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Ray's Retail Wine--Custom Orders and Direct Purchasing

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Just in time for holiday gift-giving and party-planning, we at Ray's are pleased to offer custom-order and direct-purchase services on a cost-plus basis for case buys. This is a rare opportunity to avail yourself of Mark Slater's unique access to the finest, rarest and most singular wines in the world, as well as his unparalleled palate, knowledge and advice.

Whatever your needs--cellar-buildng, party-planning, gift-giving, personal guzzling--Mark is available for consultations and locating/purchasing services on a custom order basis for pick up at Ray's. Not to mention that his relationships give him access to special buys and wines not generally available or even known at all to the public--not just the expensive Parker-rated stuff.

Another reminder for those last minute gifts or just plain old late-night jonesing--we do have an off-premises license for retail sale, so mostly all of the wines on our list are available for individual sale up to midnight at varying but substantial discounts from the list prices.

He can be reached at raysretailwine@verizon.net

Or if you prefer, I can help you with the cheap, crappy stuff.

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