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  1. Press release: Peacock Cafe Owners to Open New Modern Persian Restaurant Vintage78 This Spring The new P Street eatery from brothers and co-owners Chef Maziar Farivar and Shahab Farivar will offer innovative new spins on classic dishes Washington, D.C. (April 19, 2019) -- The owners of beloved Georgetown mainstay Peacock Cafe are excited to announce the debut of their new modern Persian restaurant, Vintage78, opening this spring (2100 P Street NW). Co-owners and brothers Chef Maziar Farivar and Shahab Farivar are finally bringing the flavors of their native Iran in a first-of-its-kind in Washington Persian restaurant boasting a modern setting and a full-service wine and bar program. “After being invited to cook Norouz (Persian New Year) dinner twice at the James Beard House and having the State Department tap me to join the Diplomatic Culinary Partnership as well as the American Chef Corps certainly inspired me to finally open my own Persian restaurant,” says Chef Farivar. Vintage78 -- named for the year the brothers came to the United States -- will offer a full menu of authentic flavors, ingredients and dishes, such as dolme (stuffed vegetables), kufteh (meatballs) and a variety of khoresh, a traditional Persian-style stew served with rice. Chef Farivar will also put his own upscale spin on the standard rice-and-kabob meal, using the highest quality meats and presenting the dish with an “upside down” rice timbale featuring a golden crust saffron yogurt bottom for a bit of panache. The new restaurant’s decor will also be a mix of the traditional and the modern, with a homey, lived-in feel accented with glass, chrome and repurposed wood sourced from a turn-of-the-century house built in 1908. The 3,000-square-foot venue seats 75 guests in the dining room (including 25 in the private dining room) and about 28 guests at the bar and in the bar area. “We’ve been restaurant owners for nearly 30 years and have always wanted to open a Persian venue,” says Shahab. “So we finally decided as established owners that it was time to tap into our heritage and commit to promoting modern, innovative Persian cuisine.” Vintage78 will be open Monday-Sunday for weekday lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. For more information, visit www.vintage78dc.com. ABOUT VINTAGE78 Vintage78 is Washington, D.C.’s only modern Persian restaurant with a full-service wine and bar program. Co-owners and brothers Chef Maziar Farivar and Shahab Farivar are established restaurateurs with nearly 30 years of culinary experience in D.C. and best known for their Georgetown favorite Peacock Cafe.
  2. Looks like someone is a fan of the return of the Voltaggio Brothers
  3. Just moved to Philly? This is your food and drink bucket list by Danya Henninger via Billypen.com
  4. Ekiben does it again. One of the best pop ups I have been to yet. I went to one last year that was hosted by Steven Chu's Pops, who is lovingly referred to as Poppa Chu. I attended a pop up last year that I still think about. That family can cook. On Friday I attended a collaborative pop up hosted by both Blacksauce Kitchen and Ekinen titled, "A Chicken Box, Part 2." It was not scheduled to open until 4, but I had been informed that lines started forming as early as 2:30, and I was not surprised one bit. I ended up pulling up at around 4:30, and the line was already near 30ish deep. So what did I get? I chose the BBQ ribs, shrimp potato salad, chicken fat fried rice , and to make for a sweet finish I opted for the lemongrass sticky buns. 45 minutes later, every second was worth waiting in that line. The ribs were tender and lacquered with sticky soy goodness. The shrimp potato salad was chucked with fat sweetness of the crustacean and slight unexpected heat from jalepeno. From this point forward, I may want to seek out chicken fat fried rice. I had an idea it was gonna be tasty, but damn. The schmaltz added a layer of richness that just made this fried rice so gosh darn delicious, and to guild the lily, a sprinkle of furikake was dusted all over the plump grains of rice. For the sweet finale, the lemongrass sticky buns brought it home. Just wow. I have always thought Cinnabon reigned supreme, but there is a new contender in town. I wish I had ordered a whole pan of those buns. The soft texture of the dough topped with the perfect honey caramel made this one of the best bites of the pop up. Unreal. The only unfavorable bit I can add is that I can't POP into Ekiben for a replay of all of this goodness. Not to worry, I am certain at their next pop up, they will manage to pull of another success cause they certainly are not a one hit wonder. Pop star, kat
  5. Saturday in Graffiti Alley behind Motor House, Charm City Night Market hosted Night Market Underground, the third iteration of the popular night market event series helmed by The Chinatown Collective. The event featured one sake cocktail and a selection of sake & shochu from Daikaya, DJ music, and food from Lei Musubi, Otabe by Masako, and Old Boy. I attended this event following the pasta class in DC, and let me tell you the Chinatown Collective are onto something. I suggest joining their mailing list in order to keep up to date on upcoming events. This was the second event I attended, and i can not tell you how joyous it is to see a sea of faces that resemble your own, and there were several people that I talked to that shared my sentiment. People had asked me if there were communities or more events or spaces like this in Baltimore. I did not have an answer, but hope that this keeps gaining momentum. Northern Va is fortunate to have Eden Center, where shops and business provide several resources to the Asian community in providing grocery stores, as well as ready made food shops, and businesses that support and provide Asians ingredients as well as services that are not provided at non- Asian establishments. People of all ages, and races were celebrating good food , great conversation, and music. I have been told that the next Charmcity Nightmarket that will take place in September will be bigger, and will extend over more city blocks. I can not wait. The revival of Chinatown in Baltimore just might happen. Where there is hope, and passion of the community that will build it, it may very well be a success. Joy, kat
  6. Wine Dinner at Kyirisan April 23rd Reception at 6:30, followed by dinner at 7:15 5 Course with pairings $85/++ Contact the restaurant directly to make reservations
  7. Thank you, Bart!! It was my pleasure to pull this together, and happy to see everyone having a great time. I hope to plan more food & non food events alike. If anyone has any leads on what they may be interested in, please feel free to DM me or take the lead on your own to organize something. Afterall this community is powered by all of your input . We used to have lots real time outings. I hope this restores interests in wanting to gather together outside the forum. It was so nice meeting everyone as well. Cheers, kat
  8. I am really looking forward to this class, and want to thank everyone for being prompt in submitting payment as to make this planning rather effortless . I just want to confirm the list of who all will be attending on Saturday. This list is as follows: Lizzie +1 Susan +2 Dishgo Squid DC +1 Ericblueboy Bart +1 Weezy and of course Me, Curiouskitkatt Cant wait to meet you all!
