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With a combined time of 15:52:36, catharine completed her first IRONMAN triathalon yesterday.

Yes, that's a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride, and then a full 26.2 mile run.

Buy her a drink the next time you see her - I think she burned off enough calories to cover a few rounds.


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Phenomenal--kudos, Catharine. What I like best about endurance events is that they give perspective on some of life's troubles.

Stuck in traffic? Pah, that's nothing like biking up the hill at mile 29 dodging "squirrels".

Dreading a deadline? Pales in comparison to knowing what's ahead coming out of the water.

Seasonal cold got ya down? Powering through the day ain't nothing compared to the energy dip running through mile 17.

Congrats on this accomplishment and your shiny new well of strength.

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