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  1. To my new grandson, Hunter, born today and giving me reason to celebrate life.
  2. RJ, you have my complete sympathy. I had a very complicated bypass procedure at JH in 2008, and spent nine days on the Bataan Death March diet in the CPCU. I finally determined that the bread and fruit salad were somewhat edible (not even the JH kitchen can screw up a grape), and survived on that although, it seemed, that if I hit the drug pump just before they served any meal, it was not as horrid as it looked-- everything tastes better with morphine. The one saving grace during the nine days that I was there was when my wife drove over to Attman's and picked up a Pastrami on rye with mustar
  3. To my friend and colleague, Lisa Raines, who was on American #77 ten years ago today. Your memory will always be a blessing.
  4. You may wish to consider cold, sauteed broccolini with crushed garlic. We have that about once or twice a week during the summer, and it can be made about two days in advance.
  5. L'Auberge Chez Francoise usually has it. It's a special at La Chaumiere, and frequently on the menu at Marcel's. Happy birthday.
  6. I have been acquainted with Jean-Michel since he was at the Rive Gauche in the late 1960s. A lovely and thoroughly professional gentleman, his presence on the Washington restaurant scene will be missed. This is a loss for anyone who appreciates competence in a very tough business.
  7. Are you thinking of The Dancing Crab? It has been on Wisconsin and Brandywine for about 35 years, and moved next door a few years ago. The Malt Shop, upstairs, was a wonderful dive.
  8. To my older son, Ari, who just launched his third company, solvemedia. And there I thought that you would be a policy wonk.
  9. To my colleague and friend, Lisa Raines, who perished on American # 77. May your memory be a blessing.
  10. Thanks so much for your review. Four generations of us will be there in a few weeks to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday, and the menu items you discussed sound even more appealing than they were the last time we were there in May.
  11. Off The Record at the Hay-Adams would be one choice.
  12. Thank you. A very happy father's day to my older son, Ari, who celebrates his first one today. What a moment. To all of the dads on this board-- may you enjoy many more celebrations with your families.
  13. The chicken pot pie at Praline in West Bethesda is remarkable, and $16.00 on the dinner menu.
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