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  1. Not offended. Fair price does not mean cheap. I am always willing to pay more for better quality! If I can buy better produce at Whole Foods for less than at Eastern Market, I question their pricing.
  2. IMHO, Market Lunch like many of the other vendors at Eastern Market are way over rated and way over priced. The locals do support them however! My neighbor once chastised me for not supporting our neighborhood coffee shop. I said to her that I had been going for years, but could not stand drinking the burnt coffee anymore. It is a two way street. Why should I support a vendor who is not willing to provide a decent product at a fair price?
  3. This thread brings back two vivid restaurant wine memories, Years {decades) ago I was hosting at Landini Brothers in Alexandria. I asked the waiter to recommend a red wine. He suggested Quintessa, and I have never looked back. A few years ago, I was hosting my girlfriends birthday party at Marcel’s. I asked Moëz to recommend wine for us. He recommended a wine that was phenomenal and not that expensive, I highly recommend both places!
  4. Then it is not DOVER sole.
  5. How can Dover sole be from Denmark?
  6. Years ago, Patz & Hall offered to come to my house for a private tasting for 10 of us. At that time, they only produced single vineyard Pinot noirs and single vineyard chardonnays. Each Pinot noir and each Chardonnay were prepared and aged the same way. It was amazing to be able to taste them together. It finally showed the meaning of terroir,
  7. Let me try this again. The Capitol Hill. neighborhood supports dozens or more restaurants. Perhaps Sir Rob Weland should reflect on his business plan instead of blaming the community. Is that better Don? I expect this post to be deleted and to be banned.
  8. Mr. K’s was the first (and perhaps only) white tablecloth Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. They served a small dollop of sorbet between courses. It was on the corner of 18th and K. I wonder if there is a relationship to Mrs. K’s?
  9. Been eating there for decades! Always reliably good. They would always prepare a piece of salmon for my gf even when not on the menu, and they knew how to cook it properly. For a party of four, they would prepare a pasta sampler. The children took over a few years ago and tried to institute modern restaurant methods, such as markings on wine glasses to help with portion control. Some of the old school waiters ignored them for regulars. A place both locals and tourists frequent.
  10. My 26 year old son is really into the whole beer thing. He manages a restaurant that specializes in it. He thinks Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA tastes like a combination of rail vodka and paint thinner!
  11. Conch fritters have very little to do with conch. Conch is a very tough, flavorless, almost inedible piece of shellfish. The breading and seasoning are the key! Like French cries, how they are fried is also important. That said, I have enjoyed them at many places in the Florida Keys! Good luck in your search!!
  12. Two minor problems. 1. The existing leases with the mall tenants. 2. I am pretty sure the zoning for that area would not allow the warehouse uses Amazon needs.
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