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    The Salted Pig

    For some reason, I recall hearing The Salted Pig is a good place to dine at, but can't recall from where or why.
  2. Okay, according to multiple sources online, and going to the Chinese source of what "fistcake" characters are (拤饼), it turns out the bing mentioned in Red Sorghum are what's known today as or closest to moo-shu crepes (单饼). Much more portable and less dense than its mantou counterparts, you can roll these up, carry them in the field, and eat them plain, tearing them off in bits, or rolling them full of scallion stalks and egg.
  3. Ok...massively editing my post. Don't think they're jianbing because these aren't portable.
  4. CUBS WIN!!!! To ending 71 years of waiting and on a terrific double play....
  5. A friend ordered their Peking Duck ($32--slightly steep), which came out with really crispy skin and good flavor. It's been far too long since my last visit, but still every bit as good as I remembered it.
  6. Moon cakes. Because the moon is so beautiful. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival everyone!
  7. No. It's not that "these programs are catching on," but these programs already caught on. I've read they've increased staffing or hours in certain places, but the problem is that most of the interview sites are only at airports because of the way GE is based and structured. We are lucky to have two airports (three counting BWI) and the CBP office (Reagan Building) to choose from, but outside of here, there is only the airport option, hence the wait.
  8. So...they are doing a little preview at the Canteen beer garden at 2100 M St, NW, right now. Not sure when it will end, but it was nice to see Chef Anda and Greg Englert both there! (And GM Eric, but alas, I didn't catch his last name...).
  9. Connecticut Fines Total Wine & More for Selling Below Minimum Price (Btw, this article states this chain is Maryland-based. Title update?)
  10. Because you have to wait a week. There are probably open times tomorrow at the Reagan Building.... We had to reserve a time. IIRC, GE recommends making a reservation. Or requires it. Can't recall. But worth every penny. Especially when going through customs at Toronto Pearson. A nightmare without GE. Actually, the airport custom experience that prompted me to immediately apply for GE, haha.
  11. Not maybe. The Reagan Building is one of the interview sites for GE, and one I recommend, as 1. the interviewers are nicer there, and 2. the interview time is so short, my mom was in and out of there in 10 mins, I think.
  12. Well, something happened since the last post above, as a "for lease" sign is in the window for the Fairfax location. I have no idea if the original location survived...
  13. I'm not quite sure why folks aren't taking advantage of Chef's deal, as the ribs AND pulled pork sandwich are both AMAZING! I've never seen gelittleman scarf anything down as fast as he did that pulled pork sandwich tonight, and he usually whines about eating BBQ because of its "spiciness." He only shared a sliver, and that sliver was so tender and tasty, I can see why he inhaled it. The cornbread, which you can add for $2.50 was so buttery and good, paired very well with the tenderly smoked, falling off the bones, half-rack of ribs. Please go and say hello to Chef. He's truly an amazing man and chef to be doing this. I didn't mind driving an hour, through the rush-hour traffic, to enjoy these delectables. So no excuses! Go!
  14. The Cape May-Lewes ferry is definitely worth trying out once, as the scenery is gorgeous. We avoided some traffic taking this longer route (the ride is 85mins long) and had fun stretching our sea legs on shore at Hopkins Dairy Farm for ice cream afterwards.
  15. Hey...matter of opinion... I happen to have one cool jadeite cabbage copy magnet on my fridge! (They didn't sell a good-looking dongpou pork version. ) It's not very big, but very artistically done. I think both pieces are about the size of an adult's palm.... Little man and I waited about 20-30mins in line at the National Palace Museum, with a lot of pushing from unruly tourists. So if you can see it without a long queue, I think it's cool and worth it...
  16. Nope. Not at all. +1 for missing Mockingbird Hill....
  17. ^ I was awfully sad to see how that HT is located right across from the Local Grocer. I really hope they survive the big conglomerate...
  18. Is anyone interested in doing a murals tour by bike? I was thinking about this lately, as NoMa has quite a few, I believe.... Was thinking about such a ride next weekend...
  19. Have you tried ubereats? Maybe they can deliver that banh mi...
  20. f the food trucks, I recall BonMi having one, but I've never tried. Other food trucks that sell banh mi's are: Lemongrass (good), Pho Wheels (never tried), and Pho Nation (never tried). I think Jettie's sometimes have a banh mi special, though...
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