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  1. Thompson is shutting the original Matchbox with the new Penn Quarter location coming. Matchbox Is Moving Out of Its Original D.C. Location in Chinatown (Eater DC)
  2. Though it says Cubanos will remain open in Silver Spring, I wonder what the future holds there. They must be getting hit hard by the hot new El Sapo. Sad to hear about Louisiana Kitchen.
  3. Matchbox Pizza Adds Penn Quarter Location to Local Expansion Plan (Eater DC) Two blocks from the original? Thompson will probably run this franchise into the ground in the next couple years.
  4. I'm really looking forward to this opening. I think they'll end up being like a Maryland burbs version of Mad Fox. Concentration on classic styles. And four cask engines 😍
  5. To me, breakfast and "creative and burgeoning dining scene" are mutually exclusive. Breakfast is old school, usually unfussy, and bigger in towns with fewer straight-and-narrow workaholics. I don't like Washingtonians stereotypes but if there's one that's close it's that we just want to get to the office and on with the day, with little to no breakfast. New York diners and breakfast dives have held on because there's more later-in-the-day creatives and a bigger mix of people up there to sustain them. Same with London, LA, Paris, etc.
  6. So what's the actual best breakfast place in the city? 🙂
  7. Oh yes. An old adage Aug 12, 2000 - "Things To Avoid while Eating in Restaurants" by Anthony Bourdain on theguardian.com
  8. I'll offer kind of a reverse take -- when Rasika first opened I went a few times and found a lot of the dishes pretty average (my comp was above average neighborhood British Indian/Bengali). Fine but nothing extraordinary. The palak chaat was delightful though. Went with my parents about 6 months ago and dinner was wonderful. Fish and lamb curry dishes were rich, perfectly spiced. Service perfect. Palak chaat still delightful.
  9. Passed by it on First St a bunch of times and like the indoor/outdoor set-up in Summer. I'll have to make a note to stop in for a Nats pregame in the Spring, particularly with no more Justin's and their great happy hour 😔 HH menu at Declaration looks pretty good. $5 beers and appetizers. Tough spot to be pizza focused with the sh*t hot All Purpose down the street.
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