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  1. They tasted a lot like regular (but really good) hushpuppies. I googled to jog my memory and found that the NYT shared Market Table's recipe.
  2. I'm surprised to find that one of my favorite NYC restaurants doesn't have its own thread here. Market Table is one of my feel good restaurants. I have never been to Market Table and seen an empty table so there's a nice buzzy energy. The cocktails are excellent and the food menu, which is updated regularly, never disappoints. As I blogged about here, the service is truly thoughtful. On one visit, our server heard my friends and me say we were sharing all of our dishes so they arrived plated as such. Given its size and popularity, reservations are all but required.
  3. It's my favorite. Such good food. I blogged about it here if you'd like to read. And now I'd very much like some Lilia cacio e pepe fritelle.
  4. Anyone eat in Mobile within the last year? I'm heading to town on biz in a few weeks.
  5. Devastated. We emailed two weeks ago when I was in DC briefly and spur of the moment, but didn't manage to meet up. I knew we were going to lose him, but not so soon.
  6. My friend and I braved the wait - about an hour - and it was worth it. Several days post-meal, I keep thinking about the food. What we ate: Pretzel pork and chive dumplings (shared) Kung Pao chicken wings (shared) Hong Kong style noodles with short ribs, peanut and Thai chili relish (my entree) Wonton noodle soup with pork wontons, pork belly, bitter greens, six minute egg (my friend's entree which I did not taste) The wings were so good we forgot to dip them in the buttermilk ranch dressing that accompanied them. The dumplings were dumplings (I love all dumplings pretty much). My noodles were full of flavor and kick. My friend wasn't feeling well (unrelated to the food) so we didn't stick around for dessert, sadly. I can't wait to go back.
  7. Good tips above. I love both Lupa and Maialino. Closer to the tree, I like Vitae. Prime Meats. Steak but not only steak. On the west side, Molyvos (Greek/Med) is great.
  8. Lasagnette? Thank goodness. Glad to hear the good news about a new spot. I have so many great memories of my meals at Dino.
  9. Dead Rabbit is an experience. I loved it (then again, I wasn't paying). I also like the Lobby Bar at Bowery Hotel. So cozy on a winter evening whether you sit at the bar itself or in the lounges just outside. On my last visit I saw both Pat Carney of the Black Keys and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  10. Too late for this time but I second the Hale & Hearty Soup rec. 35th and 7th is probably the most convenient location. My go-to order is a soup/half-sandwich combo. I love the turkey and avocado with walnut pesto sandwich.
  11. One of my favorite elements of living in Williamsburg is Pies-n-Thighs. My typical order is a chicken biscuit (fried chicken cutlet served on a biscuit dripping with honey butter and hot sauce) with mac & cheese (more hot sauce). Of the signature pies, so far my favorite is banana cream. A neighborhood gem and killer of cholesterol test results.
  12. I lived near Rye and its companion Bar Below Rye for two years before making it inside. Mistake! Bar Below Rye has all of the makings of a Local. The bartender makes a terrific Manhattan and the drunken grilled cheese (with caramelized onion jam and short ribs) is great drinking food. Confession: I had 1.5 drunken grilled cheese sandwiches during a recent visit. I don't do brussels sprouts but my friend gave BBR's Best Ever status.
  13. I used to go to the midtown Benihana in 1995 and 1996. As a recent college grad, my work-friend and I would sometimes want to mix up our lunches of deli sandwiches. We thought Benihana was kitschy but fun. Our usual order was dumplings and fried rice. We could usually make it back to the office and Lotus Notes within the allotted hour. Usually. But I feel your pain. If I had to take a bus to NYC, Benihana would be very far down the list of places to dine.
  14. Otto might work at that hour. Peel's on Bowery is fun. Little Italy is hit or miss but one of my family-friendly go-tos is Pellegrino's on Mulberry.
  15. I had a similar experience with liquids when flying back to DFW from Guadalajara. LGA is largely a disaster although the food court in Terminal C is in the process of changing from Panda Express-type options to much better sounding choices. Time will tell. All too often, though, I fly out of Terminal B which features little post-security beyond a make-shift in-the-hallway Au Bon Pain. On the flip side, both San Antonio and Austin airports are awesome. Modern, tons of food options and places to charge your phone or laptop. DFW LGA SAT AUS
  16. In Williamsburg, I really like Modca by El Beit. No web site and they haven't Tweeted in a year, but here's their Facebook page. Great space, including more elbow room than you'll find in most Manhattan or Williamsburg cafes. Friendly (by Brooklyn standards anyway), knowledgable staff. Very good coffee by my non-coffee geek standards. 103 North 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11249 (718) 387-2391
  17. To Monica Bhide, one of the Chicago Tribune's seven writers you should know (and fortunately, we do!) Seven Food Writers You Should Know (Monica Bhide; Printers Row resized).pdf
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