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  1. Q: Which pitcher has the most career wins without a Cy Young Award? A: Cy Young
  2. While not as amazing as what Tatis achieved, I found this tidbit out today: Frank Robinson hit grand slams in back-to-back innings with the exact same players on-base both times (Blair on 1st, Buford on 2nd, McNally on 3rd).
  3. Fair enough! For the record, I’m a *huge* fan of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic - pretty much equally. That said, you’ll *never* hear me say who’s the “greatest ever” based on the total number of majors (*). That’s a new “thing” that started with Sampras in the late 1990s. (*) Take away any one of the Big 3, and one of the other two would have 30 majors. It isn’t inconceivable that a single dominant player (think: Lance Armstrong) might have 40 before 2050.
  4. I honestly don’t understand why it bums you out.
  5. Not refunded, but applied to your bill. If you pay a $100 deposit, and your total meal bill is $175, you’ll pre-pay $103 to Tock (including the $3 fee), then $75 at the restaurant, and receive: 1030 points for your prepaid $103 (10x points) 225 points for your $75 balance (3x points) and they’ll show up on your balance as two separate charges. —- Incidentally, I asked a chef about Tock’s charges: He told me they charge the restaurant 3% for the prepaid amount which is the same as AmEx, I believe. —- Calling all Restaurants: If there’s a reason we (the diners) shouldn’t be using this feature, could you let us know?
  6. lion, this may not be of much help for New River Gorge proper, but … https://www.donrockwell.com/topic/52942-help-needed-mountains-with-high-speed-internet/?do=findComment&comment=354342
  7. I only saw a little bit of the match, but Osaka's body language told me she just didn't want to be there. Something drove her to become the best player in the world, but you need an extra gear to sustain that level. Now that she's tasted so much success in other areas, she may be deciding (perhaps even unbeknownst to her) that this isn't the path she wants to take going forward - something of an Andrea Jaeger mentality (Osaka just doesn't come across as a killer). Even if that's the case, she still managed to climb a very difficult mountain. On a technical note, it bothers me that her serve toss is so far to her left. It sure works well enough, but her margin for error is low. On a larger note, the quality of top-level tennis doesn't seem very high right now, probably due to a number of factors (COVID-19, generational superstars winding down, etc.) As I type this, I'm watching Djokovic-Nishikori, and I'm dismayed at how many of their shots are landing inside the service line. This is just not what we've grown used to seeing over the past twenty years.
  8. We were there the night before you, and while the Seared Tuna and Tonkatsu didn't *quite* reach the absurd heights of the previous visit, they were both still superb (the Tonkatsu was a perfect medium-rare previously, and both dishes were a bit saltier on this evening - but trust me, this is nitpicking greatness). I balked when I saw the Chilled Avgolemono soup on the menu (this is one of my "comfort foods," and the thought of having it cold is like the thought of having lasagna cold), but when Tom sent out a little sample, I was amazed at just how good it was. Also, a sashimi appetizer of Hamachi was fantastic - it was divided into loin meat and belly meat, with the same cabbage that comes with the Tonkatsu (it works equally well with both and did not seem redundant). The pictures of the tuna are a bit washed out, but I included two of them to show just how thick this cut of fish really is. It is a mortal sin that on a Wednesday night, a 6:30 reservation was the final one of the evening. This restaurant should have a Michelin star.
  9. How do I execute this type of transaction on Chase? I’m genuinely curious now that you’ve said this. Chase is offering 5x points on flights (and 10x points on hotels, car rentals, and certain meals), but I don’t see any way to get 10x points on any flights. Do you transfer into Air India’s frequent-flier program, and then use one of *their* promotions? If I could get a $4000 flight for $400, that would influence my choice of destinations. Also, if anyone knows of any great values in transferring to, e.g., Hyatt, and then using *their* points for a free hotel, could you post here? The process of researching this is time-consuming and cumbersome, especially when you aren’t sure where you even want to go. It can consume hours out of your day.
  10. I trust Chase Sapphire Premium Visa holders are aware of the 50% points boost for past Dining expenses in the “Pay Yourself Back” category using Ultimate Rewards. Unless I’m missing something, this is *exactly* like the 50% bonus you get for using your points on future airfare, hotels, and dining - the big difference being that you’ve already spent the money. Can someone tell me if there’s any logical financial reason not to take advantage of this? I tried it for several transactions, and there are no surprises that I’m aware of. Also, be aware that the new “10x points” offer on Dining via Ultimate Rewards *only* applies to pre-paid amounts. E.G., if you make a reservation for two at Marcel’s, and put down a $200 deposit, you’ll get 10x points (2,000) for the deposit, but only the normal 3x points for any amount you spend at the restaurant. Pro tip: The Bouillabaisse at Convivial is eligible for 10x points when you order it as carry out (which is the equivalent of getting 10% off the meal).
  11. I worked with a guy at the EPA who's an expert on the subject. If anyone has any specific questions, I'll try and ask him (my Facebook has been commandeered, so my primary means of communication with him has been removed).