  9. Van Ness / Sfoglina does not currently offer valet parking at the Van Ness location. We validate parking tickets for up to 2 hours in the Colonial Parking garage found under 4445 Connecticut Avenue. There is also street parking available.
  10. Not sure about parking, but I will find out and post my findings here. Can't wait to meet and rolls pasta with everyone!
  11. In an effort to keep the price low, and to appeal to the majority of the group the class only includes a pasta tasting of what will be prepared. I encourage you to arrive earlier to imbibe in adult bevvies and snacks if you would like at your expense. We could always venture elsewhere or on premise for snacks if some of you are interested but I will leave that up to individuals to decide. I have marked the entire day to be in the District, so personally I am open to whatever.
  12. The class is next week, and we still have 3 spots available. If any members know of anyone outside this forum that may be interested in joining the pasta class, please encourage them to do so. I thought this class would easily garner the interests of 15 members, but we are a bit short at 12 members attending. Please spread the word to friends, co workers, partners, neighbors, mailman, anyone you may think might be interested. For these last 3 slots, payment( $80) can be made directly to me on the date of the event, if funds are a bit short right now, or if you do not happen to have access to Paypal or Venmo. Looking forward to meeting everyone next Saturday!! Help, kat
  13. I recently was at the Famous 4th St Deli, and let me tell you it was glorious. Portions are gigantic, and matzo ball soup enough for 2 but so good, each person at the table order one. The whilefish salad is what I always crave, and it was a home run with choice of toast or bagel. I should have ordered a knish to be able to report back, but honestly I barely could breath on account I was so full. The charming means in the way they present the check with a housemade chocolate chip cookie is simply adorable. The case of desserts and items to take home are both enormous is size as well as variety. How is it that I have not been here until now? I encourage you all to visit. The setting is charming too boot with the black and while tile floors , egg creams, and placard and photos of famous patrons. Its a treat.
  14. A group of us will be hitting Merriweather Post Pavillion for a concert this summer. Perhaps I may be able to convince the group to eat here. Thank you for the review!
  15. I was asked recently to provide details of the class. In a effort to save a bit of scrolling here are the final details: Handmade Pasta Classes with award-winning Sfoglina Simonetta Capotondo In our series of hands-on pasta classes, participants will learn how to make fresh Italian pasta in the traditional method, with a board and rolling pin. Each class will also cover pasta ingredients and tools, techniques of mixing and rolling the dough, shaping various forms of pasta, and the best ways to store fresh pasta. The classes also include a pasta tasting and participants will take home their pasta creations. Participants will learn how to make the classic egg pasta dough, as well as roll it and cut it into various shapes, such as tagliatelle, pappardelle, maltagliati, farfalline, garganelli, and quadrucci. Class to take place at Sfoglina Van Ness 4445 Connecticut Ave NW | Washington DC Class will begin at promptly at 12:30 and run til 3:30 Please arrive earlier if you are interested in partaking in cocktails and snacks. This is not covered in the price of the class on account I wanted to keep the cost of the class affordable and accommodating to the majority of the class. If you have any questions about the class, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Looking forward to meeting everyone, along with leaning a new skill! Buon Appetito! Kat
  16. At Philly Chef Conference, Hospitality Vets Plot Future of Kitchen Culture, Maria Yagoda, Food and Wine
  17. I want to thank everyone for being so prompt in confirming your spots for the class. As of right now I have 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE. If you are intetested, please send me a DM so I can instruct you how to send payment. This class is going to so much fun!
  18. Van Ness 4445 CONNECTICUT AVE, Washington, District of Columbia, 20008, United States class to take place at Van Ness location! Looking forward to this!!
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