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  1. That's a good Politico piece. Here's a good, and not very long New Yorker piece focusing more specifically on the Irish Backstop. Brexit's Irish Paradox
  2. Bummer! I did at least note at the outset that they were in financial difficulty. Ever the optimist.......maybe Norwegian will take up the opportunity at BWI. they mostly fly direct nonstop. They have full service out of JFK and Newark on 787's and discount service out of Stewart, 60 miles away, on 737's, plus service out of CT and MA. Norwegian has now overtaken BA and Lufthansa as the leading non US airline on the North Atlantic. They have 130 aircraft, 93 destinations, but they too have shaky financials. Michael O'Leary, boss of EU competitor Ryanair, and no shrinking violet, says he's amazed they haven't gone belly up yet. He claims they're losing "heroic" amounts of money due to over expansion.
  3. In a series of eight non-binding (testing the waters) votes today Parliament rejected all options. Analysts say that this likely will make May's twice overwhelmingly rejected deal now somewhat easier to pass, particularly since she has said she's prepared to resign early.
  4. TwentyTables Hungry for Funds D.C.-based TwentyTables, the maker of a web platform with $6 meals from local restaurants, is looking to move beyond Greater Washington by opening a mid-six-figures funding round, the WBJ reports. That funding would solidify the company’s operations in the D.C. area, founder and CEO Alex Cohen told the Biz Journal, before a Series A round of $3M-5M marked for expansion costs. The momentum follows a successful trip to SXSW in Austin where TwentyTables – the only DMV company in the event's pitch competition – took home the “Best Bootstrap” prize. It was founded in 2017 with an initial $300K raised, and without raising more capital grew from five restaurants on the platform in January 2018 to more than 100 now. Read more from the WBJ. [subscriber content].
  5. To get an extension Parliament needs next week to approve the deal they've twice rejected. Not a lot of downside for the "Conti-Non". Much more for UK. Nige & co, (who has split from his first baby UKIP, and claims to have a new party and candidates to pull of the shelf in the event of a general election), plus the European Research Group (ERG), Mogglydites etc. would not complain loudly if she failed. They wouldn't reject a "no deal" option as quickly as other elements would. Think of them collectively like Tea Party Jihadists. Possible way out....... Petition to revoke and remain gathering signatures at record pace. Just crossed 4M at last check. Parliament "considers" all petitions above 100K. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584
  6. T. May went to Brussels seeking an extension from 03/29 to 06/30 but got either 04/12 or 05/22 depending.......This Brexit racket would wear a body out.......
  7. UK Speaker Throw Wrench at Cat Among Pigeons, and then some.........
  8. If those Yugo parts don't come thru for ya, I have access to used Trabant and Wartburg parts, might work instead. Typically, a clutch from one is interchangeable as a brake in the other. Could probably get them for ya at wholesale prices too, maybe even 20% below wholesale. Might have to grease a palm or two tho. Keep me posted.
  9. This landed in my inbox this morning, from the Dept. of Useless Information. Drinks International's survey of the world's most admired wine brands. It's a Tour de Force in bullshit, and good reason for consumers to maintain a healthy skepticism of corporate winespeak. Zero info on selection criteria. The global panel of wine experts sounds like an outfit I'd be proud to be kicked out of, if I was a wine expert, that is. Imagine if you are number 15 or 17 on this list. The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands is considered a leading authority on the most influential and trending wine producers from around the world and the full list can be seen below: 1. Penfolds, Australia 2. Torres, Spain 3. Villa Maria, New Zealand 4. Concha Y Toro, Chile 5. M. Chapoutier, France 6. Sassicaia, Italy 7. E. Guigal, France 8. Marqués de Riscal, Spain 9. Errazuriz, Chile 10. Ridge, USA 11. Cono Sur, Chile 12. Felton Road, New Zealand 13. Campo Viejo, Spain 14. Vega Sicilia, Spain 15. Château Margaux, France 16. Barefoot, USA 17. Tignanello, Italy 18. Château d’Yquem, France 19. Yalumba, Australia 20. Château Petrus, France 21. Cloudy Bay, New Zealand 22. Château Musar, Lebanon 23. Cavit, Italy 24. Château Lafite, France 25. Louis Latour, France 26. McGuigan, Australia 27. Georges Duboeuf, France 28. Château Haut-Brion, France 29. Château Cheval Blanc, France 30. Santa Rita, Chile 31. Jean Marc Brocard, France 32. Oyster Bay, New Zealand 33. Robert Mondavi, USA 34. Château Latour, France 35. Royal Tokaji, Hungary 36. Peter Lehmann, Australia 37. Wolf Blass, Australia 38. Château Mouton Rothschild, France 39. Yellowtail, Australia 40. Ramon Bilbao, Spain 41. Undurraga, Chile 42. Trapiche, Argentina 43. Jacob’s Creek, Australia 44. Beringer, USA 45. KWV, South Africa 46. Château Le Pin, France 47. Nederburg, South Africa 48. Inniskillin, Canada 49. Rosemount Estate, Australia 50. Barton & Guestier, France
  10. Remind me again who they are, and where they're from. Moldova is ?
  11. To reinforce Kevin Rudd's comment quoted above..... Combined, EU + US accounts for about 66% of all UK trade, imports + exports. Currently they benefit from EU rules for trade with the US. Three weeks from now, they won't have a new deal with the US, and the EU is unclear. If they don't have a deal with the EU, then they won't have one with the US either. Once they're out they need two separate deals.
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