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  1. It's been a while since I have posted.... FYI Beer guy Ben (now assistant manager Ben) has been back at Magruder's for a while. They still have a great selection and have been open throughout the pandemic. If anyone is into rare whiskey/bourbon, Ben can hook you up with that too.
  2. I have been buying from JJ McDonnell in Elkridge. I have a Restaurant Depot membership but they have also opened it to the public. Anyone can go in and get a one day pass now.
  3. Has anyone tried the food there? I popped in to check out the menu when they first opened. The prices seemed high for a fast casual place. I didn't end up eating there. They never seem busy when I pass by.
  4. There is nobody in their family to continue running the school. They lost a lot of credibility when Chef Patrice Olivon left. The new people they hired were just not the same caliber.
  5. I have some All Clad stainless pans that are still great after almost 20 years. (I took a seasonal job at Crate & Barrel to get an employee discount. Had to quit when I spent more than I made....) I have added more pans since then and you can tell the difference. Some newer pans and most utensils are made in China and finished in PA. It's interesting to see how the logo has gotten more prominent over the years.
  6. We have braised short ribs and made chicken stock in the Instant Pot. The short ribs were really tender and had a surprisingly rich flavor. The chicken stock turned out a little cloudy. If you don't care about that, it is an easy and fast way to go.
  7. We had dinner there last night. My SO ordered the long bone ribeye (a.k.a. tomahawk chop). The server said that it is a new item that they just started carrying this week. Well marbled and charred. He looked like Fred Flintstone but had a blast eating it.
  8. Nido in Woodridge is open tonight. No word on the weekend yet.
  9. Their quality has gone down significantly. They had a staff turnover and the former pastry chef is now working at Bob's Bakery (behind Maxim's).
  10. We went to Lexington Market for lunch this week. It's a sad sight. The place just looks so tired and dingy. I am sure that the police situation in Baltimore right now doesn't help but I expected more traffic at 12:30pm. It's definitely not how I remembered it. We ate at Faidley's and had crab cakes and fried soft shells. Lunch for 2 with no drinks was $75. The crab cakes were parcooked and sitting under a cover at room temp. They were reheated to order in the fryer. The fries were under cooked and tasted fishy. The experience just made me sad.
  11. Hi Everyone. I am finally going to Woodberry Kitchen for the first time this Thursday night. I don't usually get up to Baltimore but am having surgery at Hopkins the next day (which means no drinks, bummer). Any advice on must haves? I am especially looking for meat or shellfish dishes. Thanks Deb
  12. The bathroom at Soi 38 (21st and L St) is a neat space-saving design. There are 4 or 5 individual closets on one side of a corridor. They share a large sink area on the opposite side. It's very open and clean and no dirty door handles to touch.
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