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  1. I did end up going to Rhode Island to see my parents (and other family). We got tested before we left and then crossed our fingers that we didn't pick it up between the test and our arrival (pretty unlikely as we're mostly home, except that we flew). I really wasn't freaked about flying. Everyone was masked, middle seats were empty, and I always thought airports and airplanes were filthy, so treating all surfaces as covered in germs was nothing new to me. We sanitized a lot and everything turned out fine. We've been back for 3+ weeks and no one got sick -- very thankfully!!
  2. Seconded! I'm AMAZED at what Pat comes up with -- the variety of dishes in each meal and the use of dribs and drabs from prior meals. Also the use of freezer items from years ago!
  3. Oh I love them but I don't usually eat them for dinner (but I probably have at some point)!
  4. My husband gave my 6-year-old a big bowl of Goldfish and an orange soda at 5pm. 🙄🤯 Shockingly, she's not hungry for dinner. But still wants dessert!
  5. We got our pumpkin there one year when we didn't get our act together to visit a pumpkin patch. My daughter also went on an adorable field trip there when she was in preschool (which was how I first learned about it).
  6. So sad! On one trip to New York (wow, 10 years ago!!) I sought this place out and brought my friends to it. I forget how I'd heard about it -- this was way before I joined dr.com -- maybe Chowhound. I would have loved to return!!
  7. I made these oatmeal cookies with dried cranberries: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/12/easy-one-bowl-oatmeal-cookies-recipe.html. They are very good. I'm currently enjoying one with some cold brew coffee.
  8. Thank you! Moving too fast and didn't click on your link but clearly should have!
  9. This has been the talk of the surrounding neighborhoods this weekend. All I want to know is whether the new owners will still be able to sell beer and wine.
  10. I made a pitcher of mojitos yesterday and they were so refreshing and delicious. I didn't feel like making simple syrup so used this recipe that calls for granulated sugar: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/233523/mojitos-by-the-pitcher/. I drank them while lounging in our backyard inflatable pool. #quarantine
  11. @ktmoomau, those are all very helpful things to think about and thank you for sharing your protocol. However, I'm quite sure my family isn't going to do any of that stuff. 🤣 I'm still undecided about whether we'll go. I spoke to my mom and she wants us to come. She says she doesn't have that much time left (I mean, she's not THAT old -- she's 73) and she misses us. She'd especially like some time with her granddaughter (who's 6). She'd rather take the chance and spend time with us. My mom is a homebody anyway so doesn't go out that much, but she's been going to the grocery store this whol
  12. I made sangria for the first time. I had a bottle of Riunite I needed to use* and the only use I could find for it other than drinking it straight was sangria. I was on the fence about making it, but when I realized we had just enough brandy left from when my husband made Beef Wellington 6 years ago I decided to go for it. It was tasty and perfect for a hot day in our backyard with a couple of neighbors. Next time I make sangria I'll probably use a Spanish wine, though! *I sent my husband out for a specific bottle of dry lambrusco last year, and he came back with that plus a 1.75 L bottle
  13. Now that you mention it I've heard of them in India, too, but I've personally never encountered them outside China.
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