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I just received a box of oatmeal cookies and cranberry-orange shortbread from Baking for Good, described as "a modern-day bake sale reimagined for the Web." 15% of every sale is donated to a nonprofit or a community fundraiser (there is a list you can choose from during your transaction).

The gift came from a very dear friend as an every-winter-holiday/early-birthday surprise (whee!). Baking for Good was founded this past year by his younger sister (whom I've actualy never met). It was a finalist in a context that AmEx ran for small entrepreneurs to win support, and although it didn't win the grand prize, it got some great recognition and I think the business has started to take off. I've been meaning to give it a whirl for ages, but of course it kept falling by the wayside.

Well, no more. The cookies are small but delicious, and to offset the guilt of wolfing down the whole bag, came with a card saying that my gift supported a nonprofit called City Harvest. I immediately went to the site and now I'm eyeing the lavender shortbread and chocolate crackles pictured there.

Baking for Good offers traditional goodies along with vegan and gluten-free items (although I obviously haven't tried those yet). The packaging is simple and eco-friendly but visually appealing -- more than appropriate for a personal gift. They also offer business gifts and goodies for events and gatherings.

Check it out the next time you want to send some sweets in the New Year, because, as their tagline goes, "a little sugar goes a long way."

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