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  1. And, his soups were just the thing to keep us warm and happy in the alley space over the weekend. Alas, I'm afraid this past weekend may have been the last chance for folks to enjoy Chef Power's work at Corduroy for a bit. It sounded and looks like Corduroy may be on an extended winter break starting now. Hopefully, they'll be back under better conditions early next year. Chef, let us know if you and your team have food available or other options for us in the months ahead and thank you for all your delicious food and the always warm service at Corduroy. I feel like a Tom Power Soup & Filipino Spring Rolls Truck could be just the thing we need to make it through this winter...
  2. Thank god for Fiona. We've enjoyed these sautéed a couple times recently and picked up sandwiches she's made with them too. It's never occurred to me to try grilling them though -- any tips?
  3. These look amazing, remind me of our first Kinship to go, and have my mouth watering for the dinner we just ordered for tomorrow. I think I forgot to post about our first Kinship to go. I'll just say that the chicken travels very well and that the personal touches that make Kinship so special somehow come through with the take out experience including some really detailed and thoughtful instructions for how to easily reheat and plate the meal at home. Kinship has always been one of our favorite spots and it continues to be so during this period of take out only.
  4. Such a shame. Great people, excellent pizza, and the veggie sandwich was probably our favorite sandwich in the neighborhood. I'm sure they'd be doing a lot of business with so many folks needing takeout while at home on the Hill during the pandemic too, but can see where they might feel like this is the right time to stop.
  5. That is sad. Our last pre-lockdown meal was there. We didn't have a reservation, but had a feeling it we might be able to sneak in for an early meal at the bar and were right to think it might be a while before we were able to have another night out. It looks like they're sold out for tonight, but can take a couple more orders tomorrow. Kinship is a treasure and has an exceptional staff -- I hope they're all doing ok and can get back to regular business before too long.
  6. @Mark Dedrick & @Rhone1998, I'd love to hear your recs from your recent trips to Lisbon and Porto.
  7. Haven't been to Galicia, but it looks like you are within a half day drive of Etxebarri, which means you absolutely must go. Have you guys been to San Sebastian yet? That's just a bit past Etxebarri and an amazingl place to visit and eat.
  8. Totally agree. Have enjoyed the Miami location many times and often wondered why we didn't have something like it closer to home.
  9. Primrose has "Wine Wednesday" now with 30% off bottles of wine. It was wonderfully quiet there tonight with folks either out of town or chasing restaurant week deals at other restaurants. I'm pretty sure the discounted bottle of Sancerre we had tonight was a better deal than 9 out of 10 Restaurant Week dinners. The brioche shrimp toast was pretty awesome too.
  10. Likewise. Only I still need to pay my final respects. Loved just about everything about Sally's. Mark, where will you guys go instead? I think we'll probably visit Sospeso and Maketto more often.
  11. Happy to take them off your hands, but my experience has been that I get better recommendations here than I do in guidebooks. Did you go? If so, please dish!
  12. Any recent reports from Buenos Aires or tips for Mendoza?
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