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  1. I got 2 pounds of carryout Pulled Chicken this afternoon from the Duke Street location, and it remains extraordinary. I'm pretty sure this is the best pulled chicken I've ever had.
  2. Make sure and try the biscuits at Ruthie's All-Day. (And just as I posted, I see I already said this up above.) BTW, I got that Brisket Hash once again as carryout (this time with three (3!) poached eggs), and it's really a good meal. Biscuits and strawberry jam go perfectly with this.
  3. "Politicians Urge People To Buy Australian Wine in Defiance of China" by Jack Guy on edition.cnn.com
  4. A notice decreed in Abbottabad, Pakistan:
  5. Sure, that's getting close. Also, think of the accomplishment(s) of Deep Blue vs. Gary Kasparov. Deep Blue (or any 2020 computer software) is better in chess, but who would you rather play chess against? Who would you rather have a beer with? (This is what I was getting at 15 years ago.) PS - This is the best chess channel on YouTube:
  6. I wonder if they have a secret, off-menu, ordering protocol - like you can order "level 2 heat" combined with "level 4 spices."
  7. A friend of mine (my former personal assistant) is looking for a high-quality tray of enchiladas, preferably made by an individual, but possibly by a restaurant. She's looking for a dozen: six pollo verde, six cerdo rojo, and will be happy to drive and pick them up. In particular, she's familiar with Mexican enchiladas, but would certainly be eager trying pasteles (et al) from elsewhere. Are there any enterprising home cooks out there, or does anyone know of a restaurant that can do this? Please reply in this thread - she'll be monitoring it. Cheers, Rocks
  8. When women are running this country (as they should be), I hope they build a Joe Biden Memorial. Watch this if you haven't, and don't ever forget it:
  9. The English weightlifting champion David Prowse, shown below in his famous "bodyguard role" in "A Clockwork Orange," also played Darth Vader in "Star Wars!" James Earl Jones did the voice, but it was the 6'7" Prowse inside the suit. I never once linked the actor below with Darth Vader. Prowse has passed away at age 85.
  10. Destruya, you were prescient and before your time. What does Barry Gibb have in common with a pirate? Bee Gee. Rrrrrrrrrrrr. 😉
  11. I agree, but we're talking a decline from 100% perfection to 98% perfection - I'm pretty sure the pastry chef was going for more textural contrast here, but the chocolate itself was plenty toothsome (sorry), and was different enough (texturally) than the passionfruit where it was perfect as it stood - Daisuke Utagawa's "cuisine of subtraction" and all that.
  12. This was quite some turkey - really the only great turkey I've ever eaten. The dark meat was *really* dark (the drumsticks (peeled) are on the far right of the platter). The directions that came with it (reportedly) made cooking it a breeze. Likewise, carving it.
  13. I'm watching the film, "Out of the Past," and they used the term "Gimcracks." Gimcrack: A cheap and showy ornament, a knickknack. Love it!
  14. The fish counter was well-stocked today. There's a young-ish gentleman who always works behind it, and he has been consistently reliable in terms of which fish are, and aren't, sashimi quality. Today, they had Opah and Ahi Tuna that were marked as sashimi quality; he told me to get the Ahi Tuna and the Skuna Bay Salmon instead. However, after cutting the tuna, he re-examined the salmon, and told me that only the tuna was of sashimi quality. I appreciate this honesty more than he knows. I'd estimate him to be 30-35, 5'8", medium build, black hair, most likely Latino - I think he might be J
  15. Well, you should ask them the name of their contractor because I just got back from there, and they've been open since Nov 11th! That's pretty remarkable.
  16. Do me a favor: Go to Happy Gyro and order a Double Freak-a-Burger ($13 for two). This year, I've probably ordered them ... twenty times? I have an order sitting in the refrigerator right now, waiting to be reheated (*) for lunch tomorrow - I'll be fighting DIShGo for them. You could eat four of these burgers, and be absolutely stuffed, but (and this is the kicker) you wouldn't feel that carburetor in your stomach when you finish. You know how you can stuff yourself silly with sushi and not hate yourself afterwards (except financially)? Same concept. (*) The best way to reheat these i
  17. You're coming close here. Some chemical lab on the New Jersey Turnpike could manufacture a wine that tastes *exactly* like a 1999 Roumier Chambolle-Musigny. But even though it might "taste" as good, it wouldn't *be* as good. Taste is a necessary-but-insufficient arbiter of quality (I've been saying this for 15+ years, and I still don't think many people understand me (I've learned to live with that)).
  18. I've had enough. I just heard someone on CNN say (for the 5,000th time in my life) "For God sakes!" Stop this! It is poor grammar, and should never be spoken. You have two choices, each with very different meanings, but both correct: 1) For God's sake ... 2) ... forsakes God.
  19. "Wine Fraud Rudy Kurniawan's Rise, Fall, and Plans for the Future" by Peter Hellman on nypost.com I discovered about a week ago that I have two more of Kurniawan's counterfeit bottles - I didn't remember they were from the same auction as the 1941 Latour, but they were. To Acker Merrall's credit, I asked if I could return them (this is 14-years later!), and they didn't even hesitate: Yes, I can, for the full purchase price.
  20. Reed, I honestly don't have a dog in the fight either - it's just that I'm seeing inklings of what I've seen a hundred times before. Their ingredients still appear to be honorable, and this appears to be one of their core flavors. It's the expansion of ingredients (and by extension, "flavors of ice cream"), plus the exponential increase in advertising - not to mention that they're being found at more-and-more ordinary places - that are the concrete facts that make me skeptical. You know what? I'll never delete this, so if I'm wrong in a couple of years, I want you all to rub my
  21. The Seven Corners Chick-fil-A has apparently chosen this time to renovate - it was open fairly recently, but this is a picture of the inside today (there were a couple of workers in there).
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