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  1. People who love to Eat are always the Best people , Katt Hull In an effort to connect all the dots, I have included a link to a page I manage on FB. The interaction on that platform isn’t as nearly interactive as I would like, but rather a peak inside my adventures in food. I chose to name the page after a quote that completely resonates with me. People who love to eat are always the best People. I knew from an early age , I was different from the rest. I watched cooking shows instead of cartoons. I sought out cookbooks in old bookstores and found a sense of home in those dusty pages. This is a piece of me. My food voice. Personal connections I have made will be shared here as well. For this reason, I enjoy rolling solo most of the time. I have always enjoy dining solo. I learn more about the places I go to in that way, and learned a lot about myself. I connect deeply with those who love food. I encourage anyone who has a blog, to post here, and post often. This is what makes this space so extraordinary. We all have a voice. This is the best place to share it. -kat
  2. curiouskitkatt

    Wine in a Can

    Here me out before the gallery starts pelting rocks at me, or revoke my Don Rockwell member card that must have got lost in the mail. Wine in a can will be the buzz in 2018. Curb your snobbery about wine in a can and review this bit. I am a fan. I welcome unpretentious dining & wining for the new year. I hope 2018 brings change in how we think about food and beverage, and return to the goodness of simplicity. The thought that I can bring a six pack of pinot along with a six pack of brewskies to the next DR picnic makes me as giddy as a high school girl. Try it, and report back on your thoughts. I am curious on everyone's take. Wine key not needed, kat
  3. We’re ready to announce the next round of pasta classes today, but we wanted to give you advance notice before the announcement goes live on the website! The next three classes are posted below: March 9 – Filled Pasta, 2:30 – 4:30 Participants will learn the classic egg pasta dough, as well as roll it by hand with the pin, and shape it into various forms such as ravioli and tortellini. $75 per person March 16 – Classic Egg Pasta, 2:30 – 4:30 Participants will learn how to make the classic egg pasta dough, as well as roll it by hand with a rolling pin, and cut it into various shapes, such as tagliatelle, pappardelle, maltagliati, farfalline, garganelli, and quadrucci. $75 per person March 23 – Semolina Pasta without Eggs, 2:30 – 4:30 Participants will learn how to make hand-shaped pasta with an eggless dough made of semolina and water, forming shapes such as trofie, lorighiddas, malloredus, orecchiette, cavatelli, and maccheroni. $75 per person
  4. Q: Single guys, Valentine’s Day Baby Wale might satisfy three single men. A: Tom Sietsema Good idea, and I see that the menu, from Corduroy chef Tom Power, includes zucchini pupusas and mushroom pizza, among other meatless selections. — FEB 13, 2019 11:29 EST always delighted to see both Corduroy, as well as Baby Wale mentioned in Tom's Chat.
  5. Im guilty of using this in reference to tailored clothing. It evokes images of an actual tailor, which I love.
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    Dining in York

    Annual return of #rwyork is 2/25 thru 3/3!!
  7. I will admit that I do not know a great deal about beers, but one thing is for sure, Pennsylvania is the place where the rise of craft brews has been growing at an exponential pace in the last 20 years. I will enlist the help of social media , experts and owners to chime in on where they see the future of craft brews heading. I will start here in York, Pa and follow the beer trail throughout the greater part of the Keystone State. I've heard of people planning their vacations around specific places to eat, so my hopes this topic will inspire travelers to plan their next "beercation" in Pa. I have lost count of how many times I have gone out to a brewery and have been overwhelmed of all of the choices. From lagers, to ales, to sours to meades, where do I even begin? I hope this segment draws the interest of several of you to chime in, and expand both my knowledge as well help out other novices out there. My intent is to to enhance one's drinking and dining experience. The more we all know, and become comfortable in ordering what we want , the better the overall approach to beer. Of course, I am directly speaking to those out there like myself, but I am sure the experts could always pick up a thing or two. --- Beer and wine index I can't forget to direct everyone to the content that has been curated to date on this forum. My topic will mainly focus on PA breweries, but there could be a lot learned from the wealth of information already posted in our index --- I asked on Facebook where to start, and in nearly two clicks I had a response that lead me to the Brewers of Pennsylvania There is a wealth of resources here starting with a map of breweries, to a digital trail map as well as numerous other features. The mission of BOP is as follows: The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP) is a 501c6 trade association that brings together leaders of Pennsylvania based breweries, businesses that support brewing and enthusiast members in order to promote and protect the brewing industry in the state.We strive to advocate for and promote awareness of BOP members; to increase the visibility of local beers through marketing, events, and consumer education; and to foster a healthy, ethical, and growth-focused beer industry. Here is a link to their blog. Brewin', kat
  8. Philly Chef Conference 2019 - the line-up and participants announced today. Tickets go on sale in January 16th at 10 am.
  9. The countdown begins. 29 days until the Philly Chef's Conference. I am so excited. Is there anything in particular y'all are interested in me covering? New trends? Chef's? restaurant tech? Please let me know....
  10. The article was printed in 2014, but is still certainly relevant: Arts, distillery, farm to table, and arts. A perfect day trip. your tour guide, kat Apr 23, 2014 - "The Lancaster Food Scene: Totally Happening" by Craig LeBan on philly.com
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    Chinese New Year

