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  1. Update!! Soft opening this Saturday, with reservations for Omakase to open on 12/20!
  2. A Taste of Urbanspace is off to soft start with 5 concepts ranging from pizza, to Southern style Biscuits, ice cream , Japanese comfort food, to Lao cuisine. This is a starting point, with the plan to open more stalls. I have been actively following all stalls on the INSTA, and I can say I have rarely seen so much love and excitement for the opening of a food hall. Mclean holds a special place in my life on account it was the first place I arrived to back in 1976, when my parents made the maiden voyage to the US from Laos. I like the motley crew of different cuisines that are being offered , and look forward to visiting each one. Taste of Urbanspace Opens in Tysons Galleria, Replacing Isabella Eatery, Vernon Miles , 12-5-18 via tysonsreporter.com mallrat, kat
  3. These are questions I will field when I speak to one of the principals behind the group that orchestrated this foodhall. Is there anything our members want to know about Urbanspace? Please post your questions here!!
  4. curiouskitkatt

    Food Halls

    Mimi Sheraton, the incomparable former food critic of the NY Times recently proclaimed that the once sprawling malls of suburbia have been gradually decaying in existence. She then sent out the same omen to the omnipresence of food halls. It made me scratch my head and wonder. Then I came across this. I haven't visited many food halls, but I have noticed that there is this race to create "insta" worthy food, whether or not it is delicious is debatable. So this prompts me to ask the question, what is a food start up to do? Most can not afford the financial burden of a brick and mortar, but want to test out their concept in a temporary space provided by real estate in a food hall. Discuss.
  5. curiouskitkatt

    Food Halls

    no bueno. This place you speak of wouldn’t be located in Maryland by chance would it?
  6. I have received word that Lady M will be opening in the Taste of Urbanspace Food Hall, tomorrow. It is times like this, I wish there was a bullet train directly into Tysons Galleria.
  7. curiouskitkatt

    New Year's Eve 2018 Dining and Events

    I am thinking of spending NYE in the District😍 I know it happens to be crowned amateur night's out by industry folk, but honestly I don't give a hoot, and want to know where the most festive spot will be? Help!!!!
  8. curiouskitkatt

    New Year's Eve 2018 Dining and Events

    Baby Wale is open on NYE. No cover, and there will be specials on deck. I reached out and was told that the loft has been reserved but the the main floor was available to the public. I think this is where I will land when the clock strikes Midnight. I think I will make it a progressive evening, and would love to make several stops. I would prefer not to commit to ticketed events on account I would have to hang at that location til the ball drop, otherwise keep the suggestions coming. What are some of your traditions for ringing in the New Year?
  9. Press Release , James Beard Foundation Seeking candidate for Director of Impact & Women’s Program
  10. One of the three bears, Joe Flamm. He is the executive chef at Spiaggia in Chicago. Winner of season 15. I really wanted Chef Chris to win. His current location is in Brooklyn, but he has roots in Philly and visits Lancaster County often. It would have been nice to get a little bit of that Top Chef action here in Amish Country.
  11. I enjoy the Top Chef franchise. I live tweeted the season opener. It was gobs of fun, and I think I will be doing it often. Chef Adejpong shows promise, but I am rooting for #teamnini. Who will be Top Chef?
  12. curiouskitkatt

    New Year's Eve 2018 Dining and Events

    CHiKo NYE 2019 !! Eats and Karaoke, hmmm this sounds like a possible winner! Reservations go live tomorrow at 11 am!
  13. Carlie Steiner Is Making the World More Fun to Drink In , Alex Beggs for Healthyish 12-7-18 I just devoured this entire article. I read every word, and when I was finished, I read it again. The parts I miss most about working in the District are the co workers that became family, and the sense of being a part of something special. I totally believe that if you take care of your employees, they will in turn take care of your guests and represent their place of employment with honor and pride. I do not know, or have dined at Hitmisu, but you can be sure I will make a trip to congratulate Carlie personally for setting the bar. We are family, Kat
  14. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Lancaster

