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  1. Likewise. Only I still need to pay my final respects. Loved just about everything about Sally's. Mark, where will you guys go instead? I think we'll probably visit Sospeso and Maketto more often.
  2. Happy to take them off your hands, but my experience has been that I get better recommendations here than I do in guidebooks. Did you go? If so, please dish!
  3. Any recent reports from Buenos Aires or tips for Mendoza?
  4. We went last year and had a wonderful time. The food didn't wow me more than my many wonderful meals at Kinship have, but the ambiance and service were both special and memorable. Have a happy anniversary (and post after you go)!
  5. GAH! I can't believe I finally made a reservation at Corduroy only to learn you aren't there!
  6. And now that I've been, I hearty concur! Stubborn Seed might be my favorite of many very good to great restaurants in Miami. I not only think it's outstanding for Miami Beach, but would gladly return there and add it to our rotation if it were in D.C. Mark's sums it up well, the menu is interesting, but not large. They are more committed to the sharing concept than most and push the sending dishes when they are ready and not necessarily as courses, but I like that and am glad to have tried most of their menu last night. And the service was more precise and personal than I'm used to in Miami. If you're going to Miami Beach and looking for a delicious meal out, I highly recommend trying Stubborn Seed. And, if you're nearby at the southern tip of Miami Beach, Cibo wine bar is a nice place for a glass of wine. New to me, they have a happy hour of half-priced glasses of wine and cocktails prior to 7 pm.
  7. So I feared. I'll take this as a welcome excuse to return to Menomale again soon to further investigate.
  8. I've never been to Pupatella, but we continue to think Menomale has the best pizza in town and really anywhere we've ever been. My kids think so (and have been harassing us for having not been yet in 2019), my wife thinks so, and I think so. The Brooklandisima is amazing. @DonRocks, is there some reason to think Menomale is less than it was once or are you just wondering why there aren't more recent posts here?
  9. Mark, any more detail on Stubborn Seed? Your post is the first I've seen it, but wow sounds amazing! Also curious if you or anyone else here has been to Francis Mallman's Los Fuegos at the Faena. I was fascinated by him from his episode on Chef's Table, but haven't had an excuse to go yet.
  10. I've been here a couple times and really like it. The second time, we sat next to Common. It is striking driving through Skid Row to end up here. They have a wood fired grill as a well as wood fired oven, which are fun to watch and both producing good eats. I have fond memories of a lobster crostino on grilled bread and the pork tomahawk. They also have an interesting by the glass program, from which I particularly enjoyed an Erbaluce and Kali Kovek..
  11. Musso and Frank Grill has been serving charcoal grilled steaks and martinis in Hollywood since 1919. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but kind of a neat old spot if you're into that sort of thing. I'm glad I've tried it even if it wasn't a gastronomic epiphany.
  12. I should have been more clear -- that the wines were local wines was very much to my satisfaction and the price point for the pairing was not at all bad. But, for me, pairings are fun for two reasons. First, you get something that goes well with what you're eating (that happened) and second, you usually learn a bit about what your drinking (that did not happen here). In that we were drinking local wines, I was hoping to learn something about them -- where exactly they were from, whether they were typical, why they were proud to be serving them here and, perhaps where I could buy some of them. Alas, I learned nothing more than that each new glass was also local. Perhaps, our fault for not speaking the local language, but again, we were disappointed that the service component of the wine pairing was lacking.
  13. Ok, I'll start. We visited 3 star Arzak on a recent culinary tour of the spectacular Spanish Basque region town of San Sebastian. In a tiny town full of amazing food, Arzak fell flat. Wine service for the wine pairing was subpar -- "this is a local wine" was the description time and again for the wines that were poured for each course. No objection to drinking local, but if I'm at a Michelin starred restaurant and spending more for a meal than I've ever spent before in my life, I expected much better. Much of the meal was very good, but little stood out and for 3 stars and an extremely high price point, we needed more. By contrast, nearby 1 star Extebarri absolutely blew us away and Barcelona's 2 star Disfrutar seems to me to be a serious contender for the unofficial successor to the shuttered El Bulli.
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