    I have no idea what to bring to a party other than "lucky" foods, and a symbolic bamboo plant for good luck. I am sure whatever you decide on, will be lovely.
  12. curiouskitkatt

    Chinese New Year

    In that same plaza, there is a there is a Korean retail store called Lil' Thingamajigs brimming with novelties. I would try there was a well for Lunar New Year swag. Sorry there is no website for this store.
  13. curiouskitkatt

    Chinese New Year

    Shilla Bakery in Annandale would be my first stop.
  14. Handmade Pasta Classes with award-winning Sfoglina Simonetta Capotondo , Each course is $65 per person, or purchase all three classes for $175. Seating is limited. To reserve a spot email reservations@fabiotrabocchi.com or call 202.525.1402. All CLASSES SOLD OUT!!!! Wait list available...
  15. Sips & Suppers 2019
  16. To my excitement, I am happy to share that the nations most profilic culinary superstars will be flocking to the District on Jan 19, 2009 to support and participate in series of dinners that will be benefitting DC Central Kitchen, FreshFarm Market, and Martha's Table. If there are any Rockwellians that would be willing to open their homes to host a team of chefs and offer transportation to those that will be arriving without cars, please get in contact with me. I know this city will be overrun with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. But think of the bragging rights you will have. ArtFoodHope_Information_Sheet_12_22.pdf ArtFoodHope_Information_Sheet_12_22.pdf
  17. About Fairfax City's Restaurant Week: Fairfax City Restaurant Week Will Celebrate the City’s Diverse and Independent Culinary Scene Regional Foodies Welcomed to Try #FairfaxCityEats March 3 through 9 FAIRFAX, VA, January 23, 2019 – The 2ndannual Fairfax City’s Restaurant Week returns Sunday, March 3 through Saturday, March 9, 2019. With over 20 participating restaurants offering a $35 three-course dinner menu, a $20 three-course lunch/brunch menu, events, entertainment and games now is the time to mark your calendars and plan your culinary road map through the city! Participants include:High Side, Hamrock’s, 21 Great American Bistro, Coyote Grille, Crazy Crab, Bellissimo, The Auld Shebeen, The Wine House, Marumen, Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, Curry Mantra, Ornery Beer Company, Tandoori Nights, Kim’s Kitchen & Bar, Zandra’s Taqueria, Pampa Sa-Zone, 29 Diner, Patriots Pub & Grille, Epicure Café, Senior Tequila’s, PJ Skidoos, Courtside Thai and Meokja Meokja. “Our Restaurant Week is a sense of pride for the city. What makes our city stand out in the region is the plethora of globally diverse and locally-owned dining options,” comments City of Fairfax Mayor David Meyer. “I encourage residents and visitors to support and explore our city restaurants during Restaurant Week, our city’s talented chefs are sure to have you walk away with an incredible cultural and culinary experience.” In addition to valuable three-course menus, restaurants will offer several special events including: George Mason University appreciation, local product features, Meet the Maker events, charitable giving, live entertainment and drink pairings. A new Fairfax City Restaurant Week App for iPhone users will launch ahead of this year’s event. Diners can earn points through the app every time they eat out at a participating restaurant or share their experience with a social media shout out. Diners who reach 10 points can earn a $25 gift card from a participating restaurant. “With our inaugural Restaurant Week campaign, we worked with the city’s culinary scene to put Fairfax City on the map as a top regional dining destination. I am grateful that the Fairfax City Economic Development Authority and the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce are once again partnering to share the story of our city’s ever-growing restaurant scene” said City of Fairfax Economic Development Director Chris Bruno. “This new annual tradition highlights the vibrancy of our local restaurant community and communicates the uniqueness of Fairfax City to the entire metropolitan area.” Following the overwhelming success of last year’s Restaurant Week program, the Fairfax City Economic Development Authority and the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce partnered to form the 2019 Restaurant Week Committee, a consortium working with consultants and the restaurant community to plan and carry out the event. The committee’s goals are to expose visitors and area residents to Fairfax City, a regional dining destination, to increase the number of diners each restaurant welcomes during this week, and to increase brand recognition for participating restaurants. Diners are encouraged to join the conversation about 2019 Restaurant Week on social media by using #FairfaxCityEats when posting about the event, tagging the City’s Economic Development Authority on Facebook @FairfaxCityEDA, and on Twitter @CityofFairfaxVA. For more information, visit fairfaxcityrestaurantweek.com and on Facebook as @FairfaxCityRestaurantWeek.
  18. Manager, Public Policy - Alcohol