    Where To Go Next: 14 Best Places To Travel In The US In 2019, Forbes.com 12-6-18
  15. The article was printed in 2014, but is still certainly relevant: Arts, distillery, farm to table, and arts. A perfect day trip. your tour guide, kat Apr 23, 2014 - "The Lancaster Food Scene: Totally Happening" by Craig LeBan on philly.com
  16. Soleil Ho named the San Francisco Chronicle’s new restaurant critic, Justin Phillips, 12-5-18 San Francisco Chronicle
  17. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in York

    Another great meal at District Thai!! --- Victor's (curiouskitkatt)
  18. "Philly's 2018 Eater Award Winners" by Rachel Vigoda on philly.eater.com I’d like to add that I am doing a happy dance that Cristina Ramirez , of South Street Barbacoa was crowned Chef of theYear. Just my opinion...
  19. curiouskitkatt

    Formative Food Memories

    My eyes welled up as well reading through the posts, and by the way, I love chopped liver.
  20. curiouskitkatt

    Formative Food Memories

    This thread is an absolute gem. Thank you @porcupine for reminding me of how incredible all of the contributions are to DR! I have so many food memories, I'm not sure where to even start. I will start with sharing my theory on how I became one of coolest kids in school. I owe it all to my Mom, and her refusal to make what I obnoxiously called "American" food. I mean no offense by describing it that way. All of my friends were not Lao, and all I wanted was to be able to eat peanut butter and jelly with juice, but instead my Mom made sticky rice and lemongrass beef. She insisted I invite all the kids from school to our house for BBQ's and afterschool snacks. I remember being so embarrassed thinking that my school mates would turn their nose up to the smell of the food, and how different it was from what they normally ate. From the very moment my friends would walk into our home, I remember the sense of awe the kids had from just the aroma of the food cooking. Mom would explain to my friends that we were Lao and we eat with our hands. The kids could hardly wait to dig in. To this very day, I continue to give rice steamer baskets, and thip kaos as gifts to friends so that they can make sticky rice at home. There are times when I run into friends from elementary school, and to this very day, they remind me how much fun they had eating sticky rice and beef at our house.
  21. Doing a bit of research on the group that is financing the new food hall at Tyson Galleria, and I stumble upon this, Eldon Scott on Modernizing the Communal Food Hall , a podcast posted on Bloomberg that was recorded this past summer. Eldon Scott, one of the partners of Urbanspace has been at this since 1972. His company has created artisan food halls, along with holiday gift markets in the UK as well the US. In 1993, his sights were set for NYC. In 2008, a Q& A was conducted on his development of Union Square Holiday Market. I too am intrigued as to why he selected Tyson Galleria as location. Some of the markets developed by Urbanspace include Union Square, Columbus Circle Holiday Markets, Mad. Sq. Eats,Broadway Bites, Dekalb Market, and the Urbanspace Vanderbilt are but a few of the food and design spaces in the heart of New York City. Their next venture, Northern VA. Sleuth, kat
  22. People who love to Eat are always the Best people , Katt Hull In an effort to connect all the dots, I have included a link to a page I manage on FB. The interaction on that platform isn’t as nearly interactive as I would like, but rather a peak inside my adventures in food. I chose to name the page after a quote that completely resonates with me. People who love to eat are always the best People. I knew from an early age , I was different from the rest. I watched cooking shows instead of cartoons. I sought out cookbooks in old bookstores and found a sense of home in those dusty pages. This is a piece of me. My food voice. Personal connections I have made will be shared here as well. For this reason, I enjoy rolling solo most of the time. I have always enjoy dining solo. I learn more about the places I go to in that way, and learned a lot about myself. I connect deeply with those who love food. I encourage anyone who has a blog, to post here, and post often. This is what makes this space so extraordinary. We all have a voice. This is the best place to share it. -kat