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  1. Just read they’re re-opened on Grace Street in G’town. Hope to stop by next week after my trip to the DMV to renew my identity (which expired during the pandemic).
  2. Thanks, took me this long to acquire the tequila, but that was a very good margarita!
  3. Ground-floor birdwatching was driving Veggie Daughter’s cat crazy his first few days here. He has been a Chicago apartment cat and has always lived upstairs. Birds love our backyard and they were so-close-yet-still-out-of-reach from him as he checked out the action from every available window. 3 weeks later, he’s more blasé.
  4. Broccoli* and cheese pasta (with mild Italian sausage for the carnivores). Fast, easy (including clean-up), and tasty. *actually a mix of broccolini and broccoli rabe. Regular broccoli is too bland and not as easy to cook with the pasta.
  5. Veggie pan bagnat from the Greens cookbook. Damn, it’s good! Alas, no leftovers. Basil and pine nuts were relatively scarce. Basically, the larger quantities were OOS. Snagged the last medium-sized container pinenuts (4 oz) and had to buy a live basil plant to get 1 cup.
  6. Re coconut cream. Licuados? Milk, ice, and a tablespoon or two of the coconut cream in the blender makes a nice one. Especially good with freshly grated nutmeg on top.
  7. Rigatoni with a tomato/garlic/spicy Italian sausage/Parmigiano. Veggie daughter got leftover paneer & cauliflower tikka masala.
  8. Barbacoa tonight! Frontera’s slow cooking sauce is really tasty (not to mention cheap and easy).
  9. Moby Dick for dinner on Saturday, but the big delivery treat was ice cream flights from Sarah’s Handmade! 5 small scoops, all different flavors (your choice), nicely presented in a row. The kids were delighted (and by kids I mean 22 yo refugees from college)! --- The Red Hen (sandynva) Komi (FranklinDubya)
  10. Raclette! Surprised to find the cheese restocked @ Rodman’s earlier this week. Sausages rather than proscuitto/capicola for the meat-eaters.
  11. I suspect that I’m violating forum norms with a general post, but I just wanted to point out that Kanopy is a great free streaming service available to anyone with a DC library card (not sure if MoCo or NoVA libraries subscribe, but it’s worth checking on). 6 films per month per card (so HH limit will be higher if multiple members each have their own card). Mix of oldies, indies, international, docs, etc. Also, if you’re looking for recommendations, BFI puts together some great lists. They do a series on specific directors (where to start, what to avoid for each) and also have a best films streaming list. What’s available for streaming on Prime or Netflix in the UK is not always the same as what’s available in the US, but there’s enough overlap to make the lists worthwhile.
  12. Made a variation on that peas & cheese pasta for lunch. Dinner was Shaking Beef and/or Tofu.
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