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Director of Programs at DC Central Kitchen


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(Don, I posted this in the main section so people could see it... as members of the board who do not have culinary experience may be qualified for this position, I wanted more people to see it. Move if you feel like it)

idealist.org announcement

General Description:

A senior executive whom will be responsible for overseeing the collaborative development and execution of the organization’s strategic plan, which includes aggressive growth in revenue generating programs. Reporting to the CEO, this candidate must be a seasoned leader with proven business acumen, able to grow leadership capacities and guide the organization through a period of growth and evolution.

Specific Responsibilities:

A Organizational Development:

• Coordinate the ongoing development of organizational strategic objectives and goals in accordance with DCCK mission and values.

• Align individual department and employee goals with the overall organizational strategy.

• Develop “silo-busting” inter-departmental procedures and protocols.

• Ensure the development of effective, clarifying organizational policy and procedures.

• Provide intentional ways to continually connect all employees with the vision and mission of the organization.

• Ensuring that program services are delivered successfully and that program departments operate within budget and profit/loss goals.

• Ensuring adequate security of DCCK’s physical assets.

• Directly supervising DCCK’s team of senior program management staff and maintaining appropriate accountability and disciplinary practices throughout the organization.

• Assisting program directors in the allocation of resources.

B Staff Leadership:

• Lead through example of confidence, maturity and integrity.

• Mentor key employees to expand management capacity.

• Guide employees through the challenges associated with organizational change.

C Development of Revenue Generating Programs:

• Grow and develop current revenue generating operations.

• Strategically and successfully implement future revenue generating projects as outlined by the President and CEO.

• Specific programmatic and financial goals and targets will be established for the revenue generating programs relative to the entire organizational budget.

Qualifications Needed:

• Bachelor’s degree in related field.

• Minimum five years managerial and supervisory experience.

• Experience and knowledge of issues related to homelessness, poverty and empowerment preferred.

• Excellent writing and oral communication skills.

• Experience working well and collaborating with related community organizations.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced, ever-evolving, collaborative environment

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please send your salary requirements, cover letter and resume to: hr@dccentralkitchen.org. Applicants who do not send all three will not qualify.

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