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  1. Same issue in many languages (at least Romance languages). In Spanish "embarazada" means "pregnant," not "embarrassed." The nice thing for English speakers about learning Chinese is that there are few false friends (or false cognates) because there are few cognates period.
  2. Does the Chase Sapphire Reserve consider gas purchase as travel (so eligible for 3 points per dollar in rewards)? I just noticed a couple of "Shell Oil" purchases that I only got 1 point per dollar for. How would I challenge that if I am in fact supposed to get 3 points per dollar for those?
  3. And now Philos has closed. This was a popular place for happy hours among my officemates.
  4. dracisk

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    I'm not convinced mine doesn't have a sweet tooth. I just think she's that resistant to trying new things. (She loves ice cream, chocolate, and icing (but generally leaves the cake).) I wouldn't mind being wrong, though!
  5. dracisk

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Welp, my 4-year-old (almost 5) finally got sick of the chicken burritos from Costco after quite a run. The last two nights were torture at dinner waiting for her to finish burritos that she'd gotten sick of -- I guess she didn't know how to tell us that. She's always been a very good eater in terms of quantity, even if I wish she would try more things (though I guess that's the plight of the parents of most preschoolers). Tonight she ate turkey breakfast sausages and applesauce. We have a ton of leftover desserts from our Super Bowl party (many kinds of cookies, a cookie pie thing, Rice Krispies treats), but she refuses to try any of those options. Tonight she ate a banana for dessert. Fruit for dessert?! I don't think she's in fact related to me.
  6. dracisk

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    We had a Super Bowl party last night. My husband smoked two massive briskets (packer cuts) and also made beer can chicken. For these items he used the pellet grill he received for Christmas from my parents and me. We served the brisket with sliced white bread and bread and butter pickles. I also made coleslaw. My husband also made chili, which we served with shredded cheddar, sour cream, and Fritos. For kids we had hot dogs. For appetizers I made a buffalo chicken dip in my slow cooker. I also put out several kinds of cheese and crackers and one of those fruit bowls from Costco. Our guests supplied some other appetizers, loads of desserts, beer, and wine. We have a lot of leftovers, but luckily my husband is happy to eat smoked meats for days on end. The brisket came out really well. I didn't bother with the chicken. :-)
  7. I'm sad it's closing. I'm not sure how many times I visited -- I think and hope it was more than once! -- but I do know that I agree about the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs. I vividly remember making my way through that gallery. A similar exhibit was the World Press Photo Exhibition at Dupont Underground. They did it in 2017 and 2018 -- not sure if they'll do it again. Several photos appear in both exhibitions (as repeats).
  8. dracisk

    The Cheese Monster

    This looks amazing. What, if anything, did you end up serving in addition to the cheese board and wine?
  9. dracisk

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Rotisserie chicken and one apple slice. After a 20-minute post-preschool fit about how she just wants to play and she doesn't want to eat dinner. "Food is not the goodest!" (She's clearly not actually related to me.) 😣
  10. dracisk

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    Yes! I bought mine during my holiday season eggnog obsession.
  11. dracisk

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    I bought some at Giant (in Wheaton) in December. They were the McCormick Gourmet Organic brand.
  12. dracisk

    Dry Lambrusco

    The dry lambrusco for sale at the MoCo liquor store near-ish me was Venturini Baldini Quaranta Lambrusco Grasparossa. I enjoyed it!
  13. dracisk

    Dry Lambrusco

    Thanks! My husband picked some up for me at the Fallsgrove Montgomery County liquor store, and I greatly enjoyed it. He also grabbed some Riunite since it was such a good price. 😂 (We're returning the Riunite.) Since we were going to be in Columbia today I called a bunch of liquor stores there, and no one had dry lambrusco. And you're right -- Total Wine in Laurel didn't have it, either. So, to answer my own question a couple of posts up, dry lambrusco isn't any easier to find 11 years later.
  14. dracisk

    Vacation Ideas

    Yes. Bland food. But I love Central America, especially Guatemala!
  15. dracisk

    Vacation Ideas

    That was not my experience there. Granted, this was 10+ years ago. The food in Central America was the only thing I didn’t like. What did you eat?