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  1. We (my husband, my 7-year-old, and I) just decided to go to Virginia Beach next weekend. (Thanks, Yom Kippur and a day off from school in MoCo.) I haven't been to Virginia Beach in 20 years (!) and I don't think my husband has ever been. We'll be driving from Silver Spring and I'm thinking we'll break up the drive by stopping for lunch in the Richmond area (but probably not in Richmond itself -- I'm well aware of ZZQ, but that's probably not happening this time). Looks like we'll be getting on 295 from 95 and then getting on 64 around Richmond. I'm sure it's mostly chain central in terms of restaurants in that area, but any chance anyone knows of any decent choices not too far off the highway?
  2. We just decided to go to Virginia Beach next weekend. (Thanks, Yom Kippur and a day off from school in MoCo.) I haven't been to Virginia Beach in 20 years (!) and I don't think my husband has ever been. I'm not expecting a transcendent experience (we usually go to Ocean City, which I also find ... not transcendent -- the beaches within driving distance of Silver Spring are dreadful IMHO). That being said, does anyone have restaurant recommendations? We're not looking for fine dining. My husband's not really into it and we'll have my 7-year-old with us.
  3. Wow, that was like a car wreck. I couldn't stop reading the owner's responses! She called one customer a douchebag!!
  4. Given that you need to get on a plane you were probably safer doing what you did. We heard from neighbors that turnaround was quick (and we didn't absolutely need our results quickly), but if the website says 3-5 days I'm sure it could potentially take that long and then you'd be SOL.
  5. For future reference, we got PCR tests last week at one of the Montgomery County sites (the Dennis Avenue Health Center) and had our results in 24 hours (they told us it would take 48). We made appointments late the night before.
  6. Is shrimp and lobster sauce a regional American Chinese dish? I grew up eating it in RI and I don't remember seeing it in the DMV.
  7. Thanks for the report. It's interesting to see one's native state through an outsider's eye. I'm glad you enjoyed Matunuck Oyster Bar. I also dislike Rhode Island clam chowder. Why have clear broth when you can have cream (New England style)?? Maybe dislike is a strong word, but I'll always choose New England style. Your description of Hemenway's (a recipe driven restaurant without much creative energy) was exactly my impression without having been there. I can't believe RI has an urban, hip Korean restaurant!
  8. We've stayed across the street from Uber Bagels at least twice, but we never managed to try them. We usually go in September, so it may have been an hours issue (this was pre-COVID). We usually get sucked in by the nearby Fractured Prune. Anyway, I'm glad for this review of Uber -- we'll have to check them out if we stay up that way again.
  9. My father-in-law will be inurned at ANC on Friday, 7/30, at 9am. Given the group we're expecting for the service, I think our best bet for a post-service meal would be Bob and Edith's in Crystal City, as no one should be outside of their comfort zone there. I've never been there before, though, so I'm wondering if a larger group (like 6-8 people, maybe more) would be able to sit together-ish (by pushing tables together or whatever)? Or is it one of those diners that has tiny booths only? Also, does anyone know about how long we should expect the ANC service to last?
  10. Growing up in Warwick I didn't spend as much time on Thayer Street. It was more of a special treat. Providence was so faaaaah.
  11. Plus one for pizza strips/party pizza/bakery pizza and wandies! RI has an amazing number of specialty foods for such a small state. Also coffee cabinets, Awful Awfuls, and many more. Get a Del's Frozen Lemonade when you're there! You may see a truck or a stand by the beach, or they have some storefronts. Good. In summers past, before they started taking reservations, I drove by and saw cars waiting in line on the street just to get in the parking lot. I'm sure you're planning to concentrate on oysters, but if you have room for the house-made stuffie I recommend trying it (I haven't had it at MOB, but stuffies are another RI speciality). Also, the Point Judith calamari will have traveled less than 3 miles (as the crow flies) to get to your plate. If your kids will tolerate it and the weather's nice, another Providence thing to do is wander around the East Side. There's really nice colonial architecture and Brown University and RISD are there. RISD has an art museum (which, looking at a map, I realize is only a couple of blocks from Hemenway's). Thayer Street is fun to walk around on. When I was in high school I thought it was really cool to hang out there. Of course, I'm not sure how many students will be around in the summer, but I imagine some will. Ocean Drive is a very pretty drive in Newport (the name of the street is Ocean Drive). ETA: I just remembered Gracie's is another fine dining option in Providence. I'm not sure how different it would be than anything you could get anywhere else, but it may be worth looking into.
