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  1. Kev29


    Oh yes. An old adage https://www.theguardian.com/books/2000/aug/12/features.weekend1
  2. I'll offer kind of a reverse take -- when Rasika first opened I went a few times and found a lot of the dishes pretty average (my comp was above average neighborhood British Indian/Bengali). Fine but nothing extraordinary. The palak chaat was delightful though. Went with my parents about 6 months ago and dinner was wonderful. Fish and lamb curry dishes were rich, perfectly spiced. Service perfect. Palak chaat still delightful.
  3. I guess it would still be considered expansion after a long period of contraction 🙂
  4. At this point, eating at National Airport is like a visit to DC's culinary graveyard
  5. Passed by it on First St a bunch of times and like the indoor/outdoor set-up in Summer. I'll have to make a note to stop in for a Nats pregame in the Spring, particularly with no more Justin's and their great happy hour 😔 HH menu at Declaration looks pretty good. $5 beers and appetizers. Tough spot to be pizza focused with the sh*t hot All Purpose down the street.
  6. I don't think that they actually did close before the hot pot/taco pop-up came into play. A theme change that may keep going
  7. The realty company controlling the former Redwood space in Bethesda should hand it over to Chef Ruta rent-free for him to re-open Palena there, as an act of civic benevolence. There you go, Don, there's a Palena post.
  8. http://www.scottsrestaurants.com 927 F Street NW Opened mid-November. I love the concept but it's certainly one that's had a bunch of failures in the past around here. Commonwealth from Jamie Leeds came and went. And British feel with Scotch club and eyes on rapid expansion didn't work out too well for Againn. Inside Penn Quarter’s Cozy Newcomer, Scotts Restaurant and Bar (Eater DC, Nov 14, 2018; Tierney Plumb) A British invasion in Washington, with meat trolleys, Scotch eggs and more (Washington Post, Dec 7, 2018; Tom Sietsema, First Bite)
  9. Kev29

    Dining in Bethesda

    Went for a walk on the Bethesda Row side of town yesterday (around 1:30pm). The most crowded restaurant was Anthropologie. Peak Bethesda reached.
  10. Bloomingdale. Thanks for the info, review and pics. I need to get down there, have been craving Caribbean for ages with no vacation in sight.
  11. A chef that was famous in the 90s + a location that may as well be Siberia for under-40 DC types don't really help get it on the radar. Maybe for the best -- as long as he keeps drawing the moneyed, older locals.
  12. Thanks, I just took care of my anniversary dinner a month and a half in advance! 😀
  13. Kev29


    I grew up North of Silver Spring in the 90s and I can't recall decent bagels nearby back then. In the 70s and 80s it was all about Bagel Master in Wheaton (RIP)