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9th Annual Norton Wine and Bluegrass Festival at Chrysalis Vineyards


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It is hard to imagine more breathtaking views than that of Chrysalis Vineyards at harvest time. Add to this, incredible bluegrass music, food for sale from the area’s premier caterer; honey, biscotti, cheese, and chocolates from Virginia’s most highly regarded specialty food artisans; and exquisite jewelry, barrel stave furniture, and art, from critically acclaimed artisans and designers, then you have the makings of not just a festival – rather, an experience. Of course, factor in the “Star of the Show” – Norton, The Real American Grape!® - the only variety native to Virginia; a grape with composition, character, and boldness; a history of intrigue, sadness, and passion. Now, you truly have a celebration!

PressRelease-9th Annual Norton Wine Fest.pdf

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