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  1. The process in Md seems better. Make an online appt. in 30 minute slots at any DMV. Show up with your docs. Out in 30 minutes at noon midweek.
  2. A 7-2 consumer friendly ruling from SCOTUS this morning. Here's how Sean O'Leary (Irish Liquor Lawyer) described it.......... Writing for the majority Justice Sam Alito made a statement that is going to resonate in the liquor industry for years to come. He held that reading Granholm as only extending to producers has no sound basis and Granholm stands for the proposition that the Commerce Clause prohibits state discrimination against all out-of-state economic interest. As the debate over how Granholm applies is at issue in many wine shipping cases, Justice Alito may have ended the debate and provided a clear principle for these cases that were previously muddled by the lack of clarity after Granholm. Only time will tell how lower courts apply this principle, but the probability is high they will follow it! Justice Alito made a very clear statement today. Here is the excerpt from the opinion. “The Association resists this reading. Although it concedes (as it must under Granholm) that §2 does not give the States the power to discriminate against out-of-state alcohol products and producers, the Association presses the argument, echoed by the dissent, that a different rule applies to state laws that regulate in-state alcohol distribution. There is no sound basis for this distinction. The state laws at issue in Granholm discriminated against out-of-state producers. See 883 F. 3d, at 621. And Granholm never said that its reading of history or its Commerce Clause analysis was limited to discrimination against products or producers. On the contrary, the Court stated that the Clause prohibits state discrimination against all “‘out-of-state economic interests,’” Granholm, 544 U. S., at 472 (emphasis added), and noted that the direct-shipment laws in question “contradict[ed]” dormant Commerce Clause principles because they “deprive[d] citizens of their right to have access to the markets of other States on equal terms.” Id., at 473 (emphasis added). Granholm also described its analysis as consistent with the rule set forth in Bacchus, Brown-Forman Distillers Corp. v. New York State Liquor Authority, 476 U. S. 573 (1986), and Healy that “‘[w]hen a state statute directly regulates or discriminates against interstate commerce, or when its effect is to favor in-state economic interests over out-of-state interests, we have generally struck down the statute without further inquiry.’” Granholm, supra, at 487 (quoting Brown-Forman, supra, at 579; emphasis added).
  3. Can't say for sure, but there might be some distribution issues with Seedlip. Dropped by wholesaler etc.
  4. if 160,000 Tory party members follow the lead of their 313 MPs, looks like BoJo will be the next PM in a couple of weeks. Then the chances of a "surprise" fall election go up. BoJo says 10/31/19 is the drop dead deadline to leave........unless, maybe.......
  5. Not that I want this new rule changed, but given that it seems the lawsuit that was the genesis of this change was purely theoretical i.e, that CG conceded he never intended to advertise HH prices, and he was represented by an organization that specializes in these matters on a pro bono basis, one wonders what practical effect it will have. https://pacificlegal.org/case/chef-geoffs-and-geoff-tracy-v-jeffrey-painter/
  6. Glanced over the piece, didn't take it all in. As a general comment, few and far between are the independently owned scotch brands these days. Business power in the UK is more concentrated in the hands of fewer larger companies, than is the case in most other countries, US included. They'd market champagne from Norway and Sudan.
  7. Citypaper..... Dacha co-owner was a member of "Dewey Seven" in New York financial scheme
  8. 8oz/250ml cans the most popular size for wine, are "technically illegal" for wine, but not malt beverages. They violate TTB regulations rather than statute. 250ml is not an approved "Standard of Fill" by the TTB for wine, Standard of Fill
  9. History being made this week...... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48222997
  10. That's a good Politico piece. Here's a good, and not very long New Yorker piece focusing more specifically on the Irish Backstop. Brexit's Irish Paradox
  11. Bummer! I did at least note at the outset that they were in financial difficulty. Ever the optimist.......maybe Norwegian will take up the opportunity at BWI. they mostly fly direct nonstop. They have full service out of JFK and Newark on 787's and discount service out of Stewart, 60 miles away, on 737's, plus service out of CT and MA. Norwegian has now overtaken BA and Lufthansa as the leading non US airline on the North Atlantic. They have 130 aircraft, 93 destinations, but they too have shaky financials. Michael O'Leary, boss of EU competitor Ryanair, and no shrinking violet, says he's amazed they haven't gone belly up yet. He claims they're losing "heroic" amounts of money due to over expansion.
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