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  1. We were also at the early Saturday Nats game and also planned to go to AP after the game before attending the second. I used Resy to 'join the waitlist' before we tied the game. I got an automated text in about 10 minutes offering us a table - extra innings, so I replied to cancel. As the game was ending I used Resy again to join the waitlist. We rushed over and presented ourselves at the host stand. The moment I said Resy waitlist they greeted me by name and offered us a choice of tables in the auxiliary outdoor seating. It was beautiful, there was a view of the river and we were in the shade. The food and service were excellent as usual. We heard the national anthem as we waited in line to reenter the stadium. All Purpose for the win.
  2. La Casita, yes! Friday night before I watched an inning of baseball that never happened - I had the corn tamales with crema. They were a bit sweet but very very good and hot. Saturday before the first game I had the pork pupusas. They were hot, but just a little more tasty than grilled cheese. Now on a rainy Saturday a hot grilled cheese was perfect. It looks like they have their own employees with one Levy person as the cashier. This combo works well and I will be sure to mention it in the end of year survey and hope they come back next year.
  3. About Podcasts: The Big Listen News: The Daily, Up First Money: The Indicator, Planet Money, Wall Street Journal - Tech News Briefing Entertainment: The Watch, Stuff You Should Know, Milk Street Radio Real: Criminal, Detective, This American Life, S-Town, Washington City Podcast Baseball (Nationals): Between Innings w/Dan Kolko, Ground Rule Trouble, Newsmakers
  4. Finally made it back to Inferno after over a year away (why?). As I parked my car at the CVS to purchase real Sudafed (can't get it from Amazon - thanks Walter White) it dawned on me that I was steps away from Inferno. Right before 6pm on a Saturday night the dining room was full but ordering takeout was a breeze. FOH was very efficient and I did see Chef Conte working the line as I glanced over. I walked to CVS, swore I wouldn't make meth with 48 Sudafed pills and walked back to Inferno. The waiting area was now also full and a party of five had also followed me in. I sat on an open spot on the bench for about 2 minutes and my pizza was handed to me and off I went. The three left hand turns back home were quick and the piping hot pie was amazing!! It is the best Neapolitan pie in my neck of the woods!
  5. We were at the game today - and we noticed Bryce coming on to the field with Werth and Desmond to shake hands after the Nats won. I wasn't sure until I watched the end on MASN.
  6. "If Scherzer can start Friday night's game against Philadelphia with four scoreless innings, the Nationals will eclipse the 2008 Indians (44 1/3 innings) and have the second-longest scoreless streak in the expansion era. Orioles starters threw 54 consecutive scoreless innings in 1974." "Nats Starters Set Franchise Scoreless Streak" by Jacob Emert on m.nationals.mlb.com
  7. Almost ate there today. We were on the rental car shuttle on the way to Terminal A when we got word that our flight moved to Terminal C. We had been looking forward to mid-morning margaritas and appetizers (chicken tamales are my go to). I never order a entree because of the large portions. Whenever we are in Terminal A we grab a quick drinks at Pappasito's. Last month I had to offer the boss an arm to hold on to as we made our way onto our flight - I was glad I had only had 2 ZiegenBocks.
  8. When I'm in Addison I'm eating on the company, usually with co-workers of varied palates. I have spent many an evening at the Village on the Parkway in the last few months. I hope the construction is almost over! We usually make a trip to Kenny's Italian Kitchen (or Kenny's Wood Fired Grill). I tend to spend my meal allowance on wine by the glass. Scallops or Spinach & Salmon Salad are stand bys. We go to Gloria's when we want to spice things up. Margaritas and Chicken Enchiladas and Margaritas. Someone planned a happy hour at Sherlock's - not good. Beer was cheap enough but I couldn't eat with the cigarette smoke. And one night I even made one of my co-workers walk with me from our hotel to Tutti Fruitti for frozen yogurt. The yogurt and the toppings were good and there were plenty of places to sit outside and enjoy the not cool evening. Maybe next time I will talk her into trying Flying Fish - thanks for the tip!
  9. Bill is such a nice person [he was a cycling coach of mine - always tried to tell me we were going downhill or were almost there]. I stumbled on the lease map for Kentlands Square a few weeks ago while looking for an place to buy new sunglasses. See Lot 32 - "Brasserie Beck" http://www.saulcenters.com/Lease%20Plans-PDF/Kentlands%20SquareIandIIandKentlands%20Place%20Leaseplan.pdf
  10. Those super nice ladies offer me a smile and a Summer Ale as my first stop after fighting traffic to the ballpark more than 70 times a season. Last season they switched from Summer Ale to Octoberfest in September. The stand is oriented to people walking from third base side so casual folks walking in from Center Field gates walk right past. Between innings I can make it to the Baseline Brews near Section 136 and purchase a draft Sierra Nevada and be back to my seat without missing any game action. The lady who serves on the far right is the quickest. I do wish that Nationals Park had the sort of local "craft" beer selection that Oriole Park has. Oriole Park has a Heavy Seas stand in the 300 section on the third base side that has four rotating taps. The Red Porch is a hike from my seat and is often crowded before games.
  11. Stone's Cove is close to my office. My boss took a co-worker and I to lunch there as a thank you about a year ago. While we would not rule out a return visit, none of us has been back. The space was very loud and not an easy place to have a conversation. We were seated at a peninsula table that jutted off of the bar/open kitchen. Our server was stationed at the bar so we had almost constant face to face contact with him and the rest of the staff. And even after reading the online menu it took the three of us a good 10 minutes with the menu to find something pleasant to eat with work company. Two us us had the burger and the third had something messy to eat - maybe sliders. My burger and fries were fine - as memory serves. I found the seating awkward and the staff intrusive. I would suggest sitting farther away from the bar/kitchen.
  12. Also stopped by the Kentlands location last night. Ordered a to go pizza. Had a Liberty Ale (bottles only for now) at the bar while I waited. Friendly atmosphere in the larger bar area with staff from Ellicott City stopping by to say hi. My Ring of Fire (Spicy Sauce is the key) pizza was ordered well done and survived the quick six minute trip home in crisp flavorful condition. I agree with Daniel that the Signature Sauce is too sweet for my taste. Also have found that a better crust experience is had with a smaller pizza ordered well done. Very glad that they are here in Gaithersburg! Now I don't have to wait for Sunday O's games to have their pizza.
  13. Love to lurk, and look at the Dining Guide from time to time.
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