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  1. Could anyone here recommend a qualified, licensed home electrician working in Arlington who’s reliable and trustworthy? Electricians are notorious for giving wildly different quotes for the same job, and I’d like to pay a fair price, but not overpay. Thank you! Don Rockwell
  2. Dr. Lessnee (who I saw for my cleaning a couple of weeks ago) is quite a film buff, as it turns out. He has recommended several older classics to me that I'd overlooked - right now I'm thinking of "Fail Sale," "Paths of Glory" and "Touch of Evil," all of which I'm really glad I watched. Don Rockwell
  3. "Teen Swimmer Killed by Most Venemous Marine Animal" on mercurynews.com
  4. Down at the bottom of the stairs, off to the right - I've been there a few times. I swear this is true: I got "Potato Curry" there once, and they used *frozen french fries* (crinkle-cut) as the potatoes! Still, it was probably the best of an awful group of eateries.
  5. DonRocks

    Dower Slaves

    Dower Slaves When I was in fifth grade, our class was given a homework assignment to write down as many homonyms as we could each think of, and a week later, our teacher combined our efforts on the blackboard. As a class, we produced over one-hundred different homonyms. The list was impressive, containing words (some with obvious parental help) such as “jeans” and “genes.” One pair of homonyms none of us had come up with was “dour” and “dower." We’re all familiar with the term “dowry,” which means, “a transfer of property or money, by parents to their daughter, at the time of the dau
  6. Thanks for posting this, Bart. I've never set foot in this hotel (or by extension, BLT Prime), so I had no idea about any of this. I used to work across 12th Street in what is now the Clinton Building (the EPA headquarters), and spent numerous lunch hours in the food court of the Old Post Office Building (honestly, the food court was absolutely dreadful). [I apologize for retitling you post - I liked yours better.]
  7. I've updated the list of U.S. Senators and Senate races to include the 2020 and 2021 elections. * No political affiliations have been listed for any candidates (in the (very useful, historical) topmost post, their names are colored in blue or red). * AK - Incumbent Dan Sullivan retained his seat against orthopedic surgeon (and commercial fisherman) Al Gross in a very expensive, contentious election. * AL - Former Auburn football coach and politcal newcomer Tommy Tuberville used his popularity to defeat the very vulnerable incumbent, Doug Jones. * AR
  8. Click here for the Feb 12, 2021 Arlington County Vaccine bulletin.
  9. True story: I'm sitting in a *dentist chair* this morning, ready for my six-month check-up, and my dentist walks in and says, "Hey, Don, was that you John Kelly wrote about?" For whatever reason, I missed John's article *and* these two posts here yesterday (I was running around all day, and then got too caught up in the Super Bowl). It's really odd to hear from a random person that they read about you in the newspaper, when you didn't even know about it!
  10. The reason this is coming up again is because someone else (who is looking for this commercial) found this thread, then found me on Facebook (see the Facebook link just below), and messaged me - she was living in Easton, PA at the time (Jill, I hope you can figure out how to join here and reply to this post). Apparently, this thread is the best current source of information about the Sez-A-Me Seeds which doesn't bode well. However, I just pinged John Kelly from the Washington Post - he's *perfect* for this type of research, but only if he gets interested. https://www.facebook.com/don
  11. The couple times that I've forgotten to have my mask on properly, I was reminded, and always thanked the people who reminded me. You have to figure that if people are wearing a mask to begin with, they want to actually wear the mask properly; it's the ones without a mask you need to stay away from. I don't quite remember why I made this comment (and added the quotes) on Jun 1, 2020. Maybe I had decided the virus had spiraled out of control, but this doesn't seem like something I would have written.
  12. You were saying? --- PS - GRPN market cap: $891 million --- PPS - I also guessed at the failure of Bitcoin. 🤐
  13. Here is up-to-the-minute information regarding vaccines in Arlington County. A member here is living overseas, and has two elderly parents (90 and 81) living in Arlington. I was going to take them to get their vaccines, but did some research first - here's what I found: At Walter Reed Community Center, they were giving vaccinations (with long lines) 1-2 weeks ago. I just went there and asked how to go about doing this, and a kindly, older gentleman at the front desk gave me a very long, non-answer. The upshot is that "they" (perhaps the Community Center, perhaps the entire county) ar
  14. Hank Aaron passed away this morning. Here's the legend's 1982 Hall of Fame induction speech:
  15. Se busca: personas con la piel oscura, latinos, inmigrantes, musulmanes, judíos, mujeres, miembros de la comunidad LGBTQ, personas mayores, personas con discapacidades, ciegos, sordos, lesionados, enfermos. Deje su política y su religión en casa y escriba su lengua materna: ¡No se requiere inglés!
  16. Interesting. I guess any rational person would call my writing the F-bomb (innocent as it may be) "shooting from the hip," but I figured it was just auto-deleted, and not tabulated in any cumulative, your-account-is-suspended sort-of way. I do agree the NYTimes' comments section is much more ... readable? Tolerable? --- PS - The response I got was infuriatingly lame: The Washington Post (Washington Post Customer Care) Jan 19, 2021, 9:54 PM EST Yes, profanity leads to suspension. --- PPS - If anyone writes a comment in the Post's comments sectio
  17. I just wrote this letter to comments@washpost.com: --- My account was just suspended for two hours - why?! The only thing I can think of is that, about fifteen minutes ago, I accidentally put a comment in the wrong location, wanted to delete it, and rewrite it in the correct place - the ONLY way I'm able to do that is to erase the text, write the F-Bomb, and type submit. It's automatically deleted because it's a profanity - easy, right? Could it be possible that you're monitoring these types of comments? If so, you'll find a *whole lot* of them written by me.
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