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  1. Greetings all, Healthy Solutions and some of our partners, including, Washington Parks and People are hosting a Summer Harvest Festival on Saturday July 10, 2010. The event is being held at Washington Parks and People Riverside Center / Marvin Gaye Park in Ward 7, DC (5200 Foote Street NE, Washington DC 20019). Our theme is: Let's Move! Our Future, Our Food, and Our Health. Events and informational booths: •Farmers Market •Our first annual Ultimate Salad Competition (will team youth together to create the Ultimate Salad - with judges and prizes) •Walking trail to health (with food and he
  2. The program we did in North Carolina was called the Healthy Eater, Future Leaders Program (HEFLP). At the time I was doing wholesale produce distribution in schools, government etc. We started supplying 3 counties in North Carolina with produce, and my sister had always wanted to start a nonprofit. One day my sister and I were talking and we decided to create a reward program for children so they would want to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. We thought up a program and decided that we would then start Healthy Solutions to do a program in schools the Healthy Eater, Future Leader Progr
  3. So today has been a very long day so I failed to post anything today until now. I welcome any questions as well. My schedule today: My first priority today was homeschooling and lesson plans. Then my schedule consisted of getting everything ready for co-op this weekend, co-op market on Tuesday and our Healthy for the Holidays boxes distribution in libraries in Ward 7 for this coming Tuesday. I didn't get to all my calls that I still have to return- which that list is getting longer and longer! Today lots of on the phone confirming orders, making sure trucks will be on time for Saturday
  4. I think in some instances there is a stigma about food benefits, but I think in this economic climate that is changing drastically. I think the reason food is usually cheaper in higher income areas is because there is food competition, so retailers will try to keep prices low to draw more people into shop with them. You find your food deserts in low income areas, so since you only have 3 major full service grocery retailers east of the river that has over 170,000 plus residents, large retailers have no reason to keep prices low. What other option do you community members have - you shop ther
  5. Showing some pictures of Healthy Solutions cooking and nutrition classes (these classes we did with Healthy Living, Inc (Juliette is great) at the Riverside Center -Washington Parks and People) Cooking classes for youth and adults Encouraging parents to cook with their children Working together Of course the fun part.............. EATING
  6. So I was thinking of something to write about today. And I came across a very interesting article in the post today called Missing more than a meal When I read the articles on line I always feel inclined to read the comments. Especially when they are over 100 of them like on this article. So the article puts into perspective these families that have a great need, and that their needs are not being met, however I do think that these families could have benefit from more than just food benefits- things like basic shopping education and financial planning. I do like the project idea of showing
  7. I have another story, Last February I was sitting and talking with some women in ward 7. They were telling me of some of the health issues that their families are facing. One mothers story stood out to me so much that her oldest daughter later on became one of our youth interns. So this mother we will call her Eva. Eva is a 34 year old mother of 4 with her oldest being a girl ( our now youth intern) who is 16, he other children are all boys 14, 11, and 9. So I asked then women (it was a group of 6 of us), what did they see or did they feel where some of the health challenges that their
  8. Newsletters made up 4 times a year One thing off the list thanks!
  9. I wanted to add one more note, because I was asked this question off board. If anyone is willing to donate any items to Healthy Solutions we are a federally recognized 501 © 3 so your donations would be tax deductible and would submit to you a receipt of your donation to use for tax purposes. Also yes we will take used kitchen equipment if it is from a commercial kitchen. Thanks for all the inquiries
  10. So in a perfect world these are the things and services we need to make all of our programs work Wish list Money to expand training and outreach/ markets/ and fresh start program Newsletters made up 4 times a year Co-op membership cards printed Co-op gift cards printed up Flyers printed Flyers distributed Places to hold markets Admin help (return emails, answer calls) Volunteers for co-op pick up points Volunteers to deliver food Volunteers for event set ups Volunteer Guest Chef for cooking/ nutrition classes Volunteer Guest Chef for markets Volunteers to pack Freggie Boxes P
  11. We rely a lot on local farms, but we also source from other places as well. So we bring in oranges from Florida. We also source a lot from down south (ga., al, nc, and ms.). We also fly some stone fruit over from the west coast as well. We use transportation companies and have then back haul us things in to keep cost down. But if it's not local it has to be from a certified organic farm, or one I have been to myself to know that they use organic methods ( from the seeds to fertilizers)only because they are too small to require a organic certification. I am very particular about what we feed
  12. Thank you Zora! I will definately get that list out!
  13. Since I am to update on my day to day tasks- Here we go: Today is a very interesting day of the week for me, because we are getting in gear for the weekend - markets, and senior deliveries. But even more so today because we have officially submitted a proposal to Washington Parks and People to use the Riverside Center for our Fresh Start Market/ Cafe. We even received a call from North Carolina to replicate the same thing there- which is GREAT! But we still would need to findraise to do so! So since I have the floor I am hoping someone can answer my question. What is a fair proposed price
  14. Thank you for inviting me to do this, and I too am excited!
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