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  1. Goetta sounds a lot like scapple - we're there for one meal. Terry's Turf Club also!
  2. Will she get an extension? What's the downside for the Continent not to grant it? Does anyone actively want her to fail? Given that this seems like a hasty mistake, isn't there a possible way out? Even powers-that-be enjoy stability.
  3. Without going to the store, what was the alternative? This sounds like a good fridge cleanout.
  4. Never trust a college kid's food palate, no matter what he turned into. 😉 Seriously, I had a Del Taco Green Burrito within the past couple of years - it's a scoop of refried beans (mostly mush), green chili sauce (mild), a little sour cream, and a small handful of cheddar thrown into a flour burrito, then tightly wrapped - they're teeny-tiny, and have a flavor that you either like or don't. I *love* the combination of green chili sauce (completely canned) and mushy refried beans, and with a little sour cream and cheddar, it works for me as guilty-pleasure food, preferably if I'm hungover as hell - do note that it's vegan. Not one single component of this burrito can be called "high-quality"; if you like the flavor of the combination, good for you - you have a dirt-cheap meal on your hands; if not, you're like the other 99% of the world. Never underestimate the power of the Bell - I never got hooked on it; there are people who absolutely love it as their guilty-pleasure food. I know there's probably lard in the tortillas, possibly the beans (blowing up the vegan notion), but the combo works for me, just like Taco Bell's works for Willie Nelson et al. But my goodness, please don't ever put my reputation (or, what's left of it) on the line when it comes to judging this industrial burrito.
  5. Perhaps The Bruery can post updated information here so our beer lovers can get updates - would someone please send this suggestion to them?
  6. No, unraveling wasn't the right word - it just seemed like SMN opened to the type of excitement that could draw crowds cross-town, and over the years, it became more of a neighborhood restaurant in the minds of the public (I guess the only "major" change was the reversal of the service charge, which I thought was pretty ground-breaking at the time). I've been here 4-5 times, and went from being "dazzled" to merely "very happy," which hardly signifies an unraveling. For the life of me, I think I remember an off-night which scared me away for awhile, but I haven't been here since Mar, 2018, and it wasn't on that evening. PS - here's the menu from Mar 3, 2018 - I had the Fried Oysters, Mushroom Salad, Gnocchi with Vegetable Bolognese, and Lamb Shank Goulash that night, and everything was quite good.
  7. This made me sad also - I suppose it seemed almost inevitable (the restaurant has ever-so-slowly unraveled since its opening), but it still makes me sad. They tried to do the right things, and they succeeded for awhile.
  8. I'm not one to rush out to be the first in line for things, but I have 4PM tickets today for the opening-day screening of "Us," and after seeing "Get Out," I'm darned well looking forward to it.
  9. Wat's wrong wit Del Taco? 😠 A Green Burrito is 69 cents (or was), and completely vegan, save for the cheese - this thing is de-lish. I lived off these in college, and had them as recently as two-years ago - they're my best friends.
  10. Speaking of Caulifower Purée, *nobody* makes a better one then DIShGo, and I mean *nobody*. DIShGo, would you please share your recipe?
  11. Matt Plays Things 3: The Threequel Sat, Apr 6, 2019, 5-6 PM, live-streamed here (or one click away from here - I'll have it posted). This is Matt's senior recital - I talked to him last week: He's locked, loaded, and ready, and he said the pianist that's accompanying him is as good as any pianist at Indiana University.
  12. So! I'll be finding myself in Cincinnati for 2-3 nights soon, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything. There's the Jean-Robert restaurant group, Jose Salazar's restaurants, Camp Washington Chili (probably a lunch stop). But I have nowhere in mind for dinners - does anyone have specific restaurants to try? I'm happy to try anything and everything, from the down-and-dirty, to the Maisonette offspring (I guess La Maisonette is about the first ultra-luxe restaurant I ever tried). Three nights, and probably two days ... any ideas? PS - Please tune into Matt Rockwell's senior recital ... Sat, Apr 6, 5-6 PM, live-streamed ... I'll have more information as the date approaches, but it's going to be really good. Matt Plays Things 3: The Threequel
  13. Just because everyone in the world knows Diana Ross, and most people know Mary Wilson, a thread to honor: Florence Ballard.
  14. Does anyone remember Nekot? Does anyone know why they had this name? It's "Token" spelled backwards, but that's the only thing I can think of.
  15. Lisa, Thank you for posting. I'm not a "foodie," either - just a guy who loves life. We're thrilled to have you in our group, and there's no "foodie credentials" needed to be here; only kind regards for other people as fellow human beings. Seriously - I'll take a benevolent dolt over an intelligent snot, any day of the week. Please don't sell yourself short - you're as good as any of us are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Kind regards, Don
  16. I remember in 2008, the first time I was going to Madrid, I asked our own Sarah Kennel (Sarah at NGA), "If I'm going to Madrid, and the Prado, what do I see?" Her response was succinct: "Velázquez and Goya." It was a wonderfully superficial response to a purposefully superficial question, and it was entirely correct. Thank you, Sarah!
  17. You just complimented yourself - seriously, you did.
  18. Thanks, Bob Wells - I linked to your restaurants as well as I could (we have several of them as threads here) - it would be wonderful if every single one of these had its own thread, but that will only happen over time. Cheers! Rocks
  19. Many (most? all?) of the famous people described in this novel were real: Sir Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) and his "Blackshirts" - the nickname of the Fascist Defense Force. This is so important, historically.
  20. Is there any reason why Niantic doesn’t allow Charged TMs to be used during Community Days that would allow access to the special move set? Even a roll of the dice would be better than no chance at all. Also ... wouldn’t it be nice to have a “Devolve” option if you wanted to undo your Evolve? And, since everyone is so interested ... wouldn't it be nice for Pokemons to randomly turn into Shinies when you Evolve them?
  21. Note that there's also a thread for Low-Carb Thanksgiving Ideas.
  22. Here's one paragraph - not germane to the novel at all - that is readily translatable to the current, overblown state of society, slingshot-reacting to things people did 30-40 years in the past: "And then again, you will hear these same persons talking as though Lord Darlington did something unusual in receiving hospitality from the Nazis on the several trips he made to Germany during those years. I do not suppose they would speak quite so readily if, say, The Times were to publish even one of the guest lists of the banquets given by the Germans around the time of the Nuremberg Rally. The fact is, the most established, respected, ladies and gentlemen of England were availing themselves of the hospitality of the German leaders, and I can vouch at first hand that the great majority of these persons were returning with nothing but praise and admiration for their hosts. Anyone who implies that Lord Darlington was liaising covertly with a known enemy is just conveniently forgetting the true climate of those times." This is such a timeless novel - it could have been written 200-years ago, or 200-years into the future.
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