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  1. I get a daily solicitation email from a marketing vendor, that I told was not getting my biz. I save them unopened. When I've collected 100, I'll contact them and tell them I'm thinking of opening and marking them all as spam.
  2. The Queen, AKA Brenda, has acceded to BoJo's request to Prorogue (shut down) Parliament. The effect will be to limit time for debate on any proposals, or lack thereof. In a little over 24 hours 850K+ signed a petition in oppo. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/269157
  3. Think you're on the money there. In EU, Germans are considered the inventors of the auto. They are the world's pre-eminent engineers generally. If you need to buy an obscure part for an obscure industrial machine, and find that there are only three manufacturers globally, it's likely that one, two, or all three of them will be German. Such companies form the backbone of the Mittlestand, selling to a global market, but you've got to wonder if they'll lose market share to 3D printers. Mittlestand Rudolf Diesel was also.......
  4. Dublin's my home town, but I haven't eaten out there much in thirty years, so I won't offer any reccies, other than to note that Patrick Gilbaud has been at the top of the pile for nearly 50 years. Not sure if that's good or bad news. Happy to answer any other touristy questions. Be aware that the islands generally can be a considerable time sink on a 10 day trip. While you can drive cross country from Dublin to Galway in a little over two hours on the expressway, both the air and ferry departures to the Aran Islands are close to an hour's drive west of Galway, on a slow road, then another hour sailing. In Dingle, be wary of a boat trip to Skellig Michael. I've heard horror stories on radio of boats with no life jackets, and the boat captain actually attempting to justify it.
  5. I agree on the corn/ethanol issue, but that article you cited is 12 years old, and has long been overtaken by new developments. Elon Musk etc. No-one today would dare seriously suggest that growing corn is the panacea to reduced gasoline consumption. Food is at the top of the hierarchy of human needs. Unlike Amazon gadgets, people die without access to it. There's good public policy in having lower food prices. The earlier piece I posted about the BBC reporting on intensive farming beginning in the UK in 1947, reminded me about food rationing, which ended in the US in 1946, but not til 1954 in the UK. Intensive farming was right for the time, and times change.
  6. Leaked UK Cabinet Office document says food, fuel, and med shortages after a no-deal crash out, are not worst case scenario, rather, are likely. No Deal Crashout Consequences
  7. I was surprised to learn that foreign beef that has passed thru a US certified plant, in a foreign country can be labeled "Product of US". From NPR The question of whether grass-fed beef is better is complicated: Grass feeding takes more time and more land, but it helps with soil erosion and is closer to how cows evolved to live. But much of it is shipped halfway around the world to the U.S., and any difference in greenhouse gas emissions is up for debate.
  8. Here's hoping the biggest loser in this is Bibi. It's a measure of his electoral concern. Now he looks craven, stupid, and even more vulnerable. The group funding the trip, has funded similar for D's in the past, without incident. There's also talk on the hill about reprimands for both ambassadors,
  9. I feel fortunate never to have posted much of anything on FB. I reluctantly joined to appease family members, and was quickly surprised by the extent of digging into my background. Now, they're on my list, but low down, as potential advertising platform. Makes me feel dirty, but I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to look at it as my revenge.
  10. 25+ state AG's have called on the FDA for more regulation to control spurious claims.
  11. That's a good article. Can't say I'm surprised, for all the reasons outlined in the piece. The non-alcoholic category is as hot as CBD. Will be interesting to watch the transition from niche to mass market. Volume up, price? My experience is that Europeans are more susceptible than Americans to the claimed benefits of exclusivity, and the US price will end up lower. Won't be many wholesaler distribution issues in future. Who will move into the space formerly occupied by Seedlip?
  12. There'll be no ~!@#$%^&* here. Below is more appropriate for the Brexit thread but still relevant here.
  13. There's no dispute that the US is the worst CAFO offender. I simply challenged your blanket claim that CAFO's were non-existent in EU. I have zero intention of debating the distinctions between Large, Massive, and "Mega" (as used by The Guardian). You don't reform unless you have a problem...... CAFOTHEBOOK Wiki....
  14. That's a debatable premise to begin with. Because (unless you can show otherwise), the inefficiencies associated with small scale high end production typically result in higher per unit resource consumption. CAFO's exist in Europe. UK alone has almost 800. One for every 65,000 people. Facts, not emotion, please Jul 18, 2017 - "Rise of Mega Farms: How the US Model of Intensive Farming Is Invading the World" on the guardian.com
  15. I'm not so sure about never,.....US is a follower in this domain. Your view of the general US population smacks of EU style elitism. Your plea for a tax exemption for small or boutique producers seems to me to be 100% self serving, and counter intuitive. The consumers who can afford to pay the tax, would be given a break.....gimme a break.....
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