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  1. We had burgers and hot dogs smoked over hickory last night and leftovers of the same tonight. Plus Utz potato chips. No vegetables other than that. 😂 Last night we also had s'mores with marshmallows roasted over our fire pit.
  2. Source of the Spring had an update the day after El Guapo's post that Full Key plans to remain open with some modifications: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/montgomery-county/full-key-restaurant-we-will-continue-to-operate/
  3. I think this will be my project meal at some point during this dark winter. I'm pretty sure Costco sells Gruyere. (I love Wegmans, too, but I'm at Costco every 2 weeks and rarely find myself at Wegmans.)
  4. Yes, there was actually maple syrup in the batter and we had maple syrup on top as well. I also had butter on mine. This morning my husband made Belgian waffles using the Bisquick recipe with the waffle maker we bought over the summer for $5 from a family moving overseas. We had them with sugared strawberries and butter.
  5. I rarely cook anything in my house -- my husband mostly cooks -- but I had a craving for pumpkin pancakes, so this morning I made this recipe, which was very good! I hadn't made pancakes in a long time, so they were a little overdone and dense (I think I should have added more milk to the batter as the recipe suggests if the batter seems too thick), but they still tasted great and pumpkin-y. I also made bacon in the oven for the first time. It came out very crispy but it was still bacon so still tasted great. I'll tweak my methods on both and hopefully will get even better results next time.
  6. Aw, man, we were driving through Flint Hill last Sunday morning after leaving Shenandoah National Park and I noticed Griffin Tavern on Google Maps, but they weren't open yet. I'll definitely keep it in mind for future trips out there. I wish my kid would sub green beans for French fries!!
  7. I did end up going to Rhode Island to see my parents (and other family). We got tested before we left and then crossed our fingers that we didn't pick it up between the test and our arrival (pretty unlikely as we're mostly home, except that we flew). I really wasn't freaked about flying. Everyone was masked, middle seats were empty, and I always thought airports and airplanes were filthy, so treating all surfaces as covered in germs was nothing new to me. We sanitized a lot and everything turned out fine. We've been back for 3+ weeks and no one got sick -- very thankfully!!
  8. Seconded! I'm AMAZED at what Pat comes up with -- the variety of dishes in each meal and the use of dribs and drabs from prior meals. Also the use of freezer items from years ago!
  9. Oh I love them but I don't usually eat them for dinner (but I probably have at some point)!
  10. My husband gave my 6-year-old a big bowl of Goldfish and an orange soda at 5pm. 🙄🤯 Shockingly, she's not hungry for dinner. But still wants dessert!
  11. We got our pumpkin there one year when we didn't get our act together to visit a pumpkin patch. My daughter also went on an adorable field trip there when she was in preschool (which was how I first learned about it).
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