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  1. Looks like there's not a separate thread, but the original Woodside Deli location in Silver Spring is closing after 72 years, per The Moco Show.
  2. He was barely keeping it together behind the bar Saturday night (emotionally). It was very sweet. Hoping our paths cross with his again, too.
  3. Nice to chat with you at the bar Saturday night! Thanks for all the delicious food and drinks over the years. My husband was sad to drink his last Ric Flair, but I just followed you on Twitter, so I'm sure our paths with cross again. Enjoy your well-deserved time off!
  4. A *huge* deal was made about this USCIS policy change yesterday by people who didn't understand it. DOD estimates it's going to affect 100 people annually and worked with USCIS to develop the change, which brought USCIS policy in line with Department of State policy. It means that children born abroad to U.S. government or military employees who are U.S. citizens won't automatically be U.S. citizens as if they were born in the United States, but they can still acquire citizenship by filing an application. It's not great (an extra step, an application fee), but it's not one of the many OMG THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS SO EVIL immigration policies we've seen implemented.
  5. Has anyone been to Blue Pearl Buffet in Silver Spring? The thought of it used to turn my stomach, but this thread is making me intrigued.
  6. Happened to see on their website that they're now also open in Adams Morgan at 1787 Columbia Road.
  7. Some Costcos sell packer cuts and some don’t, so you may want to check around. My husband has bought packer cuts of brisket at the DC and Columbia, MD, Costcos recently (within the last few weeks — so I suppose something could have very recently changed). Our closest Costco (Wheaton, MD) doesn’t sell packer cuts.
  8. Agree about Uber/Lyft/cab from Dulles, but check the estimated fares for each. A cab to BWI from my house is about $80-90, whereas an Uber or Lyft is about $40-50.
  9. This is about the Pacci's Pizzeria in downtown Silver Spring, not the trattoria in Forest Glen. There's another thread that combines both restaurants.
  10. Smoked shrimp, cucumber salad (cukes from our garden!), baguette, smoked cheese, potato chips (too many!), Sauvignon blanc. All smoking done by my husband.
  11. My mom was in town last weekend. Friday after picking her up at BWI we went to Vin 909* in Annapolis for lunch. Saturday after my daughter's swim lesson in North Bethesda (a/k/a Rockville) we went to K Pot for KBBQ. Too full for dinner. Sunday we had crabs (with various other fishies and sides) at Harris Crab House on Kent Island. Too full for dinner. Monday we had breakfast at Parkway Deli. *I'd been to Vin 909 for lunch one other time a couple of years ago. I enjoyed myself, but I don't remember a lot of details. This time I thought it was fine, but I didn't really get the hype or the long waits at dinner. (Lunch is the time to go if you don't want to wait!) Our pizza was supposed to have crab on it, and there was very little crab. Also a weird squiggle of aioli -- not sure how I feel about aioli on pizza (the menu said there would be aioli, but I don't think I really processed that before we ordered). Luscious heirloom tomatoes, though. The much hyped butterscotch pudding was meh -- not as rich and flavorful as I would have expected. $5 glasses of wine at lunch!
  12. Macdara's Grille, which was in the Squire's Rock Creek Chophouse space after Squire's closed, appears to have closed in February. I noticed today signage on the space for Hakuna Matata Grill, which bills itself on its Facebook page as authentic East African cuisine (but judging by the page not necessarily or not only Ethiopian). I didn't notice if they were open, but also judging from the Facebook page it looks like not quite yet. Their website is still under construction.
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