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  1. dracisk


    I've seen them in Silver Spring, too, but I haven't tried them.
  2. dracisk

    Weekend in Virginia Heading to Culpepper County

    Thank you! Maybe we'll try Glen Manor and/or Element. A friend gave me a bottle of Glen Manor's sauvignon blanc for my birthday and I can't wait to drink it!
  3. Yes, they both seem like dumbing down, which surprised me at Momofuku, but maybe it shouldn't have.
  4. "Bing bread" drives me nuts. I noticed it as Momofuku, too. It reminds me of when people say "naan bread," which also drives me nuts. But according to Wikipedia "bing" literally means "biscuit," and "naan" means "bread," so I guess saying "naan bread" is worse than saying "bing bread."
  5. dracisk

    Weekend in Virginia Heading to Culpepper County

    I'm heading back out to the farm in Brightwood (which is actually in Madison County despite the title of this thread) next weekend (October 20-21). All of the recommendations in this thread have been super helpful -- we've tried almost all of them over the last 3 years! This year we learned that our friends will be in Front Royal the same weekend, and my husband volunteered himself and the other husband to wrangle the two 4-year-olds while the wives (one of whom is me) do some wine tasting. I see that Linden and Glen Manor, both of which I'd love to try, are pretty close to Front Royal, but that's about an hour from where we'll be in Brightwood. I'm wondering if anyone knows of anyplace more in between Brightwood (about 20 minutes southwest of Culpeper) and Front Royal where the wines are decent, the tasting fees aren't exorbitant, and people won't frown on a couple of 4-year-olds entertaining themselves (hopefully relatively unobtrusively) while their moms partake in wine. Scenic vistas a definite plus!
  6. How did you find out? Did you eventually get through by phone to your local store? Or it sounds like maybe your husband did some in person scouting?
  7. dracisk

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    We had another Skinnytaste recipe tonight: Ground Turkey with Potatoes and Peas. We had it one other time and found it a bit bland, so we added a bunch of curry powder this time, which improved it. We ate it with brown rice. This afternoon my husband and I discussed strategy to get my daughter to eat it and decided we'd just put out a bowl for her and not say anything, but we were ready for a fight (I don't want this! I only want a cheese sandwich!!). Miraculously she ate it without resistance!
  8. I'm usually only at the Wheaton and DC Costcos, so it's not like I have a ton of Costcos to compare, but stock seems to come and go and may be available in one Costco but not another. For example, the Wheaton Costco consistently sold McCormick paprika, then they weren't selling it for weeks (there wasn't even a place on the shelf for it), but the DC Costco had a ton of it. Now the Wheaton Costco has it again. Also, I bought wines at the DC Costco and a few months later went back to buy them again and they didn't have them anymore. All that is to say that even if you found out your local Costco had that wine at some point, they may or may not have it in the future. And I'm not sure of the best way to find out short of calling your local store, which I assume you already tried. On another note, there was some discussion in another thread about the Kirkland brand of New Zealand sauvignon blanc, which they sell for $7 (that may be a sale price -- not sure), and I said I didn't love it but would totally drink it for $7. It's actually grown on me and I quite enjoy it now.
  9. dracisk

    Dining near Dulles Airport

    I'm not in the area often, but I enjoyed Mokomandy in Sterling a few years ago. It looks like brunch or lunch would only work there on a Saturday or Sunday.
  10. Their entrance also isn't obvious at all, around the corner from Taco Bamba and not very well labeled, at least when I was there.
  11. That's true about the filling; I had forgotten that. It doesn't bother me, but I can see how it could be a turn off. I also agree about the vegetarian Bibigo dumplings being bland. I don't think I've had the bulgogi ones. Since the Ling Ling ones are on sale this month they'll probably have samples, so you could try for yourself.
  12. I'm no potsticker connoisseur, but I like them. If I remember correctly the wrapper is a bit thick (as can probably be expected for mass produced frozen potstickers), but they have good flavor. They're also not crazy fattening. I'll be buying at least one bag while they're on sale. I wish I had a chest freezer!
  13. dracisk

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    We had totally inauthentic "tacos" last night (flour tortillas, ground turkey, taco seasoning, shredded cheddar, lettuce, tomato, sour cream). My 4-year-old has never deigned to eat these, so I heated up leftover hot dogs for her (always a winner). And she tried a taco! It was a mess as she couldn't hold the tortilla without a whole bunch of filling escaping, but I was glad she tried one. Oh, and she insisted on putting some hot dog in the tortilla with her ground turkey and cheese. But what are you going to do? She also ate an apple.
  14. Jealous. I've been meaning to post about how much I've enjoyed dinner at the bar at Dino's, especially on Sundays, when happy hour lasts all night. It's been a couple of (or a few?) months since my last visit, but I recall a $10 pot of plump mussels and generous (and cheap!) pours of the house wine. My husband enjoys the Ric Flair cocktail. This is a great place for our date nights, as it satisfies my "foodie" desires, but it's not too off the wall for my husband. (He doesn't do well with small plates, tasting menus, unusual ingredients, etc.) Wish we could join you next Sunday!
  15. Ugggggh. I always felt like we were spending way too much money when we ordered from there (and the pizza is better fresh from the oven), but I'll miss it as a delivery option.