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Dolci Gelati, Washington DC-based Artisan Gelato


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“Who can even think of frozen confections at a time like this? Have you been outside?”

Why, yes I have. All day, in fact. And I still walked in the door craving this stuff.

This may be old news to some, but The Italian Store in Spout Run is now carrying Dolci Gelati. Yes, this brand has been available at the National Zoo for a while, and I think I’ve even seen them at Dean and Deluca and Whole Fuds. I did a quick search of the DR site and was surprised to find no other mention of Dolci Gelati, Gianluigi Dellaccio, or other reference to these frozen, DC-based divinities.

This could either mean I am an inept typist or it has not hit the collective airwaves/sucro-circles yet.

Either way, now that I have stocked up on my own supplies, it’s safe for me to make this post. As pictured below, the seasonal pumpkin pie flavor is well-balanced with spice and blindingly decadent. Especially if you place maple-fried, local apples on top. The crème brulee flavor offers deep vanilla and layers of rich caramel without saturating your sweetness receptors.

Lest I dive too far down into the killjoy path of “nutritionism”, I won’t bounce up and down with glee telling you there are less than 5 grams of fat (yes, more than half sat, but still!) per 1/2 cup serving, less sugar than a half can of soda/cola/pop, and a huge boost of vitamin A from the pumpkin variety.

But flavor is the cause for celebration here. I have not tried the other varieties but will be back to The Italian Store soon for more recon.


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They carry it at the new Yes! at Georgia and Taylor. It's miles superior to the Ciao Bella that it sits next to (and Ciao Bella is pretty decent for a mass-produced brand). But they don't have the pumpkin. Mmmm, pumpkin.

Better still, they might have the most responsive CS of any company, ever. I had a small problem with two pints I had purchased (had been stored improperly, affecting quality a little). Gianluigi replied to me in a few minutes that he was dispatching someone to check on the freezers at Yes, and that he would be pleased to deliver a replacement.

Nothing like a fantastic local product. I'm always happy to keep my spending money in the community if I can.

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