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  1. I made strata for the first time. My husband baked bread a couple of weeks ago and it had been going stale in our fridge (but wasn't yet moldy!), so it seemed like a good use for it. I used this recipe.
  2. Maybe a specialty pharmacy? I used to go to Grubb's in Dupont. Or a Middle Eastern bakery?
  3. Wow, I completely forgot about the Moroccan place. I never made it there.
  4. I think I only went to AV once. I remember the white pizza!
  5. I never heard of spaghetti Caruso. That sounds so good!
  6. I used the last of my Costco-sized bag of cranberries in this cranberry eggnog coffee cake. It was easy and tasty. I didn't have any eggnog left so substituted half and half, but the nutmeg in the recipe still gave the cake an eggnog-ish taste.
  7. My daughter had a turkey sandwich on wheat -- no cheese, no mayo -- with some apple slices. We're taking a break from cooking and Christmas leftovers.
  8. Everyone's asleep and I'm drinking homemade eggnog with spiced rum and freshly grated nutmeg. Hope everyone had a great day whether you celebrated Christmas or not.
  9. I'm still getting through the Costco-sized bag of cranberries I bought for Thanksgiving cranberry sauce (I've also made cranberry Moscow mules and cranberry gin fizzes), so I made this glazed lemon cranberry bread. It came out really well even though at the last minute I realized the recipe called for 2% milk and all I had was skim.
  10. After a late night trip to urgent care with my daughter last night (she's fine), we came upon a McDonald's and my husband stopped and ordered two McRibs. I had a bite. I don't think I'd ever had one before, or if I did it was so long ago I don't remember. I knew it didn't have anything to do with ribs, but I didn't realize it was a processed slab of pork product. I guess I assumed it was a slice of pork, I don't know. Anyway ... disgusting.
  11. We had burgers and hot dogs smoked over hickory last night and leftovers of the same tonight. Plus Utz potato chips. No vegetables other than that. 😂 Last night we also had s'mores with marshmallows roasted over our fire pit.
  12. Source of the Spring had an update the day after El Guapo's post that Full Key plans to remain open with some modifications: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/montgomery-county/full-key-restaurant-we-will-continue-to-operate/
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