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  1. I took advantage of this this past weekend. Our cashier/server (you order at a counter and at least in our case the same person brought our wine and food) was very nice but also a bit loopy and I thought the food was good not great with decent-sized portions, but this seemed like a great deal for a casual meal. My friend and I had the cabernet burger with chips, the shrimp scampi, and the "churronuts" with a tasty bottle of shiraz (wish I could remember more details about that), plus we added eggplant fries, and we each paid less than $30 including tip and tax.
  2. Mine is also obsessed with fruit snacks. I hate those things even more than Goldfish. I bought a huge box of them for her birthday party last year and hid the leftovers, but she remembered we have them and asks for them in her lunch every day. She didn't start asking for them until she started kindergarten, so I'm guessing other kids have them in their lunches. They're basically candy with a thin veneer of fruit!
  3. My 5-year-old is currently obsessed with chicken fingers (boo) and honeydew melon (yay). She's also starting to complain about too much repetitiveness in her packed lunches for school (even though she eats the same things over and over again in the rest of her life). I'm about to buy her a thermos so she can bring soup to school. She claims to hate pizza and prefers to eat her pasta cold (but then complains that the Parmesan won't stick to it). 🤯
  4. Yes. To report back on wait time, we got there about 7pm Friday and waited less than 10 minutes for a table as a party of two. Everything was delicious!
  5. Thank you! It's been a long time since I ate there (at least 5 years). If only they took reservations! 😂
  6. Does anyone know what the wait is like here on a Friday night if we don't get there right when they open (we'd probably be getting there around 6:30pm)? I went once during the week after 6pm and didn't have to wait at all and I tried to go once on a Saturday shortly after they opened and there was a line out the door. This was a couple of years ago and I wondered what the current situation was.
  7. I was apprehensive to weigh myself this morning, but I persevered. Despite many cheat days in recent weeks I'm down a pound since I started WW on November 1st. I'll take it! Now hopefully with "the holidays" done I can make more progress.
  8. Cheese and crackers Crab dip French onion soup Prime rib Mashed potatoes Creamed spinach Tossed salad Cornbread muffins (with and without jalapeños) Chocolate cupcakes and strawberries Eggnog with spiced rum Kirkland Prosecco
  9. Too bad he didn't want to play at Maryland. 😂 I'm confused as to how he (apparently) lives in Frederick but goes to high school in MoCo.
  10. @DonRocks, you probably already know this, but a Montgomery County player just signed with Clemson: "Bresee Signs Letter of Intent To Play at Clemson" by Joe Yasharoff on mymcmedia.com
  11. I was oblivious to him in college — don’t really follow college football — but I love him now (even though I’m a Patriots fan)!
  12. That sounds amazing and I never thought to do that with broken lasagna pieces -- what a great idea.
  13. I gained 4 pounds over Thanksgiving (not all in one day -- I took a 4-day trip to visit family). Worth it! I'd lost 4 pounds before Thanksgiving. I weighed myself this morning and my scale told me I lost 5 pounds since last Friday? This seems odd, but maybe last Friday I was still carrying water weight from all the salt I ate during my debauchery. So since I started WW on November 1st I'm down one pound. At this time of year I'll take it!
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