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  1. Finatic

    Good Standard for Price, Quality, and Value

    Trying to understand what distractingly great food means!
  2. I have never been shy about trying well regarded restaurants at home and while on the road. While in Sonoma for a wedding years ago, I was able to get a reservation at The French Laundry. It was a horrible experience, perhaps triggered when I declined the $58 glass of champagne to start. The service was disrespectful, and some of the dishes were almost inedible. One of the dishes was so salty I could not eat it! $1200 for two of us! Le Bernardin on the other hand was an amazing experience. The service was amazing! The food absolutely wonderful! Half the price of The French Laundry! I will go back in a heartbeat!
  3. Finatic

    The Bahamas

    If you get a chance, get away from Nassau/Paradise Island and explore one or more of the outer islands. You can then experience the real Bahamas.
  4. Oyamel, Jaleo or China Chilcano (although the last one is an odd mixture of Mexican and Peruvian cuisine, but tasty all the same). All run by Jose Andres and within about one block of each other.
  5. TenPenh. Where are you going for the rings? You should try Dominion Jewelers also in Tysons.
  6. Finatic

    Wine Left at House Parties

    You will never know until you try them The real question is how the wines were store after being put in the bottle.
  7. If you click on the menu icon (four short lines) in the upper left hand corner, it will allow you to access menus and other items which will appear on the right hand side of the screen. The pictures do continue to scroll on the left side.
  8. Last week, my sister and her fiancé took me to Siren for a belated birthday dinner. I had eaten there once before. I took my son and his girlfriend for Christmas dinner. They offered a special menu for Christmas. Basically, all appetizers, salads, sides and desserts were offered buffet style. You then ordered entrees from a separate menu. Because I was not able to taste the regular offerings on Christmas, I was eager to return. It did not disappoint! To start, we shared the big eye tuna and the yellowtail crudo. The big eye tuna was served with Kalamansi lime, sesame seed, wakame seaweed, macadamia nut and avocado mousse. Not only was it beautifully presented, it was absolutely delicious. The tuna may have been the best I have ever had, and I am very picky about my tuna. The yellowtail crudo was also fantastic. For entrees, my sister and her fiancé split the whole salt encrusted branzino stuffed with lobster mousse. They brought the fish to the table to present it in its salt crust before taking it away and freeing it from its crust. The two of them could not finish the branzino. For my entrée I ordered the black cod with an Asian style glaze. It was cooked to absolute perfection and was delicious. Looking forward to going back again!
  9. I do not know what that means. I can tell you that the last one we drank was really good!
  10. Oops! Just realized that I typed the wrong date for the Chateau Lynch Bages. It is 1962.
  11. Finatic

    Wine For Wedding Reception

    Yes. Montgomery County has shitty wine selections at their county run liquor stores.
  12. Finatic

    Wine For Wedding Reception

    I live in Virginia just outside of DC. Liquor is significantly cheaper in DC than Virginia. Virginia has state run liquor stores. Virginia ATF agents have been known to sit in unmarked cars at DC liquor stores looking for VA license plates, then following them across the bridge.