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  1. Recently, I had the wonderful experience of going to Belarusian Xata. It’s a very, very new spot so it’s really hot off the press in terms of discovery value: only three months old. I can understand why it has laid low because it’s all the way out in Brighton Beach, a food kingdom few venture to, a foreboding unknown!!! I was especially excited to try this one because I have been to Belarus, and I was hoping it would be a kind of Belarusian-rural-kitsch restaurant that you find in the countryside. Amazingly they got the genre down to a tee. I mean, this is maybe the single most “authenti
  2. I am BACK!!! After a long, long hiatus, partially as a result of travels, and partially as a result of issues with my learning disability, I have had trouble coming back to writing. But encouragement from so many of my friends and family has moved me to get back into it. I’ve continued to try hundreds of new restaurants, particularly in NYC where I am from. I thought I’d start it out with a particularly unique Staten Island establishment: Lakruwana. Little Sri Lanka’s NYC HQ is in Staten Island, which makes for a cumbersome journey to its great concomitant restaurants, but it’s well wort
  3. Hellllllooooo fellow citizens of the kingdom of rockwell!!! After a month or so hiatus I am back but no longer on the NYC forum having moved to Geneva!!! I need recommendations big time. I would love some adventures out of town but also need adventures in the city as well. I am extremely interested in Swiss food BUT would love to know about Balkan places, Turkish places, and others you think are noteworthy!! I am a sponge ready to soakith your advice!!
  4. Holy shit they are expanding rapidly. I had a feeling that their several locations in New York wasn't the end of this saga. I actually have eaten at the cart once and wasn't like overly wowed by the experience. I remember it being quite salty but this was some years ago now!! In DC it could do quite well ESPECIALLY IF IT STAYS OPEN 24 hours. DC's great weakness!!!
  5. Second time at Moldova Restaurant, and a unique one at that. This is the one and only Moldavian restaurant in New York (maybe another one but this like the HQ) and having been to Moldova I can assure you the food is better then in Moldova (I didn't eat at someone home or anyting like that BUT I am sticking with my opinion it isn't a place you go for food delights....). It is certainly worth trying and while not quite as good as some of the Uzbek or Georgian restaurants for instances it is still pretty good AND it has dishes you can't find elsewhere easily. Every time I've been I've gotten Mămă
  6. SOOOOOO I went to Agern last night. Better then I expected and I was amazed at the food hall situation they are setting up. Usually I find New Nordic food falls flat in America playing to a taste that is trendy and unable to transcend the inability for us to get the ingredients that make New Nordic food what is over zee ocean. New Nordic food is less a cuisine in my opinion then a phillosophy that requires certain ingredients to be true. Yes we get Cod but we don't get the Faroese cod that Noma (I think they get it from there not 100%) does that is super special or the special berry juice that
  7. I am supposed to go tonight depending on my plans with my friend!!! I am very skeptical of New Nordic food in NYC generally (PARTICULARLY IN BROOKLYN!!!). We have had a few attempts that have fallen quite flat but somehow manage to continue because New Nordic appeals to many. Having been to Faviken for instances I have seen that New Nordic is greatly reliant on the amazing ingredients of that region which we don't really get here quite as much among other factors which should cause skepticism of that cuisine being done in NYC. Anyway will see tonight but do expect this one to decline overtime
  8. YES!!!! Everything is brought out pretty quickly. You eat it almost as soon as it comes out. For instances, to your point, I saw what happens when you don't because my mom got full (it's a big several course tasting menu) and she left one or two pieces. It gets kinda soggy quickly so as you said quickness is key!!! They don't bring out several courses at once. Everything tempura piece is one at a time and the other courses come one after another in nicely spaced intervals. The only thing that comes out with several little plates is the first course amuse thing but most of that is served cold o
  9. This is by no means like a secret spot and has gotten a lot of press. I've been twice here now and have had really amazing meals with my family. I keep close watch of the food scene in Japan and I can say this is the closest thing we have to a real tempura restaurant down to the hiddeness of the restaurant discretely off to the side of a building (In Japan a lot of the restaurants are hidden in this way like Jiro which is in a subway thing as I recall but it's hardly the only example of this phenomena over there). The tempura is light and airy with not even a touch of grease to be found on the
  10. Really annoyed with this restaurant. This was my Dad's pick for the evening and it was a very respectable pick it sounded interesting etc. Nevertheless, our meal was not amazing. Really no reason to go here with so many great italian restaurants in NYCCCC. Soooooo we got the zuchini and egg plant parmasian to start with. That was the best thing not fancy but quite nice actually. Then it sorta went downhill from there. The pizza was only fine particularly if you take into account a lot of the great pizza in NYC. It just wasn't dazzling and with fucking pizza I expect dazzling. I'm in NYC I can
  11. Sooooooooo yesterday I decided to try my new thing of spontaneity when it comes to restos as I explained in my previous post sort of. I was going to go to Eim Khao Mun Kai which is a very interesting and nice spot that serves Thai Chicken Rice. BUT I had always wanted to try the interesting looking Chinese restaurant across the way. I made the plunge and went across the street to see the menu. It was a pretty uninteresting menu featuring basicly what you could find on any Catonesey Chinese American restaurant menu. I persisted and went in and ordered. I got the salt and pepper pork chops and s
  12. Heyyyyyyyy everyone!!! Sorry I've been gone so long I've been traveling!!! I also have been trying to do some new things with the food game such as using online less and doing restaurants when I see them rather then doing only pre research on everywhere I go!!! Don't worry I'll be doing both but I want this to feel like an indigenous effort rather then me seeing something on a food blog that someone else found etc. Anywho Khao Kang. This resto has been written about a bunch including in the nytimes and is by no means unknown. Food is cafeteria style and it isn't really like a sit down res
  13. A chef I like named Bo Bech put it up on his instagram today as well!! Have to go try it when I'm back from my travels!!
  14. Wellllll I don't mean to be quite the debbie downer between contra and Karam for while this was better then my bad contra experience, if they can be compared, this wasn't great either. Now this isn't a totally fair argument as one is fine dining and one is a Lebanese "snack shop" but I believe experiences can be compared across restaurant genres. I digress though.... Tonights resto just wasn't great. Perhaps I am becoming tooooo demanding but I got the chicken shwarma sandwich with falafel in it and I got a mezze spread cuz like you can't have Lebanese without some hummus. Nevertheless, I
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