to take me wherever it may lead. Again, I must emphasize the fact that 2 out of the 4 Grand Slams are on Djokovic's favorite surface. It's not impossible that the U.S. Open will have three 20-Grand Slam winn
  4. For those who consider "Number of Major Singles Titles" to be the benchmark in determining the GOAT: "Rafael Nadal's Decision To Miss Wimbledon, Olympics, Part of Larger Gambit To Prolong Career" by Steve Tignor on tennis.com I'm not one of these people, but it's impossible to deny that the Big 3 are surely the three-greatest men's singles players in history, on absolute terms. It's also becoming easier to see how Djokovic (19 Majors) will slide past both Federer (20) and Nadal (20) as the two elder statesmen are now skipping tournaments in order to prolong their careers. For awhile,
  5. "Ned Beatty, Actor Known for 'Network' and 'Deliverance,' Dies at 83" by Neil Vigdor on nytimes.com
  6. I can't answer this - I don't know enough about the process (chemically), and depending on who is doing the (dry?) aging, my guess is that one place's 60 might be another place's 90. I've had "dry-aged beef" where I couldn't tell it was dry-aged. Hell, I had a Wagyu tri-tip the other week, and couldn't tell it was Wagyu.
  7. Yes, there comes a point where things start to go South. I’m not sure when it is, but 240 days seems incredibly long - if you *didn’t* get that blue-cheesy component in it, I’d say something was odd. ”The Science of Dry-Aging: The Ultimate Guide” on fullofsteak.com
  8. Lamb Curry ($15), one of two Friday specials. Plentiful, long-cooked, and beautifully seasoned with undertones of clove - enough for two full meals.
  9. How do they not have Muscadet? Moscato is as different from Muscadet, as Pinot Noir is from Pinot Gris. Damn.
  10. “Del Mar Staff Pen Letter Demanding Change from Fabio Trabocchi, Then Quit” by Laura Hayes at washingtoncitypaper.com
  11. Incredibly, Jônt, Chef Ryan Ratino's Chef's Counter on top of Bresca, received 2 Michelin Stars less than one year after opening. As of today (May 26), it's completely booked until Jun 24. A 14-course tasting menu is $225 ($345 including supplements), with beverage pairings available for $155. With tax and tip, the full experience here is $1,300 for two! The wines by the glass and bottle are very well-chosen for such a new restaurant, but so, so expensive with no obvious entry point (other than the wrist-slitting choice of their outstanding-looking non-alcoholic beverages).
  12. [If anything appears "weird" - i.e., links that don't link, edits that can't take place, excessive blank lines at the bottom of Pat's posts 🙂 - could you write me and let me know? I think a lot of settings have been overwritten, and I need to redo them. There's nothing that shouldn't be as it was before. Cheers, Rocks]
  13. Echigo beers are expensive, but they’re also perfectly suited to my palate - they’re flavorful, but on the elegant side, without any intrusive hopping or silly flavors. Plus, their Koshihikari (rice lager, $9) has one of the nicest looking labels I’ve seen. The Miso Ramen ($12) was just as I remember it from a couple years ago, with the tofu and bok choi ($2-3 each) not necessarily complementing the ramen, but good on their own (“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!” as my mom always used to say). There was about a thirty-minute wait last night, but with The Block next do
  14. Did you know that The Block now has three area locations? (There are about 60 people in the Annandale location at 7:30 on a Sunday Night.)
  15. The best source would probably be something official, but this isn’t bad (note that this includes dairy cows): “Do Cows Pollute as much as Cars?” by Jacob Silverman on animals.howstuffworks.com Note also, this has to do with the sheer number of cows; anyone who has seen (inevitably) horrific video of a single, exploding, beached whale can see this (warning: You can’t unsee this). This one is a little more humorous, a bit less nauseating:
  16. Yesterday was perfect to dine al fresco and people watch in Georgetown. A bottle of Louis Dumont Brut Champagne ($70, a better value than the $20 per glass; I’d like to see a half-bottle of Champagne on the menu here) escorted us the entire way through the meal. I forgot to take a picture of the Boudin Blanc ($13). Soft Shell Crabs in a Meunière Sauce ($38) Grand Marnier Soufflé ($13) Just as it always does, La Chaumière delivered with great atmosphere and service, and classic French cooking that’s good enough to return for - this is one restaurant that has b
  17. You’re welcome. https://tracker.gasbuddy.com (Enter your zip code - a red line through the gas pump means they’re out. I just went to a station that recently updated their status, and waited five minutes max.)
  18. As much respect as I have for vegetarians and vegans (both of which I consider to be more fully evolved than I am), I'm completely with Poivrot Farci on this one. Instead of weeding the garden, they've decided to carpet-bomb it. This is as good a place as any to write this: Try the "Isa Essor" Pintades Fermières at Joyce Farms - $39.99 for 2 birds, and you'll never again want a supermarket chicken - the legs are huge and the breasts are small, which is as it should be. I can also vouch for the "Gloucesterchire Old Spot" Pork Chops, the Whole Rabbit, and the Ground Beef (all of which I lik
  19. Were you unreasonable at being upset when your 10:15 AM order wasn't ready *an hour and fifteen minutes later?* Nope!
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