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  1. I gained 4 pounds over Thanksgiving (not all in one day -- I took a 4-day trip to visit family). Worth it! I'd lost 4 pounds before Thanksgiving. I weighed myself this morning and my scale told me I lost 5 pounds since last Friday? This seems odd, but maybe last Friday I was still carrying water weight from all the salt I ate during my debauchery. So since I started WW on November 1st I'm down one pound. At this time of year I'll take it!
  2. I started WW on November 1st and basically took every weekend off in November between visitors, two Thanksgivings, and other events. I lost 4 pounds before this past weekend's debauchery. I usually weigh myself on Fridays so will hope I didn't erase my loss when I weigh myself this week. I figure at this time of year if I manage to lose anything that's a bonus -- I'm just looking not to gain too much. I'm thinking January will be a more realistic time to see some sustained loss.
  3. I dined at the Linthicum location once or twice. I think I learned of it on Chowhound (before I discovered this website). It definitely seemed like stepping into the past. All I really remember is prime rib (which I love) and complementary cheese and crackers. I didn't realize they moved to Glen Burnie.
  4. I also just joined! I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers when I was 30 and have slowly gained a lot of that back over the last 16 years despite religiously jogging 3 days a week for most of that time. 😭I blame pregnancy and my already lame metabolism taking a nosedive when I turned 40. ANYWAY, I started on November 1st and took the weekend off (which I don't plan to do regularly) so today is only my second day tracking. I'm amazed by all the zero point foods! I'm hoping that I can drop some weight with just a few tweaks of my already (I think) reasonable diet along with more discipline about tracking (which I've definitely been slacking on -- I used to at least track calories even though I wasn't doing WW). Good luck to us!
  5. "To perfection," as in "The steak was cooked to perfection." Often seen in Yelp reviews. What does it even mean?!
  6. Looks like there's not a separate thread, but the original Woodside Deli location in Silver Spring is closing after 72 years, per The Moco Show.
  7. He was barely keeping it together behind the bar Saturday night (emotionally). It was very sweet. Hoping our paths cross with his again, too.
  8. Nice to chat with you at the bar Saturday night! Thanks for all the delicious food and drinks over the years. My husband was sad to drink his last Ric Flair, but I just followed you on Twitter, so I'm sure our paths with cross again. Enjoy your well-deserved time off!
  9. A *huge* deal was made about this USCIS policy change yesterday by people who didn't understand it. DOD estimates it's going to affect 100 people annually and worked with USCIS to develop the change, which brought USCIS policy in line with Department of State policy. It means that children born abroad to U.S. government or military employees who are U.S. citizens won't automatically be U.S. citizens as if they were born in the United States, but they can still acquire citizenship by filing an application. It's not great (an extra step, an application fee), but it's not one of the many OMG THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS SO EVIL immigration policies we've seen implemented.
  10. Has anyone been to Blue Pearl Buffet in Silver Spring? The thought of it used to turn my stomach, but this thread is making me intrigued.
  11. Happened to see on their website that they're now also open in Adams Morgan at 1787 Columbia Road.
  12. Some Costcos sell packer cuts and some don’t, so you may want to check around. My husband has bought packer cuts of brisket at the DC and Columbia, MD, Costcos recently (within the last few weeks — so I suppose something could have very recently changed). Our closest Costco (Wheaton, MD) doesn’t sell packer cuts.
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