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Raclette Grills

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Hey all,

I'm looking into buying my girlfriend a raclette grill for her birthday, and I was wondering if anybody had experience with them. From what I've seen, the main brands for U.S. consumers are Swissmar and Trudeau. Here are a few of the models I've been looking at:



Thus far I'm leaning toward the granite top varieties (as opposed to non-stick), and those two both appear to be good from what I've read.

If anybody has thoughts on brands, types, or the best sites/companies to order them from, I'd appreciate it.



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The only experience I have with raclette grills are from when I was in Switzerland ages ago. The grill we used was more like the second one you linked - it had a metal top, heated up quickly, cooked the cheese to bubbling goodness in no time, and cleaned up easily. The granite tops are pretty, but I would look for reviews (on Amazon maybe?) to see how well they work.

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