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  1. In these scenarios I always wonder about immigration consequences. If he's not a U.S. citizen and he's convicted of the drug charges he could be facing removal from the United States.
  2. As long as they're not the worst -- or they're preferably somewhere in the middle -- we'll probably be OK. 🙂
  3. Funny you should post about Bertha's now since we're thinking about going Saturday and there's no thread. We have an overnight in Baltimore sandwiched between a visit to Lancaster (Dutch Wonderland) on Friday and a Red Sox (OK, Orioles) game on Sunday. The last time we went to St. Arnold's my 5-year-old stole a bunch of my mussels, so we thought we'd take her to the mussels mothership, but I wasn't sure how good Bertha's actually was (though I know it's certainly iconic). Seems like you like their mussels?
  4. I love my Takeya pitcher for cold brew! It uses a fair amount of grounds, but it's really simple and the result is delicious.
  5. That menu would be perfect for us! I'll check their social media Friday to see if they post a photo of their menu for the day.
  6. Thank you, @curiouskitkatt! We're thinking about driving from Silver Spring to Lancaster (Dutch Wonderland) in a couple of weeks, and we'll be passing right by this place. I'd been thinking we'd grab subs somewhere on our way but hadn't figured out where yet. I'll definitely look into this place. Does the menu vary a lot from day to day or do they always have certain things on the menu (e.g., a cheeseburger or hot dog for the 5-year-old)? Also, off-topic, but I thought I read somewhere about a creamery near Dutch Wonderland, but now I can't figure out where that might be. Do you know what I'm thinking of by any chance? I didn't see any mention in the various Lancaster and Amish Country threads, unless I missed it. ETA: Never mind -- per Yelp they appear to have one or two sandwich options per day, so this may not work for us. 😞
  7. This place is now a third outpost of St. Arnold's. I ended up there Wednesday night with my husband and 5-year-old. They have great happy hour specials available until 7pm throughout the restaurant (not just at the bar) -- probably the same as other St. Arnold's locations. I enjoyed my St. Arnold's Mussels, which were at a greatly reduced price for happy hour (maybe half price -- I can't remember). My husband enjoyed the beef carbonnade and his happy hour beer (I forget what it was but some kind of lighter beer -- possibly German if they still have some German beers on the menu). I'm not a beer drinker, so I drank a meh happy hour chardonnay (at least it wasn't oaky!). The service was great. It was a beautiful night, so the patio was full, but no one was inside. We ordered my daughter a grilled cheese from the kid's menu, but she kept stealing my mussels.
  8. It's not a best new restaurants list. It's a dining guide. He says he focused on 30 newcomers and ranked his ten favorites.
  9. Indeed. And a lovely patio. I don't know why I didn't spend more time there as a cash-strapped student. Didn't they used to serve their gin and tonics (for example) as a glass of gin with a small bottle of tonic on the side?
  10. It's even on OpenTable. I lived above Trio/Fox and Hound's for 2 years when I was in law school, but I seldom patronized either place.
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