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Frank and Nic's, Camden Yards

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Tried Frank & Nic's restaurant for the second time today. It's in the ground level of the Zenith apartments across from Camden Yards. I had an excellent salad, with grilled salmon, greens, cranberries, pine nuts, and a champagne vinaigrette. Quite tasty, with a generous portion of salmon, although the salmon was slightly undercooked--I had asked for medium. Half of the party had the BLT, which looked kind of sloppy--it was on a thick white toasted bread, with the tomatoes breaded and fried, and fresh mozzarella.

I was with a party of seven, and the food was timely and properly served. The only drawback was that the drinks came without napkins, and waiter did not notice.

The last time I was there, just had drinks and appetizers. The appetizers were nicely done, but a little on the fussy side. The bruschetta was made of good ingredients but difficult to eat since it was also on too-thick bread.


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