  12. My favorite single dish of 2021 so far was at San Lorenzo, where Chef Fabbri is putting out the same level of pasta dishes he did at while he ran the kitchen at Tosca. (I didn't take any pictures, but found some on San Lorenzo's Instagram page which both look exactly like what we were served - just click the names of the dishes to see the pictures.) Chilled Peach Soup with Scallop Ceviche was absolutely superb. Homemade Pappardelle Pasta with Rabbit Ragu, White Wine, Herbs, and Olive Oil is my 2021 "dish of the year" to this point. There were four of us at the table, and none of us could believe how good it was.
  13. There is no such thing as "driving to Corduroy" anymore. We went on July 31st, and drove around for nearly 45 minutes, before giving up, driving a mile north, and getting on the Lyft app ... only to find some sort of surge pricing which would have cost nearly $25 to go one mile (!), so I decided to drive back to Arlington, but on the way past Corduroy, there was, by some sort of divine intervention, an open space. I can honestly say that in all the times I've been to Corduroy in the past 18-ish years, the dishes were *the best* I've had there, and I'd bet I've been here over 100 times. Salads of Baby Gem Lettuce with Radish and Anchovy Riesling Vinaigrette ($10) don't sound that exciting, but they couldn't have been made, more importantly dressed, any better. As good as they were, the entrees were even a notch higher. I don't know how many times I've had the Peppered Rare Tuna with Hijiki and Sushi Rice ($33), but certainly over a dozen. This was the most perfect rendition of this now-classic dish I've ever had here. It didn't "look" any different, but every single flavor component, including the cooking of the tuna, was flawless - it literally could not have been any better. Its equal was the Tonkatsu with Salted Kombu Caraflex Cabbage ($27), which I've had only once before as a tasting portion. I don't see how either Tonkatsu or Salted Kombu Caraflex Cabbage could be any better than these were in terms of flavor, temperature, and texture. We had my favorite table in the house (the elevated booth across from the kitchen), and I'm near-certain that Chef Power hovered over both these dishes - that's the best explanation for why they were so stratospherically great. If you can, get a bottle of aged Red Burgundy with this meal (there's currently a 2010 Thierry et Pascale Matrot Monthélie on the list for $70) - it deserves nothing less. I'm pretty sure that, start-to-finish, this is the best meal I've had in 2021 (although there's a single course I had elsewhere that might be my "dish of the year" so far).
  14. The first luxe fine dining restaurant I ever went to was Harvey's in DC (early-mid 1980s), but Tio Pepe was probably one of my first five (*) - I believe I went there in 1988, and was just blown away by two things: a side dish of Spinach, Pine Nuts, and Grapes; and a dessert of Pine Nut Cake which was sliced from a rolled-up log. I fell in love with the service, the dessert cart, and the whole formality of the atmosphere. I just can't remember if I ever went back a second time (**), but I've driven past on dozens of occasions, each time with a little smile on my face. (*) My guess, in no particular order, is Harvey's (DC), Tio Pepe (Baltimore), La Maisonette (Cincinatti), Ernie's (San Francisco), and Russian Tea Room (New York City), all in 1990 or before (I got a very late start, by today's standards). Now that I'm typing this, I also remember Dominique's (DC), my first visit (of several) to Le Lion d'Or (DC), and some AAA-Mobil five-star/diamond-whatever rated place in Bar Harbor, Maine that burned down and wasn't all that impressive (Mobil and AAA were pretty much the only dining guides to go on back then). (**) Wow, I just this second remembered I got Roast Suckling Pig and had no idea what it was.
  15. As a small demonstration of my power, I will raise my right index finger into the air at 2:20 PM EST this afternoon. Mountains will tremble, winds will howl, and automobiles will begin swerving on the highways. I will not end the world. Yet.
  16. To Brooks, who broke many batters’ hearts with his (broken) arm. “Brooks Robinson Recovering after Surgery” on mlb.com
  17. Furthermore, Dubai Air is owned by Cerithian Oil, which has left southern Nigeria in a shambles.
  18. "China's Ma Long Wins Fourth Gold in Third Olympics by Repeating as Men's Table Tennis Champion" on espn.com Since this thread was started in Jun, 2016, Ma Long has won two Olympic Gold Medal's in men's singles. That said, the player Ma defeated in this year's finals, Fan Zhendong, has perhaps surpassed him as "best in the world."
  19. Here are some articles about current catering in the area. These are not endorsements by me; they're merely things I found searching the internet: "Top 10 Wedding Caterers in Washington, DC (2021)" by Amanda Sven on weddingrule.com "We Scored 145 Catering Companies in Washington, DC and Picked the Top 19" on expertise.com
  20. The Wizards have traded Russell Westbrook to the Lakers, with other players, draft picks and consideration. This is a massive trade, perhaps a good trade for Washington, but it's a *great* short-term trade for Los Angeles who is clearly trying to make another title run in 2021-2022. With a team of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, by definition, one of those superstars must be the third-best player on the Lakers. That may not pan out in five years, but next season, I can't imagine anyone defeating them for a championship. "Reports: Lakers Agree to Russell Westbrook Trade" on nba.com
  21. "Wrist Strap Optional Extra" - the wrist strap is 1/10 of 1% of the production cost of this thing, but who dares risk throwing their pocket fisherman in the water by mistake?
  22. There are several things I need to do, but they’re small things, so please carry on and accept my apologies for the site having been offline so long. Cheers, Rocks
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