  12. I'm going to be in RI later this summer and got some good recommendations from @Bob Wells, too! A few places I didn't know about. A strong second for Mike's (Kitchen). It is amazing and sooooo RI. They have strange hours so be sure to check that out (e.g., they're only open for lunch on Saturdays). Like Bob Wells said, they only take cash. You get separate bills for the bar and the food. I've been trying to figure out why for years. I believe they're known for Parm (chicken Parm, eggplant Parm, veal Parm, etc.). I've never been to Biomes, but I've heard good things about it and I know my almost 9-year-old nephew likes it. In Newport if you have time I recommend the Cliff Walk. I have a feeling you'll be very underwhelmed by Roger Williams Park Zoo after the Bronx Zoo (and assuming you're semi-regulars at the National Zoo). The Providence Children's Museum is nice if your kids are the right age. If you're beach people the beaches are reaaaaally nice. I like them much better than the beaches near DC, and they're so much easier to get to. I don't think I've ever toured Blithewold Mansion, but it's in a very cute town. I'm not familiar with the Audubon Nature Center. It looks like WaterFire isn't happening until September at the earliest, which is too bad. I'm sure there's plenty more to do ... I'll keep thinking.
  13. My native state! I only get back there a couple of times a year and don't always get to eat at interesting places due to unadventurous family members. I haven't been to Oberlin or even Hemenway's, which has been around forever. I'm interested to know what you think about both. I enjoyed Mills Tavern a few years ago. I've heard great things about O Dinis for Portuguese food -- there's a large Portuguese-American population in RI -- but I haven't been there. You may want to check out Atwells Avenue on Federal Hill in Providence. There are tons of Italian-Americans in RI, too, and this is RI's Little Italy (very little). Some of the restaurants have been around for decades and at least one (I believe Camille's) hosted a mafia shoot-out, at least according to legend. I'm not sure how GREAT the food will be -- most of it is red sauce Italian -- but it would be a VERY RI experience. The Old Canteen and Angelo's are two other places that have been around forever (Angelo's since 1924). Do you have a reservation for Matunuck Oyster Bar? They used to not take reservations, but it looks like they do now. There used to be insane waits for tables, even for weekday lunches (at least on nice days), but I'm not sure if that's changed. I only went there once a few years ago and don't remember much aside from the dreadful wine list (and I don't even know very much about wine compared to many people here). I'm pretty sure my party ordered a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon blanc, which is currently priced at $42. Maybe there was a better option we missed. I did enjoy my meal as I recall. The restaurant is in a beautiful location just down the street from East Matunuck State Beach. My grandmother used to have a beach house right on the ocean just down the street from the state beach. Matunuck Oyster Bar didn't exist then! If for some reason you can't get into Matunuck Oyster Bar, Cap'n Jack's is a little further down the street on the other side (but still on the water). It's a very different place (much more rustic and much less trendy) but has delicious seafood. The lobster roll below is from Cap'n Jack's (being consumed at East Matunuck State Beach). Get clam cakes and chowder! Clam cakes are basically deep fried round fritters with bits of clam in them, an RI speciality. What are you doing for fun in RI? ETA: I just remembered @Bob Wells is also from RI. He may also have input!
  14. Enjoy! I forgot that Dominick's is cash only! The Cloisters are awesome, too. I've never been to the Bronx Zoo.
  15. I enjoyed Dominick’s on Arthur Avenue a few years ago.
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