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  1. Wow, good to know about onions. I vaguely knew they were bad for dogs, but I didn't know they were that dangerous.
  2. Does anyone have any tips on visiting Hersheypark? My husband and I are thinking of taking our 7-year-old on a couple of weekdays in June. I've never been and my husband hasn't been since he was a kid. I'm not so much looking for food recommendations (though I'd take those!) and more looking for tips about visiting the park. We're not careless about COVID but we're also not super concerned. Also, the adults will be vaccinated by then.
  3. Yes, human food is just a treat for my dogs. One is 70 pounds and one 30 pounds. I don't buy them dog treats per se. My daughter had scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning and left a little bit on her plate so I split it for the dogs. I give the big dog the sliced off ends of large tomatoes sometimes. He'll eat just about anything (except lettuce).
  4. I didn't know grapes were a big no-no for dogs and gave our current older dog some. I was standing at the sink washing grapes and tossed some into his mouth. Then a couple of weeks later I read to NEVER give dogs grapes. Luckily our dog had no adverse effects. From what I understand vets don't know what it is about grapes that harm dogs and some dogs are affected and some aren't. We were lucky with our dog, but obviously you wouldn't want to take a chance! You're supposed to rush your dog to the vet if he or she eats a grape. 😮 My dogs got some leftover over easy eggs today. 🍳 The older o
  5. Also macadamia nuts in case you were thinking about feeding those to your dogs. I'm sure there are others we're both missing, too. My dogs get 95% dry kibble (otherwise I'm afraid they'll get way too fat; one is already overweight) but they get little human food snacks and treats as well. One loves everything he's tried other than lettuce. The other (recently rescued, of unknown provenance) seems to have an issue with certain textures. Last night I gave him a small chunk of tomato and he let it drop out of his mouth. I'm pretty sure he's done this with other similarly textured foods as we
  6. Thank you so much! I live right by a paved hiker-biker trail (Sligo Creek Trail) and a parkway (Sligo Creek Parkway) that's closed to vehicular traffic every Friday through Sunday. I actually enjoy (slow) running now after starting to run (recreationally -- and did I say slowly?) in college (30 years ago!). Getting out for runs and dog walks has kept me sane during this pandemic!
  7. I ultimately lost 25 pounds since November 2019 but then I gained about 5 pounds back and I've been fluctuating between having lost 20 and 25 pounds for the last few weeks or months. I'm still on full time telework and still running 3-5 miles every other day. I just need to stop cheating so much!!
  8. I made strata for the first time. My husband baked bread a couple of weeks ago and it had been going stale in our fridge (but wasn't yet moldy!), so it seemed like a good use for it. I used this recipe.
  9. Maybe a specialty pharmacy? I used to go to Grubb's in Dupont. Or a Middle Eastern bakery?
  10. Wow, I completely forgot about the Moroccan place. I never made it there.
  11. I think I only went to AV once. I remember the white pizza!
  12. I never heard of spaghetti Caruso. That sounds so good!
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